Your favourite location?


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Do you have a favourite location in World of Final Fantasy?

I noticed that there are some brilliantly imaginative combinations of locations which fans who have played a lot of Final Fantasy may have picked up on.

Nibelheim was at once Nibelheim town, the Mako Reactor, and also Mist from FFIV combined as one town.

Figaro Castle wasn't just the mobile desert fortress of FFVI, but it was also FFVIII's Desert Prison, and also a Mako Reactor and FFIX-style Black Mage factory.

There are many more.

So what location is your favourite and why? Did you like the appearance of the location, or did you find the nods to the fans to be rather clever?
Disclaimer: I've not played World of Final Fantasy, but I watched plenty of streams.

I think I'll give Besaid a shout. While I don't think it's as clever a mish-mash of locations from multiple Final Fantasy games as the locations listed above, it's simply an aesthetically pleasing location. It really sets the mood when the first thing that happens once the twins disembark from the train is for Lann to do his impression of Tidus's infamous laughing scene. The visual motif of the original Besaid is well represented with ruins in the background nested against thickets of lush green fauna. It also gives me Costa del Sol vibes and the massive volcano in the background is reminiscent of O'Ghomoro in FFXIV. The best part is of course the fact that there's one building in the middle looking suspiciously like it's straight out of Windurst in FFXI with a certain Tarutaru inside. Anything that reminds me of Shantotto leaves me with a big grin on my face, because Shantotto is easily one of my favourite characters in the franchise...despite having never played FFXI. :sad2: