What are you going to do if you create a stage in Final Fantasy?


Feb 28, 2021
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I thought about writing something cool on the name of my topic. Finally, it's just a simple question.
One moment ago I planned to post an article on a topic where people in the forum can talk about their feelings during the day. Some are on a good day, but not the other. It seems that our life is not easy and we must make efforts to obtain the best things. For me, every day is a challenge in creating something, no matter how good or bad I feel. Maybe some of us can do it by designing, composing, or doing something about art creation while others play video games. Well, I can't make music except to listen to them. My mastery of design is also insufficient but just sufficient so that I am sensitive to beauty. And the only thing I am possible to do is writing.
Therefore, I would like to create myself a sort of scene in a game, i.e., a new FF game, that each character communicates in a particular situation. These scenes have no connection with the new plan of Square Enix, but they are not really complete fanfiction because I write imaginative dialogues only. I may also include a soundtrack, music, and images, or names of actors or actresses in real life (if applicable) for each scene to give you visibility. There are many reasons to do so, but it is mostly because my words may be too long, whereas I am not a writer who uses English as a mother tongue. By the way, you guys can write creative dialog or other scenes in the FF game. I will love them. And it's even better to discuss all our posts here. With this topic, I hope you will have moments of relaxation and wonderful.
The actors and actresses I choose to apply to any character are from my imagination. That means their movies aren't about every scene in the stories posted here. The soundtrack and music are from other video games or movies (if you guys agree that the soundtrack of the film is equally good for a game). Actually, there is no rule if you want to choose some music or actors and actresses for your stage scenes.
About the story stage, they may in a FF game remake or a new one. I prefer new ones with remakes.
The first part of my story in a new FF game is in this post: https://www.finalfantasyforums.net/threads/v5-whats-your-mood.64416/page-5#post-1134362
1. The main character:

Keanu Reeves plays The man or R (That name is quite... ridiculous and one character below feels as well).
2. The second main character:

Ian McShane plays Doc (It is in fact a title, but also funny).
3. The wife plays Charlize Theron, the General plays Nicolas Cage and the secretary plays Lily Collins. There are other characters but I will update soon.

Okay, so let's begin.

Scene 1:
The protagonist and his family at the end of the battle.
“Who are they?” The wife talks to the man, “They resemble Androids but know how to use magic… Why did they try to kill us?”
The wife is starting to ask so many questions of the man that he cannot answer them. Since he feels exhausted after the battle, he starts having words with his wife.
“Dad.” Their little girl touches her hand to the man and talks to him.
“I saw someone before leaving home”. The little girl points at the house burning. “A woman… has wings on the back”
“Dad…” The girl continues, “Is she an angel?”
“Maybe.” The man tries to smile, “If they have wings.”
“But dad…” The girl starts to cry, “You told me once angels never feel angry unless they have lost their wings. Why’s she so angry?”
“Oh, my dear!” He holds the little girl, “You're just scared of it. Everything will be fine. Don't worry.”
“Daddy.” The girl hugs him and cries, “I could see that woman was burning our home with her eyes. I'm so scared…”
The man can understand how his little girl feels even if he has seen nothing but those enemies that burned the house during the fight. But he has no idea what's going on with him or his family.

Scene 2: The protagonist meets the second character for help.
The man comes out of the door to visit Doc after ensuring that his family is safe.
“Thank you for helping us. I don't know how I can handle this without your help.” He says as soon as seeing Doc in the corridor.
Doc makes a sign to the man to come in the elevator with him. After pressing the button to go down, Doc starts talking to the man, “Let me clarify something. I know it will be very difficult for you, but you must return.”
Just as the man is going to talk, Doc points to the camera above them and communicates by means of signs, “Do me a favor, do not tell our real names right here. Just call me Doc.”
The man gets it, then he says, “I can't go back, Doc. I feel like my life is full of lies and dirty secrets till I forget my identity…”
Doc suddenly interrupts him, “10 minutes ago, I just received a loud report that a 2-year retired man took down 5 armed aggressors in his house. They even used magic, although they are all normal people...”.
“It’s my luck. One of them had tried to control my spirit, but he's just a normal person controlled by someone so I could deal with him easily.”
“A piece of a tree trunk hidden in the ceiling of your house fell on his head… The report says so.” Doc says and looks right into the man’s eyes, “Then I guess you won't survive much longer, except to prepare something for a battle, right?’’
The man is reduced to silence. Doc continues, “Ok. You know what? I think it sounds like our big problem of many years ago.”
“Yeah. I still remember that night. A man knows how to use magic without using any tools or Android’s support… A lot of our soldiers were vanquished and brainwashed by him. Someone said this man came out of the sky…”
“… with the wrath of the Deity.” Doc smiles, “That's because this man has colorful eyes, but I only see him as very cute. Anyway, after a whole street was destroyed, we were so lucky to have somebody who made him an amateur in hand-to-hand combat.”
The man is trying to say something because he thinks that Doc is looking at him closely, but the elevator door opened. Coming out, he sees a young soldier lying on the first aid stretcher screaming with pain. He approaches and realizes that the soldier speaks another language.
“Sir…” The nurse says while she is trying to keep the soldier calm down.
“He says that there is something inside his kidney…” The man talks to the nurse, “… and he needs an urgent surgery.”
By listening to the soldier, the man continues to translate, “There are also some papers, including a health insurance card in his pocket. Find them and you’ll see.” The nurse does what the man says. Everything is correct. She, then, thanks to him so much for helping her. She also says, “Sir, you are bleeding. Let me help you.” The man says no need to care about him. When she prepares to move the first aid stretcher, the man talks with the soldier’s language, “Don’t worry. Because of your skin, I see you won't die here now. Trust me.” The soldier is weeping and wishes him luck. Doc sees what the man has done and smiles, “For a pensioner of 2 years, your two skills are still pretty good, huh!”
Going out of the camp, Doc tells the man, “Our country is doing military maneuvers with neighboring countries. Lots of people will be very busy so don't be surprised if someone gets sick but can't communicate here.” The man says, “At least they're no longer in control of flying buildings…” Doc looks at the man, “Tomorrow I will go to see the General. I think he's busy afterward.” The man tells Doc, “If you go there, please give me best regards to her.” Doc gets it and says, “Whether you decide or not, you have to come with us or your family is going to get off the street. So I'm afraid to stop helping you, R.” The man just stays quiet. Doc looks at him for a while, then goes away. He doesn't even hear the man say, “Hey! It isn’t even my real name…”

Scene 3: Doc at the meeting.
“You know the rule, Doc. Whatever you say just do not tell the real name of anyone here. Not even yourself.” The General (G) sitting in the swivel chair talks to Doc.
“Ok, so tell me why you chose this guy?” He begins to ask Doc, “I'm asking you because I read his profile and now I see nothing from him.”
“Well, so far we have many soldiers who are really good. But this guy… is the best…”
“You have 5 minutes, Doc, so just be quick”. G points at his watch.
“Eh..” Doc goes on.
“Ok, stop.” G raises his hand, then takes a phone in his pocket. Someone is calling to him.
“I will go there soon right after finishing my job here.” G shifts away, turning his back toward Doc while replying to the call. Suddenly he laughs so hard, “Perfect, just book a room for me. My partner wants to see some Androids… Yeah... You know what I mean… Right, I have to go on now. Bye.”
As Doc waits, he looks at the secretary (S) behind G. She looks at Doc and shrugs her shoulders.
“Ok, now go on.” G throws his phone on the table.
“Well…” Doc breathes a sigh, “Every timeline has some heroes and antagonists born in wars and conflicts..”
“No more listening to the history, Doc. We have no time.” G tells off.
“Ok… eh… This guy we're talking about here can be regarded as one of them but has a very terrible story before. At the age of 10, his family was killed by a gang, then they came to meet him in the apartment. After a short talk…” Doc stops a little when seeing G is yawning, then talks quickly, “He… eh, took down two gang members with his small gun which his father gave to him before then used a tiny but long spike to eliminate one green -beautiful eye of their leader talking to him…”
A pen swiveled in the fingers of S suddenly dropped to the ground. Her noise makes both Doc and G just look at her. She bends down to pick up the pen, adjusts the glasses on her face, and says, “Sorry, sirs.”
“The guy…” Doc keeps talking, “was then chased by the rest of the gang. They had cars, motorbikes, and guns. But our guy was small and fast enough to hide from home to home...”
Doc clears his throat with a cough, then goes on, “And he escaped. 5 years later, he went to the gang house to defeat them one by one…”
“He’s deaf, isn’t he?” G suddenly interrupts Doc.
“Deaf? No. What do you mean?” Doc asks G but G just shakes his head and motions Doc to keep talking. Doc then continues, “… Where was I? Ah! In the gang house, right. The gang leader could stop the bullets with his blade. But with our guy, this wasn’t a problem. After a fast but very noisy battle, he finally pointed his weapon at the leader's head lying on the ground. He just said ``dodge this``, then shot.”
G pulls an irritated face, looks at Doc while S lowers her head.
“A few years later, I met him one day to invite him to join the military of secret operations and then a team of spies. I cannot speak to everything that he has accomplished so far, But I remember every soldier chanting a song like this…”
Doc starts singing, “Who does the army trust the most? Real Man! Who do the ladies love the most? Real Man! Who do our enemy fear the most? Rea..aal man! Aaaaa….”, Doc raises up his hand and looks up at the ceiling so that he’s reconstructing the emotion of the soldiers at that time, “Then a captain, who is also a royal prince, once spoke to him like this before jumping off the Mothership in a battle.” Doc mimics the prince, loudly says, “See you in hell, R. Good luck!”
Doc has already finished his speech. Both G and S just look at him for a while. Then G turns his head at S and bursts of laughter. He stands up, says, “Looks like we have a second Sephiroth here, although the guy you're telling me likes to use guns more than a sword. But…”, he comes to Doc, slowly says, “I feel like you better become a radio guy who tells a... sensational story than a doctor. The guy... Sorry, what's his cover name?”. Doc plans to reply to G, but S has already replied, “R or Real Man, sir.” G says, “The Real Man, right! Doc, I don't care if his name is Ramza, Red or Rinoa…” Doc interrupts, “Excuse me for a moment, but Rinoa is a female, sir. And Red is…” G cuts him off, seems indifferent, “Who cares?! You know what, Doc? I think this guy would rather be a man taking out my dog than a… doorkeeper. I knew a super-soldier before who could cut a meteorite with a saber that's like a big butcher knife.” Both Doc and S try to help laughing while G keeps saying, “… but I only see this guy, R, could beat some sort of mediocre mob and some soldiers congratulated him with an absurd song. Oh,… by the way, You should have left the prince out of it when you're trying to make this story... bigger.”
G stops talking and goes back to his chair. Then he says, “Anyway, no need to be worried, Doc. I’ve heard about his situation out there. Because of your status in the military, I'll approve him for the exam early tomorrow morning. However…” G lowers his voice, “… You need to get him to prep something before he attends. Understood?” Doc nods his head in confirmation.
G returns to S, “Prepare a suit for me, now!” When he wears the uniform with the secretary's assistance, he continues to talk to Doc, “And be sure to remind him not to reveal his real name in case he comes by. I think that R is O.K. Are you clear, Doc?” Doc smiles, “Consider it done, sir! Today, people almost forget to speak their real name in any communication, which I see.” G doesn't care for the word of Doc. He just orders, “Dismiss! Doc. But you can stay here anytime.” S comes close to G to say something that Doc can’t hear clearly. “We will talk about it later.” G suddenly talks to S loudly while glowering at her.

Scene 4: Doc with the secretary after the meeting.
After G has left with an excessive whistle, Doc sees S, asked her, “Are you okay?” She's just raising her hand to show she's all right and says. “Your presentation is pretty good. Unfortunately, the prince died many years ago, so now we have no evidence to demonstrate your words.” Doc talks to her, “This is the best thing I could come up with when talking about him because G is a man of the achievement syndrome, you know.” Coming close to G’s desk, Doc takes his hand in the hip to relax. He lowers his head and says, “But our guy has been finally accepted, hasn’t he? With his contribution, our people in the project will be way safer. I'm certain about that.” S glanced at him, abruptly asks, “Are you sure about that?” Doc lifts his head to look at her, “Hey, I’ve told you..” She interrupts, “No, I mean... They say he has a great family. So is it worth putting him to this no-way-out problem?” Doc sighs, “Honestly, he’s a man who can be compared with a large number of previous heroes on the planet. Especially since he doesn't need to use any Makos during the fight.” S laughs off, “The Mako, that's already history, isn't it? Especially in those days, humanity was under the pandemic of the Third Wave. Oh, and I know more about it. The first was in a city known as New York City over a thousand years ago. The Second Wave arrives much later and destroyed the Cetra ethnicity…” Doc smiles, “Well, I don't know if you know our history, either.” S takes a joystick out of the drawer. When she pushes the lever, a holographic illusion is shown. “The matter didn't stop there, Doc. I'm also learning something from history never written in the book.”
The soundtrack now is like:
After closing her eyes for a while, S continues to say when the holographic delusion runs, “The Cetra were unique in being immunized against the initial pandemic. Nobody can explain why they could do this, but we all know they can use an energy called magic afterward. Unfortunately, it appears that their immunity dropped in the Second Wave. Instead of finding out the cure, they absolutely adored the Gods, blamed on a woman from another planet they called Jenova and created more weapons to fight against the Wave of Zombies. That’s the stupidest plan I've known…” Doc interrupts her, “You intend to tell all the history for me right now, don't you? Although I see you're better than R only about this, it's likely you're showing your arrogance. And I don't see anything pleasant in history except that after many, many years people knew how to fly the building to stop the Zombie Wave, and the monsters.” Doc stops a little bit to watch S turning off the holographic. Then, all of them break into laughter. S smiles, “Well, my thought is actually different from yours. Remembering history is the best way to survive after entering this machine, not merely a spy skill. That's why I hope R will always do his job as a security guard if he's in space. And so do I and his friends but you.” The doctor is a little frightened, but S makes a gesture with her hand, “Just kidding. Relax. No one‘s going to make you get in the machine. I promise.” Doc just looks at her eyes, then he smiles, “You know, I appreciate that your skill’s still good.” S understands what he means so she looks away and storms out of the room. At the door, she turns around, says, “Remember, Doc. It's just you and me and our general who knows why the machine was created. Maybe you and he think it must be the highest honor for a man... To go to the machine… but… change and keep timelines for the greater good, regardless of how other groups can be eliminated in our time. That word… makes me sick.”
“Everyone dies eventually.” Doc talks to her, but she has already left before he finishes his sentence.
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Feb 28, 2021
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Scene 5: Father and daughter.
This scene happened last night.
R is unable to sleep. He wakes up. His family is sleeping well. Get out of the camp, he walks aimlessly, feels empty-minded. It’s raining. The previous battle still drives him crazy. Then he sees a target drawing on the wall.
R knocks several times on the target. The song sung by the soldiers about him appears in his mind. Then a voice comes out of the prince, “You let her sacrifice herself… Why did you do that?” The prince shouted, “She trusts you. I trust you, too. We all put our faith in you. But you…” The voice becomes loudly, “TELL ME WHO YOU REALLY ARE? WHAT IS YOUR NAME, R?”, R punches harder towards the target and almost yells.
“Daddy…”, the voice of the little girl makes R back to reality. He feels anxiety when seeing his daughter standing in the rain, carrying a Chocobo fur toy in her hand.
“How…? Why are you here? Where’s Mom?” He asks her but she says nothing. He shouts at her, “Come here with me. Now!” She runs into him, says, “Daddy. Don’t be sad. Mom is sleeping. She's okay. I woke up and didn’t see you. So I've been tryin' to find you… I'm sorry if I upset you.” It appears he is more motivated by his little daughter. The two try to find a place to avoid the rain and finally they did.

<Inspirable soundtrack>

He holds his daughter so that she warms up from the cold of the rain. Hugging the fur toy closely, she asks him, “Daddy, why are you so angry?”
He lies, “Oh, my dear. I'm training as usual. Don’t worry.”
“Dad. Why do you keep hurting yourself?” She looks at R’s fingers bleeding, “I've just learned magic to help you. But Dad…”, she says earnestly, “…Just promise not to hurt yourself again, okay?”
He hooks his pinkie on hers to prove that he will keep his word. She then picks up a Material from her pocket, holds it with two hands, says something quietly and puts it on R's wounds. He feels like he's got a stable spirit. His daughter looks happy at this, but she remembers the attack in her home and starts crying. By looking at all the holes he did in the target, R knows where to start helping her feel happy again.
“My precious, would you like to hear about an ancient story that inspired me to be a legend today?”, askes the girl. Her eyes just open widely. She laughs, “Daddy. I haven't heard all those tales yet. Tell me one of them that inspires you to be a hero, please!” Her joy leads him to think fast in order to tell a less violent story. So he starts, “Back then, in a magical world, there was a man who didn't enjoy using magic like anyone else in his country. Instead of using magic for work and fun for children, he spent most of his time learning the martial art. He believes that this skill will be essential for his people one day. But at that time people laughed at him because they all thought it was a dumb skill. He realised that he couldn't get the highest rank in their society, so he went away to a new land. All along the journey, he helped many people against monsters and even the evil witches. But he never once used his magic. The King in the new land thus welcomed him and expressed the wish that he could stay to practice for the troops. Although he accepted the invitation, many soldiers still looked down on him.”
“Why did they do that?” The girl askes.
“Because the people of this country have never employed magic, but machinery. And he was just a low-tech guy. They said that with the high tech they could vanquish all kinds of enemies, and martial art was useless. Until one day something peculiar happened.”
R stands up and begins to perform in front of his daughter, “The King celebrated a ceremony marking his daughter's accession to youth. He invited all people in the world, including the best witches and warriors, to the celebration. When the King wished for his daughter well, somebody brought Ifrit in to attack her and the people.” He plays Ifrit and pretends to suffocate the little girl, “I am gonna eat you, little princess, GRAAAA…” She just yells with laughter.
“Then, our hero appeared on time and took a kick at the monster. Moved back a little farther, Ifrit went mad and attacked him. He jumped on it as soon as approaching and struck all the its meridians.” R speaks as he reconstructs the combat scene while his daughter is applauding and cheering. Now she can clearly imagine that her dad looks like a true hero. “And Ifrit fell into a profound sleep before all the sorcerers and the king's soldier could react.” The daughter has her mouth and eyes wide open. She asks, “Is it dead, Daddy?” R talks to her, “Dead? No, Ifrit was just asleep, long enough for the soldiers to take it away. The King then generously rewarded him and conferred him on the leader of the imperial guards…” The daughter sounds, “No! You’re wrong. They were Kingsglaives, not imperial guards.” R surprises, “Kings…! Never heard about them. Where did you get that name?” She lowers her head. R understands his little girl and thinks, “I should have talked to my wife about how to teach our daughter properly one day.” Then he askes her, “Okay, from now on I will call him Kingsglaive. You happy?” The daughter smiles. He continues the story, “After that day, Kingsglaive has had a better chance of getting to know the princess and she had a crush on him. But some soldiers were so jealous that they approached the Ifrit summoner to conspire against him. Finally, they had made the King suspect of Kingsglaive loyalty so he was put in jail and waited for the execution. The princess rescued Kingsglaive and then decided to run away with him. But he could not let it happen and told her to think about the greater good. Other Kingsglaives forced him to flee and left her behind. Long time later, it appears the King is an evil man. Kingsglaive with the people had to defeat him once and for all. After the King had gone, the princess became the queen of her country. But she and Kingsglaive never got together because he decided to go on his trip to save people and teach them how to protect themselves from evil witches and monsters…”
He executes the martial art of Kingsglaive in front of his daughter while still speaking, “Over the years, his legacy builds on the many successes of the battle. His modestness and acumen turn into a sort of weapon that people still say as the shadow of the enemy… Only a few warriors on the planet can fully understand and learn this power due to the heavy philosophy within… No words to describe all its effects. And one thing that can be well understood so far is that many people, especially wizards, are all defeated by someone using his martial art…”
R stops talking as he sees his daughter holding the Chocobo toy and falling asleep. He says to himself, “Thank God! I can bring you back to Mommy now.” Although the rain has not come to a halt yet, he can feel at ease in his heart.

<The soundtrack ends here>

Suddenly, the blazing lights of the watchtowers shine on their location. Before R can react, several soldiers have arrived round him and his daughter and shouts, “Don’t move. Stay where you are. That’s an order!” R tells them, “Hey, we are taking a walk and just staying out of the rai…” Suddenly a soldier comes up and arrests him. On the knees, R looks round him and sees another guy who looks like an agent approaching his daughter. She wakes up and starts shouting. R growls, “Don’t touch her. She is just a kid.” That man is not listening and taking her hand. She frantically squirms. While still kneeling, R immediately turns to the soldier preparing the handcuffs and grasps this guy’s hand. He then snatches the handcuffs off the soldier, wrestles this guy to the ground, and cuffs him. Others just shouts at R, “Sir, don’t do anything stupid or we’ll shoot.” But he doesn't listen and runs to his daughter. Then, he pushes the agent into the ground. When he is trying to calm the girl, suddenly a female Android shows up and strikes him. This Android eventually defeats him and holds him down, uses a hand to press his head on the ground.
The rain still falls heavily.
A few soldiers help the agent to get back on his feet. “Are you okay, sir?” One of them askes, but the agent shoves him. “Get out of my way.” Then, he comes close to R who is being constrained by the Android, says, “Well! You don't sound like a hero as they say, huh?” He talks to the Android, “Can you keep him tight? Because I'm watching him wriggle too much.” The Android responds, “I will try.” The agent ablazes with anger, “Call me as sir. I see you are just some stupid robot that no one cares about. Do you know that? You freak!” The Android responds while her black band is soaked in rain, “Yes…sir!” He orders a soldier to take the daughter of R away. “Daddd…” Her picture as she yells seems in R's eyes. Then, the agent stands in front of him. Squatting in R's presence, he talks, “You know what? If your little girl didn’t walk around as if she is possessed by the enemy and then her image didn’t appear in each security camera, the situation might not be like this. But I saw that she used some kind of magic a few minutes ago so I decided to get her. By the way, my men and I have kept waiting for your... fun chat with her to be over…” R shouts at the agent, “It’s not magic. My daughter only used material to cure me…” The agent cuts off R, “…without any permissions. Yeah?” He stands up, keeps talking to R, “Don’t worry. We will take care of her. Not you…” R cuts off him, “Remember. If you dare to take one hand to my family. I swear I am gonna cut your head off…” The agent smiles, “Sweet! And you should remember one thing that next time, please talk and act less so we won’t be wasting our time.” Then, he knocks R senseless.
When the soldiers take R away, the Android is watching over all the holes in the target. Her hand strongly trembles while raindrops are falling on her cheek.


Feb 28, 2021
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Main theme:

Scene 6: I will find my team.

That scene is the following day.

Agent 2: You have known the rule, right? When you are saying, do not lie or everything is getting worse.

The wife: Yes…I know.

Agents 2: And don’t do anything stupid or the conversation will be done right away. Do you understand? Okay, someone, please turn on that camera and we shall begin.

The wife looks at the camera: Darling, are you there?

R responds to her: Yes, honey. Don’t worry. I’m fine.

Silence for a long while.

The wife: Are you crazy? What have you done last night? You gave our daughter a hard time AGAIN.

R talks when applying an ice pack against the bump on his forehead: Honey, I’m so sorry. Our precious just went looking for me. She couldn’t sleep and I tried to help her.

The wife: By “walking in the rain”. You’re kidding, aren’t you? You know what? You should thank your old friend because he has talked to those agents right after going back from the meeting. Now she’s sleeping all right in my bed…

The agents are just looking at each other when the wife keeps scolding R: Why don’t you just… get a job to do instead of going around all the time? I've been in charge of this family for a very, very long time. But you messed up everything. They want me not to say your true name right here, right now. So, I'm not sure the man I'm lookin' at with that stupid camera is my husband…

An agent comes to the wife and talks: Madam, please low your voice here…

The wife raises her fist and talks: Hey@##!. Don't bother me when I’m speaking with my husband, or I will chop your head off. You hear me?

He just shows of hands and backs off.

Keep quiet for a while, the wife goes on talking to R: It's rumored that you will take security work out of a new camp. Is that right?

R: If they said so, then yes…

The wife: Congratulations, my dear. At least you can earn money to care for your daughter. I only hear that about you, nothing more. But I guess this will be a very long journey.

She’s crying, continues to say: Oh! Darling. You should've stayed a hero like old times, not just a normal person these days.

R: I've never been a hero, apart from those people.

The wife: But everyone's finally got a happy ending except you. Maybe, their history ceased when they finished their...story. And I know you still get them as inspiration. But you need to create a new heroic story about yourself.

Agent 2: Okay… Time is finished. Madam, please stand up…

The wife: I haven’t done yet. Lemme tell my husband just one more word. Okay?

Agent 2 shows of hands and back off. The others only help laughing.

Agent 2 talks to them: What’s so funny?

One of them: No, nothing, sir!

Agent 2: Okay then shut up, you know what is good for you.

The wife seems to not pay attention to them and keeps talking to R: I think you better make our girl happy again. She loves you more than anything on this planet. It's not worth it for her to get past all this stuff.

Agent 2: Okay now I see it’s more than one word. The conversation ends here.

Before the wife leaves, R talks to her: I will do it for all of us. I promise.

The screen that R uses to see his wife has turned off. There's only him in the backyard of the camp. He put his head down on his arm.

Doc: Been a long couple of days, huh? The General and I heard that someone struggled with an Android for more than two minutes last night. So, I guess you have been passed the test.

R: Sorry, pal. I spent all morning in jail, so I didn't get to go to that test.

Doc: And he wants me to give you a thank-you note. He's impressed with last night's fight and he supposes there's a mistake in Androids. They should have moved more quickly in the fight. Well, a few scientists will be on long, hard days.

R: Strange! I have felt that Android thinks like a human… So, what shall we do now?

Doc: We still need more people for the operation. The General agrees with me that you can... have some of your friends join us. In this case, I can give you a hand, and I suppose you should meet her first. You know what I mean, R.

R: Maybe I will talk to her late. I have to meet my daughter, then my wife before I get to work. There is a man I'm gonna go see first.

Doc: Okay. Before you begin work, please get in that car with me.

After getting in the car.

Doc: Now we can speak without being heard. Remember the top-secret document I gave you a few days ago. Even though you did not read it, this document is no longer valid now.

Doc takes the document that looks like a small holographic illusion in his pocket and deletes it. The document looks flaming in a short time.

Doc: However, I suppose you can understand some basic points by listening. Something like this: there's a machine in space that allows people to travel through the time flux…

Silence for a while.

R is glazing at Doc. His face looks like seeing someone having some problems. But he still says: Okay, go on then.

Doc: That time machine has been on for a while, was controlled by an A.I. “She” was also the highest leader of the Android. Somehow... there are a couple of people in the past who have experienced the presence of the machine. Some of them are precisely our new enemy. According to the report of your family’s trouble, now I'm 100% certain they're the intriguers of the attack…

Doc asks R: Are you okay?

R: Sorry. It’s just… I haven’t slept since that day. Having a child turns me into an old person. I have retired with no fight for 2 years. Within 2 days so far, I have just combated 5 citizens brainwashed, 2 local troopers, and 1 wedding dress robot which looks like a blindfolded prisoner … Well, I understand your story about this time machine because the world we live in has been full of sh*t up to now. And I'm not surprised that there's any other sh*t.

Doc: I'm surprised you still have a bad mouth. But the problem is, you're still too young to be in retirement. Your little family is living on your military record and they never feel like enough… Your wife is right that you need to create a new heroic story about yourself.

R: If I work as a security guard without killing anyone on the battlefield, then yes.

Doc: It's too bad that a person like you now works as an average worker. What’s about those people who have tried to kill your family? I don’t suppose you will give up on this.

R: One day I shall find them and defeat them all. I simply don’t want to be a soldier who serves for…the greater good.

Doc: Working out of the space behind this time machine is the best opportunity for you to find them soon. I assure you that if our enemy is completely defeated, we will let the world know what you have achieved so far. A true hero. You and your family will certainly have a happy ending.

R: Okay then, so what will you say next?

Doc: I destroyed the document because “she” was killed in action despite the success of her mission in managing the first crisis.

R: Sorry I don’t understand at all.

Doc: The first crisis is that some people in the past have fallen in the stream of time, as I said before. And they had to deal with other... guys to come back their timeline. She is the only one who can help them.

R: But how come she died?

Doc: No report fully explained the reasons for her death. All we can hear of her final word on the computer is that “I have helped her... steer clear of death.”

R: Looks like she just got off one of her missions. No offense, but she died... peaceably, didn't she?

Doc: Most of us said yes, whereas other people said no. I and a man were two of those people. That man… Well! He held the A. I in his arm and cried a lot while the noise of the power in the machine was very noisy.

R: I feel bad for this guy. What’s his name?

Doc: Cid. And he has attended her funeral…twice.

R: That’s not funny. I guess she got killed by our enemy.

Doc: Go into that room where a large number of weapons after being above the dead body of Androids, then deal with an A.I that those past people just call as The Goddess. If I were their leader, I would say it's a good plan that lacks detail. Heheh…

R: Okay… But no one has any reason to do so, except those “magic” people.

Doc: Another way to do that is to kill the A.I from within the machine. I think you could be right because there is a woman in the enemy. She knows how and when the machine was turned on, even she knows how the machine is made…

R: Why are you so sure about that?

Doc: One Android was secretly dispatched to the enemy as a spy because we knew they would take an abandoned Android for their actions in the world. Although everything was all set perfectly, we rapidly realize that nothing can escape magic.

Breathe a sigh, Doc goes on talking: “His” head was sent back to us with a message. A woman’s voice from the mouth of the head echoed around the General’s room: “I will take revenge [...] on what you did to my races.” Since then, the General has decided that an Android male is never better than a female, and they should be a couple upon mission.

R: Well! After all, he should have thanked that Android male because the head could be from a human.

Doc: Yep! And, oh… By the way, do you want to know how “the wrath of the Deity” guy have been now?

R nods. Doc picks out a tablet, turns it on, and gives it to R while talking: The General ordered this guy to be more taken care of until he looks like that returned Android. And our General also doesn't like receiving one more head from anyone. I really can say that your friend was very skilled at completing the order without using knives, or hammers…

R: Okay, that’s enough! I don't want to see this scene. I can't bear it when someone uses my skill to hurt someone else, especially like this. I should have quitted the army many, many years ago…

R turns the table off and gives it back to Doc. The car is slowly moving to the gate of the headquarter.

Doc: It goes without saying the guy died 2 days ago with his head still intact on his neck. And your friend doesn’t have to write any report about that. I agree with you today the army is changed too much, no gentlemen, no knights, only machines, robots, and humans with mechanical hearts.

The car has stopped in the yard.

Doc: Okay! I am going to meet the secretary again. Last time, we had an interesting discussion about all three Waves in past. But now we have more work ahead of us. I don’t know where, or how your friends have been, but I still think that you should meet her first. In that time, you can use my car to do your job, just... remember to put it into the «box» if you have done it. The «box» is stored in the glove compartment. Any questions?

R is trying to understand what «box» is meaningful in this case. But he asks: Fine! I will find my team. So…how many people in the past have known about the time machine?

Doc: Ten. Maybe more.

R: And… How many of 'em went to one of the Waves?

Doc: None.

R: Wow… So, I think we can leave this thing behind.

Doc: I don’t think so because one day they can be thrown on that. Now it’s not yet, my friend, just… not yet.
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A lot of children in the favela are standing in the line, waiting for a man to cure them. A little boy comes to him and says: The soldiers have come. They are confiscating our medicine.

The man follows the little boy to go back to his cabin. They pass through numerous streets and alleyways.

Soundtrack during this scene:

When the man arrives at the cabin, there is no one. He goes to the workbench and tries to find one of his belongings. A voice says: Need something?

The man turns around and sees R sitting in the chair, holding a Material in his hand.

The man puts all of his belongings in the cabinet while telling R: I thought we had agreed altogether that not meet each other again.

The man, hands down on the workbench, continues to talk: I’ve been busy since I left the army, helping these kids who have the same condition as me as a child.

While talking, the man knocks his fingers on the workbench to make a kind of code that means “Don’t say our actual names here. They are watching us.”

R understood the code. He put the Material aside, then says: You’re the only one who’s unknown to all of us. It’s been over 9 years since I have known you in the street. Your hand at the time held an energetic ball like this.

R waves his hands around while talking to make a code: Don’t worry. Those are the General’s men.

The man understood and says: And you told me that the ball I was holding is illegal. Then you saved me before the soldiers came and took me. I always remember what you have done for me, R.

The man goes on making the code while talking: You are not welcome here. Go now or I’ll beat you and everyone out there.

R: For me, you are always the best if another of us hasn’t gone too far. Two days ago, an unknown enemy attacked my family, and I had no choice but to take an invitation in order to solve it. You’re the first man that I meet if she doesn’t go out to play. So please help me.

R code: I said I had a problem. You must help me, otherwise, these soldiers will bring all the children.

The man smiles: Okay. So, the others have known about your problem or not? Don’t tell me you’re going back to being a spy because the last time I remember, we weren’t an excellent team. Code: I have to defeat them all. Perhaps you had let them know about my little secret of that ball, too.

R: Well, so far, she and Doc know what’s going on. I am not a super-soldier or a knight. “Be a shadow, be among ‘em” is the only thing all of us can get. But don’t worry, my friend. I promise I’m not coming back for espionage, neither are we. I’m even happy when she has come back as a secretary.

R stands up, then comes close to the man. He mumbles soundlessly a unique language, which is also a code, which means: We would have completed our last mission if you hadn’t left us to find… something in that sector when we were all returning to the safe zone. Most of the summoned creatures were bloody devastated by helicopter gunships. And she was the only one of us who watched everything with no blink. Do you remember it, unknown boy?

From the outside, a commander commands his men: Hey! That man is mumbling something. Analyze and translate it now.

A soldier reports: Sir! We got it. His word means “It’s been so long since we broke up with the crew. So now let’s go somewhere like a beach, to see some… great people (booties). You and I are going to spend a good time together singing and dancing under the moon with some girls. It is my intention to invite other people to join us. Do you like it, lovely boy?”

The commander giggles derisively: What’s daydream folks!

The man’s considering, whereas R goes back to the chair. He then says: I will come with you in case you’ll be able to help me with one thing. These children got infected. Their eyes turn dark and most of them lose the intellect…

While talking, the man suddenly feels a headache. R feels that something is wrong and so does the commander on the outside. R says: I will go to tell Doc and the General. They’re planning to grant us a benefit once we get our occupations…


R says nothing, just as cool as a cucumber. A soldier from outside asks the commander: Sir! I think they are preparing for the fight. Should we make a rush at them now?

The commander: No. Not yet. Doc told me to take ‘em home in one piece. He wants nothing to happen to his project.

The soldier: But, sir. Doc is only…

The commander: He’s entitled to control the army’s secret plan by the General. His order is the General’s too.

When talking with the soldier, the commander catches sight of a woman far from him doing something with the little boy. The woman uses the gesture to communicate with the little boy, as he is deaf. While the two are communicating one by the other with gestures, the commander orders a soldier to come to them. When the soldier has come, the woman stands up and pulls her hood down.

The soldier is taken aback: Madam…

He takes the woman with the boy to the commander. The commander says: What brings you out here? Ms. Secretary.

The secretary: The General has ordered me to come to see the situation. But now I take it from this clever boy.

She smiles and rubs the boy’s head. He smiles, too.

The commander: Forgive me. But since we’ve been here, there’s no proof that they’ve been legends in the past. We are wasting our time. The guy over there fighting with an Android yesterday cannot be compared with the hero Cloud Strife. That’s what I see. And…

When he’s talking, he turns away to see the secretary, but she has gone away and nobody knows when. The little boy just shrugs his shoulders.

The commander: What’s the…? Do you have any ideas where’s she going?

A soldier points to the monitor: Sir, she is coming inside.

The secretary faces the man and R in the cabin. She talks to R: Long time no see, boss.

R: Me too.

The secretary: The officer on the outside just said that your level differs from Cloud. Well, he never knew you were defeated by an Android female, which mimics your fighting skill with the strength of Sephiroth. That’s why she moved as if she was moving on the catwalk with her smile while you lost your head to the pain.

The man feels a headache too much: Aaaa… Do you guys stop talking nonsense for a while?

While the man is holding his head in the hand, the secretary makes her gesture which she used with the little boy to communicate with R: Don’t worry, boss. I can convince him straight away.

Meanwhile, the commander outside feels angry: She’s thinking who she is. Why is she saying I’m in here?

The secretary: My soldiers took all the children to the safe zone a few moments ago. I have given this information to a boy out there. He's clever enough to come back to them later.

When hearing of that thing, the commander turns around to find the little boy, but he has already left.

The secretary goes on talking to R and the man: I know it may never compare us to those people like Cloud, Sephiroth and other guys. But we can serve the country with all we got. With everything historical, just... let the past be the past. I decided not to look back at what happened to us, so now I feel at peace. And I will be delighted if we can work together again. Maybe you feel the same way, don’t you?

The man: Sorry, but I can’t return. I need to be in my own way. I have done everything with you guys.

The secretary: Do you hear about the time machine, unknown boy?

R: Hey!

The commander outside: Okay, that’s enough. She is saying that boy everything. We must break into the cabin now. Gear up, everyone! Wait for my mark.


The man: by passing the Lifestream. Yeah! I know.


R: What are you talking about?

The secretary: You don’t even know the source of the machine, do you, R?


A soldier from outside throws a Flashbang to the room. The man takes two types of equipment on the table and tosses one to R. The two release the equipment right before the flash has blown up. Two energetic circles appear to cover the man, and R with the secretary behind against the effect of the flash. But they are still deaf. All soldiers break into the house to attack them. The man stops some men and talks to R: Take her to the bathroom. Now!

When running to the door of the bathroom, a soldier appears to stop R and the secretary. R puts her into the bathroom, then fights against the soldier while talking to her: Find the way to go out, now!

The secretary looks around. A tiny hole in the wall makes her pay attention. She then takes the toilet lid and beats it on the hole. A secret door without a doorknob appears behind.

R says when fighting with the soldier: Hurry!

She looks inside the toilet for a while, then grabs the refill tube and pulls up. The secret door opens. She goes through the door and says: Come on, R.

Although the soldier is wearing a helmet and using a cattle prod, R takes the toothbrush in the bathroom and stabs it at the soldier’s meridians. After the bloody fight, the soldier feels hurt and low muscular tension at the same time. R puts the toothbrush in the soldier’s mouth, then pulls that guy over the pole of the bathroom door. The soldier falls over right after his head hits the pole in a jarring thud. R then passes to the secret window to escape with the secretary.

R takes her to the Doc’s car. They see the man is being pursued by the soldiers. The secretary talks to R: You drive the car. I will help him.

Then, she takes a handgun and points it at the soldiers chasing behind the man.

R: Watch out or you'll hurt everybody here.

She says nothing. R drives the car directly to the man. All shots fired by the secretary hit the bulletproof vests of the soldiers. But no one dies, the soldiers only fall down one by one. The man gets inside the car through the window. He says: Nice car! How do you get it?

R: Just fights like a man in a night.

R backs up the car to pick up the secretary. She recharges the weapon and moves towards the car that was stopped ahead, but her heart goes down because she just sees something near the car.

R and the man watch out. An Android opens their car’s door and gets ready to enter.

As soon as seeing the blaze from the Android’s sword, R immediately steps on the accelerator to move the car. The Android tries to hold the door handle, but it couldn’t. The secretary shoots to prevent it from coming near the car again. It stopped all the bullets using the sword. The secretary only stops when she has already walked into the car.

When the car has already away, all the soldiers keep on chasing it, while the Android just walks in the opposite directions quietly. “She” crosses the crowd of troops, which touch her constantly when they are passing hastily.

The man in the car talks to R: Don’t tell me you’ve had issues with that beautiful ass in your night?

R: Yep! She made me not sleep during the night.

The man scrunches his eyes up when he laughs: I see. Good for you, “old man”.

The secretary crosses her hand: Ok, guys. We have the company behind us…

Suddenly, the Android from the sky gets on the hood of the moving car. R tries to move the car on both sides to push her out of the hood. She stabs the sword into the hood, grasps it, and keeps her balance. Even R controls the car close to all the vehicles which are moving to the opposite side to do harm to her.

When seeing the action of the Android, the man just exclaims: Holy hell! This robot is a kind of pole dancer or something?

The Android takes a gun and prepares to shoot. R is thinking why the car still moves even a sword stuck in the hood. He notices the answer, then directs the car to a truck on the opposite side.

Both the man and the secretary yell: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON’T DO THAT. AAAA…

When the car nearly crashes into the truck, the Android turns her head back then sees the truck coming. She immediately leaves the car, but R turns the steering wheel to avoid the truck timely.

The Android lands on the ground, watching the car moving far away through her black band, while all the soldiers’ trucks are overcoming her, making her hair stream out in the wind.

Meanwhile, R speaks to his friends who are astounded: Hey guys! Now I know what Doc was talking about.


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R is walking on the beach to find out the woman Doc suggested to him

The woman: You should not come here.

R intends to say that not to tell his accurate name, but the woman has got it already.

R: I have no choice. I have to take this job for my family.

The woman: Yeah. I understand. I have a little kid to love, like you.

R eyes the woman up and down: Even you're a mom with a 5-year-old daughter. You still look… hot.

The woman: Thanks! An Android gave this dress to me a long time ago. “She” said that she has taken it from a hermaphrodite woman.

Many people are paying close attention to the woman with a wistful expression. So, the woman’s daughter is very proud of her mother.

R: A hermaphrodite woman? But you still are a normal woman, aren’t you?

The woman tells her daughter to play alone. She then goes on talking to R: We had the same ending, but my life differs from yours. Since my husband has left me and my daughter, I feel like I want to beat up any good-looking guy to give free rein to my disgust.

R only looks at the woman without saying, she goes on: Now all people are protected carefully by robots, so that’s always a fantasy for me. So, I chose this dress to emphasize I'm still a regular mom who is sympathizing with other moms like me. I mean… I am falling in love with them because of hating men so much.

When taking, the woman's watching guys tease women on the beach. Meanwhile, R only sees the woman is thinking too much, but he still says: Well, maybe you'll get your fantasy one day.

R and the woman go on walking together along the beach. Even if it is late afternoon, there are many people swimming in the sea and enjoying themselves on the sand.

The woman: Doc told me you have been getting the nod for the job. Therefore, we need to talk to each other like in the old days, something like… no-name?

R: Yeah. I know it’s crazy. And Doc has told everybody about my story when I was little.

The woman: And they still believe in that story?

R: Most of them except the General and the secretary. I know she has already known the true story, while he always thinks it’s a kind of raw-head-and-bloody-bone story.

The woman: Well, at least Doc didn’t tell them you spooked the first gang by using a fake weapon like this one…

Stop talking. The woman immediately turns around and stabs a long and tiny stick to an eye of a guy who intends to slap her bottom. The guy's yelling like crazy, but his eye's fine. He leaves in an angry mood, muttering and swearing under his breath.

The woman: … And you put this thing between two fingers of the gang. That guy thought he was already dead afterward so you had a chance to escape. I'm impressed with that part of the story until now.

After speaking, the woman crouches down and stabs the fake weapon on the sand. The weapon is in miniature right away.

She gets up, puts the fake weapon back into her pocket behind her short pants, and washes her hand off the sanding dust. R then says: Perhaps I was chosen by my natural ability as a spy. They told me there were many heroes and heroines in the past, but none of them is an agent, but a cat who wore a hat and rode a big white elephant.

The woman smiles: It’s because we could kill someone when we were advent children. Even nobody was telling us to do, or not to do at that time. You know what? I think the sad truth is that we cannot be part of history like everyone else, although we have tried so far.

R: I agree. So, do you mind joining us or not? Because you're a single mother and I know you need money. It’s difficult for you to bring up a child. But most importantly, your combat technique is better than anybody on our team. I really need it from you.

The woman: Boss, although I'm still less than thirty, I don't feel young the way I did before. It’s common that anything referring to combat is only for a man, not for a woman like me. The technique you taught me was for the female in the original time. As time goes on, it becomes more and more pragmatic and frightened. You know, boss? An ability to feel all meridians moving in a body, which is in a way faster than an ability to stop flying bullets in time, is the most precious gift I’ve ever had in my life. But now it becomes a nightmare for me every night, and I don’t know if I can put up with it anymore.

R: I'm not a man capable of forcing everyone to do what I say. But since my family is not out of the fight, it is my responsibility to help all my staunch friends. I know your past is problematic. But… Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Hope you understand that. And I don't need your help like I used to, not even right now. I wish we could get back together as a team.

The woman thinks for a while, then says: I've left to work in a factory since my job got dangerous. No one knows who I am during that time, although I had used my ability to protect some working women from ruthless bosses. I felt I was an unuseful woman, even I, you, and the others have saved many people before. After that, I planned to open a bar as some had in the past. But I soon realized most of them did not have a tranquil life. So now… yes, maybe I will follow you.

R feels happy because the conversation was ended with no hassle. Meanwhile, the man and the secretary are waiting at the side of the car. The man is standing pressed against the car, watches R and the woman who comes to, while the secretary stands beside him. She directs her face towards him and says so many things that make the man feel a headache a little.

The man talks to R: I think it’s going crazy, boss. That Android… I saw she had just opened the car door to get inside. Her action gave me the impression that she just wanted to join us until you drove the car. I could hear the noise from her high heels dragging on the ground when she was holding the door handle. And the best part is that she walked slowly when overcoming all the running soldiers. She sounds like a real boss to me. Now I can’t imagine how that long-legged robot moved the body when getting back her motorbike on the road.

The secretary: Ok, enough for chit-chat here. I think there is no need to worry because the robots will be reset after a mission, no matter if it succeeds or not. I’m gonna get back to the headquarter now to find out. Good luck, guys. See you soon.

A military vehicle appears to pick up the secretary. R takes the secretary’s hand before she could get in the vehicle, then talks to her in a different language he used in the cabin with the man: We haven’t done yet. You have to tell me why an Android keeps following us all the time, and the machine… There's something you and Doc are not telling me.

The secretary sweeps his hands aside, talks to R with that language: We are out of control since an Android commander has been killed beside the machine for no reason. She was chosen to be a Goddess, but... nobody but another God could touch her. Meanwhile, that another God was on the other side, based on our report, also be killed during the mission. So… You believe we know everything now, right?

R keeps silent. He lets the secretary get into the car and leave.

The woman enjoys the sword of the Android stabbing in the car hood. She gets interested, jumps on the hood, takes out the sword, and throws it into the sand. She jumps down and opens the hood. The hot smoke from inside mats her body. Look at inside the car, she says: Ok, guys. Now I understand why this car can keep running with a sword on it. The automobile engine… looks like a kind of nanomachine type…

As she speaks, R and the man are right behind her. R talks to the man: Sorry about your place. With the help of Doc, I can guarantee all the children you are caring about will be safe.

The man keeps looking at the woman bending over the car, says: Okay…

R: As for their illness and your problem, I remember that some children in the past were ill like that. They were all the same with the headache feeling and the eyes becoming dark-colored. If that's true, no need to worry because there's a cure already.

The man: Okay…

R: You can go to the camp where my family is staying. There is the last man I would go to meet right now. I don’t know where he is, but she can. But I really don’t want to see that man. He is considered to kill the wraith... guy during the interrogation. I am feeling he wants is to be a hero or the strongest evil man…

The man: Okay…

R: Are you alright, unknown boy?

The man: Sorry, boss. It’s just my headache. I… I am watching the fake weapon in her pocket, thinking about the way you used a toothbrush to take down your enemy. We've been through a lot of crazy things, like fighting demons, witches, giant weapons, and so forth with all the modern technology we have. But finally, I realize that with everything on the planet, we can always defeat the enemy. It’s really the craziest thing.

R: Well, in a battle, if you use a big gun, saber, even a Shuriken to fight an enemy, but it seems as though the enemies are still standing, all you need to do is to look into them and learn to dance with them.

The man: Eh… Okay.

The woman hasn’t searched the car yet. Her daughter comes and sees R and the man. Feel awkward because of watching the woman from behind for a long time, the man starts to talk to R in a different language: Haven't you known about the missing cases recently yet?

R: I watched it on T.V a few days. What’s up?

The man takes a tablet in his pocket and gives it to R, says: A friend of our old friend is on the lookout for the case. Of this scene, sure he's trained our technique. Forgive to be straight, I think the time machine is the biggest part they couldn’t control by themselves. That's also why we get the job and have to stay in touch with each other without revealing the real names.

R: If all people in the missing cases just disappear, like the dust melt into the wind, I think you are right. Maybe the job we will get is not simply a security job.

The man: Fine! Take a look at the monitor and you will get it, boss.



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Scene 10:
R, the man, and the woman go to the fight club where the last man in their team is making a fight with a combatant.
The crowd boos loudly: Hey, man! Stop dancing like a moron, let’s fight! Come on, man! Come on. What the hell is this technique?
The last man, or guy, drops into the fight club’s owner after being hit. The owner seems angry and talks in his language: You're ruining our money and our time. You fool!
The guy speaks in the language of the owner: Don’t worry. Lemme play with him more. We all have time.
When seeing this scene, the woman talks to R: You see. Our technical trick is especially to the female.
The fight in club:

After finishing the fight, the guy comes to R, says: Stop! Be where your feet are, boss.
And he laughs wildly: After many years, now I get to see you again. How’s your wife?
R: We need to talk. Follow me.
He smiles: I know what you wanna say.
The woman previously demanded the fight club owner's secret room.
Before getting into the room, the guy asks R: So, what happened to you after retirement? Let me guess. Built a sweet home for your own with a hot girl…
When R is about to reply to the guy, a person crosses and touches him. R says “Hey!” but that person continues to walk without being aware of it.
Meanwhile, the guy keeps talking without noticing around: … I thought about marrying someone as sweet as your wife. And then we'll live together forever, like, you know, the pretty couple of the SeeD legend team. But since I came back to normal life, I feel like I've lived with my black wallet my entire life.
R couldn’t listen to him because of the noise everywhere. He only says: Okay…
Next, the four go into the secret room.
The guy places a bath towel around his upper body while dipping his foot in the basin of hot water. He glances around the people sitting in the room, says: I see the miss of somebody. Ah…Right. “The shadow behind the enemy lines.” I never forgot that word from an officer we grabbed years ago. But… Everything has changed since she was the General's woman, right?
R: No! Just secretary. And not only her, during the war, we were also considered as…
The guy:... ghosts, and she was a more frightful shadow than a ghost. “The shadow of a person through a mirror, and when the time is right, she'll finish her work...” Do you guys still remember that word from Doc? Yeah! Good for her now. At least she has given up to be an actress. But I hope the General won’t mistake her for his wife. Heheh…
No one is reacting to the guy's laugh. R says: Are you done? We are not in here to talk about her. I have something you need to look at first. Then, you must answer some questions?
R takes the man’s tablet and gives it to the guy. Having looked at the scene from the tablet, the guy laughs and says: I don't know this guy. Could that be a spy like us?
R: Keep watching. Do not ask.
The video on the tablet moves toward the next one.
The guy takes a look at the next video for a moment, then he says: Hey! That guy was my prisoner. He has been…
R: … murdered. Most of his meridian system is broken, which means that you tortured him just for fun, and let him die.
The guy: On what grounds do you think that?
R: Watching the clip, we saw that you hit that guy's ribs. And the fighter in the elevator used exactly such a technique. Sure that he will die in the next few minutes in case he’s a “wrath” guy.
The guy: I agree he's only a magician and he won't die if we strike him normally unless I or some of the soldiers used a cold weapon to... fall on him. However, with his situation in the prison then, if I really use our technique, he will die immediately, right?
R shakes his head: Having come this far, you still make everything a joke.
He makes a sign for the man. The man takes a flower from his bag, puts it on the table, and says: A little girl gave it to me. She said it was from a woman. I had thought that woman was the secretary, but she actually spent all her time helping the kids.
The guy opens his eyes widely, waves his hands: So?
R: I saw the flower on the sorcerer in battle years ago until he was put in prison. A couple of days ago, I found out he was killed by torture. But why did a woman from nowhere get it before he died?
The guy takes a look back at the tablet monitor, tries to think hard, then he says: Ah… I remember. Well… Actually, I dunno why. But I do remember I intended once to walk on it, he then... died. Ha…
Attempt not to laugh, he goes on: That magic guy could use his technique to cure himself after I hit him several times. To be honest, I didn't get any troubles with the General when he kept doing that. However, with all the special technologies used in prison these days, a tough man like that wouldn't last more days. So, I decided to change the plan for the interrogation. I asked him a few questions and he only had to say yes, or no.
The woman: Yep! But you still punched him like hell. Now I understand a sentence that people always say, “Don't answer anything when you're facing a mental guy.”
The guy tries to ignore the woman who is teasing him. He goes on: He believes his soul will return to the promised land after death. I told him “the promised land” is actually a kind of vaccine, or a cure which helped someone like him avoid turning to the walking dead, but almost… a God. Then, he told me I was desecrating Gaia and his ancient Gods and Goddesses. Well, even though he didn’t know how to insult me, all the words he uttered really drive me insane. So, I just kept punching him.
R: Right. So, you realize that you have killed him, don’t you?
The guy: Boss, I told you I had tried to not make him in danger, but then he watched this thing and... died. OK! Forgive me if I ask a better question. Why’s this stupid flower?
The man: It was part of a permanent exhibition at the museum to commemorate all the heroes and heroines of that time, which was made in the garden which still stands today. Someone had stolen it, then gave it to the magic guy in the prison.
When listening to this part, the guy seems to remember something, but he lets the man keep talking: I thought the flower was a kind of poison until hearing some new details from you. I guess he was just so happy when seeing the flower, but he was in a serious injury situation so he... died because of laughing.
When he finished, the guy can’t help laughing anymore. Afterward, he says S…Sorry, guys. But… this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why the hell did he do that?
R: Because he’s a Cetra man. And he eventually figured out how to save his race.
Everyone in the room just looks at each other. Then, the woman says to break the heavy silence: No way! They were believed to have disappeared many years ago, the last having died at that time. Why are you so sure about that, R?
R looks at all people in the room one by one while they are paying close attention to him, he says: Yesterday Doc told me an interesting story of the time machine. Everything he said was quite enough for me to know how crazy is happening. From there, I could vaguely see an A.I, or, the Goddess handled everything with this machine to make a kind of... unstoppable wars through numerous chronologies. Perhaps that shows why so many people have disappeared now because if something was changed in the past, the future would be different. Right? And, he also told me of another woman who already knows how to create the time machine or something magic used to travel through time.
The man: So, you think that woman is relative to the magic guy in prison, don’t you? And both of them are Cetra?
R: Actually, I… I used to think maybe she was born obsessed with making a time machine. From there, she could see the end of her nation, then decided to go into the future to stop this nightmare. But the machine was not running well, or something did it - her timing was faulty. So ultimately, she only came here, then looked back at everything that had been happening in the past.

The room goes back to silence. The guy again raises his hands: Ok, guys, guys, listen up. I know this thing is really crazy. But it’s only a supposition, right? We just knew about the new enemy in the country some days ago. And they can use magic doesn't mean they're a race that's on display in museums today. Especially in this day and age, people can easily do some magic. But…
He knocks two hands at the table: But I truly do not understand what the flower means with the death of this magician?
The man: Haven't heard about Geostigma yet? The pure garden water I told you about is seen as a means to stop the epidemic. It and the flower originated from the last Cetra. I've tied all the details I can get from the magician to those who attacked R's family. And with everything from the Doc… I can't think of anyone else.

Take a deep breath, he goes on: The origin of Geostigma is the main reason why the Cetra was extinguished. They had been seen as the master race after the First Wave. Although they always stood for fairness and racial equality until Year One, it appears that other nations which also survived the First Wave, have never accepted them as the master one. So, an evil intention was put in place to destroy them. Then it succeeded and opened the darkest period or the Year One based on some secret documents. Many years later, the cure was finally found out from the last of them but too late…
The guy cuts off the man: How come you know all this, unknown boy?
The man stares at the guy for a while, then says: Because I read about it in books. Moreover, with the help of the secretary, I have searched for the magician’s body to find out the way he died. For me, it's not difficult since R has taught me all about surgery. So, 100% that he and someone with him are all Cetras.
The guy laughs at him and thinks it's a dumb deduction. When both of them are getting into a heated argument about the Cetra, the woman talks to R: It's good to be back on the team like in the old days. But we better get away from… this issue of race, especially as we have security guard jobs ahead of us. This thing, the story of an extinct race, really got past our comprehension. All we have to do now is make money for the last assignment, and then give up completely without looking back. Maybe you have a unique aim that hunts down those people who attacked your family, I don't think you can go head-to-head with them because they're not gangs. Forgive me, boss, but I think there's something worse behind this job. And I and other people here ain't risking our lives to follow you on another journey. Never… again.
When R gets ready to reply to the woman, the man says aloud: Ok, ENOUGH. You guys really don't know what happened out there a long time ago, do you?
Everyone says no so the man keeps talking: Actually, that florist is never the Cetra's last. At least she never did that job.
The room sinks once more into a terrible silence. R asks him: W… What did you say?
The man: Since we had trouble with the sorcerer, I have searched for everything relative to him, remembered all of his words while other people thought he was a mental guy. I spent two years finding out the truth… And you guys know what? We are all the “product” of a bloody war between the Cetra and other nations on this planet.
Everyone listening to the guy just looks at each other, the woman asks: What war?
Smile gently, the man says: People still believe the Crystal War is the only great war on the planet. In the first stage of the war, the Cetra refused to join the battle because of their small numbers and love of peace. One day, they decided to change their mind to protect the planet, or Gaia as they said, from the destruction of the conflict. Their best use of magic resulted in a faster-than-expected end to the war. Since then, all the other nations shook like a leaf upon seeing them, even though they were cute and naive. This attitude in a long time led to the next big war.
People in the room just look at the man, he keeps saying: Cetra wanted people to create the love, not war again… All they did was set off other nations to hate them, and they kept battling over and over again. One day, the Cetra decided to solve the problem on their own. They, on behalf of Gaia, purged and punished all nations which opposed them, and the love…
The woman gives a breath, quickly claps her hand on her mouth to not let people know she is bursting with laughter. He seems to not pay attention to it and keeps sayings: …Although the Cetra had a shortcoming in technology so that a few high-tech nations, counting our nation in the past, could beat them in fighting, they weren’t alone when their allies could help them maintain control of the game. The war kept going until there was a time machine created by a man called Cid. The head office had a duty of conducting a black operation that trained a person capable of moving at any time and doing something illegal to turn the tables on them. Among numerous potential candidates, Cid chose a woman without family or name, and placed her under the name of «Jenova»…
“Ok, that’s enough. I won't listen to you anymore.” The guy gets up and walks up to the door.
“Sorry... Can you guys open this door for me?” The guy asks.
“No. We are in the secret room. Due to the highest security, the door won’t be opened by hand at the moment. We'll just wait until the door opens itself.” The woman explains.
“Right! So now we can talk with each other by our real name, can’t we?
“No! We've just met in two or three years, and caution is the parent of security.
“Fine! Just fine!” The guy raps out a reply, then goes at a quick pace towards his seat.
R asks the man: Why can you know all about this?
“I couldn't do it myself. The secretary has been so helpful to me based on her great relationship with the military. She and Doc and the General have the right to approach the top-secret information zone… Someone said history is written by Victor. Yeah! That's really a sort of absolute power. After Jenova was successfully entered into the time machine to do her mission, the people of Cetra vanished one by one. Even people from the other side could hear the screaming, the crying, and the shouting everywhere. That’s the way to end the war.
A lump filled the man’s throat for a while, then he continues: But it doesn’t mean the end game. The victors of the war held a party for the victory. They even stole a song from Cetra to complete their army music. When people still sunk in a drunken rampage during the party, suddenly a screaming echoed among them. It was from a girl who was kissing and loving a man… The man disappeared in front of her... but he still held her with his arms, wept many times “Help me… my love. Please help me!” And he gone, left his blood in her arms. After that, the people at the party vanished one by one. The screaming of the painful loss, the crying of the “Goodbye” saying, and the shouting of the anger was again. The following day, more than half of the planet's population had disappeared. Last but not least, everywhere started to appear many kinds of manuscripts, pictures and images of a very, very different history people have never known before. The rest of the planet has learned to accept it and started from scratch, even if what they accepted is nothing more than artificial. And now, we are here, only knowing about a world adjusted by some people in the past. On the flip side, we're just... puppets.
“STOP!” The guy shouts, “I need to take a break. This weird story makes me feel vomit. Mind if I open that Tivi? Don't tell me watching TV here is forbidden because of something like stupid security.
The woman: Ok. Actually, the door will open in fifteen minutes. But you can watch TV without a problem, though.
Yes! I would rather watch a comedy show than listen to that guy talk without ceasing.
There's a great magic show on TV. Watching the performance of talented artists on television, the guy laughs: I thought the government is now preventing people from approaching magic. This show is really against the law. But it’s good. Yeah… gotta meet that girl… a truly virginal innocence. I like it…
The woman talks to R while the guy is watching television with rapt attention: Boss, maybe our boy hasn't finished speaking. I also heard a rumor about a secret military area on the moon. Guess what? That area was built for a very, very long time. It served to evacuate people from the First Wave. Many years later, people returned to the planet and the area was abandoned until our government requisitioned it to do some kind of... experimentation. Oh! And a few were born there… They didn't seem like normal people... but extraterrestrial beings.
R: I've known him since he nearly blew us off on that mission. So, I just talked about my thinking, and it's not surprising that he told the whole story. I also knew about the Cetra, but only a little because they were got several mentions during the Dark Age. With a group of brave people at that time, the world has finally found peace and form. Then everything changed so much that they are all parts of a distant past, told for children when they are asleep. It's odd that sometimes I vaguely remember these stories that I may have heard at a young age, although I really don't know who my parent is.
The woman: Same for me. But I just don't understand why he would know all these things that we've never heard about. He’s the most mysterious person on our team so far. That’s why I reminded all of us to stay in touch without revealing our real names. And you have to pay attention to him, boss.
R says when looking at the man who is folding his arms and thinking hard, while the guy near him is making a loud rude laugh: I am thinking otherwise. He’s still naïve and seems harmless. He has never finished his job as a spy but helped us with the means of transportation. And one thing I don't know yet since I met him is where he comes from. From his symptom in the cabin, I guess where he used to live in the past was once under the pandemic that may have looked like Geostigma one…
The woman: Boss, you think too much like you used to. That pandemic was cured many years ago, even the subsequent Wave, and completely gone during the next period. This can't happen again. If he's infected, he and the children in the cabin will turn into monsters, no doubt. Anyway, I'll put your concern on the record for my next assignment.
The artists on the Tivi are performing magic that appears many kinds of flowers. All the kids there are really happy.
The woman: I should have taken my daughter to that show. She will proud of me…
R suddenly stands up: Wait! Is that…
All looked at the Tivi. The man: The flower of the dead sorcerer. All those flowers are changing to it. What’s the hell…?
All the artists integrate into one. Then a tall woman with black wings on her back appears in front of the kids. No one can see that woman well because a black magic shadow is covering her.
Her voice echoes around everywhere: Listen, all pitiable humans on the planet. Our ancient was sinful and now we have to pay for this. Your father, mother, grandparent, and great-grandparent are the sinners who had done one thing to become more than victors of history. They all became the Great above nature. The master race. One thing they had to do is killing only another race… My blood… of my people …on their hands. Now everything shall be changed. Their children must be heard about this… to know and suffer from the sin of their fathers. I... one of the last of the Cetra, will not cease until you are all under our vengeance. Blood will have blood. Every generation of you will be exchanged for every generation that has disappeared… Good night all of you… and remember it until your last tomorrow comes. Farewell, my little brother. You will never be missed.
After that mysterious woman disappeared, all people on the show and the four in the room feel shocked. The woman says: R, look!
R: It’s my daughter…
It seems that R's daughter is taking a flower from a public that joined the artists in the show before. Seeing the little girl feel scared of the mysterious woman’s speaking, he smiles at her and says: “Don’t worry. It’s just a circus act. I read it in the scenario and…” Suddenly, his sound is silenced. An agony passes through his veins. Then, he screams sorely while still holding the hand of R’s daughter. He takes his hand on his face, then puts it down right after he stops screaming. His face now:

Others in the show except their kids are all the same with that poor guy. The screaming is everywhere.
“Holy…!”, the man says, “What’s the hell is a black hole in his face?”
Everyone in the room jumps up from their chairs, except R because he has already stood beside the door.
“OPEN THE DOOR, NOW” His voice is loud as his daughter in the show.
“Stay calm, boss! The door will be unlocked in a minute.” The woman answers him, points to her watch.
R’s daughter is still being held by the faceless guy. Her scream makes R take the chair then beats it to the doorknob repeatedly.
“That guy is disappearing… impossible unless something has been changed in the past… The time machine…”, The man gets into a state of panic.
“Calm down, duh!”, The guy says, “If it’s true then all of us will be like him now.” But he takes his hands on his face to check out.
While R is beating the doorknob by his chair, the voice of the woman who is counting down seems slow as hell with him.
“5 seconds left, 4, 3, 2, 1…”
R storms out of the room right after the door opens. He runs against a guy passing outside the door. This guy says: Hey, man! Watch your ste…” R sees a gun caring in his belt, he grabs it, “HEY, give it back to me, heyyy…”
While this is happening, some guys look inside the secret room and say: Hey guys, I find this room interesting, let go inside.
The guy inside the room winks a secret signal at the woman. She got it and immediately grabs the man by the collar and moves him to a position, says: Come here, unknown boy.
Those men are arriving at the room. They see the guy and say: Why are you here and not let us know about this of your little secret thing. Dare to enjoy alone without us, and oh…oh…oh…”
They stop talking when seeing both the woman and the man are exchanging passionate kisses.
The guy points at the couple and says to the people: I'm busy. Wanna join us or what? Duhs!
The people make a gesture with the hand to say "no" while staying back: Sorry, boss… We really don’t know you are doing something like… Okay, we will leave now.
When people are already gone, the woman slowly drops her hands off the man's shoulder and speaks to him when he is stiff: Yeah. Better try it later but not for me, or I will beat you. Remember this, handsome boy!

Running down the corridor where many people are standing, R sees a man carrying a sword on his back. Looking at the gun carrying in the hand. He quickly takes the sword from the man without making attention. He keeps running while pulling up the hilt and attach the sword to the gun. Switch to a special function in the gun, the sword blazes. R immediately brandishes the sword, the blaze is shot to the wall and blows up. R jumps out from the hole on the wall and stabs the sword to the block of the house to low down the speed of his falling. After landing on the ground, several police cars appear to surround him when he prepares to keep running.
“Stay where you are”, a policeman warns.
A military car also appears, the secretary gets off and says loud: Everyone, please low the weapons now. Your daughter is secure. We got her with us. Noo, R…
R shoots the gun to a helmet of a policeman. He falls down but still ok. The policemen shoot against him but can’t make harm to R because he moves very fast. He shoots to helmets of policemen one by one.
The battle only stops when R’s wife appears. She confirms everything the secretary said and promises no more yelling at him. R holds her in his arms.
The sky comes down again.
The soundtrack here:
https://soundcloud.com/my-name-is-head-splitter%2Fhead-splitter-kyoto “The Great nation” soudtrack:
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Scene 11: This happens at a similar time
Cid is waiting for Doc on the top floor. It’s getting dark. A gentle melancholy takes possession of him. Holding a bullet in the hand, Cid remembers that day…

Chaos: Must… fight… do not stop… that order…
Cid’s wife: What should we do now? He can’t hold himself longer.
Cid: Be strong. It is nearly there.
A guy announces over the loudspeaker: Warning! The restricted area had trespassed. A prisoner and a doctor were missing. The two objects are very dangerous and have weapons in arms. They must not leave the army zone. All units go to positions and prepare to fight. All suspects who go in and out of the area will be shot or forced by summoned weapons immediately. That’s a command.
Cid gives an invisibility cloak to his wife. She puts it on and hugs Chaos. He also wears one and all of them move outside the camp.
“Hold…”, he puts up his arm to sign off on his wife. A group of soldiers is moving under their position. Wait until everything passes. Cid speaks low to his wife to keep moving. Chaos places his arm around the neck of Cid’s wife, and she holds his wrist. The three go to a vacant ground. The darkness is all around. Suddenly, Cid says: Stop where you are, now, don’t… move.
A crowded army is on its way to the three's location. With the use of the cloak of invisibility, all three can be totally invisible to them. They just need to keep away from any touches.
Inside the army, a group of summoned monsters is controlled by sorcerers and sorceresses walking beside armored vehicles. Some of them bellow fiercely. The entire army is passing through Cid and his family. When Cid is holding his breath, the wife does the same but slowly sits down with Chaos, makes her son feel calm, and shuts his mouth with her hand.
Chaos doesn’t stop struggling. She tries with all her best to ease him. All three are sweating profusely while the army keeps passing them one by one.
Suddenly, a monster stops directly next to the position of the wife of Cid. Its mouth approaches her face. Meanwhile, Chaos’s eyes are turning red.
Cid’s wife just closes her eyes. A Cetra man calls the monster by whistling. It opens the mouth, snaps around Chaos, then goes away.
Wait for the entire army to already leave, the three keep moving. Cid assists his wife in carrying their son when they are on the move. Several trucks are stationed along the road. Cid signs his family to jump in a truck covertly.
The trucks stop in a camp. The soldiers are about to inspect the entire trunks of trucks. The invisible coats on all three are lost energy. A soldier is getting close to the trunk where they hide and prepares to go inside.
Suddenly, he stops at the side of the trunk with a wry face. Another soldier asks him: Hey, what’s the problem there?
He answers: Nah, nothing. I have just done checking this and prepare to see another one. Anything there?
Nothing else. This one is all stale weapons… and food. I can't imagine if the Ancient survives on this stuff. Remember to regroup after you have done checking, okay?
Sure, sure. I will be back right away.
After the soldier is gone, a shadow jumps into the trunk and sits next to all three.
Cid: Cosmos…
Cosmos: Cid… what’s his status now?
Cid: He’s weak but will be fine soon. Thanks for help us timely.
Cosmos comes close to Chaos. Cid’s wife sets a finger on her lip. “Sh! He’s sleeping”, she says and smiles.
Cosmos talks to Cid quietly: I've been around for a while. There's another camp where these trucks will pass. But don’t worry. Everything will be in place by then.
Cid: You can’t use your magic, Cos. Lots of Cetras will be warned. They'd just overtaken us.
Cosmos: Guess I will follow the classic way. Infiltrate and control all of them one by one.
Then she leaves the truck.

The trucks are crossing the camp where Cosmos has infiltrated, one by one. She returns to the three, talks to Cid and his wife: We should get out of the truck right behind that hill. A bloody battle is unfolding nearby. From the camp tower, I could see multiple summoned flying monsters battling attack helicopters. I see nobody, even the Cetra, get near to the Rift near there. This’s our last chance.
Cid and the wife agree with her. Wait for the stream of trucks to slow down, the four quickly get out of the truck. Walking to the cave, Cosmos talks to Cid: It's said the Cetra always regards this mountain as a kind of underground world, and the cave is a port of hell. They shared a very strange story in their own words: a group of people in a village of their country, who led by a sorcerer and a sorceress, went through that cave and… gone. No one approaches it because many curious people for a long time have tried to discover the truth by entering it and... gone too. There is nothing left but their belongings. Cid, as a Goddess, I have to tell you these people, Cetra, can't hide their secret about the Rift anymore, especially their allies want something from them that was made by...you.

Cid's family hiding from the enemy (5:15)


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Cosmos is standing majestically by the mountainside. She helped Cid and his family climb the mountain with no exhaustion. Cid is finding the way to cure Chaos, while his wife is coming close to Cosmos to talk. The Goddess talks to her: Since I got a full right from a God, you can feel safe here at the moment… It is unfortunate this war leads all the religions of the planet to the end, so no country for Gods and Goddesses. Today, people are so scared that they really don't know what scares them. Some simply use religion as a propaganda tool, while others consider it a threat…
Cid’s wife: “O Rose thou art sick.” People are coming back here to worship you and everybody else.
Cosmos smiles and says: Worship leads to something a normal person cannot get but wishes to have. It is impossible for me and anyone else to help humanity attain a utopian society while they fight and hate each other repeatedly. They always say Gods and Goddess never feel a nightmare. But I have a nightmare every night, not that I'm about to fall completely on my mission, that I'm going to lose all my entire relative.
Cid’s wife: That's the way I see it, too. We have all their fears. “Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity”. Saying from a monk who follows faith in his heart. Keep in peace, just keep in peace in our mind. You will find that the human is the greatest factor of the universal. And you'll get along just fine.
Cosmos looks at Cid’s wife, says: Ah… We both know that man. “It is said that God has created man in his own image. But it may be that humankind has created God in the image of humankind.” That's what he said. It makes me always remember that I am a creation of humankind, an A.I of… yours and mine. There's only one thing I can feel peacefully during my duty. I love this planet. “To live in the present moment is a miracle. The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green Earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now.” This is a glorious thing he said to me in the void. You and me will help “the great nation” free itself from human hatred for that name.
Suddenly, Cid appears behind his wife. He asks her: What are you praying, my love?
Cid’s wife seems to wake up from sleep. She looks at her husband then Cosmos. The Goddess is looking at them and smiling.
Cid’s wife: Talk is my priestly duty. How’s about him now?
Cid: Sleep like a log, but he will be fine and will return to his position shortly after he awakens. You know, sometimes I can hear he said: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
Cid’s wife: Oh, darling. You should resolve all these things. Being a God has been never the right thing to do.
Cid: Tomorrow I will let all the Nations know about the truth. Cosmos, you better prepare yourself because I'm not sure people will hate you so much. The human being alone has the desire for an act of faith. Lost it, they will feel loosen in their life. That's what I'm talking about.
Cosmos: Don’t worry. There's something else besides human fear, like losing faith. It’s Time. If they know about my ability to control the time, they won’t get my throat as you think.
Cid: Yes, but Time is your body. “The tooth fairy teaches children they can sell body parts for money.” They were warned. And you are no longer a kid. We need to stop serving human beings and their... greater good.
Cosmos suddenly feels anger: No, Cid. We ALWAYS have a choice. And I will NOT content myself with seeing any holocaust in my fantasy world. I…I…
Cid’s wife feels scared: What’s she talking about? What’s wrong with her, Cid?
Cosmos is blinking her eyes endlessly: Need… stop them… heroes… no more sending… break… the order… protect the machine… have to sacrifice… yourself…
Look at the sky, Cid sees the cloud alter the color. He is terrifying, runs to Cosmos, and hugs her. “I am sorry”, he says loudly. “I really don't want this to happen. I swear. We will look to a different future, a journey to a new realm…”
Cosmos still speaks a lot of nonsense with her blinking eyes without end. Meanwhile, Cid's wife sees the shadows. She says loudly: STOP. Don’t come to us. You can’t hurt them. No, please…

This scene is not from Cid’s memory. It happens at the same time that the Cid family escapes and was included in the top-secret report.
Attention: To rewrite the history of the planet, certain top-secret files must be selected for erasure. Until then, please wait for potential results created by them in any timeline. Remember, their identification has been removed, and will be restored after missions were completed.
Record status: Wait for deletion.

Many people are moving on the road. They look very busy so they don't care about a man sitting on the curb. He waves an iron cup with his hand and watching the crowd cross him. Only a few of people put their money into his cup and left shortly before he says thanks. Beside him, there is another mendicant with an empty cup. He cannot speak a word because of his weakness. Away from them, a saleswoman is advertising something. “Please come here, anyone. We have plenty of new and excellent products here with special deals. Sir… Madam…, please!” Meanwhile, a man is sweeping around a shop door.
A group of vehicles travels along the path. They run slowly before stopping. A distant car door opening sounds and all people around mendicant guys stop right their way. They bow respectfully when a little girl is running to the mendicant who waved the cup. She wears a gas mask on her face. Standing near the mendicant, she puts a yellow coin and a flower in to his cup. He still lowers his head when she is looking at him with her amusement. Some people standing around watching the mendicant with jealousy, “Wow, with just that coin, he'll probably have a new life”, they mutter. Two burly men who stand behind the little girl are preparing to move. They also wear gas masks like her. “Time to go, princess. Please back to your car”, they say with their language right after coming to her. The little girl follows them. She turns her head back to see the mendicant for a moment, then goes straight. The vehicles continue to move away and people resume their activities. The mendicant holds his cup with two hands while sitting in his place and stops asking for money. Look like he is controlling his breath after meeting the little girl. The petals of the flower on the rim of his cup seem to spread aroma outside, while his eyes are opening and starting…

The Cetra little girl with a gas mask

When the vehicles have already left, the sweeping man stops his activity and closes the door of the shop. “Okay, those Cetra have gone. Time to ready, and move up”, he hisses through his lapel mics. The saleswoman places a sign on the counter to signal the closure, then takes a bag under the table and moves out. The sweeping man also left. An old man inside the shop, who looks like a boss, pops his head out and says loudly, “Hey! What are you going? Okay then… you are fired. Do you hear me?” The man keeps walking, saying nothing and even not turning around. He only points his finger at the sky to respond to the old man. After the man and the woman have moved to an alley together, the mendicant gets up and starts moving. He gives his cup to the other mendicant while walking fast and without saying a word. “Thank you, man. Thank you!” that mendicant just cries behind him.
All three move into the alley. Another man is pinning the notice back up on the wall. He turns around to see the people. “Nearly exposed, huh?”, he says. The woman puts the bag on the ground. “Okay, gear up, boys”, she says. After having equipped all the weapons and ghillie suits in the bag, the man who pasted the leaflet watches the mendicant. “You ready? Player 7”, he asks. The mendicant, or Player 7, looks at the man. “As always, Player 8”, he says. Player 8 only smiles. “I’m ready, too. And you, Player 9?” The woman asks the other while she is putting on the suit. “I will ask when we are moving on the way. Is that count to a ready or not, Player 10?”, he put the question back to the woman. She says nothing.
Their conversation during the movement:
Player 8: Okay, listen up. This is a private mission. We will not be recognized by our SeeD, nor by any Garden unit, even if our mission is eventually successful or not. During the implementation, we can use the magic of our weapons as usual, but not the Guardian Force because it will attract enemy fire. Remember, the Cetra is our temporary enemy now. Right after the mission is over, we will go back to them as an ally as before. Understood?
All say: Understood!
Player 8: Our target is… Cid of the Lufaine. A confidential but reliable source points out he refused to continue his plan, which is to use a half-human, half-robot type of thing, to control all people's religions in the world. Now he is about to reveal the whole project to the world tomorrow.
He stops speaking and puts up his hand to signify the others stay in their positions. A group of soldiers traverse nearby. After they have left, all four continue on moving.
Player 8: A few hours ago, Ornac's leaders attempted to convince Cid to reconsider, but as a result, they imprisoned him and his family for no reason. He escaped with his relative and on their way to the front, where the troops are blessed by Cosmos. We... cannot let him do it. If not, then tomorrow, there will be no more creed, no more meaning to life. Chaos shall be rampant.
Player 9: I hear those gods like Cosmos and Chaos are only a few Androids created by him. Is that true?
Player 8: They are only, not a few. Cid has cooperated on his project with the Cetra for a long time. It is said that he is now over a thousand years old. Do you believe that? With the Cetra’s capacity for natural magic and his knowledge of a very great sort like «time control», the project ultimately succeeded and really changed the war for the winner of The Centra.
Player 9: So The Centra has won. That’s good! And what are we concern about now?
Player 8: Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. Right after all the Centra nations had ratified the peace pact, the Cetra nation now became… ultra-nationalist. So does anybody here know anything more about the actual details of the Cid project?
Player 10: Me. Goddess Cosmos will choose several entities with intelligence or abilities exceeding normal human standards in all of history. And her “son”, Chaos will find out other entities considered as sources of the presence of war. The battle between two sides will be of significant benefit to the world today. But it is also a key to opening an Armageddon for the sole good end of Cetra.
Player 9: I understand. It'll be like purifying the Nation on the planet. So how many people are going to die because of this fight?
Player 8: Too many. Only the Cetra will be great again. Now we are all in over our head. After the fight has been finished, the entire planet will be reshaped… under their hand. They’re got Cid over a barrel from his two children. I am certain that he will do whatever he can to ensure their safety.
Silent all the time, Player 7 now asks: Tell me, boss. Why then must we continue to serve the great nation after all this? And why’s he?
Player 8 stops en route, everybody does the same. Glance down with a wry face for a while, he slowly raises his head then glares at Player 7 and says: Listen. I do not wish to take part in their… ideology, and the rest of the team as well. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Regrettably, “we” are just… them. These people are not even a nation, which has only emerged from special incubators during the doomsday and inherited a gene that predisposes them to be extraordinary humans. So they cannot sit in judgment to determine for the greater good of the entire planet. Now we have to turn our backs on them like the road to the Cold War 4,000 years ago? No. We're just giving them a message. Kill him is a message. Do you copy?
Player 7: I…
Player 8: Do you copy?
Player 7:… Yes. Let you know one thing, boss. After this done, I quit. And I will never return to the tomb of the prophet in the white SeeD. Mr. Leonhart is the only one got my service, not her.
Player 8 rigs up big branches of a tree with the help of Player 7. A secret stretch of road appears in front of them. When the team is entering the stretch, he goes on talking to Player 7: Fine. You say so you'll never be welcome on the team again. I and the others are going to continue, even if we've all been seen as traitors to the Cetra socialist cause.
At once the remaining words, Player 8 drops the branches, makes Player 7 hold them himself.
After Player 7 has regrouped to the team, they keep moving. Player 10 smiles when talking to him: I’m sorry. He was furious at not getting much sleep during last night. I guess it's because of Centra fireworks… We really do not want this to happen, all the more so since our object is the successor of the Garden. How’s your wife?
Player 7: She’s fine. We are looking forward to the birth of our first baby.
Player 10: I can see why you're stepping down. You have served the Gardens well during the war and always one of the best our master ever taught. I hope we can have a few beers when we see each other again, only if we all survive this mission.
Player 7: Thanks, mate. I remember the day the team was fun led by that pair. They eventually got the right end, but the world came to sh*t again until it was reset by another… legendary pair. Well, such is life, isn’t it?
Player 8: Ok, stop chit chat now. We're almost at a tower. Ready for your fight.
Player 9: Sorry, sir. We are all scare… we are preparing to defeat a man who created the Gods. It's too bad if it's written in the story.
Player 8: Stay cool, brother. Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. Stick together until everything’s done. Then, we shall return home. Player 7, you will get back to your family soon, I promise.
Player 7 nods his head to confirm. All four continue to advance rapidly towards their target. Sometimes Player 9 murmurs along the way: Funny… the world now no longer uses nukes… Something like meteorite takes its place… to attack the enemy more clearly and cleanly. The great nation has said so…, hm.

Having overcome a lot of difficult things on the way undetected, they finally arrive at the tower. On the top of the tower, Player 10 is mounting a sniper rifle. Player 9 organizes emergency evacuation cables for the team. Meanwhile, Player 8 talks to 7: You take a shot, I will guide you.
After seeing Player 9 raise his thumb, Player 8 orders to 10: Send it.
Player 10 takes a red pigeon in her bag and flies it. The pigeon disappears rapidly into the cloud. Then, an immense light blue circle flares up. Player 10 notices: Typhon is activated. Two minutes.
Player 9: What’s Typhon?
Player 7: A type of EMP. With that, Cosmos and Chaos will be out of their business within 2 minutes, resemble as another God was chopped off his nerves from hands and feet.
Player 9: Oh, wow. I hope they don't feel bad after a while.
Player 10: I also turned on the satellite recording functionality. As of this moment, everything they say will be recorded and listened to here.
Player 8: Good. Let’s get to work.
Player 9: Yes, sir, and last question. Who is Cid’s wife?
Player 10 replies, seems anger: Pythia. Her alias is Pythia. That all. What else? Hey, can you… can you stop asking stupid questions?
Player 9: Ok, sorry! Let's « go dance » now, everyone.

Cid’s wife: STOP. Don’t come to us. You can’t hurt them. No, please…
The shadows, or some people, step out from inside the tree trunks. They wear ancient attires and gas masks. A man, who looks like their captain, put off his gas mask and says: You should not escape there. We even sensed you as we passed that land. Cid, now listen to me. We have to talk… about one of your children, Jenova.

Soundtrack during SeeD team discussion on mission:


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The Cetra captain nodded his head to show Cosmos his respect: The Goddess of harmony. On behalf of everyone here and the Centra nations, I thank you very much for protecting us through many years. We are all ashamed to let this battle take place and to hurt the Mother once more…

Cosmos could not respond because she was turned off. Her eyes had stopped blinking and now opened. She was now like a great statue.

He turned to Cid and said: Doctor, before telling you about her I have to let you know something. We are under a declining population. The peace pact was erroneous in one thing. Our casualties did not originate primarily from the battlefield. Many of us have disappeared, and now, it is still going on all the time after the war. No one can explain it so we celebrated a ceremony in the Temple to ask Gaia, our great Mother, for the solution. And she said…

He frowned to avoid tears: She said we were on our way to an end. We felt shocked, but not to get angry at her verdict. Our greatest wizards had to cut their blood and sacrificed their youth to meet her longer and ask her some questions. We tried to save our time, and the only thing we wasted was their pain. As a result, her ultimate answer giving us amazing, because… it is clear as day. “Someone in our nation learned how to control the Time from the Great Mother and used it without permission…”. Indeed, this act is worse than Prometheus, who stole fire back from Zeus in a fennel stalk and restored it to humanity. Why? Because Fire is for human survival, but Time is for the human ruler. And our Mother, Gaia, alone is allowed to control Time. That sinner broke the taboo and now we have to pay for it…

Cid: You mentioned it from your religion, but I looked at it from a scientific perspective. The more time is broken, the more worlds will be created, and therefore the more people will lose their memories before dying because they do not naturally exist in those worlds. So Cosmos has to protect the Time to save all people in the world and even helps us find out the sinner you spoke about. But there was just one that could get close.

Cetra: It’s Jenova. She is an Android created by you, side by side with Chaos but she had a pact with Cosmos. In total, there will be four Androids to maintain the equilibrium of the universe. And she was intended to become the goddess of doom and fate…

Cid cut off him: She is not allowed to do that. Her strength is too strong, but unstable in spirit that cannot interact with humans and god in the world. I need more time to improve it, but I wasn't able to. Your ally wants everything done fast… Look at my son. See what you turned him into.

Cetra: We know Chaos is about becoming an evil god. He always appears as a villain in this kind of game. We all feel sympathetic to him. Cid, we're running out of time, so you have to come with us. We assist him to get out of the Centra's control, and you will receive our Great Mother’s tolerance, so that your project will be continued for the dream of a united and fantasy world, or generally… a Greater Good, as you said. We won’t concern about innocent deaths arising out of the Cycle War so there is no need to worry. In exchange, you must help us stop Jenova. Deal?

Cid: No. Why do you expect me to do this? She was sent back to the past to help all of you. That's what we agreed to first.

Cetra: She was sent back to kill all of us. That's what you didn’t notice. It’s not your fault at all, but your responsibility to resolve it.

Cid: I know her. She was a slow child, but very obedient.

Cetra: Nothing like you know, Doctor? Now is two, not just one. It's a creature that talked to Jenova in a way that “…Wipe out all people in that nation until their sinner appears in a timeline. Come to this timeline and do what you have to do. Then I shall re-establish the nation you destroyed”.

Cid: You can listen to it clearly or not. I still don't come with you.

Cetra captain came close to Cid, slowly said: “To make a paradise you have to pay with blood. History proves it”. You said that when you first met my men on the Moonbase. Lack of technological knowledge might be our issue, but we surely know that a robot will complete any mission by learning the history, something like “All warfare is based on deception…”, and won’t stop until it is done. So if you don’t help us, Cid, we have to force…

He stopped talking when he saw a reflected light through the eyes of Cid. He turned back right after the wind howled.

Scene 12: Friendly fire will not be tolerated.

“To make the Paradise you have to pay with blood…” Cetra's voice came from every Player's microphone.

Player 7: So much information we’ve never known before. Looks like Cetra will be the victim of the Circle War, a way of purifying nations.

Player 10: they will all die, as the man said.

Player 8 said nothing, Player 9 asks him: What should we do, boss?

Player 10 said nothing. Player 9 repeated his question. Player 10: Sh*t, I forgot, guys. Cosmos and Chaos will be awake in 5 seconds.

Player 8: Take a shot now, 7

Player 7: No, I can’t.

Player 10: 4 seconds left…

Player 8: What are you waiting for?

Player 7: There’s something wrong here, boss.


Player 8: It’s not about a sign. It's a cutoff between life and death.


Player 8: Think about all sorcerers done to your family, lieutenant.


Take a deep breath quickly, 7 took a shot.

The Cetra man turned back right after the wind howled. He raised his hand and a magic circle appeared as the bullet arrived.

Player 8 shouted: What are you doing, 7?

Player 7 said nothing.

Player 10 watched through the binoculars, stammered: You… got the wife?!

The bullet hit the magic circle and veered off at Cid's wife. She fell down to her knees.

Both Cosmos and Chaos awoke. Seeing his mother dying, Chaos went mad.

The Cetra man ordered to his people who were about ready to fight: Everyone holding the positions. Cid, STOP! Tell me where she is…

He stopped talking immediately and looked down. Something which looks like a sword came out of his stomach. Chaos had taken him from the back.

Chaos: You… first!

“NO, BROTHER!”, one woman of the Cetra’s people screamed. Then, all of them rushed into Chaos. A stream of blood flowed out of the Cetra man’s mouth. He still raised his hand to the Cid holding the wife.

Cosmos tried to stop the chaos everywhere. Every time she prevented Chaos from the mad, she was assaulted by him and the people of Cetra.

Player 8: Good! They will fight until they die. We have to back out now… Hey! What the hell are you…?!

A summoned creature controlled by another Cetra guy was flying right in front of them. He looked Player 7 straight in the eye. Player 7 pressed the trigger, but Player 8 quickly kicked the sniper rifle. The bullet grazed the Cetra guy’s cheek. His creature roared and went away. Player 8 angrily talked to 7: Killing some wild monsters makes your brain melt, huh? We all agree not to attack any Cetra on our way…

Player 10: LOOK!

The blast propagated from the position of Chaos and reached the tower. Player 8 shouted to all: EVERYONE OUT!

All of them ran to emergency evacuation cables and quickly evacuated. Players 9 and 10 jumped without incident, but the tower exploded before Players 7 and 8 could make it. Laying on the ground, Player 7 saw 8 to lay motionless. Player 10 came close to him and said quietly: You shouldn’t have gone for the head, Lieutenant.

Watch out! The Cetra is coming in.

What should we do, boss?

Player 8 stood up slowly, grasped his weapon, and said to all: Weapons free. Let get out of here.

The soundtrack during the battle between SeeD and Cetra:

… The Cetra captain still raised his hand to the Cid holding the wife.

Cid: Hold still, my love! I will take the bullet out of you by the magic. Just stay with me.

Cid’s wife touched her red hand to his cheek, said: Cid, listen to me…

Cid talked to his wife while using the magic: Please, no more talk. Did anyone ever tell you always say too much?

Cid's wife tried to smile. She said: Sure you will make that story come true after this. Right?

Cid held his wife under the bloody battle between Cosmos, Chaos, and Cetra people. Everything around him seemed to be in slow motion. Cid’s wife talked to Cid: “…Cid, my darling, don’t waste your energy to save my life. I want to talk to you one last word…” She grabbed Cid’s head close to her. A voice inside Cid when he was looking at the war in front of his eyes: “…Even if we transport all the bombs to the moon, the roots of war still there… work for peace is to uproot war from ourselves and from the hearts of men and women…” She looked straight into Cid’s eyes: “Promise me, Cid. No… more… works. Those people will completely lose their mind if their story turns out to be a deception. We both know…”.

Cid’s wife stopped immediately talking, her eyes looked down on the ground while her mouth still opened.

“No…”, Cid started to cry.


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“Nice bullet,” Doc suddenly appeared in front of Cid.

“Your man is late,” Cid said while putting the bullet back into his pocket.

“Don't worry, my men are always on time. One of them I told you before has just met some problem with the police. If she was late to stop him from taking down any of them, I guess our meeting will finish sooner than we expected… Well, speak of the devil! Hello, R. We were just talking about you,” Doc saw R was coming.

“ Nice meeting you, Doctor,” R said when looking at Cid.

“Just call me Cid. I no longer served in the army,” Cid said.

“Good for you... After that terrifying event, my wife didn’t want to hit me anymore because she felt that I have been enough for it from outside. She did nothing but hold me by her arms. If things aren’t going along nicely, there won’t be next time. Doc, I hope to hear anything good from you.”

“Luckily, we are still under control. Those terrorists have disappeared right after any soldiers came to stop them. How’s about your daughter?” Doc asked R.

“No good. My daughter isn't scared of everything that happened, but now she’s having a headache. Do you know what it means, Doc?”

Doc prepared to answer R. Cid said, “Okay. I am also worried about his girl. Why don’t we tell him about our last secret, Doc. ”?

“Yeah, that’s right. It's not worth it for my little girl to stand all this nightmare.”

Doc was silent for a while. He sighed and said, “… Your daughter’s headache comes from something changed in the past. In other words, if her brain is a computer, her memory is reprogrammed. We are all lucky because the people we love, such as R’s daughter here, haven’t been disappeared like those losing face guys whose brains have met a faulty program. That time machine really looks like software while those terrorists are truly hackers… My secretary lost her control at that time and I don’t know why. Now I have to leave to ask her about that. You can discuss more with him, Cid.”

When R was looking at Doc leaving, Cid stood behind him and suddenly asked, “I know a museum still opens in this curfew time. Would you like to join me now, Mr. R?”

Both of them went to the museum. Cid said, “This place was built after people have collected almost of information from the new historical line so far. It’s grateful that I am considered one of the architects of this thing, although I don’t actually understand all of them. Please, take a seat, Mr. R”, Cid pointed to a bench.

Both watched Jupiter in the background of the picture raising among planets.

“We will see the whole history in that picture. Before the war, my wife loved looking up in the sky and watching the stars. By seeing Jupiter’s movement, she said she could listen to orders of Creators in the universe. Drink something?” Cid showed a cup of tea which has a Moogle image on it while looking at the unhealed scar on R’s mouth. R raised his hand to refuse Cid’s invitation. Cid put the cup on the bench. Both went on watching the picture in front of them. Cid said, “Our dream is about a fantasy world, where people don't need to do something we may see popularly in the real world to be lived and survived. However, to be or not to be is always a human's reflection. Sometimes the brutality is the only choice to get the best life.”

“What do you mean?”

“Everybody has something mistake. I also had one in the past. My wife died without closing her eyes while my children went to an endless battle since their ideology and belief have deviated. Now I have nothing but a pact signed afterward, to save the last Cetra from one of them, Jenova. When watching her finally taken down with them… again, I hadn't cried myself, though my pain of losing the wife remained.”

Trying to get everything from Cid’s words, R said, “Jenova…I know that woman. You said she was one of your children. People rarely talk about her because she is only a one-piece in the whole picture of our long history… You said you met her last time in the past… I really don’t understand at all.”

“I used to be a father of four unbiogical and mischievous children. To stop them from going outside to do harm to anyone, my wife drew a circle on the lab floor and put all of them and others inside it. Those children would take their hands, stood in the circle, and sang a song, while two of them were in the middle to play cat and mouse. When the song was finished, the two started to their roles. Day by day, we saw them play this game in that small circle. They found this antique game of humanity very particularly attractive. We later knew why they loved the game because they could not find out the real ending of it, so they tried all their best to gain the result”

It seemed that Cid was trying not to cry. He then said, “One day, Jenova stopped playing the game. She saw a child who played a blind mouse in the middle of the circle and did nothing. When it was her turn, she only stood without moving and let everyone, who played the cat, caught her. Her brother, Chaos, was so angry that touched a sword to her throat, constantly ordered her to get back to the game. The rest of the children were scared away, their circle was thereby broken. Cosmos and my wife had together persuaded him of sparing her. And we also spared him afterward. But since then, Jenova had never been played with any children or her brother and sister. Next year, she was taken away by the Cetra to the moonbase. Before leaving, she let me know that she had finally found out the ending of the game at the time the circle was broken.”

Feeling so tired, R still tried to listen to Cid, “The Cetra wanted her ability of programming to process a mission. Actually, they believed that the life of every person operated as the line of codes that are embedded in a timeline. If a timeline is adjusted, some coded are adjusted too, means that the life of these people will disappear. However, the others still remain and lives will be kept. What’s a theory! So let assume that the time machine is software, then it should have a programmer to run it. And Jenova was the only one to choose because she was a Goddess… the Goddess of Fate.”

“So who is the developer of this software?”

“Me, and also a product of it,” Cid said with an impish smile. He went on, “Once every three months, Jenova received a note which showed a list of some people with their information. She had to calculate exactly who will be survived and who won’t after any of the timelines have been adjusted. Her results were sent immediately to the Centra Council. A long time later, when I got permission to visit her, there I saw many of Cetra soldiers equipped weapons, clothes in every period and talked in a wide range of different languages. A Cetra officer said that they were the best fighters in the war chosen to arrive at the machine. All of them put this one over their shoulders.

Cid took out a picture and gave it to R.


“Yeah, but…why does this one look like crying?”, R said.

“When I met Jenova, she was likely a joyful child again, came to hug me so tight. I could feel her tear on my collar. She really wanted to go back to the planet to know how my fantasy world has been completed. When I was persuading her that she should keep serving the Cetra on the moon, she was very disappointed. She didn’t like people there call her a robot, or an alien, while her sibs down there were respected by humans… After all, I had only given her a record player with a few songs she likes, hoped that she would feel more comfortable… After leaving her room, I inquired after the Cetra officer following me something. He said he was one of those fighters who had survived after the end of the war. He had a fiancée waiting in their home so he didn’t come with them. So he was very happy about it. Before saying goodbye to go back to the lab, I didn't forget to tell him that not let Jenova know about how people respected her more than other Gods. Actually, her results had helped many good people on the planet to live and also wiped out all of the devils. But I forgot one thing that he was feeling too happy to not pay attention to me at that time.

“I think you are thinking too much, sir. A Cetra won’t neglect of duty.”

“Well, my young friend”, Cid said, “Actually, I had come back to my home… after experiencing the loudest situation that I have ever seen in my life. And I had felt a part of me died after this.”

Cid touched his finger to R’s head, “May I?” he said. R agreed.

“The situation began when a Cetra woman went to Jenova’s room after I had left. And Jenova just killed her by… hugging. She escaped the room and… disappeared. My journey to go home was canceled immediately to solve the situation. Even using the magic, Cetra couldn’t find out her. But I knew she had turned into one of them, and stood among those fighters.”
Fight 1 (0:27-0:50):
The elevator opened again. A group of Cetra fighters led by a woman was entering. They joined the group led by a man standing around Jenova. After the door just closed, silence was surrounding the place. Then Jenova said, “Don’t think about it or I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way.”
“Sorry, we've heard that many times from our enemy…”, the woman said.
“And we’ve defeated many of their Gods”, the man said.

“Stop, stop, PLEASE…” the woman cried.
Her voice made Jenova balk at the moment. “I am sorry… we are so sorry for showing our irreverence. I can't breathe. Wait…” Kneeling directly on the ground, she put the gas mask off to show scars on both sides of her forehead and cheekbone. Due to fighting against Jenova, those scars were broken and bled. “Please spare me and my fianceé here”, she pointed to the man laying down on the ground, begged Jenova.
“Fine! You shall die... in ultimate”, Jenova smirked, then knocked the woman. Laying down in the opposite direction with the man, blood on the woman’s face spread out on the ground.
Fight 2:
Fight 3:
“Ok, enough…” R shouted at him. Cid stopped and kept saying, “…No one there, even those best Cetra fighters, could escape from her madness. I also couldn't help the Cetra officer when he was facing her. Her eyes looked like burning him and those poor people while using that old sword. The image I gave you, which describes him that time, stuck in my head for a very, very long time.”
Jenova vs Cetra officer (young lady vs old man):
“Well, since you said you created your fantasy world, I guess that you have built his death image… less brutal.”
“Hmm, interesting…” Cid looked at R’s eyes.
“Ok, let me continue your story. Jenova had left one man to live. You. Although I don’t know why…”
“Yes, because she gave me a message before letting me go.”
Cid showed that message on the picture, “I will complete your world for you, father.”
“But no…” Cid kept looking at R’s eyes, “I mean… before I and the rest of my family had agreed on a pact with Shinryu… then came to this new world... I felt something going on in the previous one… R, you also have a father, but left you before, right?”
Of course, R doesn’t understand what Cid said. “Look at the picture.”
In the picture, there was a group of soldiers chased by an army…
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Scene 13: GF is down.
Player 7: How’s your leg?

Player 8: It should be all right… next time. Anyway, thank you for your plan of separating us out. I hope our friends haven’t skirmished with Cetra yet.

Player 7: Something wrong here. I saw those Cetra stopped chasing us for a while. I don’t know why…

Player 8: Now we haven’t got any problems with it. Just temporary, trust me. Their ally is still chasing us on the way…

Player 8 turned the radio on showing a voice of a different language. He translated: … We are under the tremendous battle of the pantheon in the Rift. But our HQ on the moon is also under attack. Our men and women were attacked by a demi-goddess and most of them were infected by an old virus… They are being turned into monsters... We need an emergency now. All units should go back here… and regroup to stop the enemy immediately. We will resolve the problem outside the planet later… Wait! This time there’s an astonishing number of monsters… Are you sure? Those have never been crowded such like that…

Stop talking, P8 coughed sporadically, dropped the gun. P7 bent down to pick it up for him.

P8: Don't worry. I still cover you at any time. Just… put me over there. We need to array forces carefully to kill all the enemies. Remember, use your cloak during this time, avail your magic when someone spots you…

Gulping back, P7 tried to talk to P8: After you have done, draw the magic from their bodies for your store, but do not call GFs or the Cetra army will be called. The enemy coming really do not know how to use magic, but they have more people, and creatures as well. So, if you can, use the hand-to-hand combat weapon to deal with them when you are out of ammo. But if you can’t, try to find a way to save your bullets until the rest of us have come in with a Rag.

P7: That’s a good plan but lacked details. How about you? What if any dogs inside their creatures can smell your position?

P8: No dogs. I swear.

P7: I hate them. Why are you so sure about that?

P8: Calm down, man. I didn’t hear anything that they will use dogs. Maybe they don't like the way the Cetra make this animal become… pets. Maybe they’re afraid someone will use magic to attract their quadruped again. You should leave now, lieutenant… Ok, here they come. Get ready!

P8 woke up in a hospital where many people were working under high pressure. A TV near him broadcast: “…The total number of casualties was humongous after the impact of the meteoric weapon. Many governments try to keep carrying out the rescue work, regardless of the difficulty. Right now, more of the survivors found near the impact has been moved urgently to the hospitals and… Wait… We have just received the changed information. Several lunar monsters from the impact are spearing out at an accelerating rate, while the protecting shield was collapsed by the sudden and unknown disappearance of the Cetra nation. We are afraid it will be a worldwide crisis. The Centra has fallen. Manifestations, terrorisms, and demolitions are now everywhere… We highly recommend all of you should stay in your houses…”

The TV screen showed people shouting among bloodthirsty monsters in front of P8’s eyes. Then, a man appeared, screened the monitor off with his face. He looked straight to P8: “I am surprised you are the only one who was brought here… in one piece. I didn't know at all until getting two things so far: one, you are a soldier trained in magic, enough for making it to the hospital just in time and survived miraculously, and two…” He smiled, showed the cloak to P8: “…You are more than a soldier, right? Because I know only someone in the Garden got permission of using this thing. Did I miss anything, Lieutenant? Oh, sorry! May I ask you the first question: do you speak English?”

When he was asking, P8 looked at his name tag. It showed “Ardyn Izunia”

“I will consider your answer is yes.” Ardyn laid the P8’s cloak to his gurney. “Normally my men will act on my authority in some cases but in this case, I have to deal with it directly. Our King Iedolas is receiving many calls from not only his international friends but also his traditional enemies. They all want to negotiate. A noble and venerable nation has been… vaporized so that all people in the world deal with something inside a very big hole out there. However, it’s now to be doubted whether a mysterious, famous, and uninvited army called SeeD has caused this nightmare or not?"

P8 tried to remember that moment... Carrying on P7 back to the Ragnarok with the rest of the team. When all SeeD were flying in the air, a meteor came to their location.

P8 went into convulsions. Ardyn threw the cloak away. Put his hat on and kept looking at P8, he said: “Yeah, I know this feeling, the time when I lost everything…”

“Excuse me!”, a nurse came, removed the hat from his head, “This is the hospital, not the theater. Don't you see this man's pain?” Not let Ardyn explain, she took the cloak, pressed it on him then whistled for a robot to help her moving the gurney to the room. Ardyn did nothing but follow it with his eyes, while electricity flew through the cloak, made it completely damage.

Aranea Highwind came and asked him: “The meeting has been on right now. Sir, are you okay?” Throwing the cloak to the trashcan, he said: “Never mind, Captain. Do you see that guy? Just send some guys to take a look at him for me. If there’re anything troubles, let me know immediately.”

“Understood! You know that foreigner man before, don’t you?”

“No. But how’s funny I’m thinking that he’s relative to my trouble before.

“Sir… The King wants me to send you his message before you come to your meeting. Let's go somewhere to talk, here is not convenient.”

“No need to do that, Aranea. The people here are very busy helping the survivors so they won’t care about us, even I will stop anyone eavesdropping on our conversation with my power. You know. I’m too lazy to travel from one place to another with my foot.”

“Ok… The Cetra has dissolved since the clean nuke attacked our country. The dead number of innocent people is more than any other so this meteoric attack makes everyone feel angry. Therefore, our king has decided to invade Lucis, the last country of the Centra Union, once and for all after receiving much enthusiasm from the people. And your bargaining position between Nilfheim and Lucis ends now.”

“Thanks, Aranea. It’s great news. My failure is a true success for our king because he finally finds out a legitimate reason to conquer Lucis.”

“Ah! It’s about your plan.”

“Something problem? Captain.”

“With all due respect, sir. I have protected this country and its allies for a long time since the Centra Union took control of the whole planet. I also destroyed one of their HQs in Ornac to stop Chaos and Cosmos. Now our King is gonna take over all the territories which our enemy left by forcing? If so, I think the war will never come to an end.”

That’s simply called The Empire Strikes Back. Now King Iedolas and we, Nilfheim can replace the position of the Cetra as a great nation, not to mention that our magitek is much better. King Regis will therefore no longer keep all his lands. He’s even under a poor state of health after using the magic many times to help the Cetra. Soon the Crystal will belong to our king Iedolas. I can’t wait to get started. I’m gonna test its power by traveling to the ancient Egyptian civilization. So Aranea, have you ever known about this powerful magical artifact?”

“It’s a gift of the Gods given to mankind that we might know lasting prosperity...”

“…in controlling the stream of our history. It’s exactly the true power of this artifact Lunafreya has never talked to anyone, even with Noctis. I have to say she is very careful in her communication but makes people easy to be killed.”

“Whatever! You know what? I will leave the king’s army right after I’ve done with you. I cannot put up with all the dirty conspiracies in this game started from you, sir. It turns out that King Regis is the only leader in the world who wants to bring true peace to the people. And he even followed you to sign the pact with Nilfheim while the Centra was considering us one of their best enemies in the line. Now all people want to punish him for a thing he has never done before. While Iedolas turns out to be a man of ultranationalism…”

“Watch your mouth here, Ms. Highwind. People will come to attention quickly if someone speaks against their king behind his back. Remember that you still have one more work to do for me. We all are in the same boat with so there’s no way out and…Be careful, man!”

Ardyn shouted to a man who had just crossed and touched his shoulder. The man looked back and said: “Haven’t you know yet? Those monsters from the moon are now everywhere. Gods have left us… Better take care of yourself…”

“Ok! That is. I will go to prepare one of my favorites: hunting down all monsters in the world. Gods may have left us but I won’t,”

“There is a battle between the last soldiers of the Garden with Lunar monsters at a Centra embassy in Insomnia. Our army is also preparing to move right now to solve the problem, but you have to come to that location first… You know what to do?”

Aranea took drew the sword. A stream of light emanated from her made the crowd avoid touching. Then, she left the hospital without saying goodbye to Ardyn.

Laying in the bed, P8 had followed all their conversation outside the room by looking at their mouths only.

“…Good news, gentlemen. All of the best soldiers in our world are trying to stop Lunar monsters under the cover of the Magitek army. The result is now encouraging. That infantry did it well so the dead number of people is going down. The situation is now under control and I have to say the Cetra nation deserves to be gone forever.”

“And our King wants to conquer Lucis at this time. You are telling us this now, Mr. Izunia? King Regis of Lucis has sent his men to stop those monsters for our country and the others before the Magitek army could be approached. In all my respect, the action of our King is not gentle.

“I agree. Moreover, all of us are busy helping patients from both the meteoric and Lunar Cry… Didn’t you see that, Mr. Izunia? I think you ought to speak to the King and the Council about a matter that we cannot send anyone to the battlefield right now.”

When listening to people complaining, Ardyn just looked down at his knife and rotated its point on his finger. He said: “Gentlemen! The order of the King is very clear: all hospitals in Nilfheim, especially near the border, must send doctors to the battlefield immediately. Anyone who doesn’t obey will be executed. The war has returned. Same enemies but… different day. So, if you are still wondering about our great Emperor, I am afraid that the next place all of you come is not behind the back of our army but the dungeons under Gralea…”

When talking, Ardyn took a look at P8 in the casualty ward through the window who is convulsed with pain. Some of the nurses are trying to help him.

“I’m thinking you are threatening me, Mr. Izunia. We have a responsibility for saving people as much as we can. It’s the rule and no one, even the King, could break it. So, I and all of my colleagues here will not follow you, even when you will come back here with some people in the army.”

“In the tooth of orders, you guys still remain not to obey. Fine! If someone feels better to die than to live on with a bad reputation, just leave the room right now. I am waiting.”

After some of the doctors have left the room, one of the others who stayed in the room talked to Ardyn: “Mr. Izunia, let me be absolutely candid with you. We have received many reports on the big hole out there which you mentioned. All of them indicate that the meteorite was 100% launched from a military base in space. And I remember a record of a Cetra person living there that: monsters' behavior becomes abnormal when there are irregularities in the moon and the planet's gravitational forces, making them cluster at one spot on the moon, ready to fall to the planet. So, I guess the irregularity here is something happened in the base and caught the lost control which leads to the Lunar cry right now."

“Oh! I thought Cetra have finished dealing with that… natural disaster?”

That man moved to Ardyn. Sitting on edge of a table, he said: “Shooting a big weapon to a country where their army is staying. Doing that is not a way of SeeD or the whole Cetra. You think we are fools, don’t you?

Ardyn smiled, “So you are thinking all this nightmare was caused by us, Mr. Hospital Manager?” Then, he stood up and went to the door. Before leaving the room, Ardyn said without turning around, “A unit is on the way to take over this hospital soon. When the time comes, I hope all of you will at least have a break time, because Niflheim has no place for cowards. Good day, gentlemen.”

“What’s about you, Mr. Izunia? We all know you are the Hand of the King, but you used to be one of The Lucis, right?”

Ardyn glanced out of the window, saw that P8 was being injected by a nurse. He then turned to the manager and said, “Lucis is my enemy and always will be. Therefore, I’ve spent my long time creating strong and faithful Android soldiers like the magitek, and I believe this infantry will not stop their duty when the King finally gets the Crystal from them.”

“We cannot listen to you anymore, sir. You can go back to the King and do whatever. We will not change our minds. Oh! By the way, the King still keeps that game, the battle royale or something, to pick out the best super-soldiers for his own. Is that right, Mr. Izunia?”

A screaming cut from outside off the conversation. All people in the meeting room looked out the window. Ardyn Izunia saw P8 has disappeared.

“Someone helps him, please. He is committing suicide.”

Ardyn flung out of the room and checked some windows himself. He stuck out a window and looked to the right, then to the left. P8 was standing on the ledge near the window, looking down at some people below, pointing to him.

Ardyn smiled, pulled his hat down to keep it not blowing off in the wind. P8 slowly turned his face to see Ardyn. Not to pay any attention to people below, Ardyn showed his hand out, sign to P8 to jump off the ledge.

“What kind of person are you?!” People below shouted, “He’s too young to die. Save him, not let him stew.”

While people were clamoring, Ardyn talked to P8: “Don't worry. You are a super-soldier, right? Jumping down from here won’t make you be filled in the list of casualties today.”

“Yeah!” P8 talked to Ardyn, “It could have done in 15 minutes ago if an old woman hadn’t seen me and made the truck leave immediately.

“I know. From the room, I could see you were a headache. Maybe it affected your decision to jump.

“And why are you smiling?”

“Because it’s the second time I can see people only watch a man going to die. In the first time, the dead man was… me.”

“So, you have ever faced death, right?”

“Once. And then no longer since I stabbed my lover and my brother.”

“Okay then, I assume your brother really felt regret because of cheating you.”

“Actually, it wasn’t like what you are thinking of… After the last country of the Centra has been taken over by The Empire of Niflheim, the Cetra nation will be completely deleted from our history forever. Time’s up for them but not for us. So…why don’t you just calm down and talk to me about something when you are standing there?”

“I don’t know. You don't intend to invite me to go inside or something? Wanna scare me?”

The wind became stronger and stronger. Still looking at P8, Ardyn averted his eyes to the ground below, “No. Just take a look at the people there and you will understand the situation.”

P8 looked down. People below were talked to each other, some of them left quickly. An explosion appeared far from them. When P8 was looking at it, Ardyn continued to say, “Now it’s coming to the… another war. My young friend, the period you have served is going to end now.”

P8 turned his head to see Ardyn, said, “Someday you will have to pay for what you did. That’s how life is.”

Smiled for a while, Ardyn opened his eyes and looked at P8, said, “Do you know what people usually do when they are making a man has to face his death? Some of them will act like children, while the others just run away… After that explosion, I think you won’t get far from here.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll jump no matter what.”

“I see. Nothing can make a SeeD soldier fear even death. But I do know something more terrifying than death. Wanna try it in next time?”

Immediately the words had left Ardyn’s mouth, he felt a part of his energy was drawn quickly. P8 jumped down in the shock of people. He penetrated a tarp, fell down to the ground right after landing it. Staggered to his feet, P8 crossed to the crowd who daren’t touch him.

A guard came to Ardyn, “Sir, do you want us to take him down?”

“He can’t go far away, let him live another day. At least he hasn't our threat yet.” Ardyn then whispered himself, “Such a pity! I don’t have a chance to meet that guy anymore. Maybe in a different timeline, it could be.”

“How strange! Why did he know to use magic to jump like that? Is he a Cetra?”

“No”, Ardyn talked to the guard, “He has just recovered his gear in my break room to draw the energy from me. Oh, dear! That thing from the Cetra never gets old.”

After P8 had worn new clothes and shoes on the way, he approached his wife in another hospital. She was very surprised when seeing him. P8 just asked, “Where’s our son? He’s okay?”

“In that room and sleep. What’s happening, Ja…?”

Hardly she had spoken his name out, P8 quickly took his wife going with him. Carrying the sleeping baby on hand, the wife followed P8 to go out of the hospital.

Suddenly, a monster appeared and attacked the people near the hospital. Seeing P8’s family, it crazily rushed into them. A GF that was a Phoenix appeared and stopped the monster, P8 looked at his wife, “You…call it?!”

“You have given it to me before. Did you forget?”

P8 felt a headache again. The Phoenix was being wounded so it couldn't fly in temporary. P8 talked to his wife, “We have to move now, honey.”

“I know. I know.” His wife talked when trying to make the baby sleep again.

A group of soldiers stopped them on the way. P8 talked to them, “Sir, that monster has just attacked us. Thank God we have our creature here to protect…”

A captain came to them and said, “Stay back, citizens!”

P8 and his wife did what he said. The captain raised his arm and ordered, “Steady!” All his men immediately pointed their guns at Phoenix. P8 shouted, “What are you doing?” The captain talked to him, “In the name of the King, due to the coming war, all the GF creatures must be killed or captured.” He looked at the baby on the hand of P8’s wife, continued to say, “I won’t make any harm to you and your family, but you have to hand over it. Understood? Now stay back.” P8 turned to look at his wife and son. She began to cry. P8 sighed and said, “As you wish.” He ordered Phoenix low its head. The captain smiled, ordered his men low their weapons, and came to P8’s GF. When he started to put his hand to Phoenix’s head, suddenly a series of loading guns sounded. All men of the captain were pointing weapons to his place. He slowly turned his head and saw P8’s wife pointing a gun at him. “No.” She said, “You are the only one who has to stay back.” P8 was stunned by the action of his wife. She has hidden a gun inside the swaddling blanket. “What are you doing?” He tried to not shout at her. Not to look at him while pointing the gun to the captain, she said quietly, “Has someone told you that our son likes to suck a gun barrel instead of a pacifier yet?” Not pay attention to P8’s emotion, the captain talked to the wife, “Madam, I see you are putting your baby at risk. Won’t you exchange his life for that creature?” P8’s wife said loudly, “I won’t, but unfortunately, one of your men over there is hanging lots of GF cards on his necklace, so I think it is hardly possible you let us go.” The captain looked at P8’s wife for a long moment. Then, he raised his arm up again. Suddenly, P8 pointed his finger at the captain. The Phoenix raised its head and roared. All soldiers pointed weapons to Phoenix though their captain was stalling. While the soldiers were yelling by Niflheim language, P8 said quietly to the captain, “Tell your man to stand down, or they're gonna exchange their lives for you.” The captain thought for a while. Then, he moved his hand down. All his soldiers lowed their weapons. When P8 and his wife were stepped back slowly with Phoenix, suddenly the soldier with the GF card necklace came to the captain. P8 shouted at him to stay back. The soldier hesitated for a while, his hand holding the weapon was shivering. The captain asked him, “What’s wrong?” Unexpectedly, the soldier screamed out, “I WANT THAT BIRD!” All people and even Phoenix was provoked by his scream. The creature roared savagely, made him push back to other soldiers. Not wait for the captain’s order, other soldiers shot P8’s family instantly. Phoenix spread its wings to not let bullets penetrate. Behind the creature, P8 and his family quickly got on it. He shouted, “BACK! BACK!”

The captain screamed in the crossfire, “CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE! THERE’S A BABY HERE.” After being hit by several bullets, the Phoenix started to fly.
- The car in this video sample is the Phoenix when it was chased:

Although all had been safe, word of Ardyn repeated in P8’s head, “Some of them will act like children…”

All P8’s family was riding Phoenix in the air, P8 told his wife, “Give me your gun. You didn't load any bullets inside it, did you? It would make harm to our baby.”

“Don’t worry, I am not so crazy like that. Here…”

While loading the handgun magazine, P8 kept talking to his wife, “Darling, please go back to your home in Ornac. Keep the Phoenix to your own. There’s not safe here.”

“What about you?”

“I have to go to Lucis… The last of SeeD are fighting against the enemy in the embassy there.”

The wife seemed angry, “Wait! No… The meteorite attack means nothing to you, doesn’t it? You will die if you just keep fighting like that.”

“Darling, please! I need to do this not only for our son but also for our friends. Last time I made the wrong choice. All my brothers in arms died because of that. All of them… they are too young, and never even have a rightful family.”

The wife looked straight at P8’s eyes. She started to cry and said, “No, honey. We… actually have no choice. So, there’s no need to be chosen…”

P8’s wife fell after being hit. The Phoenix cried painfully, started losing consciousness, and went down. The strong wind spun Phoenix around like a spinning top. P8 tried all his best to hold his family tight. Right before the Phoenix fell to the sea, he got energy from the shock of losing his lover, and use the gear to make another magic. A thing that made him and the family not be impacted by dropping in the water.

R went back the reality, and so did Cid. Both of them looked at each other for a moment. Then, Cid slowly said, “You… were that kid. No way.”
R felt shocked as if Cid had just played with his brain. He quickly stood up and left without talking. Cid only said, “Be careful with your friends, Mr.R. They are all in a Cetra’s debt. That flower… is the key.”
R stopped walking for a while, he talked to Cid without turning around, "My father had brought up me... until he completely lost all memory due to the headache. Then he gone, never...come back."


Feb 28, 2021
Mako Points
Scene : No more remakes
That strange individual... could utilize the magic to access all of my memories inside my brain.
I understand. And I can assure you that he isn't a Cetra. Sorry if he has disturbed you in any way, but his genuine tale is far worse than yours. Several individuals think that he could connect the terrorists last night. As a result, we must look after him.
Wait, what? Why could you know all these things?
The secretary and I continue to run the government's intelligence network despite leaving the team years ago. My plan for all of us should now be carried out. First, we must announce each piece of information about the team to the community, one by one. It would be you and Cid.
Are you sure that we should associate with that guy? He might use his magic to cheat you someday.
After certain prior heroes and their enemies learned of Crystal's existence, he assists us in adjusting the timelines. To put it another way, he knows exactly what happened in the past, present, and future before someone used the stone's energy to go to the timeline and do anything they wanted. He, in particular, feels responsible for the deaths of his kin and attempts to the right his wrong so other people won't be suffered anymore.
I hope you don't hold him in such high regard. However, it is incredible that he could conceal his identity from the Shinra timeline. You know, people can sometimes uncover the truth if it comes from the past…
…but not if it comes from the future,” Doc took over from R, “It appears to be the most terrible of human inventions. Does it sound right, my young friend? Ok, I've discussed it with the council and Cid, and we've all agreed that the word Player will be used for all team members' code names.
Are you kidding, Doc?
R, I'm serious! Your father's tale was well-known to us all. The General thought it was the best, so he gave me this fucking idea. Sorry, but I'm afraid I won't help you because our time is almost over. My buddy, I know you have a heavy heart. Your father was someone I knew. I attempted several times to alleviate his excruciating headache but to no avail. I, too, felt bad when he went, as you know. I could not assist my closest buddy, but I only adopted you for him. Your father was a hero in his own right. He prepared you with the hopes that you would fight for a worthy cause and, in the end, live happily. I feel he is now in a better place. Even so, I'm sure he's still doing everything he can to protect it. However, in this place, you cease to fight and lose everything. So, what do you suppose he'll think if he stands there, staring at you and thinking you're lost?
R could say anything. Before entering his room, Doc gave a note to R, "I hope this makes you and your friends feel relaxed a little bit under the adverse situation."
Walking alone in the corridor, R read the note:
According to the attitude of team reunion in the club last night:
The woman who kissed the young man: Player 1
The man who is kissed: Player 2
The man who just watched this scene and shouted at other people: Player 3
The man who opened the reunion and tried to break the door at the end: R
The new guy who couldn’t come due to fighting in the elevator two days ago: Player 4
The secretary who missed the whole reunion in the club: Player 5
The other: Player 6
That’s insane. He doesn’t even put our real name into it… Wait, who is Player 6?
R heard some loud voices in another room.
… If you and that old detective guy hadn't shown here at this moment, we might have been able to find a way out of this world. Now those extinct people appear at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Everything is screwed up.
Brother, calm down. According to King Noctis' will, the Crystal of The Lucis would be put up in that location. Thus we must stick to our plan. We'll all go home in peace once we've finished our mission.
Home? Since the beginning of this conflict, we have had no place to call home. Don't you recall? You haven't prepared for something like this.
That magical stone is our only hope of returning home. However, we are going to be exposed in a big way. I can't believe you have the flower with you at all times. I'm not sure what you were hoping to get out of the prisoner before he died, but he's not the guy we're searching for. So be cautious next time, or we'll all end ourselves somewhere we don't belong...
The room door unexpectedly opened, and the man within turned to face R. "Now I'm Player 2, huh!" he exclaimed, sneering at the note in R's hand. He then walked away. When R entered the room, he noticed the secretary inside. She swung her head around to face him.
“Sorry, I didn’t know you would come,” she said.
R noticed that she was fighting back the tears. "I was only passing by," he explained, "I hope this isn't a problem for you."
“No matter, boss.” She smiled, “We've just talked about our surroundings. So far, we haven't had the opportunity to return to the areas where we formerly lived.
“There is a thing Doc gave me. Do you want to take a look at it?”
“Maybe later. As a secretary, I think I have already known it.”
Both of them were speechless. The secretary was still looking at R, so he talked to her, “Strange, I still don't remember where your countryside is,"
“Since the Third Wave, my place... has been gone for a very long time. That used to be one of many areas where the Lifestream passed through, but today it's a no-man land.”
“Let me guess, that place is called Midgard, is it correct?”
"You are correct," the secretary said with a smile. "People had just relocated, so the land became deserted. However, I am highly pleased that plans are being made to construct a museum to honor all of the nation's heroes right in there. It's all thanks for Cid."
I'm intrigued. Why have you never mentioned your countryside? We assumed that none of you had any ties to those ancient territories.
My ancestor was one of many who fled Midgard far years ago. My family... even though the new location was superior and we were all pleased for many generations until my time, my family... we have never forgotten our ancestors' homeland. It's because so many events took place there. Most of them are bizarre tales, including an enormous weapon that looks like a clean nuke falling to the land… I spent almost three years understanding all those stories from my mother when I was a child. You know? I've always had the impression that the narrative will never finish.
"That's great to hear. Since we were picked to be agents, all of our profiles have been blacked out," R explained. "Even now, we seldom ever discuss one other's families. But you're the first to tell me about your old home."
The secretary smiled again, “Thank you, boss. You remind me a lot of the main character in my ancient countryside.” She approached R and placed her hand on his scar, “Without your assistance, we would not have existed for such a long period. Perhaps the rest of the team may forget about you, but I will never forget about you. Boss, you… might be better than him.” R asked her, “Sorry…Who?” The secretary turned her eyes towards the note in R’s hand, whispered, “That’s him, Player 6.”
R was surprised by the knock. "Sorry, Madame," A soldier replied as he entered the room, "The General has requested me to inform you that he will not return in time. Therefore, you will have to wait... Is that you, Mr... R? Thank God! I've looked for you for a short while. The General is also eager to see you right away. Sir, do you take your time?"
"You better follow him," the secretary said, winking at R, "See you later!" She then exited the room.

R arrived at the General’s room.
“Come, Mr.R. Take a seat,” the General pointed to the chair in front of his table.
R sat on the chair and just looked at the General.
We will not talk about the work today. So, let make some chit-chat so we can… understand each other.
Around the General’s sitting, R could see a giant portrait of someone hanging on the wall. There are cups, wine, and medals put on a cabinet. But he only focused on a picture of some people on the General’s table.
“That’s my wife and our son, Mr. R,” the General smiled, “We are of the royal line. Wanna drink?”
The General poured R a drink of wine. R showed his hand up to refuse it. The General drank himself and kept talking, “I met my wife in the military institute and married her not long after that. Since then, her career has been as good as gold… What’s wrong, Mr.R?”
“Sorry, sir, I just don’t want to think of one more dead wife of someone else” R shook his head, frowning.
The General stared at R for a while, then he quickly smiled. R felt worried because he didn’t know whether he understood that attitude of the General or not. “No, No. My wife is still living well”, the General said, “You are meaning that, right?”
I don’t mean that, sir.
Ok… since our son was a pup, we have been chosen to be Crystal’s protectors. It was such a stressful job until our son reached adulthood and asked to give us a hand one day. I used to think that this military career was never for him. Still, you know, he… has an extreme obsession with most of the previous heroes on the planet, which gave him the courage to accomplish many tasks without any helps. Sometimes people wonder why I have never supported him though I am his father. But also, as a father, I do know that… becoming a time traveler is his true goal. He wishes to meet all of the courageous people in real life one day. And he wouldn’t hesitate to do everything terrible to get this desire.
Down a glass of wine again, the General smiled gently and said, “And that day came, he was chosen to back to the past to stop… a group of Cetra trying to defeat Jenova….”
R realized that the General was a little drunk, “…But that mission has never come true. Do you understand? We decided not to mention it in any of our meetings. My wife had personally spoken to the board to not interfere with the work of a monster Goddess. Hah! Anyway, we agreed that this game was too risky for our boy. But he never gave up. The fact that he doesn’t care about Mako, GF, Magitek, or anything but only one thing. It’s the Crystal. We can remake any stories of them from it. That is what our son always talks about that brilliant stone. His desire was so strong that we had to accept it. And my wife gave out an idea to ensure that he could go back in the end… Well, speak of the devil! Hello, Player 6. We were talking about you.”
R felt startled when someone came to attention loudly behind him. “Morning, sir,” Player 6 bowed respectfully. “Son, let me introduce you to one of our heroes here, Mr. R.” While the General was saying, Player 6 lowered the head to look at R. R only raised his eyes, saw that Player 6 smiling.
“…A long time ago, a very famous warrior of Cosmos helped my son a lot. Now he has been considered as an M.I.A, sacrificed for our Greater Good, so I hope you will continue to serve him as well.”
Although the General wasn't intentional, R could feel the word next mentioning something worse for him than that famous warrior of Cosmos.
“We were friends and colleagues, but for me, he is always my mentor,” Player 6 said while he slowly moved to his father and put his hat on the table. “After the project Dissidia was ended, I had tried to look for him through the timelines but no luck.” Pulling up a chair, Player 6 sat on it and kept talking, “Now, due to the seriousness of the situation, the project is going to be rebooted. Gentlemen, there are still many holes in the entire timeline, leading to the reappearance of the Cetra right here. Mr.R, you and your previous team will get the responsibility of protecting my men while we are preparing to travel back to the past.”
Felt surprised when Player 6 got straight to the point so fast, R worried, “Sorry, but I thought that we would not talk about the work right here, just… understand each other?”
“I have read about you and your whole team in top-secret. So, there is no need to be known each other. The only thing we will have to do is the training. I very much appreciate when starting it with you now.”
“What’s training?” R asked.
Before Player 6 answered the question, a soldier ran into the room and whispered something in the General’s ear. The General ordered, “All right, bring all of them to me here now.”
“Now? Sir?”
“Yes, NOW!”
The soldier left the room, then quickly came back with a wounded man and a couple of Androids.
“Sir…”, the wounded man croaked, “those robots attacked us in the training room.”
“You know it’s impossible, right?” The General asked the wounded soldier, “They are all programmed not to attack us in the battle, only the loyalty.”
“Sir. One of them defeated all of my men, so I had to train to give that robot a lesson. But when I was keeping it down on the ground, suddenly the other came to attack me.
“So that’s the reason you have some of that scars?”
“Yes, sir. The other men and I then constrained that mutineer one. But it and its partner still kept fighting us until I had to advise them not to stop to show mercy even if the enemy was down. As a result, they stopped themselves instantly. It indicated that they were reloading to learn the lesson. Sir, I think these robots are brilliant. Maybe they are the best we have right now.”
After listening to the wounded soldier, the General praised, “That’s pretty damn smart. Well done! So… you want me to forgive them after everything they have done to you, right?”
The wounded soldier said yes. The General asked him, “Did you know about how is not showing mercy on the battlefield?” The soldier answered, “Do not do anything good to be able to protect yourself in any situation, sir.” The General stood up and came to the robots. Player 6 intended to stand up, but his father made a sign to order him to stay in the seat. The General looked at one of the Androids, saw that an electric gun holding on its hand. He asked it while rolling his eyes at the other Android, “You care about your partner more than your boss, right?”
The robot spoke with a halt, “Sir. It's entirely my fault. He didn't take any action. Punish me.”
The General turned his head to see R and Player 6, then took the gun from the robot and pointed it at the Android. R, Player 6, and the wounded soldier hold their breath. The General looked at all people in the room, saw that Player 6 shook his head. He pointed the gun at the other robot and looked at his son again. Suddenly that robot said, “No. It's entirely my fault, not hers. Please just punish me.”
At this time, Player 6 did nothing. The General sighed, immediately pointed the weapon at the wounded soldier, and took a trigger.
When the wounded soldier was screaming because of hurting again, the General talked to the Android, “I thought about forgiving you until your partner said the word please in his sentence, which means he still feels about mercy under the challenging situation. From there, I saw that you had learned something your boss told me, but not your partner. So, I had to punish your boss because he lied to me about your partner’s intelligence of learning his lesson as he told me. Do you understand?”
The robot just kept silent. The General sighed again, said, “You know what? I would have forgiven you only if you had been able to answer me anything. GUYS!”
Some of the soldiers appeared, the General ordered them, “Fix them all, make sure they have been reset.” Before the soldiers followed the order, Player 6 talked to his father, “Sir. Don’t forget about our ethics department.” The General smiled, “Fine! Let do it gently.”
At that moment, R saw two soldiers pressing Androids down and taking their syringes out of the bags, while the other was getting the wounded man out of the room. The General talked to R in the private place, “Typically, the Android will cry like hell when we open their head to reset. Since the ethics department was established, we have processed a local anesthetic so the reset work will be less noisy. I didn’t feel any problem until the department talked about the restriction of something dress….”
R was irritated when seeing that the General was imitating Doc's speech. Player 6 cut off his father, “Sir, we must get down to work right now. I need to discuss something with Mr. R here privately.”
“That’s fine. Before you guys could leave, do me a favor?” The General took a smartphone out of his pocket, said, “Two heroes are standing with me now, and they will continue to serve this country well. Let me take a selfie on us to keep this moment forever.”
The General blacked out the scene of Androids then pressed the button to take a selfie. After that, Player 6 took R out of the room. Before leaving, R could still listen to those Androids trying to speak words of love to each other.

“Sorry about that. We have to do it for some benefits. No other choices.” Player 6 talked to R when they were moving on the corridor.
R came to a complete halt, looked to Player 6, and stated, “From your father, I could imagine that you have already worked for Cid of the Lufaine before. And he has just talked to me about his fantasy world. So tell me, it’s what a kind of... fantasy world should be, right?”
Player 6 looked to R and said, “Don't worry, Mr. R. No one knows from the outside, so this planet is still a fantasy world for them. You know what I mean, right?”
R began to feel repulsion. He just kept moving. Player 6 followed him and said, “We appear to be some kind of designers crafting fascinating worlds with a cast of amazing people. We are very unattractive in comparison to all of them. But it doesn't matter when our work is completed to a high standard. Mr. R, I am only one of the designers attempting to construct such a universe. I hope this makes sense.”
"I hope your job as a designer does not go to hell till I have what I want, Mr. Player 6." R said, “This is only one thing that makes sense to me.”
“I am confident that you will receive what you are due. After many of the events, our planet is practically complete. One more step to go. Those Cetra people from the sky, on the other hand, had descended from the sky and threatened to destroy everything. For me, they're just another variable in a long list of variables, arranged in the wrong order. It's only a matter of repairing it.”
“Whatever. You forgot to talk to me about where we should go next.”
“To the training room. There, you'll run into your buddies. I'm afraid I won't attend the party since I need to meet some pals. You'll come across a few that are intriguing. Have faith in me.”
Player 6’s pocket phone rang as he and R waited in the elevator. When taking the phone, Player 6 dropped a photograph on the ground. R could see a woman with blond hair in that photo, despite Player 6 picking it up swiftly. R suddenly remembered something he'd put in his pocket and reached inside it to investigate. Player 6 talked to him, “You know? Doc and I have previously experimented with how the following generation can keep all memories and the previous generation's abilities and talents. For example, if my father has a goal or a responsibility that he can't fulfill in his life, he may delegate it to me, and I will carry on his work under his direction stuck in my head. Sometimes a son or daughter may forget everything their parents have taught them and start a new life. However, with some codes hidden inside words, kids will never forget their parent's responsibility, beliefs, and character.
R knew that Player 6 was trying to deflect, but he only said, “Yeah. Good for you.” Player 6 continued to say, “When I got time in Shinra timeline, people in first time seemed to hate me so much except one woman. The group decided to send me to go back here, in this timeline. When I returned home, I was greeted warmly. Many ladies, including the secretary, surrounded me, but my heart was solely for her, the lady who never hated me. Now I'll get another chance to meet her. It's the most beautiful thing in my life, even though she may become enraged after seeing me for many years.”
“I assume that she will hug you so tight if seeing you again,” R consoled.
“Yeah, maybe. Time travelers’ existence is brief, but it is too complicated. We were all transported to every time many centuries ago. In medieval times, some of us become knights, while others become warlords, but not everyone serves just on the battlefield. Scientists, leaders, business people, and residents are everywhere in all periods. They have all constructed a Wonderland throughout the decades filled with fairies, witches, giant creatures, and... robots. Mr. R, do you believe we're simply troops doing our jobs? At the same time, we are heroes and beasts.”
“Hey, it just occurred to me. When you mentioned the secretary, I just met her in her room a few minutes earlier. She informed me that she would meet with your father. However, I believe she should join us right now because she is an essential member of my team.”
Player 6 raised his hand to gonna have to interrupt R. He said, “Cid of the Lufaine is commemorating Midgard hero city anniversary. A museum has been erected to honor all of the country's heroes and heroines. She is a V.I.P., as is the General. But, more significantly, we anticipate those Cetra will attend the celebration, so we are prepared to greet them with a large contingent of seasoned Androids."
“So, I'm hoping you didn't send all of the Androids to that nation since it may be a trap. Perhaps they will not come there, but instead here, to assault all of your troops and steal all of Crystal's secrets.”
“As a result, I will not be invited. Only idiots would consider assaulting or taking something from here, but nothing is impossible with those folks. Therefore, I was appointed to command the defense. My father and the rest of the country would rip them apart limb by limb if I confronted them and died. Mr. R, strangely enough, I believe you will do the same.”
“I'll do it only if you're a sincere buddy, which I haven't seen yet and probably never will. Besides, if you die due to defending all of us, I may consider retaliating for you.”
"You make me recall those guys in Shinra timeline...," Player 6 stated, his voice melancholy, “Okay, I'll remember what you said. I have to leave now. Best of luck with your training. I'll see you and your buddies later."

When R arrived at the training room, Player 1 waved at him, said, “Morning, boss. We were allowed to participate in this course.” Player 2 and 3 were seated in the corner, which R noticed. "I don't think it's just a course because we'll have to use firearms and swords," he told everyone. “Yep. Two popular weapons in all periods. How come I'm not surprised?" Player 3 made a statement.
An officer entered the room. R recognized him as the man that night. The officer looked at R, “Oh! You again.” Player 1 said, her lips twisted, " Uh – Oh, someone will get the problem."
The officer talked to everyone to begin the training, “Now, pay attention. Maybe you've heard of the Active X Battle, designed for a battling team of three or more people. This warfare system has existed in the past in many forms. After many conflicts and sacrifices, we are finally able to employ the AXB in any combat.…”
"You ordered to take my daughter away that night, right?!" R questioned abruptly.
The officer became preoccupied and continued to speak without paying attention to R, “… However, I feel that each of you can battle on your own without the assistance of the squad. It's vital if your team is split in the conflict; it's even better if you have increased autonomy. As a result, we've created a 3D battleground here. When we engage in this conflict, every one of us will demonstrate our abilities. So, how about it?”
After the officer finished his presentation, all his soldiers clapped their hands to congratulate him. But he didn't feel happy because R was looking at him.
“That’s good,” Player 3 smiled, “Then I'll go ahead.”
“No,” Player 1 stepped in, “I’ll go first.”
“Good.” The officer said, trying not to look into R’s eyes, “We’ll begin now. Do you want any weapons, lady?”
“Just give a bow and some arrows.”
“Are you sure? You'll be up against a lot of enemies.”
Player 1 looked into the officer, said nothing. The officer talked to his men, “Ok… give this lady here anything she wants.”
Player 1 took the weapons. Wore a 3D glass for the battleground, she turned to everyone, winked her eye, and said, “Gentlemen, locke and load!”
A soundtrack for Player 1 fighting
“Hmmm, I’ve seen better. Now we have to test someone’s skill with using summons. Who’s next.”
The officer looked at Player 2 stepping in. He laughed and said, “Oh! That man is so cute. What kind of battleground do you want to choose? Do you like the stone age? There has never been a time traveler who has gone to that time and returned. Wanna try?”
The officer’s man worried, “That test is just for the time agent, sir. It is unsuitable for someone like him.”
Player 2 said, “That’s ok. Just give me something you like to show.”
After Player 2 had accomplished the test, the officer was fed up, “Ok, that’s enough. To cope with all opponents, you can't only use your stealth. I want to see how you combat.”
“We seldom do the combat in every battle,” Player 3 said, putting his legs on the chair opposite, “We like to stab adversaries from behind so the task can be done swiftly and without any injury. A unit was attacked many years ago, and only one soldier survived. The enemy encircled him, and we were his last hope. Even though they were outnumbered, we could beat them by employing that method solely. So, I have to say it never gets old. Hehe!” Player 3 smiled while munching a package of chips. The officer took a step back. “What?” Player 3 asked him.
“That is a Stamp brand.” The officer was taken aback, “How did you get it? Where?”
“I've just returned to my former house to see how Mr. Cid's work panned out. This is a thing I stole from the museum. Why’s so serious, officer?”
“Where is exactly your former…? Okay, I'll have to inform the General. You're all shifty, like some criminals” The officer said sternly.
“Go ahead.” Player 3 smiled, “The secretary ordered me to go back there. Your General has accepted her. So, you may inquire about your guys first.”
“Ok. I see you don't need the training of the magic. Next…”
The officer looked at R. He then whispered to a soldier, “Do we need to keep on checking it? I see nothing problem.”
“Sir, The General wanted to check ‘em all, but I forgot not to tell you the secretary has confirmed that guy. So their captain is the only one left.”
The officer sighed, thought for a while then said, “Ok, we will go to the final test with you, Mr. R. The purpose of this exam is to see how you would employ a mech in combat. Pick one for yourself.”
“But sir, we only test for security positions," the soldier explained, "Mech isn't required." "Do everything I said, immediately," the officer attempted not to yell.
“Arm yourselves!” R slowly said, “You won't be able to hide inside that mech. I don't need a massive weapon to annihilate you.”
“Are you sure?” The officer smiled, “Ok then bring me the Warrior of Light mech version."
"Are you sure, sir? That's too much for a test." The soldier worried.
"We will fight against the magic enemy outside, so this test is suitable with a security man like him." The officer explained.
"Yes sir."
"With this mech, I can use a lot of summons." The officer rubbed his hands, laughed at R, "Because you refused to use a mech, you are dead man, Mr. R, just like your father.”
The fight looks like this:

After completing the fighting test, R still hit constantly the officer's face behind the wrecked mech. The officer sobbed uncontrollably. R slowly rose, breathed deeply, glanced about at everyone staring open-eyed at him, and remarked once the mech was completely down, "No one knows from the outside, huh?".
"Woo-hoo!" Player 3 screamed, tossed the packet into the air, "It's the longest fighting I've ever seen."
"Pay attention!" a loudspeaker in the room sound, "Following the training period, all teams should immediately come to the conference room. Our commander is waiting for you inside. That’s an order." R and his team prepared to leave the room while the officer was helped by his soldiers. "Hey, boss, you put up a great fight." Player 1 beaming brightly and remarked this as she was going along with R. “Thank. All I did was teach him a lesson." R said. "I felt very at ease during this training," Player 1 talked to R while skipping joyfully, "I haven't felt like that in a long time. I have nightmares of a lovely man coming up to me and killing me with his sword in fair combat." R comforted her. "With your talent on display in the training, I'm confident that no guy will be able to overcome you." Player 1 said, "Yeah, but... you know?! I fantasized about dying under a lovely and heroic man in any event. Now I was out of the battle and had a child to look after so I should forget about everything and start over."

In the room, R could see Player 6 standing on the stage. A bunch of troops sat underneath him. "Good morning, gentlemen! Let me introduce you to some of the men here," Player 6 added. "Ramza and Ace, two members of the time-traveling team are seated here. Guys, this is Mr. R and his security crew people. Remember that R, like the rest of the crew, isn't his real name."
Player 6 talked to R, "I heard you just defeated the mech known as the Warrior of Light. Congratulations, mate. My memories of our heroic soldier inspired that mech. I'll have to double-check it next time."
Player 6 then invited R and the Player team to take their seats. The time-traveler team, especially Ramza and Ace, looked at them with an indifference.
“Ok, everyone. Listen up…” Player 6 was speaking when a guy rushed into the room. "I'm sorry, I'm late,” He apologized. “Oh, Player 4!” Player 6 asked him, “Haven’t you overcome the training yet?” Player 4 said as he searched for his seat, “No, I don’t need to do that because the officer was down. I mean, he is still alive, just like a dead man. Doc told me to come here first. He will talk to the General later.”
"Hey, dude, you're in the wrong seat," Ace yelled at Player 4" "Sorry, I'm searching for Mr. R and his friends... Ah! I've found him!" Player 4 apologized to Ace then pulled his chair closer to R.
Player 6 scanned the line of people in the room once again, then he continued to his presentation, “Ahem… Ok, uh, everyone listens up. Like all you know, the reappearance of the Cetra has upset our life. As one of a few people who took part in the Dissidia project, I can be sure that this is a problem of the gaps in the time. Although we don’t know how those people could go at this timeline, we need to fix all the holes as soon as possible. The project will reopen in the next few days, and I am very honored to come back as the leader of a time traveler’s team. However, the team’s work will not be successful if our enemy attacks again. Therefore, it is a pleasure to introduce the security team to this meeting. So far, we can track our enemy's course, which leads to a feasible hole. Mr. Cid has long researched some natural creatures to find unusual points in every timeline. Whisper, known as the keeper of fate, is one of them. Its changeable activities indicate a genuine problem at that time, which means that… someone could have learned how to use the energy of the Crystal to travel to different timelines during the age of Shinra. Find that person and shut down the portal at all costs. I don't care our target is being killed or not. The return of a whole origin timeline is a top priority. Any questions?
“Yes, I have.” Player 3 raised his hand. All people in the room turned to look at him. “Yes,” Player 6 asked Player 3 gently. “What is exactly our job here? I mean…the Player team”, Player 3 asked.
Player 6 said, “I told you. You and the other team members only do the security so we could travel back to the past safety.”
“Uh-huh!” Player 3 smirked, “So why don't you put another name for our team? Like the soccer securities or something?”
Ramza and Ace tried not to laugh. "I can see all of you have perfect names," Player 6 explained, “Because renaming is a pain, we only selected the Player because we couldn't think of anything else.”
I see your point. So, do you consider all of us to be characters in a video game?
Sorry, I don’t mean…
Our task appears to be unlike anything I've seen in a video game. All it takes is one blunder to make everything worse. Mr. Player 6, I believe you are underestimating us.
No. I believe you've done an outstanding job for our country. This journey will take your entire life, only require a sacrifice. You will say your goodbyes to all of your relatives and friends to travel to a place and period you have never been to before. However, I am confident that we will all return home after completing the quest. All you have to do is imagine this mission as a video game that has been rebuilt, and we must return it to the beginning.
You're mistaken. Some lovely characters must eventually fall to hell, even in video games. I don't think I like it.
Nothing to worry about the death if you dare to overcome it. Even go to paradise or fall to hell; there is no most horrifying end.
No end is more horrifying to me than witnessing my death, Mr. Player 6.
“Well! Someone will feel afraid if they watch their dying or death," Ramza remarked. “Is that your point of view?"
Hey! You'll never be half the guy I was. Therefore, you'll never be able to comprehend those words. Keep your mouth shut and go home, faggot.
Ramza became enraged and leaped to his feet, shouting at Player 3, "I am not a faggot." You also have no right to speak to me in that manner.
So scared! Why was it decided that a babyface like you would be the one to do something for the greater good? I'm pretty disappointed.
Hah! That's funny. Do you wanna fight? Let's walk outdoors when this is over and see who's the best.
When Ramza and Player 3 were readying themselves as though they would swallow one other's life, Player 1 whispered in R’s ear, "I believe this will be the fastest meeting we've ever attended. Instead of pondering how to save the world or whatever, as heroes did in the past, they are just concerned with dying."
“Yeah, it's because they sense something isn't quite right with the General's strategy.”
Player 1 smiled and nodded her head. "Please calm down, my fellas," Player 6 pleaded, raising his hands, “It's believed that we all have a reason for being here. There's nothing for any differentiation. We were divided into groups, and if we all worked together in harmony, I am confident that the planet will be rescued...”
Player 6 stopped talking when seeing a hand of someone rising from the group. “Yes,” he thrust his chin up to that man.
All the faces looked at Player 2, the man who had just raised his hand. He looked nervous.
“Sorry, I dunno if… we all have permission to approach the time machine, or only your team will do that?”
“I understand. Do you want to see it with your own eyes?”
“No, I mean we can protect each other when we are all in close. The enemy can attack us everywhere, even outside the planet. I'm gonna recommend cautious optimism.”
Player 5 slightly smiled, “I can see you are not good, young man. When was the last time you slept?”
When Player 2 noticed that Player 6 seemed to neglect him, he was displeased. He was going to say anything when Player 1 gave him a sidelong glance and shook her head, so he remained mute.
"Before King Noctis passed away, a few people, including Cid, Doc, Mr. and Mrs. General, were beside him to listen to his last words," Player 6 said, "I have the authorization to discuss those terms because of the complicated situation right now. Only the chosen ones can use the Crystal appropriately and wisely to take the time.”
Except for R, Ace, and Ramza, people in the room gazed open-eyed at each other.
“Sadly, some people that were chosen here are now our adversaries. The Sorceress War is the first event after Shinra's age. If we don't act quickly, some people of that period would surely face serious difficulties.”
"What exactly do you mean?" The War of the Sorceresses? Isn't that why he's been invited to join us?" A time traveler pointed to R. But when he saw R staring, he instantly turned his head back.
“Only people in this room knew about his father. I hope that his experience in the battle and SeeD blood inside him will help us complete the mission well.”
Player 4, who had been eerily quiet, abruptly asked R, "Permit me?" R curtly answered, tilted his head, and shoved his chin up to that man, “Yes?”
"I'm astonished by your father's narrative; does that imply you're the SeeD team's final warrior?"
"Nope. Honestly, my father despised magic and never taught me anything about it. So, I'm not the man you're picturing."
"Many years ago, I used to practice SeeD technical and was well-versed in the magic knowledge though I can't use it." We'd make a terrific team, so may I invite you to join the other time-travelers and me? If you agree, we'll make the transition right away. Don't worry about the General; I'll first speak with Doc."
Seeing Player 6 was beaming, R asked Player 4, “Sorry, I assumed you'd pair up with us?”
“I've changed my opinion. But if you agree to accompany me, I will return.”
“A yes-man with everyone!” R thought about Player 4 in his mind. He then answered, “Thanks. But I feel I am too old for this journey. I only want to take a job, get some money, and return to my family.” Player 4 smiled and nodded softly before turning his head, but R detected a hint of sadness on his face.
An atmosphere of tension fills the room. Player 6 realized that no one had asked him questions, he concluded his presentation by saying, "OK. I believe we will proceed to the next stage. Listen up, the time-traveling crew. We'll have a conclave, and the rest... stay here till we're finished."
Ace, Ramza, and the others followed Player 6 to another room.
After an hour, R and the rest of the individuals in the conference room were irritated. Because the chamber had shut all the waves, they couldn't utilize equipment to communicate with the outside world. R noticed Player 2 sitting on the ground, exhausted and silent, so he inquired that young man about the secretary. Player 2 shook his head, indicating that he had no idea where she was.
“Hey! Have you heard of King Noctis and his companion's adventure? I just heard that even though he was about to pass death, he still refused to utilize the Crystal to travel back in time to save his fiancée," Player 3 said to the others in the room.
“Yeah, I know.” Player 1 responded, “After defeating Izunia and restoring the Crystal, he only focused on rebuilding the country and not marrying anyone, never talking about that magic stone anymore. I think that he certainly knows about the consequence of using it.”
"Such a typical leader! Why does the Ornac here have one stone as well?"
"It's because some individuals in this nation found the Rift, even though the mountain was thought to have vanished long ago following a big explosion. Surprisingly, most of the Crystal stone was still intact; it may be used to provide security to any country, not only Lucis. However, there is a tale that Noctis had a flashback of going to a timeline as a youth with the power of Crystal, and that this recollection ties with a Goddess in here..."
When Player 1 talked, R looked at Player 4 reading a document on Ramza’s table. He came close to that man. Suddenly, Player 4 took a photo from the record and asked R, “Do you know some guys around him?” R saw Player 6 in the picture, replied, “Maybe yes…”
Player 3 suddenly appeared in front of them and stole the image from Player 4. Player 4 was amazed by this move. "Hey, I know them," Player 3 remarked, “They are Shinra's initial leaders. My goodness! How did that man get in there?"
"Player 6 informed me that he and a party traveled back to hunt down the Cetras who had just defeated Jenova. While the rest of the gang decided to stay there to create the Shinra, he only had a few opportunities before returning home.”
“Really? No one in that time could know about their secret. I can tell those spies are better than any of us in this room.”
"But maybe they have never touched to the Cetras since then," Player 2, who had been highly silent, stated as he approached, "To destroy those guys, the Shinra attempted to produce a slew of super troops and animals and conduct Cetra experiments. Nonetheless, the organization evolved into an industrial corporation, and then all tests were conducted solely to make money.”
Player 1 came close to Player 2 and interrupted urgently, "I think all people in this room, even the gentleman here, had known about some special secrets of that time. We also knew about the secret family of R, so yes, maybe you want to talk to us about yourself now?" She asked Player 4.
Player 4 leaned at the table's edge, his arms folded. Despite the table's modest size and instability, he could sit without shattering it. Then he said, "I used to be a detective before Doc came and invited me to the team. First time, I refused him because he wanted me to become a time traveler, like Player 6, but I hadn’t felt willing to be a big hero yet. However, when a few mobs attacked me in the elevator, something was wrong. One of them had been controlled by someone. He only saw me fighting back the others until he suddenly joined the fight. His move was utterly better than the rest of the mobs, but luckily for me, his physical strength wasn’t good, so I could still defeat him.”
R asked, “I have seen it before. You still killed that poor man after leaving the fight?”
"Well, I had no option except to make him unconscious so he might return to reality. Using the health meter system on my watch, I avoided murdering him. Mr. R, I thought you did it the same way before?"
“Yeah, some guys have been disabled due to my presence. But, because of my family, I didn't have other choices.”
"Well, we're up against the ancients, who are a renowned opponent. Perhaps this planet will be in a far greater crisis than it is now, as it was many years ago. All I can hope for now is that no one ruins anything up. You guys understand me?”
Player 2 was searching for something on Player 6’s table. asked Player 4, “Sorry, do you know about him?”
“Who?” Player 4 said.
"Come on, you know what I mean, "Player 2 answered while opening a laptop on Player 6’s table, "The man who came back to here from the past and became a hero, and now just… Player 6.”
"I am a new guy, like all of you. But hey! I thought he had said something about the Dissidia project, right?" Player 4 was perplexed.
"Obviously, there's something he hasn't told us about yet. I am finding them now… Ah, got it." Player 2 had just unlocked a file on the laptop and opened it. All came to the laptop to watch it.
“Hey, is that Rinoa?” Player 1 said, “Why is she holding a trumpet? Ah, I see. It’s him.” She pointed to Squall.
After watching the scene, Player 3 laughed, “She’s good, huh? I think she will get a terrific job in art instead of a warrior.”
“I can see why he was so devoted to her. A lady can melt a man's frigid heart.” Player 2 said,
“Ok, we don’t have much time. Hey, take a look at that file.” R said.
Player 2 opened it. In the video, a group approached a huge man in the rain. He was kneeling on the ground, his head down, and he appeared to be gravely injured. Behind him, there were dead bodies. The group stood in front of him. A young man came out of them. He is identified as Player 6.
“You… have defeated that A. I monster. But you also killed one man of us. A good man. So your time comes. You have to pay for it, sorceress.”
Slowly, the man raised his head. "I am a sorcerer, fool! And you will never be higher than me. Do you hear me, all of you, rabbles!" she remarked in a threatening tone as she gazed at Player 6. As she was too big, even she was kneeling. Player 6 just stood there, said nothing. "All the Weapons have been shut down. No one can save that man. Let your father be proud of you, son," another guy added as he approached Player 6, handing him a revolver. "Looks like your pals have completely abandoned you," Player 6 said as he took the weapon and glanced at the sorcerer. “Shut up and do your work, little boy,” the sorcerer talked to Player 6.
Player 6 dropped his head carefully as though respecting the woman, said quietly, “A sorceress will always be a sorceress,” Then, he quickly lifted his head, aimed the gun towards the sorcerer's forehead, and pulled the trigger. A stream of blood entirely covered the sorcerer’s hair when he fell. Other blood from the dead bodies appeared to find its way to him as well. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit the ground between Player 6 and the dead body of the sorcerer. All the corpses fell to the underground.
“Oh, man.” Player 1 put her hand over my mouth, “He really did that? Hunting down a Cetra guy in cold blood.”
I guess that's how a hero is born in this country. He has never talked about that to you, right, Mr. R?” Player 4 said.
“Hey, I just saw something. Replay the video, 2,” R he talked to Player 2.
The camera zoomed in on Player 6, who was holding the gun. On the gun's surface, R noticed a drawing. He took an old piece of paper in his pocket showing the same picture on the weapon of Player 6. “My father drew it day by day when he got a headache. He told me it was from the bullet inside my mother,” R talked to everyone in the room. When people around him were gazing open-eyed at each other, suddenly the door in the private room opened. “Quick! Shut down the laptop. Everyone goes back… Too late. He’s already here,” Player 1 tried to say quietly.
Player 6, Ramza, Ace, and others saw that R and his team were standing behind his laptop. He cocked his head to see the computer, asked, “What are you guys doing?” Player 1 replied, “Nope, we are talking together, is that right, boss, boss?” She saw that R was grazing at Player 6, bailed his fists. “Boss, not now. No fighting in the War Room. Remember that? Just say something clever.” She whispered to R. Player 3 also whispered to him, “It’s so cool. I will gonna take him down and that yellow-hair boy as well. Want to join me, boss?” Ramza suddenly shouted, “Stop mumbling, answer the question.” Player 2 mumbled to the team, “No. Think about the whole army behind that man.” Player 4 said nothing but smile. Ramza said, “Fine! If you guys want this, we will accept it,” then he made a fighting form. Ace and the other, except Player 6, followed him. On the other side, the Player team but R also went to the defense. “Yeah… we just talk about you. Is it all right?” R asked Player 6. “Sorry.” Ace said, “It seems not a correct answer.” And Player 6’s team prepared to attack R’s team. But Player 6 raised his arm to order them to stop. He said to R, “It's great that you guys are still interested in my presentation despite having to wait so long. Dismiss!” Ramza, Ace, and other people just looked at each other, seemed not to understand the order of Player 6. He turned to them and said quietly, “Remember what I talked you—no more remakes. Get yourself prepared. See you later. Good night and… good luck.” After all of the time traveler’s team had left, R asked Player 6, “What about us?” Player 6 nodded his head and stepped aside. When everyone had left the room except R, Player 6 put his hand on R's shoulder and said, "There's something you still don't know. I hope you will reconsider, and I will explain everything to you." R said to Player 6 before exiting the room, "I just hope next time we will receive the final finish for all of this." After that, only Player 6 remained in the room, his gaze fixed on the laptop on his table.


Feb 28, 2021
Mako Points
A menu theme for the moonbase, where Jenova begins its mission. The melody of her OST can be remade to a rock style.