What are you going to do if you create a stage in Final Fantasy?

“Please stand back, everyone,” a WRO soldier said.
“My family is in there. I need to go inside,” R came and talked to him.
“No, it’s too dangerous, sir,” the soldier replied, “Don’t worry. We will take care of it.”
“That’s okay. We’re soldiers too,” P1 stepped on and said, “Here is my diplomatic plate.”
“Right. But it would be best if you stayed back,” the soldier said, “We have a bomb squad. They will come here in 5 minutes.”
“5 minutes?” R shouted, “That extinct guy with his bomb has already been in the Church for a moment. We have no time anymore.”
The soldier intended to say something, but then another soldier appeared. He gasped out: Not good! The bomb squad was stuck in a square. Today is the Christmas Day. They won’t come here soon.”
“Oh! You guys are kidding me!” R was abashed.

Meanwhile, the helicopter had just landed on the rooftop of the HQ. “Welcome to the Den, sir, Ma’am!” an officer stepped on G and Materia, “The Council is waiting. Please follow me.”
While moving along the collide, G looked at a white hair Android mannequin. A distant rumble of thunder. He remembered the past...
It was heavily raining. Denzel stood inside his barrack, watching outside with a binocular. Seeing that Emanation was standing in front of water pouring through a tent ceiling, he ordered, “Move forward! Keep watching from there for me.”
G sat inside his barrack drinking wine with Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. Looking at Emanation standing tall in the rainwater rushing on its head, G left the barrack and stepped on it: “Now that’s a true coolie. Emanation, who gave your name?”
Emanation still kept silent. Feeling offended, G angrily said, “Look at me, freak. Show your identity!”
Emanation slowly turned to look at G. Its eyes were bright inside the blindfold. G felt cold. It said: A Humans scientist created me. He’s my father and named me Emanation. So I am an Android, sir.
G: Yeah! Yeah! I know. I mean… what’s your origin?
Emanation: A Humans scientist created me. He’s my father and named me Emanation. So I am an Android, sir.
G smiled: Okay. I ask you. If an Ancients b*tch makes you, you still serve us with your loyalty, huh?
Emanation: Then… an Ancients scientist created me. She’s my mother and named me Emanation. So I am still an Android, sir.
G gazed at Emanation, then brushed into a laugh: Okay. You little shifty! I think you better kill yourself not to lose your honor.
Emanation’s eyes kept lighting inside the blindfold when looking at G. It said: Sir, I think I won’t do that. I was born to fight and gain victory for my creator. Not be defeated by anyone, even… me. So you better stay out because you're blocking my watching from here, sir.
G couldn't bear it anymore. He punched Emanation's face, but the Android didn’t still move, even its face, while G held his hand and felt hurt.
Right before G punched again, Denzel appeared with Kadaj from the back. He roared, “Hey. What’s going on here?”
“Father, I am teaching this insolent robot,” G said while rubbing his hand.
“No, certainly you can’t,” Denzel said, “This Android is made for defeating the Tyrant Queen only. You better stay out of him.”
“Oh! That’s ridiculous,” G smiled ironically, “They have to make a male Android to defeat a woman only, huh?”
“Yes, they have,” D said, “And you don’t need to show that attitude. From now on, he will be on our team. So you need to treat him as a comrade.”
G: I don’t need a freaky robot to protect me. Even I can defeat that ageless witch by myself.
“Enough!” D said. He turned to see Emanation for a while, then looked at Kadaj and said: Do you really want to replace Emanation for guard duty, Corporal?”
Kadaj: Yes, sir. I feel he is one of my comrades. You’re right that even a robot may have a soul. So I will do him a favor.
Denzel: Right. Go to replace him. Emanation, dismiss. And you, my son, we need to talk. Follow me.
Standing in the pouring rainwater, Kadaj suddenly turned his face to Denzel. He said while grabbing D’s hand: Sir. Hours ago, Emanation showed me the most terrific thing in this forest I have ever seen that makes us strong and invincible.
D: Corporal, you can't rely on a robot for something.
Kadaj: No, you don’t understand. Many of our soldiers have been sick for a long time since we stepped on this place, but Emanation could find a way that brings their life back. I was one of them who got a gift from him. Sir, I think you’re sick. So please come with him and me. I’ll show you his gift for you.
D: Well, I like to get some gifts, but why are you so sure about his gift for me?
Kadaj: There’s something valuable and pure already inside Emanation. It can be connected with magic in this forest, bringing all of us great stamina and everything…
D: Okay. Thanks. But I am completely strong. No need to get any gifts to feel better. Hey… your hand… You’re hurting me…
G saw that Kadaj was grabbing his father’s hand so tight with blazing eyes in the white and cold rainwater. D still kept calm. Looking straight into Kadaj’s eyes, he slowly said: Corporal… Kadaj… Your hand… is grabbing my arm. I am HURT.
Kadaj blinked twice. He got D’s hand off and said while smiling: Oh… I’m so sorry, sir. I didn't mean to hurt you.
“Okay. I’m fine,” D said. He turned to see that Loz and Yazoo had already stood outside their camp and looked at him. They were also smiling.
“Hey. What are you looking at?” G shouted, “Go to sleep. That’s an order!”
After the two soldiers had returned to their camp, Denzel whispered: “What’s wrong with these guys?”
“Sir, due to my bad, I am willing to get a punishment from you,” Kadaj said, “So I think I will stand here till tomorrow.”
“Okay. That’s good,” D said while rubbing his arm. He ordered G, “You. Come with me. Now.”
Kadaj: But I really hope you will rethink that someday, sir.
D smiled ironically: You know, Corporal?! You should have invited me when I was a kid. That means…no. And I hope you can stand there until we all prepare to move next time.
Kadaj still smiled: Right. I’ll remember that.
“Okay, dad. I will come with you.” G told D and turned to see Kadaj, “Sorry, buddy. You deserve to take that.”
After D and G had already been in their camp, D ordered: Show me the map. Mark everything around the church.”
G: Got it!
D: Where’s Emanation?
G: He just returned to his camp. There you can see.
D saw Emanation sitting in a ragged camp, grinding his sword.
D: Today is enough for strange things.
While G was arranging tiny flags put on the map. D told him: Okay. Listen to me. We’re gonna arrest the Tyrant Queen in her church tomorrow. But it is clearly not as simple as it seems. So Emanation will be our plan B.
G: I understand. And I really love your plan B.
D said sternly: No. After she had been down a little bit during the fight, Emanation will arrest her with all his stamina only. We won’t take her down. Remember you have already promised me.
G: Yes, but… come on. Don’t be self-opinionate. Both of us know she won’t ever surrender, especially after our troopers had forced one of her maids in the Cetra village.
D: My fault, son. I thought she had countered and caused harm to them.
G: Definitely not. She had surrendered, but they still wanted to touch her when they tried to burn her house. It would be best if you could have kept your eyes on them.
D: Okay.
G: And last but not least, I heard that they had contacted Kadaj and his friends before going to the village.
D: Okay. However, we still need to stick to the plan.
G: No way. Apparently, the maid’s death made the Tyrant Queen truly go mad and return after years of retirement. Now only God helps us!
D: Still better than her whole nation will go mad if she dies under our hand. Don’t worry, son. She is a Queen but a witch and only human, not a God. So Emanation will be very suitable for this mission.
G listened to the sword-grinding sound re-echoed through the darkness mixing with the sound of the heavy rain. He asked his father: Are you sure that freaky robot will only arrest her? He looks more like a butcher than a soldier.
D: To get a freaky person, you must use a freaky thing.
G: Okay then, I have to tell you the Queen must die one day for the sake of all people.
D: I know. But not tomorrow in a place like a church, and definitely not by us.
G: Why not? We can be heroes on this planet after defeating a final boss like the Tyrant Queen.
D: No. A vengeance will hunt us down then. Our next generation will get retribution. You can’t see it now, but I can.
G writhed: Can’t believe a man standing in front of me is my father. Your mind is so weak, father.
D intended to say something, but suddenly a hologram image of two women just appeared from his phone. “Darling, everything is still okay? How’s our son?” one of them told D
“Marlene,” D whispered
“Hi, mom,” G replied, “Haven’t you gone to bed?”
“Not yet,” Marlene said, “What are you doing? You look… tired and wet.”
“Don’t worry, mom. I am okay,” G looked at her and answered, “Please go back to your bed. You need to care about your health.”
“Marlene, our son is right. Now it is too late. There’s nothing problem here. We are discussing each other about the mission tomorrow.”
Marlene still looked at G. She said: No. You lied. He isn’t so right. Please don’t tell me that nothing problem.”
D turned to see G. G understood and then moved to the table. D saw Marlene and said: Are you okay, honey?
Marlene: I can’t sleep. I remember all of you.
Looking at some drugs on Marlene’s table, D asked Marlene’s maid: Why don’t you prepare Mako medicines I sent to you for my wife?
The maid: I am sorry, sir. I’ve made all the medicines, but lady doesn’t want to use them.
D: Useless! You must care about her with all your best, or I will fire you.
Marlene: No. It’s not her fault. Since I knew you had taken from them, I never touched those dirty things.
D put his face in his hands. Then he said: Why do you always make yourself hurt, Marlene? We all fight this war for you, for our good future. I can’t focus on anything if my wife doesn’t obey me.
Marlene: I don’t want this war. I don’t want anything from you for our good future. I want my son back. Please, your words hurt me more than not using those enemy’s drugs.
G turned his head to see Marlene and said: Mom, I am still here.
D: I am sorry, my dear. I will keep my word that brings our son back in peace.
Marlene closed her eyes. Tears dropped to her face. She said: I will not lie to you, darling. I gave those Mako to all children in our hometown, but their kids aren't all right, so they give back to me. Darling, I want to hear you. When will all of you be going home?
D: Marlene. Please!
G suddenly said: Don’t worry, mom. Dad and I will go home right after our mission has been completed. I promise.
Marlene: What’s your mission? You really go to meet that woman? Are you crazy? She’s a witch and a monster. People always talk about her like that.
G: Yeah, mom. But I don’t fear her. Dad always tells me that overcoming fear is the only way to be survived.
Marlene: I know. But I've never witnessed what she has done. Only hear about her from propaganda… Overcoming fear is good… But we need to know about our enemy… We need to see them ourselves… or we will going to die…
D slowly said: Honey…
Marlene kept talking and talking until her maid hugged her and said: My lady. Please don’t hurt yourself anymore…, especially in front of your son.
Marlene regained consciousness. D told her maid: My wife needs to take her medication regularly. Try to make her go to bed on time. And you. My dear… I promise our son and I will go home and never join the war anymore. Our son wants to be a politician. A tough dream, but the good news is that he will not continue at our family’s job.
Marlene smiled radiantly: Is it true?
D: Yes, and he will be serious about finding someone to love, even no more fighting…
Marlene: Thank God! My son is really grown up. Now he can think about his family. I’m so happy.
G: Mom. Please listen to dad. You have to care about yourself. You have to live well because I shall go home with a lot of gifts and trophies to make you happier.
Marlene: That’s my boy! Right! I will take my medication now and then go to bed. I need to make my son happy. Oh, Denzel, darling. I’m so sorry for making you unhappy this night. I hope our son’s dream won’t make you feel sad.
D smiled: No, honey. Instead of fighting on every battlefield, our son will only sit on a chair and lead the others. A different type of fighting, so… I should feel happy about it.
Marlene: Thank you. May the gods be with you and our son.
D: May the gods be with you, my dear.
After Marlene’s image had been shut down, D turned to G and said: Son. Mom really loves you more than me. So I hope you will go back to our home in peace if I get bad luck.
G: Dad, don’t say so. We have agreed that will go home together.
D: I’m an old man who has been fighting all my life. My promise to mom that protects you is my actual final mission. Then, I will feel no regret.
G: Dad. You can’t say that. I think you don’t love mom anymore.
D sighed, then turned back to G. He put his hands on the table and said: There’s something I need to tell you. Before this war, I… I have a strange dream repeated day by day. A tall man from my family but I’d never seen before took me to visit the outskirts of somewhere like a big city. I could see yellow flowers grow in that place, so I just asked him if the place was someone's grave… then he took me to a coffee shop. I went upstairs…and saw your mom sitting… there.
D pointed at a corner of the barrack. He said: …right in front of me… under the yellow sunshine—an incredible scene. I've never seen her happiness like that in my life.
G: Wow! That’s a sweet dream.
D: But we are just children at that time. Even I am not a member of House Fenrir because that man told me about my family. They’re all gone. So he adopted me like other kids in the city. Strange, huh?
G nodded. D waved his hand: Nah! It only shows that if this world is changed to another form, or it's my reincarnation, my new life is still related to this f*cking family.
G only kept silent. D thought for a while, then smiled: Okay. Sorry, son. We don’t have time for this. You can go back to your camp. Tomorrow we will go to a church in a country where we’re still calling the enemy to arrest their most dangerous person. About that freak robot, I really hope that we won’t need to use him.
G: So what if he can’t arrest her although he has used all his stamina?
D: Then we will have to fight her in a duel based on a code of honor.
G: “A duel based on a code of honor.” I see. Everyone who wins that kind of fighting will bring the final victory to their country. But if they cheat, they will lose it, even the honor of their country, and the war still goes on. Maybe I'm a little curious, but what’s your plan in case you have to fight her in that way?
D thought for a while, then said: Because the rule of honor doesn’t apply to a robot, while Emanation is a speed Android, I think I will arrange for him to kill her from her back.
G smiled: Great! That’s a good strategy. But we may not need to use it tomorrow. How’s a pity!
D: You should not feel any trouble, son. The Tyrant Queen’s death will not be good for anybody, especially for you, because the government will not need us anymore after she dies. But… her enemy will attack us with all their best. We will be surrounded by them… and die too.
G: You're thinking too much. Maybe they still need us. But okay… I will follow you… only this time.
D: Thank you, son. Oh and one more thing. About that Aeon girl, I hope you will love her sincerely. Okay?
G: Are you doubt me?
D: No. I just…warn you. People always talk about us having the ability to meet pretty women and get their love. A gift from God that everyone wants. But for me, it’s a kind of curse, not a gift. So be careful, my son.
G: Dad, I think you should not blaspheme against God.
D: I don’t. I only want you to create true love with a woman by myself, not take her love back to you, because you will never have her heart. Okay?
G: You done? I can't go back to my camp if you still talk to me about nonsense like love, which isn't entirely suitable for this time.
D: You… Right… Right. Go back to your camp. Try to sleep well. Tomorrow will be our most challenging day. Just forget everything I tell you if you feel good. Dismiss.
Right after G turned back, D called after him: Son…
G stopped moving, D said: I love you. You’re my hero.
“What’s wrong with you?” G sniggered. Then he left.

Next early tomorrow, G saw that Loz and Yazoo cared about Kadaj, but that man refused, took the new uniform, and quickly went back to the barrack. G asked a soldier: Hey, where’s my father?
The soldier: Sir, he’s staying with Wutai people.
G: What's he doing with those people?
G followed the soldier to go there. He saw D sitting beside the fire with a pretty young girl and a blind old man. Close his eyes, D listened to the girl sing a song while the old man played an instrument. D asked the soldier: What’s the song about?
The soldier: It’s from one of the popular folk tales in their continent. It may take time if I tell you.
G: You have 5 minutes. Do it.
The soldier caught his breath and then ran his mouth: Their folk song begins with a sovereign deity or the great mother. She creates the human on the planet. She has three children: two sons and one daughter. When they grow up, she gives them the duties of caring for the human with one rule: do not use their power of deity to harm the human at any rate. Since then, the daughter has helped all human babies to be safe and healthy, so they will be obedient and able to overcome all sicknesses. But when she leaves, they start to feel sad and cry. Her brother, or the second son of the sovereign deity, will help them stop crying and develop on their journey into adulthood. Until they have grown up, the eldest son begins his duty. He helps them to be successful in their life without interfering with their trouble till the time they die. And then, his sister will again care about their babies. They all do their duties well and obey their great mother’s rule. Therefore the circle of life keeps going on. But one day, the second son feels tired because he always keeps eyes on several nasty and rude children while still has to obey the rule. He’s even jealous of his brother and sister since they are respected and praised by human more than him. He starts to hate all the children and gives them so much strength, sometimes formed in candies, that they begin to fight each other and die before they grow up. Standing before the mother, he explains that their fighting is from their choice, not from him. He still obeys the rule, and even those children enjoy fighting, stealing, and destroying everything like him, so his mother doesn’t do any punishments. Because of him, human is nearly extinct. Feeling no way, the eldest son asks the mother for help. He is given by her a male human who can lead all the children and makes them stop eating candies and fighting too. The second son is angry. He attacks all children, threatens the planet, and kills that man with bare hands, but then the man’s blood turns into a river, along with all the dead children’s souls flowing to the second son’s place in the sky to stop him. The second son is terrified and asks the mother for help, but she refuses him because he has attacked the human, which means he has violated the rule. Therefore she exiles him into the deepest inside the planet where the Lifestream’s light can’t exist, making him collect all the good human’s souls and bring them to paradise. However, he still hates human so much and always tries to find a way to revenge. As a result, people have to sacrifice food, even some pretty women to the second son to calm him. Sometimes they do it to get strength from him... That’s it, sir.

Right after the Wutai people stopped singing, the soldier sat down and breathed heavily. G told him: Good work! Your memory is amazing. How old are you?
The soldier: 18, sir.
G: Too young, but still older than the other. Do you want to join me after the war?
The soldier: Thank you, sir. But my wife needs me to go home to care for our child and her assets.
G: Hope you think about my invitation. I’ll give you a new life right after I’ve become a hero.
The soldier: Yes, sir. I’ll consider it.
D stood up and gave the young Wutai some coins. Listening to the sound of the coins dropping into the young’s pocket, the old Wutai felt happy and said: You’re an infamous warrior but also a good man. Thank you. And don’t worry. You will always be good since people don’t change… But please, be careful, sir because war… war never changes.”
Emanation suddenly appeared and said: Sir, the folk song is sad. Not suitable for our spirit, but the second son's detail can increase the indicator. I highly recommend he need to sing about that.
The young Wutai was puzzled: No. My grandpa has never sung that song since we love peace and hate war…
“Love peace and hate war?!” Emanation said, smiling. This was the first time G saw Android’s smile. “Wutai was an aggressor nation when human still rode the horses. Wherever their hoofbeats went, grass and flower didn't grow back there. Sorry but your word isn’t so right.”
The young Wutai squinted: Yes, certainly that was many, many years ago.
Emanation: In a moment, a hero might be a devil and vice versa. But the invader will undoubtedly be an invader and not become an invaded every time… even the noun “invaded” word is also wrong in grammar.
The young Wutai: Hey, bookworm freak! I told you clearly that we now love peace and hate war, and no more invading people… Do you understand?
Emanation: Now you are hating me, certainly not love peace…
While the young Wutai was purple with rage, D soothed her: All right, lady. You don’t need to make a spat with a robot. But now I can see you are too young to earning, which means you are a victim of child labor, and so your grandpa might be arrested.
The young Wutai was awkward: Sir, my grandpa is blind. So I volunteer to help him and never felt any trouble.
D: I know. But that’s a law. Your grandpa must conform to it.
The young Wutai hugged her grandpa, cried, and told D: No, please. You can’t let them do that. My parents died because of war when I was a baby, so he's my only family now. I beg you.
D: Okay, young lady. There’s a way. He must sing another song after you've joined us to be his audience this time. Then your grandpa won’t be caught.
The young Wutai mopped up the tears and said: You sure, sir?
The old Wutai consoled her: Don’t be sad, my dear. I’ll sing another song. Just go.

After meeting the Wutai people, D, G, and Emanation went back to Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo who were standing some Chocobos.
Yazoo: Sir, these animals are from our enemy, and now they have been conciliated by us. But we still need to blindfold them and equip a weapon in front of their head.
G sniggered: That would literally be like some horses.
Loz flew up into a Chocobo. The chicken was groaning under his weight. He laughed: Yep, still better than horse.
D looked around at all Humans soldiers in front of him. They were young and scary. He told them: Guys. I know you’re feeling tired and want to go home. But it’s my honor to fight with you. And I can promise that all of you will go home after this thing has been finished. Thank you for your service. You’re all good soldiers. There’s no love bigger than patriotism. You guys helped me and my son here learn about this. Now please follow us one last time for our country. For the Humans!
Soldiers replied in chorus: For the Humans!
All of them drove their Chocobos to run to the church in the Cetra land. Yazoo asked: I heard some people say that the Tyrant Queen had loved one man from us far years ago, but their love was prohibited, and then she was assassinated by one man in the royal. All those things made her turn into a devil… Is that a folk song too?
Loz: Believe it or not. That story is only an oral history, which is “extremely contradictory and historically unreliable,” as those say.
G: Whatever. She’s definitely a woman who hates love, a true final boss we must defeat to victory. Do you agree, Kadaj?
Kadaj didn't reply to G and only took a look at D. G’s father tied his rifle to his back and then drew his sword. He pointed it to the church and said: Keep moving forward, everyone.
On their head, a helicopter was following. The dark clouds were coming up. The pilot noticed: We are in the enemy’s land. The sky is not clear, so I must return. Good luck, guys!
Then a group of Humans soldiers riding Chocobos came to them
G smiled: Hi, uncle. Glad to see all Fenrir’s brothers and sisters here.
G’s uncle told D: Okay, listen up, Denzel. We will create a hem in the church. Pretty sure that our enemy is around there. But we can take care of them. You and your son just go inside the church to take care of their Queen.
D nodded. Then he ordered everyone: Gear up!
All of them wore gas masks. Only Emanation equipped a kind of cyber ninja mask. While still moving fast, they all shot gas bombs at the high ground in front of them, making all grasses and flowers perish.

Aerith was in the Church. She saw a Cetra boy running fast while screaming: “They’re back! The invader’s coming!”. All people near him stopped working outside, went into their houses, and closed the doors and windows.
A Cetra knee behind her. She ordered him: Tell people to leave now. They’re my personal trouble.
He cried: Your Majesty! You’ve just returned to the throne after we all asked you. You can’t surrender.
Aerith: Don’t worry about me and obey.
The Cetra man: Don't leave us! You have promised to fight until the last breath. Do you remember?
Aerith still kept silent. The Cetra guy knee on the ground for a while then left. She turned around and noticed that the church hall was filled with people sobbing. Her eyes were wet will tears.
i'd personally love to read this, but there's so much text that is so closed in, it is possible to have it spaced out?
Scene: Ghost of Ancients

“Sir, we’re closing,” a female voice whispered in P6’s ears. He raised his head and saw that Tifa was looking at him. “So, can you leave now?” She said.

P6 lifted his glass before her and said: “You’re now a famous woman. Congratulation! And thank you… for caring about my silly boy.”

“Sir, we’re closing,” Tifa repeated in her voice, “Can you leave now?”

“Right,” he talked to himself, “Just a robot.”

A staff came and shut down Tifa, then he turned to P6 and said: If you want to enjoy her beauty, you can come back here tomorrow.

P6: I won’t be here next time. You shouldn’t just shut her down like that.

The staff: Really?! And who are you, mister?

P6: I am… her boyfriend’s father.

The staff tried not to laugh with all his best. He said: Okay, so I will be her father… It’s too late. You must leave here right now, or security guards will force you.

P6: Okay. Okay. Just give me one more glass, then I will go.

The staff gave him a glass of wine and said, “You have 5 minutes,” then left.

Looking at the glass, he said: You know what? After I returned here for a while, the biggest earthquake in history occurred around this city, killing many people… No hope of finding several corpses because they disappeared in this timeline, actually. And the storm only reflected the meteorite falling in your timeline… But I really don’t want to talk about this right now. I want to apology you… since my Cloud had betrayed your love because of not appearing as a groom in your wedding.

Tifa didn’t move even her face. Looking at her smile, P6 kept saying: Too bad. He really looks like me. We don’t want many beautiful women around us, but they just come to us. It’s a dilemma…

“Hey, you,” a loud voice appeared, making P6 turn around to see. Some WRO guards were standing at the door with the staff, “It annoys us to hear you repeating the same thing,” one of them said, “Now we must throw you out.”

“What? He said I would have 5 minutes,” P6 pointed at the staff crossing his arms on his chest and standing at the door.”

“No, because of your bizarre narrative, you're making others afraid to visit this place. No good for our business. We have enough shitty stories and really don’t want to have more.”

“It’s your work, not mine,” P6 said, “I have paid for this time, so I must be alone here.”

“I’m afraid not,” the WRO said, “You are such conservative, so we will….”

“You will what?” P6 stood up and looked straight at that WRO guy, making him say nothing. P6 snarled, “A low-level scrub like you want to throw me out, huh? I will teach you….”

Then P6 punched the guy, but the drunk made him not have enough strength. He fell to the floor and slept. The guy looked at P6 blankly, then laughed: Haha! Where‘s this dweeb guy come from? Our hero’s father? I thought he must be more muscle than this.”

Then all the WRO guys grabbed P6 and threw him out the door. P6 stood up from the mud. He saw a man who showed the video near the church counting money. “Hey, you,” P6 quickly ran to that man and grabbed him, not to let him escape. Taking a video from his pocket, P6 said, “An illegal video that talks about a flower girl, huh? You’re under trouble.”

Let me go, man. I am being watched.

Who? Oh, I see. Those WRO guys are hunting you. But you’re an offender, so I won’t ignore you.

The man touched P6’s hand, which was grabbing him. Looking straight into P6’s eyes, he said: I…no…I and someone… we knew your father. Now that someone’s memory was stuck in my head…

P6: Hey, what’s wrong with you…

Suddenly, an armored car crossed beside them quickly. Someone from the roof shot the driver, making the car lose control, crash into a street corner, and then explode. While witnessing that scene, the guy hit P6 and then ran away. A victim cried for help near the explosion, making P6 choose to catch the guy or help the victim. Seeing that many damaged apple juice bottles were on the ground near the victim, P6 thought: I don’t have enough strength to catch that man because I am drunk. I need something to hangover cure. If I still tried to run after him and lost, I would take time to return here and find a cure by myself. Need help the victim.

After helping the victim out of the overturned truck, P6 was given an apple juice bottle from the victim, which helped him cure the drunk. Looking at all the damaged bottles, that man said: Oh! I can’t give all the apple bottles to all visiting the church. The kids will be disappointed.

P6 told him: Don’t worry. I will run to the church for you. This place isn’t safe. You should leave now.

“Sir!” the soldier called G, making him back to reality. Materia was looking at him. She smiled.

“Sorry, coming right up…” he said, “I am only slightly tired. I'm old already.”

He and his wife entered a room. There Mr. Minister quickly stepped to them along with a girl. He told G: Thank God! Both of you are here. The Council needs us right now to resolve the problem… This is my secretary. She’s Xu. She has just graduated from a Garden.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Fenrir,” Xu smiled and held out her hand. Before G held his hand, Materia grabbed her wrist and growled, “Do not touch his hand! Do not smile!”

Xu: I’m sorry. I don’t mean… Mrs. Fenrir, you are hurting me!”

G said: Enough, Materia. You can’t do that here.

Still grabbing Xu’s hand, she turned to see G and said: I know about your family’s curse. So I’m saving her. Okay?!

G glanced at Xu, who was a grimace with pain. Materia looked straight into his eyes, and then she let Xu off. Mr. Minister asked her: What’s wrong with you, lady?

“Sorry. I am only slightly tired,” Materia said,

“Oh, really? You’re even younger than him….” While Mr. Minister was talking, Materia had already kept moving. He turned to ask G: Your family’s curse? What’s she talking about?

G: Nothing. You may want to have it if I tell you. But now we have to handle the situation in that city.

Mr. Minister agreed. After moving inside the room, G saw that an old man was talking to Materia: …Yes, Mrs. Fenrir… on behalf of the Council, I will take over the situation in Midgar from here… I’ve told them there is no need to worry because I believe I will resolve it. So they don’t need to come to this room. I’ll report immediately… Ah! Your man here!

He turned to see G and smiled: Glad we meet each other again, the Queen S…

G quickly raised his hand and said: No, please. I don’t want to hear that name, not in this timeline.

That old man kept smiling: You’re still scared, huh? How’s a pity you can't still purge yourself of that past ghost.

G: I've tried to forget that time since there are no Queens here. Only ghosts from an extinct race are messing everything up.

The old man: Yeah. “there are no Queens here”. I still remember you couldn’t sleep well because the girl in Midgar and the Queen were remarkably alike. I can believe they are one if she doesn’t behave like a flower girl. And "The ghosts." We heard that many times. You’ve lied to us about destroying all those ghosts using the portable meteorite. Therefore, we really hope that you will use your skill from your past ghost to correct the fault.

G was silent for a while because there were so many options in his head, then he chose to say: That is my secret. Unfortunately, I’ve completely lost it since I was in this timeline and established the Shinra afterward. I can’t use the thing you’re mentioning here anymore. Sorry.

The old man: General, we were all reborn in this timeline with all memories in the previous timeline. Together, we have created an excellent story in Midgar through those memories, saving this unfortunate planet from its destiny. You can't say you do it alone. From our story in this timeline, many good and evil men have fallen down so far, but you stand there and say you can’t use your skill?!

G: Why do you just talk to me so much like that?! I've said I can't, but not the man who made my past ghost…

G felt a terrible strain on his heart when he was coming to that again. His memory appeared as images in pieces. A voice from those images echoed inside his head: It’s good to see you here, Generallll….

The old man: Are you okay?

G tried to return to normal. He said: Yes. I’m fine.

The old man: So don’t do that again. We saw you were smiling, just like them.

G turned to look at Materia. She was looking at him with her fearing.

The old man intended to ask G once more, but Xu went to him and whispered. After that, he waved his hand to gesture her leave, then saying: Gentlemen, bad news. They wouldn’t make it. The bomb squad has been eliminated. But from outside the church, a man was messing up. I know that man. He received a tiny pension from you before to live with a poor family from outside the city, right?

G pointed at Midgar city: Well, he is one of the best captains I have in the army, but since he didn't become like some national heroes in... that country, I think my Sec had just given him a correct reward.

The old man: Whatever. He had also fought against your Android with his bare hand though he isn't a super soldier. I can see that man doesn’t fear death, like… the Tyrant Queen, huh?

He stopped talking when seeing that Materia was putting her hand on her neck and looked away. She closed her eyes. G took her hand to calm her. After retaking the breath, she said: I still remember that day… Never forget… her men were really merciless. My husband… accepted to be a war criminal to stop the Ancients once and for all. He has sacrificed his honor so we can stand here. Don’t you guys see that enough, huh?

The old man: Okay. Sorry for troubling you,” then he stepped to Materia and held her hands.

Mr. Minister: Okay, everybody. We have no time. If that church is blown up, all Midgar citizens will go crazy, and then two countries will put one footstep into the war. Only God helps us. Now we all need a solution. I invited Materia along with her husband to go here because she’s a brilliant woman who can give us advice…

A voice of a holographic image appeared behind him. “Ah! Mr. President WRO,” the old man changed his attitude right after seeing that image, “It’s good you still be here on time. We are so sorry for making your city trouble after many years.”

“Thanks!” Mr. President WRO said, “Mr. Ambassador, I’m surprised you’ve come there so quickly right after visiting your hometown in Gongaga…”

Mr. Ambassador quickly raised his hand and said: “Honestly, I wanted to keep staying in your country to help people, but as a primary member of the Council, I had to come back to this room to discuss with other comrades.

Mr. President WRO: I understand. This situation is influencing my family's reputation since it says that the man inside the Church is a Cetra. That's incredible. If Ms. Gainsborough knew it, she would be very happy.

G: Yes, she will be happier if someone can help that guy out of his trouble, huh?!

Tuesti kept talking: Mr. and Mrs. G, welcome to the Council. Yes, you're right. We all believe that her soul is still inside the church to protect the people with the hand of God. Gentlemen, no matter how it happens, the people want the Cetra man alive. If not, they will think that she has completely left them, so their trust will be destroyed. Please help us. I am willing to listen to some good ideas.

G: What?! I can’t believe that people still adore her though she doesn't even have a statue in that city square…

Materia took G’s hand to make him stop talking. It seemed that she was afraid. Tuesti said: You’re mistaken, sir. Don’t think that just not putting her along with the others on the Avalanche team will make people forget her. Everyone knows that she has saved this planet.

G: Whatever. I won’t save that guy due to your people, Mr. Tuesti.

The old man stepped ahead and said: I agree with you, Mr. President WRO. We’re gonna save that Cetra guy. Don’t talk anymore, Mr. G. We have voted for this solution.

G: Every damn time! You guys always go ahead without me.

Mr. Ambassador whispered to G: Don't be such a boor! Actually, I want that guy dead, but not this time since I have to care for every comrade in this Council. Just... bring the Cetra guy far from the church, or better, bring him out of that country. Then, you can do everything you want. Is that okay?

G was surprised, then he whispered: Okay, that's good.

Mr. Ambassador turned to Materia and said: Do you have any plans? We want to hear you.

Materia tried to think for a while, then she said: My son is there, right?

Mr. President WRO: Sorry, Mrs. G, who are you talking about?

Mr. Minister quickly said: Yes, Ma'am. Your son came to Midgar a few days ago. Why did you ask?

Mr. Tuesti: Oh, now I see. My soldiers reported that he was coming to the church right now. But don't worry. I will order them to protect him with all our best.

Materia closed her eyes and thought for a while, then she said: Okay. I hope you can get him out of the church as far as possible. Now, about the Cetra man, we can use all the resources we have near that place to save that guy. I think Mr. R is a possibility.

Mr. President WRO: Your husband's man? But he's just a tourist in our city. I also have some men like him, and they can understand all aspects of the church.

G: Excuse me, Mr. Tuesti. I can guarantee that Mr. R is very good at defusing bombs. Since we have no time, I agree that he is a man who fits this mission.

Mr. Tuesti: Excuse me, Ma’am Materia. Allow me to ask. Since I’ve never heard about that guy and his team, can you show me something about them?

Materia intended to say, but G interrupted her: What part of them do you want to know?

Mr. Tuesti: Anything. You must prove their abilities, General.

G thought: What a crazy guy! I've just told him that we have no time, but he still calls me bluff.

G then rallied and told Mr. Tuesti: I am not good at speaking in a short time. Allow me to call one of his team to demonstrate to you.

Mr. Tuesti: Who?

G: An old man. His name is Doc. He is a team planner.

Mr. Tuesti: That’s great. Let us see him now.

G read a coordinate to Xu. She called someone and then said: Gentlemen, we will contact us in 3..2…1.

“Hello! I'm locked here. Anyone?” Doc’s image showed up when he was saying and knocking on the door, “Open the door, please! It isn't fun.”

G smiled: Good afternoon, Doctor.

Doc turned around and said: Oh! It’s good to see you here, General. My pleasure. You’re really a famous man because I can still meet you when I’m in a fitting room here.

“Right,” G kept smiling when skimming at Doc from leg to head, then jerked up his chin to ask, “Nice pants! Going someplace?”

Xu tried to stop laughing. Doc said: I will go to the beach tomorrow. Enjoy the sunlight and good drink in Bar del Sol. You should try it if you have a chance to come here, sir.

G: I hope I will. But now, we are under attack again, so I guess your vacation will be stopped. I need some of your information.

“Wait, what?” Doc looked around the room. He said: Oh, my…! The Council! All the members are in there?

“Not all,” G said, “Since the Cetra terrorists have never been defeated, the other members are well-protected. I think the number of us here is enough.”

Doc: Sir, I have never imagined meeting you guys under this... situation. I understand that you locked me here, not to protect me but talk to me secretly, though it isn't necessary… Okay, what do you want me to do?

Mr. Tuesti: Nice meeting you, Mr. Doc. I am the WRO President. I’m sorry for troubling you, but we really can’t wait anymore. Since General has told me about a Captain, code name R, I also know that he and some members of his old team are very near the Church, while all of my units are very far. So, Mr. Doc, would you like to give me some information about any missions of Mr. R and his team before?

Doc: I understand. Nice meeting you, Mr. WRO President. What type of missions from them do you want to know?

Mr. Tuesti: The best, Mr. Tuesti.

Doc: Okay, so it would be a secret mission…

After taking a chair and sitting on it, Doc began to tell a story: There are a lot of missions they have completed, but I will never forget this one: breaking into a princess's castle. We had to disguise ourselves to make it easy…

Mr. Tuesti: Excuse me, sir. Why did you guys break into a private place of a princess? I know it’s a kind of black operation, but it’s completely unchristian behavior.

Doc glanced at G. After receiving a nod, he continued to say: Because the princess kept a precious thing that a country should not hold for itself—a Crystal. Her wizards were the first men who could connect that stone with the Lifestream to control the timeline—a long story but indeed a reference to a giant dragon. Anyone who gets the ability of the Crystal can change all the stories and make them never end. Our government asked her to consign the stone to the Council for the planet's safety. Unfortunately, her family only wanted to keep it in her treasury.

Stopping to consider Tuesti's attitude, Doc kept saying: Those royal people were exactly like “Refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.” So, we had no choice but to steal the stone and staged it as robbing a bank so that no one would get hurt.

Mr. Tuesti: Sorry, Mr. Doc. Did you just say… robbing a bank, huh?

Doc: Yes, the difference is that her place was bigger than an actual bank. We had to find the Crystal among a mountain of gold. Unfortunately, the thing we saw was a fake one. After that, we soon knew that the princess always wore it as a necklace.

Mr. Tuesti: Okay… So how could you guys take that from her?

Doc: It was a long story. We had almost kidnapped her… Everything was smooth until the AC 130 didn’t come on time to take us. The princess found our meeting point and ordered summoning creatures to attack us. From the control room, I had to direct the plane very hard to fight all the summoning creatures…

/Doc performed as a gamer controlling an AC 130 to reconstruct that day/.

…until it was destroyed, but I could help my friend R and his team against all of the princess’s creatures. And finally, they had to deal with only her at the meeting point. Unfortunately, there was a severe mistake…

Doc glanced at G again, and he said: It was about Sec. She lost her attention to the situation. The princess took her chance to get the stone and swallowed it. She believed no one would win until Sec forced her to eat a tiny bomb too.

Mr. Ambassodor: Wow! That woman could swallow both things to her stomach. She must be fat.

Doc: No. She isn't fat, but her mother. And that bomb she had just swallowed… is also what we face in Church right now.

Mr. Tuesti: I… understand. So that man, R, had surgery to take both things from her.

Doc smiled: We could have avoided that situation using magic, but the princess was stubborn, even though she would be dead for choking. Fortunately, R eventually completed the operation in a short amount of time with my aid. After bringing the stone with a lot of troubles to the country, we didn't need to convince her mother not to make war with us because R had saved her life.

Mr. Minister: But the Council had to give her and then her little evil daughter a chair in the Council as a treaty.

Mr. Tuesti: Wait a minute. From your story, I can understand that one member of his team had tried to harm the princess, and now she is your secretary. Is that right, General?

General intended to reply, but Materia interrupted him, so he just turned away while scratching his head: Yes, but she had flirted with my son to ingratiate my husband. Then she could be promoted to the army. That bitch!

Mr. Tuesti waved his hand: Okay, okay. I mean… in my opinion, someone like her should not join this kind of mission because I can see that she couldn't have command over herself. Moreover, we only need one man to defuse one bomb. A whole team is unnecessary, right? So, thank you for your information, Mr. Doc. You can free to go.

Doc: Wait! Mr. Tuesti. How about the door…

After the image of the Council shut down, the door in the fitting room automatically opened. Doc was half-nude in front of many women waiting angrily from outside. Making a sad smile, Doc told himself: I’m too old for this.

Mr. Ambassador clapped his hand on G’s shoulder, making Materia jump out of her skin. He said: My General, buddy. You might not need to bring one old man to prove something to Mr. Tuesti here if you don’t hide from us about your past ghost. You’re just stubborn, like in old times. Now I guess he will get in trouble with his pants.

Then he turned to Tuesti and asked: So, my friend, what do you think after listening to that old man?

Mr. Tuesti: It seems okay. But I don’t know. That man said he was the team planner, but I see his captain was the man who played it by ear. I feel there will be something wrong that we don’t know if this mission is given to him.

Mr. Ambassador pointed at his wristwatch and said: I agree with you that we can’t rely on some tourists to resolve a country's problem, even though they used to be professional soldiers. But unfortunately, we have no choice. News spread faster than the bomb ticking. Now all Midgar people know about that Cetra guy, and then they will quickly remember their national heroine so much. Whatever either that guy or the church is gone will bring the worst thing for both countries. So, gentlemen, we have to decide right now.

Mr. Minister: I agree. I will let R enter the Church. How about you, guys?

Mr. Minister: Ma’am?

Materia: WRO is an organization created by all of the excellent men and women before. They can resolve all kinds of troubles, but this situation shows that they are being attacked by an outside influence, which has reappeared after over 500 years. As one of their allies, we must help them from their own trouble. So I agree.

Mr. Ambassador: Very well, Ma’am. And you, General?

He turned his head to look at G. G thought for a while and said: I don’t see anything problem, so… yes.

Mr. Ambassador smiled: Thank you. You’re really… a good man. I agree.

Everyone then looked at Mr. Tuesti. He sighed and said: I wish there was another Mr. Valentine to deal with this problem… It seems that I have no choice. So… yes, I agree.

Then he turned to see someone beside him: Put me through to the security team in the church. We have a new plan…

R overcame the crowd to come close to the church. P1, P4, and Sec tried to follow him. A WRO female medic was looking after his wife. He ran up to her and clasped her with sudden haste. “Where’s our kid?” He asked her. She shook her head and cried, pointing at the church

R told his team: I need to go inside the church.

“No,” P1 said, “We are tourists here. Let your trouble for someone good here. Since people in this country had overcome the darkest time before and then overcame it, I believe they can help you.”

“Hey!” WRO soldiers appeared and told R, “Who are you, people? Please go back to the crowd over there. This place isn’t safe. All of you are hindering us.”

“I can’t….” R told Sec and pushed that man away /press a control button/ to move inside. He saw other WRO guys discussing each other with a blueprint and a map. He quickly came to them and took the blueprint. “What’s the…” a WRO captain shouted at him,”…where does this guy come from?”

R didn’t answer him and only looked at the blueprint. The captain intended to use his weapon, but R’s team ran up. The WRO soldiers ran after them, angry and breathing hard

The captain shouted at WRO soldiers: Why did you let these tourists come here?

P1 interrupted: Sorry, sir. We don’t mean to trouble you. My friend only wants to know how’s the situation here because his daughter is still inside.

The captain: I can see you speak our language very well. You live here, huh? Then why have I never seen you before?

P1: Actually, I am not living here. My family lived in another country many years ago, but I'm still learning about the language of my roots.

Sec: Me, too. But I’ve lived here for a while.

The captain: I see. Please take off your earphone when talking to me, okay?! And you, sir. Your family had lived here, hadn’t they?

P4 was dumb: No, uh… Sorry, I don’t know what’re you saying.

The captain: Okay, I see.

He asked P1: Can you tell your friend over there that he must give the blueprint back to us immediately? Tell him that if he doesn't want to cooperate with us, we will arrest him by force…

While he hadn’t done talking yet, R stepped to him and pressed the blueprint on him. “I need to go inside. Now,” R said in that captain’s language.

“Okay,” the WRO captain was dumb, “However, we don’t know you, tourist guy. Who are you that dare to order to us?”

R thought about 3 options to convince them:

(1) I am a soldier like you, but I have a family in danger.

(2) I can defuse the bomb. Believe me.

(3) I know about the Cetra guy in the church. Let me in.

Then he chose (2) and talked to them in their language. They laughed at him: Okay. We don’t have time for this. Please get out of here now, all of you.”

Sec said: Agree. I only want to back home. I’d quit. Good luck, guys.”

R didn’t care about them. He jumped on a car and said: Excuse me, everybody. My daughter… She is still in the church. I need to go inside to rescue her… But first, I want someone who can understand the Cetra language to come with me….”

No one answered him. P4: I don’t think this is a good idea, boss.

A WRO guy touched R’s leg to get him down. Suddenly, an explosion appeared from a far distance, making everyone panic-stricken. “No!” the WRO guy had his head in his hands, “The bomb disposal squad… their truck was down.”

R tried to calm him: Don’t worry. I told you I could deal with this situation”

That guy kept whispering: I wish Mr. Valentine could be here… to save us.

R: Hey. I told you…

The WRO GUY: No. You can’t do anything here. You are not a hero.

Some Midgar people confirmed: Yes. We had an Avalanche team who were truly heroic people. Not you.

R: Oh yeah! But I don’t need to save all of you. I just want to save my daughter.

The WRO guy stayed back and intended to raise his rifle, but a call from his microphone came up, making him stop, "Yes, sir…” he replied to the call, “…we still control the situation… What…” He turned to see R, “…are you sure, sir? No, I mean… okay…okay, we will do it. Understood!”

After that, he told another soldier beside him something. That man understood and took out a microphone. Giving that phone to R, the WRO guy said: I see you can speak our language very well. So, you know how to use this thing, right?

R took the phone. Felt surprised, he asked the WRO guy: Why do you…?

The WRO guy: You’re chosen. We don’t know why, but we must support you. Now please, can you get down to the car? You have to wear armor.

“Thanks,” R said, “But I need someone to know about the Cetra guy’s language. Anyone?”

R asked all people around there, but no one replied to him.

Watching the situation through the monitor, G asked Mr. Tuesti: Do you know his language?

Mr. Tuesti lowered his head. He said: I feel ashamed. We really don’t know about that kind of language. I will accept this as my mistake.

“Don’t worry,” Mr. Ambassador said, “Like you, I don’t know,”

“Yep, me too,” Mr. Minister said then he turned to see Materia. She nodded.

Meanwhile, R was disappointed and asked again. Suddenly, someone’s hand raised from the crowd. “Finally,” R was happy, “I can find someone to support me… Oh, you!”

He recognized that hand was from Sec. All looked at her while she moved to him.

Mr. Ambassador asked G: Funny! Why does your secretary know that language while we don’t?

G: She had been trained as a spy before. Knowing all languages on this planet is her mission.

Mr. Ambassador: Yes, I know. I mean… why did your people in Shinra never understand the Cetra language? Maybe I haven’t seen your men showing it yet, but… she has no reference to the company or its history, and I know you have no missions for her to use that language here. So why does she still use that language though she only learned about it and never applied it to a real case before?

G: Well. Maybe she has an excellent memory, so she can still use a kind of language though she didn't use it for a long time.

Mr. Ambassador: Okay! If you say so.

“I thought you’d left me,” R asked Sec. “No,” she said, “I can’t leave the man who helped me a lot in the army, especially when his family is getting into trouble.”

“And don’t forget us,” P1 and P4 walked over to him.

“Me, too,” a voice of someone raised up. All people looked there. It was P6.

“No,” R shook his head. P6 stepped on them joyfully. He told Sec: Nice earphones, baby.

Sec didn't reply to him. She turned her face away in a sulk.

“You are not on my team,” R told P6, “This mission is not for you,”

P6: I’ve just got here. So many people. I thought someone had to control me skillfully to overcome that crowd. Come on! I really want to come with you.

R: You can’t prove anything, 6, even about your son.

“Excuse me,” the WRO guy interrupted, “I count three. Why do you need many people to rescue only a man?”

“Because that man has a bomb inside his stomach,” R answered him, “I don’t know if someone put that thing inside him, or he just did it himself. But now, I need a person who monitors his health indicator to report me every second when I am disemboweling him, and another will talk to him so he won’t scream his head off.”

“Holy…!” the WRO guy was terrified, “You will vivisect him, like some bad guys from Shinra many years ago.”

R looked straight into that guy’s eyes. He said slowly: No, I won’t vivisect him. I said “he won’t scream his head off” is just a kind of speaking. The pain due to losing lots of blood will make his bomb go to explode quickly. I need an aspiration tray too…”

“Here,” P6 gave the aspiration tray to R. (that makes R will remember P6. If P6 doesn’t help the driver, he won't be received the tray to give to R. The ending might be different)

“How did you get this?” R asked him

“I made a little transaction with my apple juice to get it,” P6 replied him.

R: Thanks! But it won't make a scrap of difference. You must leave here now.”

P6 felt angry. A WRO looked at him when he was receiving another call, then he grabbed P6.

P6: What are you doing?

WRO: Sir, you have to come with us. We must care about you until some men in your country come and take you away.

Looking straight into that man, P6 had three options to deal with him:

  • Don’t you dare?! This is an illegal arrest
  • I need to speak to your boss
  • I don’t have time for this
“Then…” WRO guy talked to P6 after (3) was chosen, “… We have to force you, sorry,”

P6 intended to fight back, but P1 caught him by the arm. She said: You must follow their order, buddy.”

P6: Get off me, soldier. Do you think you are delicious?

P1 smiled: Why not? I’m sure that it will take time for you to escape me. Unfortunately, all people here will take time to look at us, while the Cetra guy inside there won’t.

Feeling the strength from P1’s hand, P6 understood her meaning. “Okay,” he said, “I will follow them.”

After some WRO guys had taken P6 away, R said: Okay. We’re losing time. I’ve got what I need. Let's rescue that poor extinct man and bring him out of here. Move on!

P1, 4, Sec, and R moved inside the church while all WRO soldiers formed a protective ring around them.

“I don’t understand,” P4 said: “After all those years, this city has been full of magic things to defend against all kinds of threats. Why can’t they do anything to deal with this situation?”

“Because the bomb is designed specially to deal with all kinds of protections here,” P1 said, “Someone who did it is well aware of this country.”

P4: Well, I think you and your friends are those “someone”, huh?

P1: Why do you think that? My family had no longer here many, many years ago, so I was never born here. And Sec… she stays with us all the time.

P4: I got it. And what about the other guy?

P1: 2 and 3? I don’t think so. I know them very clearly. They are only good at fighting and never do a craft like making a bomb…

P1 smiled ironically: You’re only talking!

R: That's good enough. Remember, we're a team doing our job. If there’s anything to complain about, leave it another day.

Sec told R: You want to find your daughter first. I hear someone who is singing. Follow the song.

By doing that, R could find his daughter. She was hiding under a pew, closing her eyes to listen to the Cetra guy, who was hooded and kneeling in the middle of the church, singing a magic song.

P4: What should we do now…

R quickly approached the Cetra guy and kicked him lying under the floor. His daughter woke up and began to cry. R ran to her. “It’s me,” he tried to soothe her, “Your daddy here.”

The daughter stopped crying when realizing R’s voice. She hugged him so tight. After that, R told P1: Do me a favor, 1. Take her out of here,” He nodded toward the Cetra guy: “Whatever you do, don’t make any sounds to get that guy to go crazy.”

P1: What about you, boss?

R: Don’t worry. I and P4 will care about his bomb while Sec helps him calm down. She will interpret it if he wants to talk to me about something.

P1: Okay, but why are you sure he doesn't calm down?

R: Because I've just kicked him to let him stop singing. The bomb won’t move to other places inside his body, and my work will go easy.

P1: Got it! I just thought you did that due to hating him.

After P1 took R’s daughter out of the church, Sec told him: You should have told me to ask him to stop. No need to kick him.

R told her: You know what? 1 was right. I really hate that guy.

Sec: I see that man has just helped your daughter keep calm. It would be best if you respect him.

R: Yeah, but… who knows his magic song can do another bad thing for my daughter, like possessing her.

Sec quickly touched R right before he turned to see his daughter. She said: I need you… to say sorry to him, sir.

R: What?

Sec: You are so selfish and arrogant. Perhaps they have attacked your family before, but… take a look at one of them. His action of calming your daughter really looks like the last Cetra who saved the whole planet far years ago. So, you have to apologize to him right now.

R: I see you have just judged me. I thought you were a Christian.

Sec rolled down her sleeves while saying: Who tells you I am a Christian, huh?

P4: Okay, guys, guys! Time’s ticking. We must hurry up, right now!

R looked at Sec for a while, he said: Right, but first, please take off your earphone while we are doing the mission. Okay?

Sec smiled: Nope. I can listen to you by taking only one of my earphones. I’m nervous, so I need to listen to some music. Sorry.

“What a girl!” R told himself, then turned to the Cetra guy and touched him, but the Cetra guy quickly stayed back, trembling with apprehension. R bent down near that guy and said: I’m sorry… for kicking you.

Sec translated R’s word to the Cetra guy, but he just kept silent. R turned to see her. She told him: Never mind, it doesn't matter.

P4: I have done preparing all the tools here. Now I need to take that guy’s hood off. I will do it.

While touching the hood, P4 stopped. Sec asked him: Are you okay, buddy?

P4: This is my first time seeing an extinct man in the flesh. Not a robot or a performer.

R: I understand. Please don't imagine the tick-tock sound too much.

I’m okay. I feel how people out there are feeling. They finally met one more Cetra person after all those years. But… instead of another Christian flower girl, that guy is a man who swallowed a tiny bomb that can blow the church off. Don’t you see everything happening here that never changes? I mean… this city still gets full of the strangest things…

R: Keep your eyes on the mission, please.

P4: Sorry, boss. Ah, I wanna ask. Besides Aerith, I haven’t known any other Cetra yet. Do they ever have some… black people?

Both R and Sec shouted at him: Come on! Would you hurry?

P4: Okay, fine, fine! My stupid question…

He slowly removed the hood covering the Cetra guy’s head, then screamed out, making R and Sec start.

“Sorry for screaming out,” P4 smiled, “He’s not black”. Seeing that R and Sec looked at him angrily, P4 quickly returned to the monitor and was silent.

The Cetra guy took a look at R’s team. R crouched near him. R said: Guess this isn’t a good way back home, huh? What’s your name?

Sec translated R’s words to him. He was still silent. R kept talking: Actually, I want to kill all of you because you always put my family in danger, but everyone in this city really likes you. They want me to help you to live. So...

R grabbed the Cetra guy and made a voice deep: …I will save your ass due to them, but all you need to do is let me not lose my mind while helping you. Understood?

After Sec had translated, the Cetra guy just looked straight into R. Felt uncomfortable, R asked Sec: Hey, are you sure you can solve? Because I don’t see that he can understand what I was saying…

Suddenly, the Cetra guy said something. R turned his head to look at Sec. She cleared her throat with a cough and said, "He said… you guys have a lot of problems, don’t you?”

Still grabbing the Cetra guy’s collar, R turned his head to the Cetra guy and saw that he was smiling and friendly. R sighed and relinquished his hand, then said: Okay. I will make it quick. Hope this guy feels comfortable.

R held a knife to prepare to do surgery. Suddenly, the Cetra guy grabbed R’s hand and said something. Seeing that R was putting his other hand to the gun on his belt, Sec quickly translated: He feels sad. By reading your memory with his magic, he knew no one in this city understood his language, though Aerith had done everything for them. He... sorry for accessing your memory without your permission.

R looked straight at the Cetra guy’s eyes for a while, then asked P4: Have you seen it yet?

P4: Yes, sir. Concussion ordnance. You must avoid punching him, or this place will become a remnant.

After Sec finished translating for the Cetra guy, R told him: Hear that? Unless you wanna die, you have to make me pleasure. Fortunately, I do know how to defuse this bomb, but I won’t do it right now until you give me some information…

P4: Are you crazy? We don’t have time to play with him. The more time the weapon sticks inside his chest, the more pain he will feel in his mind, like dyspnea.

R didn’t listen to him and asked Sec: You with me?

Sec thought for a while, then replied: I don’t know how many Cetra’s words I can understand, but I’ll help you with all my best.

R: Right, my question is so simple:

(1) Where are the others?

(2) Who did this to you?

(3) Why are you here, Jenova defeater?

P4: Hey, boss. Remember to ask him so simple as you said, or we are all blown up.

R thought to himself: I should ask him a question that he has experienced recently. So he won’t be stubborn and feel a kind of caress.

After listening to Sec’s translation, Cetra guy said then Sec: He had given himself up to the government in our country, but instead of bringing him to the HQ, an agent in the army forced him to swallow the bomb and then threw him to here.

After listening to that, R turned to look at Sec. She said: Hey, it wasn’t me. You do know I am on vacation, right?

P4: Yep. I trust her. She was even with us all the time.

From the room, Mr. Ambassador told G after he had watched that scene: I think you should keep your eyes on your men.

G: Sadly! I never imagined they would harm a significant city like Midgar one day.

“Gentlemen,” Materia said, “I think I know that agent, a person who arranged some fake Cetra to lying us.”

“Really?” Mr. Minister asked.

“Yes,” she turned to look straight into his eyes, “Those fake are Androids. Only agents of Cid Lufaine could control them before my husband replaced him. It means… that agent is very close to both”

Mr. Ambassador: Do you think Cid is a man who did all of this?

Materia: Not really, sir. He has been killed, waiting for revival…

Suddenly, many noises appeared, making people in the room couldn't hear everything in the church. Mr. Minister ordered them to soldiers fix it. “I want to go to the toilet,” G told people, then he quickly left before Materia asked him. Mr. Ambassador told her: Maybe you should check him out. I don’t see anything good.

Materia hesitated. He kept talking to her: I will take care of the church. Go.

Materia came to the toilet. She intended to knock on the door but stopped when listening to G talking himself. “Lend me your strength…” G said, “No, I want to be back… avenge them!” She opened the door slightly, seeing G smiling from ear to ear while looking at himself in the glass. “Okay then… Let’s finish this”. His eyes were bright. Materia was afraid…

In the church, The Cetra guy kept talking. Sec translated: Before the time of Queen Aerith far, far years earlier, Ultimecia was the first prophet by connecting her knowledge of both magic and science while searching for Crystal's power about controlling time. She knew about Cetra's doom and tried to convince people about that, but no use. So she decided to travel to the future to stop that with some volunteer soldiers she could believe.

P4: Yeah! I know that event. They all disappeared in the Rift. People thought they had been dead, then Ultimecia's achievement was resumed to train other prophets, like Fleuret House of Tenebrae...

R: Stop talking and keep watching the monitor. All right?!

The Cetra guy: From the Rift, we all traveled to the time of Queen Aerith, who had been old, to warn her about the disaster. We know when it will happen but do not know who did it or where it happened. The first time the Queen didn’t want to meet us because Ultimecia’s eyes lost green, showing that she wasn’t Ancient blood anymore. That results from using big and dark magic to search the time for a very long time...

P4: Making beauty again and reviving are also dark magics. They aren't big things but will make the user also lose something if used for a long time... Funny! Queen Aerith had both of them to make her become the most dangerous sorceress in the world, but she refused Utimecia because of using dark magic too... Hey! I'm still keeping my eyes on the monitor. Okay!

The Cetra guy: ...Ultimecia never gave up. She decided to join the war of Cetra between Humans to earn the Queen's belief. From the war, we know that Android was the origin of the disaster. Once again, Ultimecia tried to meet Queen Aerith. She finally listened to us and agreed to our plans with one condition: the Cetra must control the Android because she believed that destroying all the Android wasn’t a good way. "Hate cannot drive out hate". The best way was to create to them a kind of love. Since then, we have planned to build a moonbase for this.

P4: I can be sure her “love” is a radical idea. Hehe!

R: And they did it. By defeating the Humans, they got Cid of Lufaine to serve them. They got all Androids, even Jenova, but failed to give love to her, and the next part became the story that we’ve all known.

After hearing Sec’s translation, the Cetra guy: Like the Queen, Ultimecia wants the Cetra will be great. But after everything happened on the moonbase, she decided that the Cetra nation would be great again under her hand, even if it would not bring peace to this planet.

R: What happened on the moonbase?

The Cetra guy smiled, then suddenly talked in non-Cetra language: We killed that man, who is now General in this timeline, after stabbing our Aerith in the church. People on the planet called him the Queen Slayer. We should have finished him and his family smoothly because he couldn’t go to the promised land with his sin while his vengeance was too big. That… made him turn into a ghost to hunt and haunt us all the time, all the lands until the moonbase lost its safe. And Jenova could escape…

Sec put her hand on her mouth. R surprised: Why didn’t you tell me my language from the start? We could have saved time.

The Cetra guy directed his eyes to Sec’s earphones. He said: Because we are being watched… They don't know I can understand you guys’ language, so they talk with each other without taking any precautions. I have used my mind to access their conversation through that thing on her ears.

R looked at Sec. She hesitated for a while, then took off her earphone. The Cetra guy: Don’t worry about the bomb inside me. My magic can constrain it to make its ticking time slow but not too long. I am weak…

P4 was interested in the Cetra guy who could speak the language fluently. He said: Sorry. I have a question. How could General turn into a ghost to haunt you and the others? Your magic ability is outstanding, but you couldn’t stop a dead Humans soldier from walking?!

The Cetra guy: We were sure another ghost, a dead warrior, enabled him. That man was very similar to us, but we believed he wasn't a Cetra because he was too cruel, no-heart, and… always smiled whenever fighting us.

Sec whispered: Smiling… a manifestation of Jenova pandemic.

The Cetra guy lowered his head: But we never had a chance defeating him. He was just a mad dog used by Jenova. After escaping the moonbase, we had to chase her through the Lifestream outside the planet. Stopping her in the past, but too late to save all people. None of us wanted to return to our home because our future hadn’t been held yet. So we all stayed there to restore our nation but had no hope. At that time, I could be sure the Queen Aerith timeline had gone entirely.

He started to cry while saying: Like the Queen, Ultimecia wasn’t also an evil sorceress. While living with our people in this timeline, she wanted to be a mother. We all agreed that she would marry our captain, but the ghost from Jenova still haunted our place, killing her child when he played with her husband. He died in his father’s arms while we all thought we had found a way to cure people. We couldn't forget the time she cried for help though she is a medic wizard in our team. She could make the health regeneration for everyone but not her son.

Cetra guy’s words reminded R of Queen Aerith’s baby lost scene. Seeing that the Cetra guy was crying, P4 told him: Boss, focus on the tick-tock time.

R: Don’t worry. I’m still working on it.

The Cetra’s guy kept talking while R checked his blood vessel: …When standing before the kid’s crematory, her husband promised her that the cure again from the Jenova pandemic was almost completed, then they would have another strong baby. But she didn’t want to have a baby with him anymore. She decided to achieve time compression to destroy the root of Jenova and anyone harming our nation. Then she will complete one thing Aerith had done: rule over the world under the hand of the Ancients…

P4 told R: I found it! The bomb… He is talking too much, losing control of it. We must hurry!

R told the Cetra guy whose face went white, “You could have read my mind to answer all my questions, but you didn’t do that. Thank you, buddy, though I haven’t known who did this to you yet. Now the time’s up. I need to save you first.”

R put the aspiration tray in the Cetra guy’s mouth. Waiting for the anesthetic, R then held the knife. Suddenly, the Cetra guy grabbed R’s hand, which was holding the knife. “No,” Sec told R when seeing that R put his other hand on his gun hanging in the belt.

“The Crystal never belongs to Lucis in every timeline,” the Cetra guy whispered, “They took it from us, even in this timeline. So they can’t understand its power, leading to many tragedies… Noctis would have been sacrificed if the Queen Slayer had not appeared to help…”

After the Cetra guy completely slipped into unconsciousness, R looked around his team. Then R started to work

P6 was sitting on a limousine. The HIA guy sat face-to-face with him. He said: Don’t worry, sir. This car is designed to stop all kinds of attacks. No need to fear that you'll become another poor Midgar bomb squad.

P6 smiled ironically: I know. The only thing I am fearing is that you chose this car.

HIA guy tried to swallow his rage. He continued to say: The WRO is complaining that you usually drop in at Seventh Heaven model house to talk to a robot whenever you come to this city. From the report of the tourists and staff there, they consider you have problems in mental.

P6 smiled: Do you think so?

HIA guy leaned forward to look at P6’s eyes. He said: Tifa Lockhart is always one of the best models for attracting tourists from around the planet. She had done well to keep people’s eyes on her to hide the rebels under her place, and now she continued to do that duty to keep all the secrets in this city. Since the reactors were destroyed and WRO never tried to rebuild them to exploit the Lifestream, they chose the entertainment industry to replace it. Now people can enjoy all the women’s beauty in many forms: a flower girl, a bartender, a rebel, a Lieutenant, a thief, and next will be… a Queen. Hehe!

P6: Do you miss anyone?

HIA guy: Who?

P6: About the women here.

HIA guy: Oh… I see. No. I think that’s all.

P6: Okay. So I hope you will be dead by miss anyone.

HIA guy: Why did you say that?

P6: That is one of my father’s quotes. He told me not to miss anyone, especially the women because they would bite me someday. Now please do not talk about this anymore. Okay, man?

Looking outside from the window, P6 saw an abandoned house. He asked HIA guy: What is that?

HIA guy: That house used to be a school for teaching the Cetra language to local children. Mr. Strife funded it until he disappeared. People feared that his disappearance might be connected with the last Cetra since he never got out of his memory about her. So, they decided not to send their children to that location anymore. The school was closed but not torn down because the WRO government wanted to maintain the last Cetra’s reputation.

P6: Sad story. My son had everything for his own: becoming a national hero and getting a beautiful woman. Why does he never get a happy ending?

HIA guy: People who lack all things still feel happy, while those who get full of things still feel unhappy. Life is a joke, sir…

P6: And Aerith. She had saved them twice. They shouldn't have abandoned the school.

HIA guy: I thought you said we shouldn't talk about any women here.

He then took a little notebook out of his pocket. Holding it up to P6, he said: I got it from the bridge where the Cetra guy was thrown to the church. This thing has answered my question all those years. Now I understand why General never wants you to contact Mr. Strife. Imagine that people here know their national hero has a family who gets responsible for genocide. They will feel more sympathy for his woman, Aerith, and hate him. I can see people start to empathize with her fellow man in the church right now.

P6 quickly took the notebook, but HIA guy countered it. “Ah-ah,” he told P6, “Be careful! This book has full of magic. Touch it, then, if you’re lucky, your mind will be thrown into the past to see your son with his mother's images. But if you aren’t lucky, you might be thrown into a different past where his lover’s nation was the suzerainty of this world. You don’t know their language, right? You will be dead. Got it?

P6: What do you want from me, soldier?

Putting the book back in his pocket, the HIA guy said: I want you to give me all information about Mr. Shinra President from General. Don’t worry. I don’t need it now since I heard your father hit you in the hospital.

P6: What exactly do you need from the information about that old man?

The HIA guy: Mr. Shinra President could get almost everything he wanted before dead, except one thing: become another Cid of the Lufaine. I need it for myself.

P6: Sorry, man. Your request is beyond our power. If that old man couldn't do it, my father is either.

HIA guy: Your father could take over all the Androids from Cid. So don’t tell me he can’t.

P6: But why Cid of the Lufaine? He’s a mysterious old man who can do something weird, like making a God while you’re a standard officer who has just been promoted to an agent.

HIA guy: Because your father and he had fought each other against the Cetra from the previous timeline.

Seeing that P6 was silent, HIA guy kept saying: From the book, I know other exciting things. Do you know about Ultimecia?

P6: Never heard about that person.

HIA guy: She is a sorceress and a scientist who tried to create a kind of power named time compression, but her work was buried with her disappearance. Cid of the Lufaine is a master of science in Humans. He always wants to reach the level of God, so he cares about that power. He has deleted all information about Ultimecia’s origin, only leaving some very basics, so no one could use the magic of the Cetra to learn it. After many of trying… he did it to become a Narrator. He then helped your father and some people move all their memory from the previous timeline to this timeline to become... the Council. He did it because your father had helped him before.

P6: How did they know each other?

HIA guy: It was about a priestess named Pythia. Your father really has the ability of lady-killer as in the legend of House of Wolves. But he only liked her... after he had lost all his family, including you and Materia, at the hand of Queen Aerith's soldiers.

P6: What are you talking about? My parent and I were dead in the previous timeline?!

HIA guy: Yes. They all died because your father had killed Aerith to become the Queen Slayer. He was turned into a ghost, so he let her come to Cid...

P6: Wait! About the fighting with the Cetra Queen, I heard that many times. My father won as a hero. My mother and I used to perform his fight when I was a kid.

HIA guy laughed so hard: No, no, no, sir. Your father wasn’t a hero. He was a bastard. Actually, he had broken the rule of the game during the first arena battle of Dissidia in that church...

P6 stormed to the HIA guy and pressed him down. The HIA guy quickly said: I can break the magic of this book. So I can give you all details inside… But I have also copied the book's content, so you may not touch me unless you want me to publish them.

P6 retook the calm and then stayed back. Readjusting the collar, HIA guy told P6: How’s funny! Your father beat you before many people, but you still protect him, huh?!

P6: He was right. I’ve messed up all things. I shouldn’t have returned to the past. Now the whole Shinra timeline may be changed. Then many people here will be died by me.

HIA guy: Don't blame yourself. As I said, Mr. President Shinra wanted to become Cid to create Deities for his company. But he preferred Goddess to God. His ambition will harm the planet. So Sephiroth killed him. I don’t know if Cid could know about the purpose of President Shinra and then let Jenova control Sephiroth to do that or not. But I do know Sephiroth chose to destroy his timeline with a meteorite, so no one on the planet knew about the power of the Crystal except him. Then he will transfer his memory to him in a remake timeline to rule over the planet. But his plan was stopped by your son, who then had to deal with Sephiroth’s memory inside him. That... made him connect to the Crystal. Then I believe we have seen him in an arena during the Dissidia operation... Oh, well! General knows his grandchild won't stop to save Aerith, so he always wants to kill him. How tragedy! Maybe your travel recently has changed something to help your son. Hope this will help you feel better.

P6 still kept silent. HIA guy: So that I’ve said your father is a bastard. He is not brave enough to face his grandchild and tell the truth. But I know he has to choose two things for his life: his little Cloud or a nation who brought death to you and his lover.

The driver: Sir. It’s P3. He’s calling.

HIA guy took the phone.

P3: It’s getting cold. Your men always talk and talk, making me bored. Where the hell are you?

HIA guy: Calm down! Y'all get around here, don’t you?! So why the shortcut you showed me making this tip is longer than expected?

P3: I don’t know. Anything can be changed after all those years. Ah! Forget it. I and P2 are still waiting from the outside. From here, I can see many helicopters flying around the church. Is everything still okay?

HIA guy: Your boss is taking care of it. So far, so good.

P3: It’s better that building should stand still. P2 told me not people but robots in the city were acting really strange.

HIA guy: How could he know?

P3: He listened to a conversation in the Seventh Heaven. A guy put a wire to Tifa's body because someone told him not to press a button in her head to shut down. But when he was playing its remote, that robot shook like hell. She can't stop looking at the church location…

HIA guy: I got it. I thought you guys must listen to the conversation in the church?!

P3: Yes. But that Cetra guy has shut down the signal with his magic. P2 is trying to reconnect it. Now we have all the signals from every conversation in the city. Got it?

HIA guy: Okay. Let's stay on mission. We have a lot of work to do.

After finishing the call, he told P6: I think you shouldn’t team up with those guys who look like bad company. Right! I hope you consider my request.

He felt angry when P6 just kept silent: Hey! What’s wrong with you, sir? My eyes are here, not above…

“LOOK OUT!” P6 screamed when he saw a red dot on the HIA guy’s forehead. The glass window was broken, then the HIA guy’s blood spat out before P6 could push him away. “KEEP DRIVING!” he ordered the driver. But the driver was hit. /P6 leaned over to get the wheel/. The car careened off the road and plunged into a river.

P6 tried to take as much air into his lung before all water flooded inside the car. /He swam to the HIA guy’s body to take the book/ After that, /he escaped the car/, but a bullet grazed him. P6 recognized the sniper was still there. So /he tried to save the air inside his lung, waiting/. A signal appeared above the water when he nearly lost all the air. Recognizing that meant safe, /P6 tried to swim to the surface/.

Sitting on the shore, P6 looked at the book. He really wanted to get inside it. Looking at the church far from his distance, he prayed, "Dear God, I want to know what exactly happened when my father with my grandfather Denzel fought against Aerith the Tyrant Queen. Please do not throw me among the bloody Cetra," then touched on the book…

“Holy sh*t, I’m inside my son,” he talked to himself, “now I am really a player.”

From Cloud’s vision, he saw an old, sick woman lying on the bed. The room had full of flowers and pictures.

“You don’t need to come here, Mr. Strife,” the old woman said. She coughed, holding an aspiration tray in her hand.

P6 couldn't control Cloud. He only witnessed everything from his son’s vision.

Cloud: Mrs. Gainsborough… How long have you been ill?

Elmyr: Don’t worry. I'm just old, prepared for death.

Cloud: Let me keep paying for you. Home care services, medicines, food… everything you want.

Elmyr smiled: No, Mr. Strife. You helped me to put some flowers in the Forgotten Capital. That’s enough. I don’t want anything from you.

Cloud: You need people. You’ve been alone in your house too long.

Elmyr coughed. She tried to say: I'm…okay. The old people… should be alone… to not annoy everyone.

Cloud took a cup of water and gave it to Elmyr. After drinking it, Elmyr said: Thank you, Mr. Strife. Besides you, Ms. Lockhart often comes here. She cares about all the flowers here… Ah! People said both of you are preparing for the wedding. Is that true?

Cloud nodded. Elmyr smiled: Congratulations! Since when have you decided to live with each other?

Looking at the sky outside the window, Cloud said: That time's a night full of stars. We sat on the tower in our hometown. Together, we remembered our memories. She sang a song that nothing better than home, though, had come to all places on this planet. Then, she looked at a tiny box on my chest and asked about it. That time, I decided to ask her to marry me.

Elmyr: So sweet! I'm happy for you guys. Don't bother what others say. You guys are the best couple I’ve ever known in this world.

Cloud scratched his head: Thank you, Mrs. Gainsborough. Actually. She accepted me because I promised her not to be sad about Aerith anymore.

Elmyr’s smile slowly faded. She turned his head away, then said: I know you've told them. Now all people here always talk about my daughter as a heroine. She's loved so much. I believe she will feel happy on the other side...

Suddenly, Elmyr cried. She said: I’m sorry, Mr. Strife. I just remember my daughter so much… I am dotage. I don’t want you and Tifa bored. Please forget anything I just said!

Cloud/P6 just looked at her crying without saying.

The Queen Slayer:

Someone touched the book, making P6 return to reality. After regaining his senses, he saw Doc standing there, still wearing the floral pants and holding a wooden fishing rod.

P6: I’m not a fish, and it’s too late to go fishing, old man.

Doc: Actually, I'm going fishing tomorrow. But you’ve just damaged this expensive rod.

P6: Why did you say that?

Doc looked at P6 to make sure he was okay, then said: Because I used my rod to save your ass. Your body shook like hell as if you were under loving stimulation.

P6: What?


P6: No, no. I can hear you. I mean… what’s loving stimulation? I don’t get it.

Doc smiled: Sorry. I'm just kidding. The book you opened was cursed. It keeps anyone’s soul inside while their body will look like being addicted. You need someone outside to get you back like I have just done to you or someone to go with you inside to remind together to maintain consciousness until the time’s up and we can get out. However, few people who use this book alone could be inside it for a long moment and then move back their souls like you. You should have died, my young friend.

Feeling bullsh*t, P6 went away, but an invisible wall stopped him. He asked Doc: What have you done, old man?

Doc pointed at some WRO soldier moving around. He said: They can’t see and hear us. I am afraid that the assassin is still around here. It will be dangerous if I let you go now. So please stay here until the situation gets back to normal.

P6: What? No. I have no time. I need to go back to the church. R and his team may be the following targets of the assassin.

Doc: They are getting into trouble with the Cetra guy. Too many people there so that the assassin won’t do anything. Even WRO will stop anyone who tries to go inside the church right now.

P6 tried to keep calm. He sat down, breathed slowly, and said: Okay. I believe you. We will wait.

Looking at the book, P6 asked Doc: You told me I should have died because of connecting to this book by myself for a long moment. Why could I survive?

Doc: Since I was your doctor, I knew you used to draw nasty pictures in your diary. Right? It means you have a good memory with imagination, enough to extend your life after opening that book.

Doc’s words made P6 remember the image of Cetra’s mother burned along with her unborn child. Feeling a headache, he quickly said: Enough! I don’t want you to talk about that time.

Doc: I still feel proud when you have overcome that terrible memory. There are only a few people who can do it.

P6: Honestly, I can't do it alone without Sec’s help.

Doc sat beside P6. He said: I know. Only love can make you back to your life in the ordinary.

P6 turned his head away. He said: Actually… I wasn't a man who pressed the button. That was a Turk boy who came with me. I felt a little fear… because I saw too many Cetra people under the slope, so he wanted to give me a hand to finish them once and for all. We laughed. I loved the way he could correctly kill so many enemies using napalm missiles. It looked like playing a video game in the easy mode because they only ran and ran when we rained the missiles on their heads.

Doc tried not to feel sick while P6 kept saying: After that, we searched the site where many Cetra people’s bodies were burning. When stepping on a medical camp, we saw a woman lying on her bed with a man holding a baby. Her hand was reaching the baby… We couldn’t understand why her umbilical cord connecting to the baby was still intact though all of them were burned down. After that, the Turk man who shot the missiles suffered from depression. To help him, I told him about the sins of the Cetra that my father used to tell me when I was a kid. He really loved the part of my father fighting against the Tyrant Queen. Although he never witnessed all those stories, he could depend on them to feel better.

Looking at the church, P6 said: On the way of getting out of the Forgotten Capital, we faced too many Cetra soldiers. They didn’t equip themselves well but were very courageous. We didn’t know why we had to fight against them, but we were still rushed to kill as many of them as possible. The Turk boy volunteered to stay there to pin them back. We thought we had finally escaped after getting on the heli. But one of their summoned creatures attacked us again, and the heli was down… I can’t remember how I fought to survive, but I only know Scarlet came to take me home. My mind was returned when she touched my gun. I saw myself sitting on a mound of dead bodies at that time.

Doc: Wow! I don't remember you talking to me about your story in detail like that before.

P6: I was sick of my father since he gave me that mission for me. After the day in the Forgotten Capital, he wanted me to go home here immediately, but Mr. President Shira gave me one more mission, then he would keep all my appearance secret in his timeline. He told me my previous task wasn't completed, and I needed to eliminate a doctor who betrayed him. Since then, I understood why those Cetra tried to attack us in the Capital.

Doc: Okay. I got it. Whatever you did in your last mission, I am sure you have overcome yourself to return to your routine. No need to wait until the day you meet Sec.

P6: No. That doctor still tried to reach his baby lying on Cetra's woman after I had shot him down with a sniping rifle. The way he loved both of them made me remember the burned Cetra woman in the Capital. Scarlet ordered me to shoot at her, but I refused because of the baby in her hand. Then we considered finishing the task when Doctor Hojo, with his men, had taken them away.

Doc: You’ve said… Scarlet ordered you to shoot at that Cetra woman?!

P6: Yes. Why are you asking?

Doc: No. Never mind…

Looking at the book, Doc said: I know this may not be the right time. But I think I can help you with that thing.

P6: You want to “read” it with me, right? I don’t think it’s a good idea because I am not sure you have the true purpose for doing that. Moreover, you don’t know their language. You will be dead if they find out.

Holding two tiny earphones, Doc said: Don’t worry. My purpose is to help you, just like old time. Besides, I have these things.

Giving one to P6, Doc explained: This tool will translate their language automatically while they talk to you and help you speak their language fluently and correctly... I wish I could give it to R in the church.

Putting on the earphone, P6 felt something access his brain and rearrange all his neurons. "Wow!" he said, "I felt I could pass all kinds of language exams. Doctor, are you sure this thing will work?"

Doc: It depends on whether the Cetra dictionary has been sufficient. Personally, I will believe it's adequate since Sec had compiled it.

P6: Okay. If you say so. Sec is a genius girl. She helped me a lot when I was returning to normal. It's such a pity we have broken up.

Doc: If you want, you can go back to her. What about that woman in Nibelheim? You told me very little about her, but you can keep it in your mind if you don't feel okay.

P6: No. But it would be a long story. Since the time is limited, I think you don’t want to listen to it.

Doc looked at the church in the distance. He said: R is gonna help that Cetra guy right now. We don’t have time to go back there to give him a hand anyway. Don’t worry about the time.

P6: Okay, if you say so… My father wanted me to marry a young woman in Caraway House, but I didn’t like that girl. She blamed me for using a kind of magic to attract her though I swear I didn’t do anything. I tried to explain my family’s curse to her, that all women will feel something when they touch me while they have an affection for me, even only a little, but she never believed me.

Doc: I heard that both of you knew each other before, right?

P6: Yes. In her father's house when I was a kid.

Doc: I didn't hear about her anymore since then.

P6: She joined an army group after refusing my engagement ceremony. Since she had heard my story in Nibelheim, she told her father I was a two-timer. That time I knew she loved me, but she couldn't accept the truth that I had left a poor woman very far from the past.

Doc: I understand. Allow me to ask you one more particular question. You had left Claudia because of Mr. President Shinra?

P6: That can be right… After restoring my health in the Shinra military, I went to Nibelheim to meet her. I saw that she had become a different woman: having dress sense and knowing to drink wine… an image of a lovely rural girl completely disappeared. She also neglected to make bread and cake. One night, I caught her intent to smoke. When I stopped her, she told me Mr. President Shinra had changed her. Too angry because of loving her so much, I hit her, making her cry. She ran to that old man's mansion. I saw several half-finished beers and wines on the floor. I drank them all, sinking into all the Forgotten Capital's bad memories. After that, she suddenly appeared before me, drenched to the skin due to the thunderstorm outside. But I didn't care and stormed to her. I hit her again and…and…

P6 closed his eyes to try to stop his tear. "And you force her!?" Doc whispered.

"Oh! What a word!" P6 opened his eyes and laughed at Doc, "No. I just stopped when seeing scars on her back. I asked her if that old man hurt her. She didn't answer me, only told me that after the day I had spent the first night with her, Mr. President Shinra wanted her to approach me every night. If I felt good, he would give her a lot of money. She considered it a deal that would help everyone in her village get free from Shinra. I soon recognized that she didn't love me. She loved the people in her town. But that old man never stopped to get everything he wanted. He wanted Claudia more than all women he got. When I was in the Capital, she felt lonely and was thrown to all that old man's parties. She had to try not to lose herself to that old man's hand.

P6's hand was clenched into fist: After I had hurted Claudia, she ran to that old man's house. She told him she couldn't give him all the good information about me and would return the money. He wouldn't disappoint if she agreed to serve him forever without any conditions. She said no because she had given her heart to me. Feeling angry, that old man let one of his women accuse her of theft. She was hit again but never changed her mind.

Doc smiled: Now I can see why your son was very solid in the battle.

Her story opened up my eyes. So I carried her onto the bed and used the tools from the medic unit to heal her. Then she wanted to spend one more night with me. I… I didn't want to do that since she got hurt. But she said it was okay. Oh! This my fu*cking curse. I wish every woman who felt me would not say that. I can't stop if they invite me to make a night with them.

Doc nodded his head. P6 continued to talk: Then I got a nightmare. I saw my Claudia burning while she was trying to reach her baby. It looked like exactly the image of the Cetra woman in the Capital. Nibelheim is always my second countryside. But she and the villagers weren't safe if I stayed with her while Mr. President Shinra was behind us. So I decided to leave her. I put all the rewards as gold, Mako balls, and money I had received from completing my mission in the Capital. I didn't need all of them. I hoped she would live a better life without the control of that old man.

Doc: I understand. Mr. President Shinra faked your death as sacrificed on the battlefield and published it to everyone. I could imagine Claudia coming to see the body of someone who looked like you. But finally, you still went to that timeline again... for her Cloud.

P6 remembered that day…

Turning up symphonic music on the radio, Dr. Hojo hummed the tune while arranging all his tools. He put a big jar on a shelf named: Subject Ifalna. State: frozen. Knocking on the jar, he talked to himself, "My treasure, my love…" Then he returned to other jars, danced, and closed his eyes to perform himself as an orchestra conductor while imagining all the jars were his musicians. After bathing, Hojo opened the cabinet to take a shampoo named "the scent of silver winds." Right after closing the cabinet glass door, "SH*T!" He nearly screamed out when seeing P6's reflection. From behind, P6 quickly grabbed Hojo and whispered, "Gun."

Hojo took his weapon out of the cabinet and then gave it to P6. After crushing the gun with his magic glove, P6 continued to whisper, "Light."

Hojo turned off the light. P6 whispered again, "Go."

Hojo slowly moved out of the bathroom. P6 followed him like a shadow. A group of Shinra soldiers was watching Hojo's room through the camera. One of them said to their leader: Sir, we can't see and hear anything. The music is too loud. He had turned off the light and looked like he had seen a ghost. Should we switch on the night vision?

The leader focused on the bright white coat which Hojo wore. Seeing that Hojo was moving to the jar, he said: Nah! No need to do that. He will enjoy himself again when playing with one of those things. What a sick man!

Sitting on a table where Ifalna jar was behind, P6 threw a small tool to Hojo and said: Turn it on. It makes only you appear in the camera.

Then he put a microphone on his neck to make the camera mute his voice. Then the light was turned on.

Seeing that P6 was bleeding, Hojo smiled: I thought you were dead… But hey, you don’t look so good, buddy.

P6 laughed scornfully. He pulled the shirt up, baring his wound, which was bound up carefully. “Classic way!” Hojo smiled, “I hope you feel better with my medicines in that cabinet. By the way, where did you get that wound?

P6: In the village. I was looking for a boy named Cloud Strife since I heard he stayed with your people.

Hojo: No way. The village had already been burned down… Why are you looking for a soldier boy? Oh! Don’t tell me you did something in that place, 6.

Trying to be impervious to pain, P6 said: You got that. I want that boy to come with me to the future.

Hojo smiled: Ah! I guess General won’t feel good if he knew you had returned here for your… result. Don’t worry unless you have let the cat out of the bag. So far, I never tell about your family to anyone here. Zip. None.

P6: I know. You are a few of the Shinra still faithful to my father. I can trust you.

Hojo: So what do you want me to do, 6?

P6: Bring my son back.

Hojo raised an eyebrow: That’s all? Do you forget something else?

P6: Bring my son back, please.

Hojo smiled, then pointed at P6’s wound: Okay… But you didn't still answer me about who did it.

P6: There were some HIA men in the village. Before coming to that place, I had discovered others in Midgar. They caught me and then tried to find a way to bring me back to my father. I escaped while they were preparing to meet two Players from the future to consign me.

Hojo: You could escape them easily. I don’t believe it.

P6: Actually, I had messed up a whole square. Only those two men even run after me here. I guess they're waiting me out. But I won't consign myself to them if I haven't saved my son yet.

Hojo: Too bad. I hope you haven’t changed something in the future since then. But I am sure now you can’t take your son with you. He… has already died.

P6 pointed his weapon at Hojo and said: Don't lie to me, Doctor. I saw you ordered your men to bring him out of that room to here. You never get dead bodies home unless Mr. President Shinra wants you to do that because he hasn't known Cloud is my son yet. Do you want to help me or not?

Hojo: Okay. Because he had died a moment, we can’t use something like the magic of the Phoenix to get him back, but…

Hojo quickly raised his hand when P5 loaded the gun: …but we still have one way. Could be dangerous. No useful.

P6: Good. Why don’t we try it now?

Hojo: I am still working on it. Even your son isn't willing to accept its ready. I’ve tried many times to make a perfect one from it. Your son develops almost identical skills to that, but the spirit, huh? No!

P6 shot a jar behind Hojo. Keeping silent, Hojo waited for the soldiers, but no one came. “You are so talkative as women. Do you want to help me or not?” P6 repeated.

Hojo: Right! I will do it. Lucky that you haven't just been wrong to this jar.

Then he turned back to step to take a jar. Holding it up to advertise to P6, he smiled: This…is…a good one.

He put it in a briefcase. “Follow me, major,” he told P6.

Hojo introduced P6 about S-cells in the jar until both stood in the room where Cloud and Zack were in Mako chambers.

Hojo: One more thing, major. We always want to create better soldiers than all General have. They need to have Cetra and Humans cells as well. Your father told us that Cetra must be stopped forever, so he didn't want Mr. President Shinra to return home. I don't know if our boss had a family, but I do know he has long arranged a plan to overthrow your father with all those soldiers. It means... he will be a God while my child and Ifalna's daughter are Adam and Eva. Both of them will lead all the new Cetra to rule over the world from the promised land, come and destroy all the seeds of House Fenrir by order of God. Wow! I can't wait. Oh! I can't imagine what I will become to serve him.

P6 just looked at Hojo, whose mind was flying in the sky. He told Hojo: You will never become a God. Sorry, Doctor.

Hojo: Watch your mouth, major! I am showing my faithfulness to your father by telling you the truth. People in this company don't like me. Perhaps that old man will leave me for death if his purpose is completed. It would be no good for me if your family was destroyed.

P6 pointed his weapon at Hojo again: I start to feel not like you, Doctor.

"Okay, fine!" Hojo raised his hand, "No more talking."

After passing the cells to Cloud, P6 waited with a bated breath for the result. After a moment, nothing changed.

P6: Hey, Doctor. I think it won’t work…

Suddenly, a glare appeared from Cloud. P6 had to cover his face with his hand. Then he saw Cloud was moving his body slowly. P6 was happy: See. Your theory is correct. My son never weak…

P6 quickly turned to see Hojo, who had already worn a gas mask. A remote control was held in Hojo’s hand. “Here. Another lesson for you,” he threw it to P6. Seeing the word: CW-a mental anesthetic, P6 quickly put his hand on his nose while pointing the weapon at Hojo, but he couldn’t move his body. “You bastard…”

After P6 had fallen, Hojo stepped to him, taking off his glove and weapon. Wearing the glove, Hojo destroyed P6’s weapon, “Sorry, major. It was never personal. But you destroyed my weapon first. Making me lose a whole night time to save your son’s ass. I think I have to use this last weapon to take everything back from you. So fair, huh?!”

While checking P6’s eyes by the torch, Hojo kept saying: “I forgot to tell you…After absorbing the cells, your son may not retain his own. He’s basically a blank slate. The Mako will make him get something like… brain damage if he doesn’t have luck. Understood?

P6’s body trembled. Hojo smiled: Don’t look at me like that. You only told me to bring him back but did not tell me to bring him back to normal. That’s why I’ve asked you. Don’t worry. He is already not clever when out of the womb, just like you. At least he will be honored to be a slave of my Sephiroth.

P6: Why…?

Hojo: General also told us the Cetra had once ruled over the world, and people didn't feel good at that time like nowadays. I am curious. If the Avalanche hates us for hurting the whole planet in this timeline, what kind of things made the Cetra hated in that timeline? Let me guess… They wanted to prove themselves as master race.

Because of the poison, P6 couldn't speak. Hojo moved to his computer to control the two chambers. He said: I don't blame them since they protect the Lifestream resource. As a master race, they made everyone respect them and never touched their infinite resource anymore. But it would be ridiculous if we said that they never built the camps to force people there. I've read some secret documents. They did it to get more labor for the resource, especially for some experiments, making a Shinra for themselves. I'm surprised they could make a company even more enormous than here. Do you know what it means? If people here hate us because we aroused loathing and contempt, people there hate the Cetra because they aroused loathing and… fear.

Right after that, Hojo finished his work on the computer. Waiting for the gas to be completely gone, he moved to P6, took off his gas mask then put it on P6's face. He said: All those documents confirm my calculation that there is a promised land, and they are trying to hide it. My men have followed Ifalna's daughter for a long time. I can imagine all Cetra people were like her. Whether it was because of Jenova, or the war, they turned to evil. So sad! I suppose a lovely girl like her shouldn't witness those days. We either die heroes or live long enough to see ourselves become villains, but God shouldn't bring a lovely race to hell like that.

Putting the glasses back on his face, Hojo stepped to the alarm, saying: You see. I am a faithful man. I will keep all your family’s secrets to the grave. Your son’s life is saved today, but not another day if I meet him again. I have a lot of things that I haven’t used yet. So all of you shouldn’t bother me one more time. Remember that.

After pressing the alarm, some Shinra soldiers entered the room. “He’s a robber. Hand him over to police officers outside. Make sure his gas mask is not to be removed until that time.”

"Now, can we begin to read this magic book?" Doc told P6. He nodded. After reopening the book, Doc and P6 returned to the Cetra Council. All of the people were still standing up. Two Cetra warriors arrived and roared: Everyone's attention! Here comes the Queen!

The Cetra man who talked to P6 said: They're Quensglaives.

P6 felt happy. Now he could understand the Cetra language. He turned to look at that man and said: Yes. I can see they're huge.

The Cetra man nodded. Another man on the right of P6 said: Don't halloo until you are out of the wood. Remember, we haven't discussed the Queen about our situation yet.

P6 looked at that man and said: Doc? Is that you?

The Cetra man on the right kicked P6's legs and whispered: Keep your voice down! We are inside these guys' minds. Do nothing stupid.

P6 understood. The two Cetra Quensglaives stepped to the sides. A woman appeared behind them. P6 couldn't see her face because a hood covered her head. She slowly stepped to the chair but had not sat yet. "Welcome back, Your Majesty," a Cetra man talked to her.

She took off the hood. P6 recognized she was Aerith. "What the fu*ck is that? How?" He thought to himself.

Aerith's face appeared with several blood stains. She waved her hand. All the people immediately sat down. Aerith yanked a necklace that hung some dog tags, drew a sword, and then threw them on the table. The sword stuck straight up among dog tags. All people began to recite incantations. Doc told P6: Do what they're doing. We will go to all her victims named in those things.

“Her victims?!” P6 felt surprised, but he and Doc were quickly transferred to another place. They stood on a hill with Quensglaives. From far their distance, some men were attacking Aerith under the slope. “Sir, more and more Humans soldiers are out of the camp to get our Queen,” a Quensglaive said, “Should we cover her now?”

The captain said, “No need to do that. The Queen had an order. She wants to get them down for everything they have done to the palace maid by herself. This is also a good time for our Queen to practice again after a long time of no fight.”

The Humans even called some flying ships to attack Aerith, but she could use her magic to shoot them down while using a sword taken from a Human soldier to fight against the others. Every time they used guns, her magic shield controlled all their bullets which were shot out and sent back. Her ribbon turned into a Pod drone to eliminate all who attacked her from a far distance.

After a few moments, the Humans fortified camp was destroyed. A soldier man felt terrified when seeing Aerith stab the sword through his teammate’s mouth. He quickly shot at Aerith when she slowly stepped to him, but his gun was detached by magic and dropped on the ground like rotten branches.

“Queen Cetra, please show mercy!” he begged her.

"Mercy, huh?" Aerith ground her teeth. Her green eyes brightened like hell, "Why didn't you show mercy to my maid? Forced her as stepping on a flower."

P6 turned his head to whisper to Doc: With all my respect. This flower girl is so strange. I don’t know her.

The captain: Okay, everyone. The area is clear. The Queen has a new order. Regroup on her.

All Quensglaives moved to the fortified camp. The Humans prisoners were brought in front of Aerith. “Captain, come here!” She ordered.

Captain: Your Majesty!

Suddenly, the sky was dark. Lifting the head, P6 saw many flying creatures led by a giant dragon. “That Volvados. Her summoning creature,” Doc whispered to P6.

Aerith told the captain: Tell me. What punishment shall be given to the forcing crime?

The Captain: A felony never appeared in our world. As Lifestream's protectors, we must not let it happen again. Of course, you may consider the convention on extradition, Your Majesty.

Aerith: You know me, captain. Bring their favor weapon over here!

A Cetra soldier brought her a rifle. Raising it to admire, Aerith said: A classical weapon made by an old soldier who wanted his men to survive until the war's end. Very beautiful. Sadly it now becomes the angel killer…

Still looking at the rifle, Aerith held her finger up to stop one Humans prison talk: Don't lie to me. I've read all your minds. You have no marriage, no children. And don't waste your words begging me because you all have sinned. You will not go to the promised land. But don't worry. I will compensate your mothers and fathers after this war’s end.

The Humans prisoner cried: Don’t do that. We all have been conscious of our guilt. Please take us to court.

Aerith turned his head to see that man and said: Court, huh? I am the court.

Then she shot all of them down with the rifle. By the blaze's reflection from the gun, P6 recognized the scald on her face showed up. But her smile made him really scared. After all Humans prisoners had dropped to the ground, Aerith put a flower revived by her magic before to the rifle's muzzle. She said: My dear fellow, I have demanded justice for you. Rest in peace in our promised land.

The captain: The sorceress and her men returned to the capital a few days ago. I think they never give up on meeting you.

Aerith: Bring her to my secret place. Remember not to let my people know about our meeting.

The captain: Respect this! I believe these standard weapons are unsuitable for a Queen like you. We still hold your scepter in the palace. Please come back there. The council is also waiting for your return.

Holding the rifle over her shoulder and wearing the sword on her hip, Aerith walked haughtily among two lines of all the Cetra people standing with her Quensglaives. They all praised her as their heroein. Looking at her from behind, P6 realizes concernedly: Is that a woman my son always cared about?

Doc thought to himself: Someone has said Aerith is the inspiration for all stories. Indeed. She has many faces. God knows what her next step is.

After that, all went back to reality. Aerith talked to all people in her council: See that. Now I need every Cetra soldier can fight the same as me when they attack their camps. We shouldn’t retreat and run anymore. Do you agree with this, my Chancellor?

Mr. Chancellor stood up and said: Your Majesty. You’re right about that. We should fight like you. But the Cetra army has retreated because of obeying my command. As the prime minister of a democratic Cetra government, my team and I planned to make peace overtures every democratic country in Humans.

Aerith looked at him with her angry green eyes. She said: Apparently, your plan has let one of my dearest maids be murdered. I never believed they could penetrate our territory too easily. The royal princess was almost killed in the basement when those Humans soldiers burned my maid’s house. I will never forget that day. This is all a noble and modern nation can do so far, right?

Mr. Chancellor: Please forgive me. Thanks to your leadership, our kingdom has been under peace and prosperity for too long. Since you had abdicated the throne for the democratic Cetra government, our army became weaker due to not being under a true leader, leading to this regrettable incident. We all feel regret about the loss of your loyal maid.

The captain: Your Majesty! I hope you'll pardon me if I speak bluntly. It was all my fault. Because I must follow you every time you and the royal princess cared for the garden of the royal maid, I couldn't protect her in her house. I should have sent more Quensglaives if they weren't busy watching our borderland.

Aerith: It wasn't your fault, my captain. When I was ambushed in the market, you protected me on time, defeating their reinforcement coming behind me. You will be rewarded handsomely.

The captain: I… I can’t take it, Your Majesty.

Aerith: Don't hesitate! My decision has been made.

Mr. Chancellor: Your Majesty. Let me do it for you. But before that, we should care about the royal princess. I believe she has overcome the terrifying thing in her life. Therefore, she should be rewarded as well.

Then he ordered his man to bring a red dress. He said: This dress was created by one of the most famous tailors in Humans. We got it as a gift during peacetime on both sides. I think she deserves to take it. When she’s an adult, her beautiful body will completely suitable with this dress.

The captain: That’s a good idea. I also think the royal princess deserves it. Your Majesty… Your Majesty!

Aerith was focusing on the dress without speaking. P6 whispered Doc: Hey, old man. I believe that thing is attracting her. Can I penetrate her mind to see what she is thinking?

Doc: No. Don't do that. You will be exposed...

P6 did it without listening to Doc. He saw a dim image of a tall, noble old man talking to a man while young Aerith stood behind them, clawing her plait.

The old man: Thank you for training our blitzball team during that time, Mr. Jecht. I believe you will be rewarded handsomely.

Jecht made a gesture with the hand: No, Mr. Vorman. The blitzball team failed, so I haven't completed my duty of helping you break the curse: Rivers may go dry, mountains may wear out. But the Cetra losing the Humans in the blitzball game never changes. So… I can't devise to get anything from you and the Queen.

Vorman: There's a truth that if Knight Manuel hadn't been so arrogant, he wouldn't have been defeated by that merc and his Humans team. Don't hesitate. It wasn’t your fault, Mr. Jecht. You still deserve to take a gift from the Queen…

Vorman turned his head to Aerith. Seeing her still clawing her plait with a vacant look, he angrily hit her hand, saying: Don’t do that again! You’re not a kid anymore.

Aerith told Vorman with her anger: I like the dress Zack gift me. Why have you ordered my Quensglaive to burn it down?

Vorman: Have you no shame of taking that from a Humans man after he had defeated our royal team in front of our people? Think as a leader do, Your Majesty!

Aerith: No. I hate you. I don't like to be a Queen. Why can't I have permission to love anyone I like?

Vorman raised his hand to prepare to give Aerith a thick ear. Jecht quickly said: That’s okay. I might get a gift from you. But I need to think about it.

Vorman suddenly asked: Mr. Jecht, do you have any children?

Mr. Jecht: My wife is pregnant, Mr. Courtier.

Vorman: Good. Then you might prepare to teach your child not to betray you some time.

Mr. Jecht was slightly afraid of Vorman’s green eyes turning to stare at him. He said: Actually… I hope my son will be an excellent blitzball player like me and then gets a good girl, sir.
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Scene: Don't level up Aeris
Vorman: I see. Zanarkand is a land of Blitzball, and your son needs to keep bringing into it. We have many things in common. Always serve our nations to make our people proud.

Jetch: Well, actually, we only need to make people in our country keep loving the sport. To do that, we have to win every time, everywhere. So I guess you also need that for your country.

Vorman smiled: Actually, we have to win… everything.

Jetch: Oh! That’s a hard mission. Sorry for asking you. Your Centran Block is a powerful nation. Why do you need to win everything?

Vorman: We and our allies must protect the Lifestream, but our enemies always want to take that energy at all costs. I need to make them fear. To do that, I have rebuilt a primitive idea. So my people will always fight and die for the kingdom no matter what’s cost.

Jetch: Okay… but I hope you guys don’t let everything come too far. I can see the beauty of your kingdom from your Queen. She is a gift from God to bring peace to the planet, not suffering and war. With all my respect, Mr. Vorman, I believe she will never betray you or her kingdom, but…

Jetch spoke softly to Vorman:… but since I see that the Queen is amiable, everyone will take advantage of her. If you still let her like that, you would need to betray her for your kingdom someday.

Doc put his hand on P6 to pull him out of Aerith’s mind. He saw that Aerith was glancing at him. Then all the Cetra men slowly turned their heads to him and Doc. Their green eyes were bright like hell. P6 quickly grabbed Mr. Chancellor.

“No,” Aerith quickly said right after all Cetra men stood up, “They have been possessed.”

“Don’t move,” P6 said, “Or I will kill him,”

Meanwhile, he whispered to Doc, “Do something!”

Doc took out the book from his pocket. Then he gestured to P6 to step to the window.

The line of Cetra men separated to let Aerith move forward. Taking the scepter in her hand, she said: Hmm… Humans men inside his mind. Good job, since I thought all of them didn’t know to use magic. Who are you?

P6: I can’t believe my son loved a woman like you. All of you shouldn’t have existed.

Doc: No. Shut up. Don’t you see?! This is not a vision. This is real.

Aerith gave a creepy smile: Interesting! You are from a different timeline, huh? I need to catch all of you. Give me that book!

P6: Don’t be dreamed!

Aerith whispered something. Both P6 and Doc’s ears hurt like hell. Their earphones were destroyed. P6 had to push the Cetra man to the crowd, then grabbed Doc to jump out the window. Aerith used magic to catch them in the air. Right before her magic touched the book, Doc quickly used the QTE method to control his and to touch the book. “What’re you doi…” P6 shouted at Doc. They were pushed into an energy stream. P6 was terrified when seeing that Aerith was also inside the stream and tried to catch him and Doc. The three were dropped to a different scene. When Aerith raised the scepter in front of P6, she suddenly stopped, “Cloud…” she looked at him and whispered, “Is that you?” While he didn’t understand what had happened, something attracted her. He turned his eyes to the place where she was looking at…

She witnessed herself lying on her side. A shadow was coming to her. It was Zack with his blade. “No, my lover,” she said, “Please don’t kill me. I’m carrying your child…” But she couldn’t finish talking because dark magic made her voice mute. Then she was pulled on her feet and tied. Zack pointed the chop of his blade to her stomach. Suddenly, someone who looked like Cloud appeared from nowhere and stopped him. P6 felt he was watching a fast-motion scene because he saw that man was defeated and lying beside Aerith. Perspiring and breathless, Zack stepped to Aerith. She begged him to wake up, but he grabbed her hair to show her white neck, then said: I’m sorry. I love you. But I can’t betray my country. I don’t need anything from your race… but your head.

An entity appeared behind Zack and whispered in his ear: Do it. Bring honor to your family. Make them proud!

While raising the blade, Zack suddenly stopped when seeing Aerith’s tears. He cried, then said: No. I will not let IT take my love away from me! Go to hell, fu*cking demon!” Then he slashed down...

Aerith felt her neck full of blood.

But it wasn’t from her.

It was from Zack.

Zack slashed his neck to save her. The dark magic and Zack’s hand let her go, “Protect our …son,” he whispered. His tears dropped to her face.

“Smitten! Coward!” The entity cried and then moved from him to all Queenslaggives. They looked like zombie monsters and prepared to attack her. Cloud tried to stop them and told her: Run!

The scene was then melted away. P6 talked himself: No… It can’t be true.

“Are you crazy?” Doc screamed while pulling P6 to the circle, making by the book, “Move!”

Being pulled near the circle, P6 still saw that Aerith held a tiny body in her hand before it disappeared. “I’m sorry, my love,” she closed her eyes, crying…

After getting through to the circle, P6 and Doc were back to reality. “No, no!” P6 cried when seeing that the book was burning. “Leave it,” Doc tried to stop P6, who was putting out the fire.

P6: We need to go back to the church right now.

Doc: What?! Are you kidding? Don’t forget that the assassin is still out there.

P6: I don’t care. The story that my dad and mom used to tell me when I was a kid… It isn’t true.

Doc: Maybe they only want to protect you from the truth.

P6: I need to warn R… since I saw that man in the church

Doc: Who?

P6: The Queen’s Chancellor.

Doc: No. You can’t leave me. We need to stay here…

P6 didn’t listen to Doc anymore and ran away.

Doc: Wait!

Then he tried to catch up with P6 but only breathed hard: My leg… It’s not fair. He is a real soldier while I am just an old scientist.”

All WRO soldiers with guns, shields, and cattle prods appeared and surrounded Doc. “Drop the weapon!” “I’m gonna enjoy this,” They screamed out when seeing the damaged book in his hand. Doc dropped the book on the ground and raised both hands. He smiled and whispered, “What a bull-headed bastard!”

Meanwhile, P6 used the sneak skill to avoid the WRO guys on his way. Seeing that some HIA agents were around with their tools. He had to climb up to the roof of the church.

P4: Yeah! We did it.

Holding the bomb, R said to his team: Now the bomb is secure. Good job, everyone.

P4: What about him, sir?

R: Don’t worry. He will be fine. The situation is under control. We can let the WRO soldiers go here.

R looked at the Cetra guy beginning to wake up. R raised the bomb before him and said: This is your product.

Suddenly, many loud voices appeared from the door, making R and his team turn around. A group of HIA and WRO entered the church. They were having a hard discussion.

R: What’s wrong?

An HIA agent: Well done, Mr. R. You can go. Leave him and the bomb to us.

A WRO guy: No. That man is in our territory. He must be followed us.

The HIA guy: Okay. I don’t have time for this…

Then he pulled out his gun and pointed at the WRO guy. All of them immediately prepared to fight each other.

P4: Wow! Slow down, men. What’s going on here?

HIA agent: Mr. R. You should be on our side. Now give me that man.

The Cetra guy nearly woke up. P4 handed up while Sec stood stock-still.

R: No. You should make me clear. Why are those guys pointing their weapons at us?

HIA agent: Oh. Mr.R. I thought that man and his accomplices had just harmed your family?!

WRO guy: Stop chit-chatting here. You guys didn’t let our medics enter the church. Our leader had the order to keep the Cetra man alive at all costs. So all of you will be our enemy if trying to stop us one more time. Do you hear me?

The HIA guy glanced at his fellow man and received a nod. He quickly pointed the gun at the Cetra guy and put the trigger. But R moved fast to him and grabbed his hand. The gunshot to the roof where P6 was sneaking. He dropped to their place. P4 pressed a button from his tool, making all the guns inactive. “No fighting in the church, gentlemen,” he said.

R looked at P6 and said: I told you shouldn't be here!

P6: I know him… He was from the previous timeline, a man of the Queen…

R: The Queen?! Don’t tell me you also watch that crap movie…

P4 suddenly cried: Boss, the bomb!

R recognized that the bomb in his hand had disappeared. He turned around and saw that the Cetra guy was holding it while he made Sec immovable with his magic.

He smiled and said, “Very on time!” then put the bomb to his mouth and swallowed it.

“Are you crazy?!” R quickly stormed to that man. But right after touching him, both fell into an epileptic fit.

WRO guy: Hey! What’s wrong with them?

P6: No. Stay back! I have overcome it before. They have been electrocuted, whose bodies shook like hell as if they were under loving stimulation.

Both WRO and HIA guys said: What?

Beginning to feel impatience, the HIA said: Okay. Mr. R. If you don’t want to follow us, I will make you do it.

Then he quickly came to the Cetra guy.

P6: Wait! Stop! Don’t approach him…

Suddenly, the Cetra guy turned his head to the HIA guy and then raised his hand. A magic stream from the hand flew to the HIA guy, making him kneel down. His head was tilted back, yawning and seizing.

P6 quickly stopped everyone who stepped forward: No. Stay back. He was dominated.

Sec: His mind was draining. Do something, or he'll be dead.

With bright green eyes, the Cetra guy roared: You will obey!

The HIA leader raised a cry and then fell down. His eyes became empty. Some HIA guys intended to use their weapon but P4 told him: Don’t do anything stupid.

An HIA guy said: Our leader has died. Mission abort. Everyone out! The church can’t be saved…

The WRO leader interrupted: I'm the leader here. You have no right to do that. We must save him and the church too.

While both of those groups were having words with each other. P6 looked at his hands, then saw R was draining by the Cetra guy. He closed his eyes to feel alone beside the crowd, then opening eyes, “Yes. I can do it.”

After that, he quickly stormed to the Cetra guy and touched him. P4 screamed: Are you crazy, man?!

From the room, Mr. Minister said: What was he thinking? Xu, report to me now.

Checking the situation with the computer, Xu said: P6 has used the withdraw magic from a Material ball to constraint that Cetra guy, but his mind will also be thrown somewhere with Mr. R

Mr. Minister: A Material ball, huh?! That’s illegal. P6’s gonna be…

He stopped talking when someone was standing behind him. Turning around, he saw Materia looking at the screen. She was shocked. He raised his hand and told her: Ma’am. Listen to me. We still control the situation. Mr. Minister and I will do everything to save him, even if we have to sacrifice the church…

Mr. Ambassador: No. You can’t do that. My leaders would not be satisfied.

In the church, P4 looked at the monitor and said: The bomb has been reactivated. We only have a very short time.

HIA guy: No time. We must leave the church now.

Sec: No. I won’t leave while our boss is still here.

WRO raised his hand to say something, but HIA guy interrupted: Enough bull sh*t! You guys must follow us to get out of here now…

Sec quickly stepped to P6, who fell into an epileptic fit. Looking at the Material ball in his hand. She smiled and whispered: How silly! You two-timer! You owe me. If not about your son, I will leave you.

Then she touched her hands to his cheek.

After that, P4 came to them saying: Hoah! That should be awesome.

Meanwhile, Doc was handcuffed by WRO soldiers. He saw that the church was broadcast live on the signboard. A journalist's voice described the situation: We hope that man will be taken out of the church safely… Wait. They are coming out, but I don’t see him. No progress yet… We had seen all people before who left the church like that.

Doc whispered: Oh, boy. We’re gonna be fu*ked up again.

P4, P5 (Sec), P6, and R recognized that they were riding Chocobo. R looked around and saw that young General (G) besides three soldiers. G glanced at him, “P6, is that you?” R spoke in mind. “Captain, I am here,” a soldier raised his hand up, “I am inside Kadaj,”

R: P4, P5, where are you?

P4/Loz and P5/Yazoo raised their hands to let R know. The young G looked at R and said: Father, why did you get them showing off hands like that? I thought we had all agreed on the plan before, huh?

A female voice appeared inside R, “Boss, are you there?”

R replied in his mind: P1?

P1: Yes, I am in the church now. Your daughter and your wife have already been in the safe zone. Hey, you know what, boss? I see that only need to have three strong people to be enough to withdraw that Cetra guy’s magic. Now all of you are stable without being drained of your minds anymore. So I can be here to find a way to help you guys out.

R: Good news after all bulky things. How’s your plan, P1?

P1: I am looking at all of you through the monitor. Look like a video game. Okay. I think this is why they call us Players… Don’t touch them, man. You will make it lose stability.

R: Who are you talking to?

P1: It’s P3. He told me P2 supported HIA agents on the computer since all robots that perform the Avalanche team were at signaling risk. Their actions are making all tourists feel scared.

P3: Yep. Your lovely boy is trying to access those robots. If he can’t, the agents will take him down immediately. Hehe!

P1: Shut up. Hey boss, I am also trying to access you guys and finding a way to get all of you out. Until I succeed, do not let any characters who you are inside their mind die. Okay?

P3: Right! While you are keeping your eyes control them, what should I do now?

P1 threw the monitor to him and said: Watch the bomb. Tell me how much time is there left?

P3: Since our boss did a good job, we can have about… 3 minutes.

“Okay, totally enough…” P1 started the clock on her forearm, took a VR glass, and connected it with a material ball. After that, she wore it on her head.

Looking at the material ball, P3 pointed at the drone on their heads and told P1: Oh well. Even you use that too. Don’t forget they’re watching us.

P3: I only used technology with old magic to infiltrate his mind. With this thing, I can watch the whole battle, and when the time comes, I will grab our team and try to get them out. Hope that they won’t be killed before that…

From the room, Mr. Minister: Oh, another one using the ball. Why do all of them always defy the law?

Then he ordered Xu to call the guards, but Mr. Ambassador raised his hand and said: No need to interfere, my comrade. Let her do it if she considers it the only way for this situation.

Xu: Okay, sir. Ma’am is calling General to come back here again. They aren't feeling well. Should we let them go home?

Mr. Minister: No, I believe her. Let her care about him.

Materia stepped inside the toilet room. Standing behind her husband, she said: Stop being weak. Our son is in trouble again. You have to go back to the room now.

Looking at her in the mirror, G smiled and said: We always want our children out of all this. But we can’t fight against our destiny.

Materia: Destiny?

G: I made a long journey in their timeline, their open world. I, and a dead man soldier from this timeline. His soul tramped inside the Lifestream until coming to our house, where my soul looked at you and our son lying on the floor, sinking in the blood.

Materia: Please stop…

G smiled and told her: I remembered you always told me to put our son's name Cloud was very unlucky, though that was only remembering my grandfather. You were right… My son, at that time, was just a boy. He believed he could defeat all of them, just like me when fighting Queen Aerith. And he had then paid for that… I never forget those Cetra warriors. Significantly the man who always smiled cut your throat after you cursed Ardyn Izunia, which will be betrayed and abandoned by the family in every timeline.

Materia: Ardyn had betrayed us to the Cetra since he threw all the dog tags of your member’s family in front of your eyes. He deserved to get what he had done.

G: The dead Cetra man and I were only the two lone souls losing everything, tramping through the enemy’s open world to kill and fight. He told me he just wanted to search for his mother to rebuild his race, while I only sunk into revenge. We feel we all had good reasons to back to life. He taught me to become a true war hero like him. Together, we could defeat many of them. Together, we suffered all the pain from fighting because we couldn’t die after we had already died. Only separation would kill us again. So we were more than brothers and comrades in every battle… until, in the end, he let me know that my grandchild had killed him before, making the Cetra race completely gone in his timeline… Since then, I knew he had used me for a long time. I just wanted him back to hell again… with all of them.

Materia hugged G from behind when he quoted: “Let us defy destiny... even if we are just walking dead men.”

The Fenrir team quickly approached the church. Standing behind the gate with the others, G told Emanation: If you have a chance to fight the Tyrant Queen and defeat her, you will bring honor to your robot clan.

Emanation waved his hand and lowered his head to make a bow: Yes, my master. I can't wait any longer for this.

R/Denzel gestured to P6/Kadaj to throw gas bombs inside the church. After waiting in the hall covered by gas, all went through the church door, then slowly moved along the nave. A shadow of someone tall appeared in the apse, where the gas damaged all the flowers.

R/Denzel gestured to all his men to stop. Under the gas mask, drops of sweat dropped off his forehead and shone on his cheek, but he didn’t wink when the shadow in front of him was Aerith. She wore a gas mask and slowly stepped out of the gas smoke. R/Denzel and his men saw that a burn on her face that they had never seen before was being concealed by magic, then only her green and crazy eyes left and gazed at him. She planted her scepter firmly to the ground, immediately removing the smoke. Then she said with a high voice, “Greetings, gentlemen!”

“What did she just say?” P6/Kadaj asked P5/Yazoo because he didn’t understand Cetra's language.

“She said "Hi." That’s all,” P5/Yazoo replied.

“I feel a quavering voice from you,” P6/Kadaj asked, “You are scared, aren’t you?”

P5/Yazoo contacted P6’s mind: Not me. I feel this guy shivering.

A group of Cetra warriors slowly appeared from behind her right after the gas smoke had melted into the air.

R/Denzel and the people took off their gas masks. He came out from the group, looked up to see her, and said, “Morning! I'll come straight to the point. The Tyrant Queen, because the Humans Council doesn't want the war extended, they let me arrest you regarding accusations of heresy, which included cursing by wearing men's clothes…

All glanced at Aerith’s dress. G whispered to Denzel: Are you sure about that?

Denzel cleared his throat with a cough, then kept saying: ...acting upon demonic visions and refusing to submit your words and deeds to the church's judgment.

Aerith smiled: Is that all? And so people in your country just call me the Tyrant Queen, huh?

Denzel: Oh yeah! You take up killing men as a hobby.

Aerith: They are all evil men. And you forget about my killing monsters and demons too.

Denzel: I don't care. I just know you made many people in my country lose their relatives. Now you have to pay for this.

Aerith closed her eyes, lowered, and cocked her head. Her gas mask automatically divided and went back to her ribbon. She said, “Every day, I kneel here to confess to God. My body… and my mind only have a little left here to devote to him. Then, I have no regret because my people will follow him to complete our promised land. Sorry for hanging your men on the tree before. The hatred in my kingdom is almost gone. Be patient!”

R/Denzel: Enough! Don’t think you stand here for praying as a penitent will help your kingdom’s destiny. You are nothing but a sorceress. God will not hear you. Now put your stick down and surrender. I will be easy to you tonight.”

One of the Cetra warriors raised his sword to point at R/Denzel and said: What your mouth, you merc! Being a witch is not guilty. No religions make people able to reject their origin.

R/Denzel interrupted: I don't have time to argue with you. Now, Queen Aerith, you must come with us if you want your kingdom to be peaceful again. Your call!

Aerith smiled: Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. Right! I will come with you, Captain Denzel.

Then she ordered the Cetra warriors to leave. They disagreed. After she convinced them, they reluctantly left. One of them looked straight into G while crossing. He said: If you dare to touch her body or let someone from your race do it, I will come to all your families to enjoy their blood.

Meanwhile, R contacted P1: I will move my eyes to the others behind him. Can you find our Cetra guy from them?

P1 tried to do it, but Aerith quickly said: Please get out of here, Mr. Palazzo. All of you.

After the Cetra group had left the church, P1 contacted R: Sorry, boss. Not enough time.

R/Denzel: Okay. We will find him after this. Be patient…

R was startled when Aerith’s green eyes appeared before him. She let the scepter off and raised her hand.

R/Denzel looked at G. He smiled: My son, this is your honor. Go cuff her.

G: Dad, I want to fight the legendary black mage, Queen of Cetra.

R/Denzel: No, you not. You have made a promise. Remember that!

G felt disappointed. Stepped in front of Aerith, he began to cuff her and said: “We are not done yet. You will be mine then.”

Aerith smiled: That’s sweet. How old are you, young boy?

“Hey, watch your mou….” Suddenly, Whispers appeared, pushing all of them went outside the church. Those Whispers flew around, making a circle to surround them. “Oh! What’s this?” G was astonished.

R/Denzel tried to hit the circle, but no use. Staying back, he turned around and saw that Aerith had stood up and broken the cuff. “Stop!” he screamed to her, “Don’t move,”

“Shut up!” She shouted and raised her hand. Her scepter from the church went straight through the Whispers’ circle and came to her. She revolved it to make the wind stop. The magic from the scepter hit the circle, making it expand. The Whispers were dazed, but they quickly reorganized and strengthened the circle.

Lighting shadows of two people appeared from above. “Behold!” one of them said with a high voice, “We are God and Goddess of all Humans. We shall bring justice to all mankind on behalf of our Great Mother, Gaia.”

Some Whispers regrouped to create a gold grandstand. Both of those people slowly landed there. R/Denzel shielded his eyes from the bright with his hand. He asked: Who are you?

Those people were a man and a woman. The man sat with his legs crossed while the woman sat straight with two hands on her stomach.

“I am Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony,” she said.

“I am Chaos, the God of Discord,” he said.

“Sorry, never heard about you,” R/Denzel said.

Cosmos stood up. She said: Due to the heavy war, a duel with a code of honor would be necessary to bring peace back to mankind. On the first day of the Dissidia arena, Knight of the Humans from House of the Wolves will fight Aerith, Queen of Cetra from House of the Angels...

R/Denzel: Wait! There is some mistake here. I come here to arrest the Tyrant Queen, not fight her.

Chaos laughed: Too late. Your son had signed in the commitment to get fought. Now he has to fight her to the death.

R/Denzel gave G a look of disappointment. Then he turned to the two Deities and said: With all my respect, I believe my son got tricked into this fight. He has no guide to do any legally binding…

“The guide is me,” a voice of an old man came out right before a small holographic image displaying him appeared in front of Chaos and Cosmos.

“Mr. Dean,” R/Denzel whispered.

“Your son desires this fight. He asked me to help, Mr. Fenrir,” The Dean told R/Denzel, “And I can't say no to a young man like him.”

“No, you're a liar,” R/Denzel pointed his sword at the Dean angrily, “You've promised me to help my son back home in peace and stay away from trouble. Why did you break the promise?”

“Well, your son never tells me this fight will be his trouble,” the Dean said, “Sorry, now I see. But I must keep my promise with our Deities, not with you anymore.”

Chaos told the Dean: Your promise has succeeded in materializing. Now you can stay here to watch this fight as an audience or leave.

“Thank you, my God,” The Dean said, “But I will not be here anymore. I just want to send this battle as a gift for my son and daughter in paradise.”

Then, he looked at Aerith and whispered: You witch. My only son died due to your beauty. Now this time I will make you pay.

R/Denzel took G’s hand. He said: Let’s get out of here. We don’t need to fight here for them.

G struggled: What’s wrong with you, dad?

P6/Kadaj: Why are you acting like a deserter, sir? There’s no place for the weak… there’s no kind of love bigger than patriotism. Those were your words!

R/Denzel didn’t care about him. He ordered: Emanation, change of plan! The Queen is not our target today. We must break the circle because I don’t believe in those Gods. Do it!

Emanation: I’m afraid not, sir. It does not the right mission for me.

R/Denzel: Loz, Yazoo, break that circle, now!

P4 and P5 wanted to follow Denzel’s order, but they couldn’t because the two soldiers were hesitating. Emanation laughed: Sir, you are withdrawing while your health bar and stamina are still full. This is unacceptable, especially since we’re in a severe battle.

R/Denzel turned to Loz and Yazoo: Please!

Finally, P4 and P5 felt that they could re-control the two soldiers after one of them said: All right, sir. But we will report on this.

They decided to break the circle but no use.

R/Denzel turned to Aerith. He said: O, the Cetra queen! We know each other too well. I know you don’t need this fight. Please ask them to leave. I swear my son and I will not meet you anymore.

Aerith closed his eyes and lowered her head to think. She whispered: All right. I will try it.

Then she waved the scepter on her hand, creating magic to hit the circle. The Whispers became weak. But the circle was still intact.

G suddenly laughed: This is what people talk about one of the most outstanding sorceresses in the world? I’m so disappointed.

Aerith didn't care about him. She stepped backward then said with a high voice: Come here, my child!

All people looked at the sky. P6/Kadaj said: Wow! What’s that? An eclipse right in this early morning?

R/Denzel: No. It’s just a dragon.

Volvados was summoned and immediately breathed fire at Whispers. While their circle was broken, Chaos rose from the chair and shouted: Don’t you dare!

Then he made magic to change the place. All Whispers were gone, but everyone in the arena couldn't find ways out because everything around them was hellfire.

Chaos: Welcome to my place.

Cosmos told Aerith: You will see some of your memories in this place making you uncomfortable. But don’t worry, since you haven’t been asked to join the arena yet, you can refuse this battle to get out.

While listening to Cosmos, Aerith could hear her whisper: Please don’t fight, Queen of Cetra. Save people as you chose.

G told Aerith: I heard your maid squealing like a stuck pig when they jumped out at her.

R/Denzel: Shut up! No… it’s not right. They consumed so much dark water in a lake that they lost control… But your maid had fought hard against them before she was killed…

Aerith immediately turned to G and used the magic from the scepter to separate G and R/Denzel. Then she said: You and your men can leave, Knight Denzel, but not your son.

R/Denzel looked at G. He turned to Aerith and pointed his sword at her, saying: No, he's my only son. I can't allow you to punish him in any way.

Aerith: I see. So you guys have chosen… death.

G looked at R/Denzel and said: Dad, it’s okay. This is a battle that I always dream about. I'm not short of anything, money, women, and duels… but fighting against a true final boss is one thing I do not have. So I have bet my life on it.

R/Denzel: Oh, son…

G: Please believe me, dad.

He pointed his sword to Aerith and said: Dear the Tyrant Queen! I challenge you in single combat.

After that, G stormed to her. But then he felt shocked when Aerith could stop his blade smoothly and easily.

“You forgot to say…,” she smiled, “…Lady first!”

Then she stabbed a light magic sword at him. G screamed while Aerith took him down on the ground.

“Now stay down, boy. That's an order,” she pointed the scepter at him.

“Holy sh*t!” P6 contacted the team, “I thought my father had fought her in a real fight with many rounds.”

G was angry and tried to get up, but he felt pain when doing that. So he couldn't.

“In the name of the Queen of the Angels, I’m gonna execute you for what you’ve done with my people during the war. Because of your sin, you shall not go to the promised land.”

“Stop!” R/Denzel shot to her scepter right before she took it to G’s head.

“In the name of House of the Wolves, I will fight you,” R/Denzel put his gun away and pointed his blade at Aerith.

The team stayed with him and together pointed their weapons at her.

“Yeah...” Aerith laughed, “Finally, I can have an interesting fight after 100 years.”

Emanation put his sword to the ground while the Volvados’s fire was burning him. Then he roared and yanked out the sword, making a high earth mound to stop the fire.

R/Denzel: Are you all right?

“I am okay,” Emanation replied him. R/Denzel saw that the Android’s clothes had been burned out. Blood and electricity oozed from the wounds. “Go save him, Mr. Fenrir,” he said.

“Let that ugly lizard for us,” P6/Kadaj said.

R/Denzel saw that G was lying in front of him. A fire blocked them. Aerith stepped out from there. The angel wings were bright on her back.

“Mr. Fenrir,” she told R/Denzel, “You have to overcome me if you want to take back your son.”

Meanwhile, P1 had already joined the arena. She was invisible but still affected by the fight, so she carefully approached the team attacked by the dragon with its creatures. One stormed to P5/Yazoo, so P1 had to stop it. “Wow! Take it easy!” P3 cried from outside when P1 raised her fist right before him. “Sorry, I’ve just killed one scale. Keeping your eyes on the monitor for me,” she told P3, then turned around. She touched P5 and pulled her out of Yazoo. Back to reality, P5 saw that Yazoo was burning by the dragon’s fire. “Not good!” She told P1, “We must get the others back here now,” P1 confirmed, then kept trying to approach P4 and successfully brought him back to reality. “Keep cool, buddy!” P3 said, “Two more,”

While P1 was returning to the battle, P6 saw his grandpa kneeling on the ground, kissing his blade, then storming to Aerith with a roar. “Gotcha," P1 said right after touching P6/Kadaj, "Look out!” She quickly turned aside with him to avoid another fire from Volvados.

P6 contacted P1’s mind: We can't put out the fire in any way. Look like it was cast a spell, while that summoning dragon has no lung.

P1: Its health bar is still a lot. Indeed, you can’t fight it. I’m gonna… Hey, what are you going? Get back here now!

Kadaj screamed while storming to Volvados again: You dare to kill my friends. I will kill you!

P6: See! I can’t play him anymore.

While trying to catch P6/Kadaj, P1 saw a shadow from above moving fast behind Aerith. “Wow, what’s that?” she said. “Emanation, my grandpa’s Android,” P6 replied her.

Emanation ran his sword through Aerith’s back. Then he whispered to her ears: I got you, Queen Cetra,”

A stream of blood was flowing from her mouth, but she still smiled and said: So naïve!

Then she held the sword and broke it. She grabbed the piece of the sword and stabbed it backward at Emanation. The robot felt his sword run through his mouth.

P3 put his hand to his mouth after seeing that. P6 said: Yep! I’ve seen it before.

Aerith roared. The magic from the scepter pushed Emanation far away. The robot fell into the void and disappeared.

Putting the scepter straight on the ground, Aerith fell to her knees. She mumbled to cure herself. Her wing angel was brighter. Seeing that, P6 said: Oh, come on! She can fight like hell and retake her health too. That was not nice.

P1 couldn’t touch Kadaj. She said: Please, will you stop moving a little?

P6: I told you. I can’t play him.

Meanwhile, R/Denzel quickly stormed to Aerith like a wolf. Right after slashing the blade on her, a shining appeared and pushed him back.

P1: Hold still, boss! I will come to you after this.

R: No need to care about me. The son of General is priority.

After the shining turned off, Aerith stood there with her bright angel wings. She smiled and talked to R/Denzel: Come here.

R felt that he and Denzel were one while raising his blade and said: All right.

With all her strength, Aerith hit R/Denzel violently. Every time she struck, she said with her language: I just want to love and be loved… I want to be a good girl… I want to devote myself to my man… Why can’t I live with all the special people in my life? Why do people hate me so much? Why do I always keep fighting for my country? Why?

The blade of R/Denzel was struck down and flew away.

Aerith slowly stepped toward R/Denzel. R tried to control Denzel to strike back, but no use. His health bar was shallow. Still looking at R/Denzel dropping with fatigued, Aerith raised his hand. His blade from the far distance came to her hand. She touched it to his neck and said: Any last words, Mr. Fenrir?

P1 couldn’t still touch P6/Kadaj. She contacted R’s mind: Are you still there, boss? Please stay with me.

R couldn’t reply to her because Denzel smiled and told Aerith: I will never kneel to you, witch!

P3 contacted P1’s mind: Do something, buddy. Now or never.

P1 had to choose to save P6 or R. Closing her eyes, she contacted P6’s mind: Sorry.

Then she came to R/Denzel. “No!” P6 screamed when Volvados’s fire touched Kadaj.

R was pulled back to reality. He tried to recalm then quickly stepped to P1, who was taking off the glass, “Why did you do that?” he asked her angrily, “Why did you choose to save me? Now we completely lost him. How can I stand before Materia after this?”

After putting up with R’s shout, P1 said: Boss, I can’t stand before your daughter if you die too.

R: Don’t you think he also has a son?

P1: I don't believe that, sir. It’s just a story. Nothing proves it.

Seeing that P6 had stopped epilepsy. Mr. Minister lowed his head and then ordered Xu: It’s over. Take that Cetra down. The bomb inside him will be stopped.”

Xu: But, sir. We aren’t still sure whether P6 will be alive or not. Even the people in that city will be disappointed if the Cetra guy is taken down right in front of their eyes...

Mr. Minister interrupted her: Just do it. That’s an order. P6 has gone.

Xu turned to see Mr. Ambassador. He nodded: We have no time. Do what he said. I’ll talk to General and Materia later.

Xu closed her eyes and controlled the drone to point the weapon at the Cetra guy. All Midgar people boosed when seeing that from the big screen outside the church.

Mr. Ambassador: Killing an innocent man from an extinct nation inside the church is unacceptable. I’m so sorry for our comrade’s most losing. And for the two countries' peace, it’s necessary to keep hiding the truth.

Mr. Minister showed a sad smile: Then I hope I don’t go to hell for this.

“Wait!” Sec suddenly said. Then she pointed a signal in the monitor.

P3 took a look back at it. After checking, he raised his hand and said: That’s P6. He’s alive.

R quickly ran to the monitor. He said: P6, thank God! How’s your status?

P6: Kadaj was burned. But I’m still alive. I don’t know…

R: Okay. Tell me where you are now.

After a while, P6 said: I’m inside… my dad.

Lying on the ground, G/P6 recognized a flash appeared, then a thing like a ball dropped right in front of his eyes. “Captain…” he whispered,

R: Hold on. We will get you out soon.

P6: Captain! Your head… I mean… my grandpa’s head is right before my eyes.

P6/G couldn’t still move his body, only looking at Denzel’s eyes wide open. In the distance, Aerith stood beside Denzel’s headless corpse. She dropped the scepter on the ground and looked at the red sky with an empty soul.

A Whisper from nowhere flew around her, crooning Victory Fanfare song, and said: Congratulation! Queen Cetra. Now you are genuinely… a boss.

That Whisper stopped before her. P6/G saw it transform to Zack. He touched her hand, which was still holding Denzel’s blade. He took the blade and then threw it away. Stroking her cheek to wipe out tears and blood, Zack looked into her beautiful eyes and said: You did well, my Queen.

Aerith couldn't stop crying. She told him: I've built a church full of flowers for both of us, my love.

Zack took her hand and kissed her. After that, she recognized Zack as Vorman.

“No!” she screamed, but Zack/Vorman had already hugged her tightly. P6/G couldn't see or hear anything but her scream. After that, he saw that Aerith was standing alone. She lifted her head with her eyes close. Then she opened her eyes. Her pupil was changed, like snake's eyes, making him feel terrified. Looking at Cosmos and Chaos on the grandstand, she raised her bloodied hand and said: “Hi. Sister. Brother,” she gave them a smile from ear to ear.

P6/G felt Cosmos accessing his mind. She said: I need to reset a part of this battle to give you second chance. The whole planet will be gone if the Cetra takes it over from now on.

Chaos also accessed P6’s mind. He told Cosmos: No, you can’t do that. Your change will affect the story of The Narrator.

Cosmos: So not now. I will let you run out of the arena. Try to practice more. Find some new friends and allies. After that, please come back here.

While P6 didn't understand what happened, he got out of his dad’s mind. He felt he was tramping in an energy stream with several visions showing that: G teamed up with Weiss, Nero, and Genesis to fight Aerith. Genesis threw G a Crystal and said before he was beheaded: "Take it, buddy. Save your father." Then another vision showed that the crown of Aerith was broken on the ground while G raised his blade and roared: "The Queen is dead." After that, he carried Denzel and took the wish from Chaos and Cosmos. Following the vision, P6 saw that he stood before a tomb with G and Materia. G told him: "Your grandpa is a hero. Remember that, Cloud Fenrir," And the last vision: “We love you, General. Please go back here after a short vacation,” many soldiers told G while P6 and Materia waited. After that, P6 saw his family enjoying dinner with Ardyn Izunia. “Where are you going, Courtier Ardyn?” Materia asked him when seeing that he had left the table. Then a door knock appeared. “Coming,” P6 ran to the door. “No, son,” G screamed, “Don’t open!”

R pulled P6 out of the Cetra guy. Both of them fell down on the floor. After retaking the mind, P6 quickly ran to the Cetra guy.

“Wait…” R intended to stop P6, but after seeing that P6 was still okay. He told himself: Oh! Why do I have to save that guy?

P6 grabbed the neck of the Cetra guy who had just returned to reality. He angrily said: All of this vision is a lie, right, right? Answer me, you bastard!

Meanwhile, P4 looked at the monitor and said: Oh, no. The bomb’s time had been sped up. We only get 7 seconds.

R quickly grabbed P6 and said: Leave it. We have to go now.

P6 still grabbed the Cetra guy and didn't want to leave. The Cetra guy told him: We only want to escape her… She never gives up… Ever.

P6: "She" who?

R used force to separate P6 from the Cetra guy and pulled him to the door’s church. While everyone tried to run out of the church, P6 still saw the Cetra guy closing his eyes and whispered: Long live the Cetra…

A blaze with an explosion came out. P1 quickly used a Materia ball to create a protective shield for the whole team before the church collapsed.

The crowd ran in a stampede while dust with pieces of bricks and glasses covered them. Meanwhile, in the room, Xu reported: Sir, sir!

Mr. Ambassador tried to calm down and said: What?

Xu: The Android that displays Cloud Strife had just woken up. It destroyed the Avalanche team’s statues in the square and now attacked all the tourists. Oh, wait…

She saw that Tifa Android was grabbing a man. While holding a cable in her hand, she told him: Don’t put this thing inside me. I never feel good. Very uncomfortable.

Before that man tried to say sorry, she had broken his neck. All people there ran away helter-skelter.

Xu scratched her head and kept reporting: Definitely, he isn’t alone. The whole Avalanche team robots are trying to attack the tourists. And… the Midgar people too. They are very angry.

After listening, Mr. Minister turned to see Tuesti, who had just appeared on the monitor. “It’s all your fault. Now my city is back to the dark time after 500 years,” he told Mr. Minister with anger.

Mr. Minister looked straight at Tuesti and said: You made all my Androids, who need to be blindfolded and only suitable in battle, to become some performers to make people fun?! What the hell are you thinking?

Tuesti: We are in peace. They don’t need to fight, only protect people and make them happy like all our real heroes. It isn't correct, huh!?

While Tuesti and Mr. Minister were falling out with each other, Materia only looked at the screen showing the chaos in Midgar from the church's collapse. She told herself: We will go to hell for this.

Meanwhile, G had left the toilet room and came back to the white hair Android statue. Looking at the sword on it, G said: Let’s finish this… again.

OST(I've built a church full of flowers for both of us, my love)

Aerith Gainsborough was sitting on the chair. Her hands folded in her lap. She fell asleep. Multiple visions appeared in her dream.

“Let's win the fight, Your Majesty! Bring honor to our kingdom. Your victory will end this war,” All those words were from all the Cetra sitting on the grandstand.

Her face twitched whenever the scepter touched the blade with a roar and scream…

Aerith saw that a man had dropped in front of her. “I will never kneel to you, witch!” He said.

Right after descending a blade upon his head, she woke up, breathing heavily.

Hojo was looking at her. He smiled: Bad dream, huh?
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Scene: Daddy…

People all around the planet attended Elmyr's funeral. WRO Army National Guard Military performed a ceremony that included folding and presenting the Midgar Flag to Barret. Every people stepped near the coffin. They put the most beautiful flowers on it, bowed respectfully, and then stepped to Cloud and Tifa's place to offer condolences. Tifa held Cloud’s arm tightly. She closed her eyes with tears flowing down her cheek.

From the crowd, two men were talking to each other

How did she die?

Heart attack. No one was beside her at that time.

The man shook his head after hearing that. He looked at Cloud and Tifa and said: Strange. Mr. Strife and his fiance have usually spent their time caring about Aerith's mother. So her sudden death can’t happen.

I don’t know. Maybe she saw a ghost at night, then being heart attacked.

After thanking everyone who came to see Elmyr for the last time, Tifa told Cloud: My honey… Mrs. Gainsborough hopes we will keep happy even after she has gone to the promised land. So don’t be sad. I will stay with you forever…

A man stepped to Tifa to offer his condolence. She smiled to thank him. Before leaving, his gaze flicked down to her chest.

Cloud told Tifa: My fault. I haven’t stayed with Elmyr that night.

Tifa: Please don't blame yourself. You have stayed with her all night long… It's just an accident. Shelke showed me her autopsy report that Mrs. Gainsborough hadn't suffered the pain.

Cloud didn’t say anything. Tifa bowed her head and then told him: Yuffie asked me if our wedding plan was not changed. I said to her that need to speak to you first… Don’t worry, honey. If you don’t feel comfortable, we will revise the plan.

Cloud felt a slight headache. Tifa worried about him. He said: That's okay. I didn't sleep well recently.

Tifa: Really?

Cloud: I got some nightmares about a man who tried to defeat wolves in our hometown. But I couldn't see his face. It was always blurry.

Tifa: Can I come to your place?

Cloud: Thank you, my love. But... not yet. Can I ask you one thing... We can talk about our wedding after mourning for Elmyr. How do you feel?

Tifa nodded. Cloud smiled and then hugged her.

After mourning for Elmyr, Cloud came to meet Reeve Tuesti. He saw that his team was also there.

Reeve: Good morning, Mr. Strife. I think it’s a good time to read Mrs. Gainsborough’s will.

Cloud asked Barret: I don’t see Denzel and other children. Where’re they?

Barret felt angry: They are on the way to the Ancient’s land to find any different energy to replace the Lifestream. I don’t want them to follow me to do my mission. But they were so damn stubborn.

Cloud looked around. He didn't see Tifa. Reeve said: She got busy caring for Marlene. That very good little girl has spent her whole time cooking for Denzel and her friends. Okay, can we begin now?

After listening to the will, Reeve concluded: I hope all of you feel pleased about the terms of choice.

Cloud: Mr. Tuesti. Can you do me a favor? Since the pandemic has been gone, the children need to have a new and better life. So I will spend all things I got from the will on them.

Reeve: You don’t need to do that, Mr. Strife. We always care about all children in the city so far.

Cloud looked at Barret and then told Reeve that most of them still go to work instead of school. I know that their families don’t have money for them to study. Mr. Tuesti, they need to go to school like all normal children.

Reeve: I understand. As the highest leader of WRO, I believe I will help them by myself.

Cloud: You have spent a lot rebuilding this country. While my team and I only sit in our places and do nothing. I believe all of us should give you a hand.

Yuffie: He’s right. My country Wutai has been independent thanks to him. Since then, I am longer a thief and only eat and eat... Guess what? The peace makes me feel bored, and I haven’t still helped him yet. So I will give all my parts from Elyrm to the children and their families. By the way, I love getting Mako balls more than I got from the will.

All members of the Avalanche team have agreed to give their parts taken from the will to children. Reeve smiled and told Cloud: You are still the firm leader I always dream about, Mr. Strife. Indeed, I will follow you too. About Elmyr's land, we have all agreed to renovate it to become a historical relic. Aerith and her contribution to the planet will be remembered forever.

Shelke: You guys have become a part of history. People on the planet will never forget your contribution.

Reeve: And one more thing, I know why Tifa couldn’t come here. She will be waiting for you…in your new room.

After leaving the meeting, Cloud felt tired and returned to his room. He saw that Tifa was sitting on the bed. “Sorry,” she said, “it’s too soon, but I can wait.”

Cloud just looked at her. After silence, he said: Do you want to drink?

Tifa directed her eyes to a wine bottle and two cups on the table. Cloud stepped to pour the wine and then invited her. After drinking, she began to cry.

Cloud: I know. I don't remember you trying the wine you created.

Tifa mopped up the tears. She said: This is the first time someone has invited me to a drink. As a bartender, I feel it’s so funny.

Cloud: Sorry. I want to care about you.

Then he stood up, but Tifa held him and whispered, “Wait….”

Cloud: Do you want me to stay with you this night long?

Tifa nodded. Then she said: On that night… when you said I could pay you later, I wished you had taken me outside for a date.

Cloud tried not to look at her eyes. He said: Tifa, I only want to help people. That’s all. Don’t let me think about our past.

Tifa smiled: Still got some strange dreams, huh?

Cloud: Since that time helping children in the church, I need to change myself. Have to return to everyday life. No more feeling hurt.

Tifa: You promised me that forget Aerith. Sorry about making you promise... I want to help.

Cloud: Thanks. But I don’t need your help.

Lowering her head, Tifa said: Through all last night, my dreams weren't like yours. But I always have an image in my mind. I saw you were there, trying to break the magic shield to free Aerith, but no use. Then you said you loved her though she couldn’t listen to you.

Cloud: Okay... I thought you didn't want to hear about Aerith anymore.

Tifa kept saying:… But your word to her didn’t make me worry. Before that time, you and I tried to find her in the Capital. Then you ordered me to find some Materia balls to access the energy of the den… I had tried so hard to find them, and when I came back, I saw you kissing her right before everyone.

Cloud: Uh... Tifa, it’s too much for a dream.

Tifa: I told you it wasn’t a dream. Everything that came to my mind was so real. I just stood there, couldn’t move my body while seeing how she kissed you…

Cloud: Her way!?

Tifa: Forget it! While you were in the sky, she had enough time to push you out of her, then entered the den before the blocking shield had been closed. She prayed. Your eyes never left her, even when that time happened.

Cloud: Wow! Your imagination comes too far. But you know those things never happen in the past.

Tifa smiled: I know. Sorry for letting you remember her. That’s funny. I hoped you keep your word, but finally, I made you break it. Hey, look at this.

Cloud turned around and saw the ring in her hand. He smiled and then raised his hand, which had already worn his ring. Tifa stood up. She grabbed his hand and then put it on her heart. “See,” she whispered, “You always do the right thing, not me,”

Under the moonlight, there was no one outside their place. Cloud kept looking into Tifa’s eyes, then kissed her. Tifa removed his clothes and then pressed him to the wall.

“Hey, can you hear me…” P6 woke up after listening to R's voice. He recognized that he was buried deep down in the ruin. He couldn’t move his body, only told R: Captain, I have a perfect dream…

R: Ya, keep talking. It makes you better. I will find a way to call people to help us…

P6: Nothing better than seeing my son finally get settled after all…

R saw a crack above. He hit it. A Material ball fell to him

P6: You found something?

R: Yep. A Material thing

P6: Do you think P1 has met trouble? Did she die already?

R: I don’t think so. We need to get out here first

Then R beat the ball to the rubble on his head.

P6 laughed: That's not how it works, man.

R: I know. I just use anything I have.

P6: I still don’t believe that tiny weapon could destroy this building entirely.

R: Well, I don’t know what to say about the technology nowadays, but “welcome to the late 500 years.”

P6 laughed: That’s fun, man… Oh, I see you are very calm even in this situation. No wonder they call you R.

R: What do you mean?

P6: I don't know if the people here will arrest us after this, while you seem not to care so much, only focusing on saving us. Captain, you’re a straightforward, real man.

A loud appeared. P6: What’s happened? Are you okay?

R: Yep. I’m fine. Thanks. Just touched a serious crack… Honestly, they call me such a name not because I am brave. During my time in the office, I am a frank and outspoken man, not talkative like a woman. That’s all.

P6: I see. So it turns out that people joke with you by that nickname, huh? Same as me. Although I’ve had many nicknames, people like to call me Six because I used to be put into a team of 6 guys, including me.

R: Okay. Seem like you’re famous for such a kind of team.

P6: Honestly, people call me that because I was the main reason for making the whole team killed. So they call me like that to remember not to put me in the such team anymore.

R stopped a little to count the number of his team. “Okay,” he told P6, then kept smashing.

P6: Oh, come on. You think I will destroy your team if I am arranged with you guys, so that's why you always refuse me.

R: Maybe.

P6: Then you have forgotten counting Doc. He’s the seventh man. Oh, about that old man, I saw him wearing hilarious pants.

R: Really?

P6: Yes, that pant has a lot of flower drawing pictures.

Both of them laughed. “Hey… Don't make me feel like you,” R coughed due to dust falling to his mouth every time he beat the Material ball to the pipe.

P6: I really like you, Captain. It’s true.

R: Thanks.

P6: No, I mean… thank you for not leaving me in the arena.

R: Well, in this situation, don’t thank me yet. Anyway, I hope you do not feel sad about what you have seen in that arena.

P6 stopped smiling, making R said: Are you okay, boy?

P6: That Cetra man apparently wanted to kill you and me, so he had waited for me back at the church by letting you have surgery on him.

R: I know. Thanks to my team, we could be survived to get out of that guy's vision.

P6: Captain, the story about Knight Denzel fighting the Queen of Cetra that I used to perform and play with my mom and dad when I was a kid… It’s all lie.

R: At least your dad finally killed that woman. I also saw all those visions. He was cooler than him now.

P6: Yeah… All people at that timeline were very different from them here. But… you forgot to tell me one thing. My dad, not Emanation, killed her from the back. So like me, he couldn't return at the right time to save everyone except my grandpa.

R: Just… don’t think too much.

P6: I tried to save my Claudia and Cloud when going back there… But I soon realized that I had arrived at the wrong time. Sephiroth had killed them both, so I only asked Hojo to save her son though I never believed in that crazy man. Now after seeing all the suffering my son had to overcome, I regret it.

R: You’re blaming yourself. That’s not good. Even if you weren't there, that Doctor would get your son back in life. Maybe you just made him do that quickly so your son would not feel pain.

P6: But he then didn't know who he was… lived an abnormal life in the skin of another, only fighting terrible guys and even his mind sometimes.

R: I believe that one day, you can meet and tell him who he is.

P6 interrupted: How’s that work? Your making noise to attract people above.

R: Oh, right. The good news is that I am lying under an old pipe, even seeing a flashing light from the street lamp beside it. I am sure about that because I remember a phone box there. Now I'm trying to imagine a circle surrounding the crack and press a button in my head every time I beat on it, making me avoid exhaustion from dust and lack of oxygen. Just keep talking, P6, so I will be sure that you're okay and thus able to stay focused on my mission.

P6 felt breathing harder, but he tried not to fall asleep. He kept saying: You can remember an unimportant thing like a phone box after all of this. Funny!

R: No, it’s just… I saw the Android, which portrays Aerith and another standing near it under the street light to welcome all tourists. My daughter wanted to take a photo with them. Well, they did very well to make her happy. Then I realize that all of them in this city are not blindfolded since they perform famous people.

P6: Yep. I knew the Android standing beside her. She portrays my son’s wife, Tifa. Only Android soldiers need to be blindfolded to make them always obey humans. Those two felt freedom after removing the blindfold…

While making the noise, R still felt that P6 would faint. He quickly asked: 6, may I ask you? If your son was finally brought to your family, what would you do to make him happy?

P6 tried to open his eyes. He said: Well! I will take him to go somewhere he likes most. However, I guess he would like Fenrir’s castle because that place never lacks things for entertainment.

R: Okay. Whatever you do, don't teach him how to flirt with any woman. I know a story about a man who loved a fighter's wife, and both of them were killed…

Feeling that R would make a cringe dialogue, P6 interrupted: Listen. Captain, I don't still think people can hear us. You must learn how to use the thing in your hand.

P1: Boss…

R: P1, thank God! You’re alive. How’s your status?

P1: I’m okay. But I can’t feel my leg. The situation does not sound good. You know?!

More rubble and specks of dust were down to her. “Sh*t!” she closed her eyes and cried.

R: Keep talking. I got a Materia ball from you.

P1: Oh, great. I will guide you on how to use it to save all our asses.

Sec: Yep. You guys should hurry up. I can’t breathe any longer.

P1: Hold on! Where is P4? Anyone see him?

Sec: He’s alright.

R: How did you know?

Sec: Because he’s lying on my breast.

P4: Yep. I’m fine. Just do whatever you need to do, boss... Sorry about this, “Miss Secretary”.

P1: Okay, boss. First, instead of smashing into that pipe, you should break it to be a stick… Keep imagining the circle and pressing buttons inside you. That’s a good method.

R: Are you sure about that?

P1: Yep… Have you done it? Good, now attach the Materia to that piece of the pipe…

“Quick,” some of Midgar people were trying to remove pieces of the church, “We need to save everyone who stuck down…”

A group of WRO soldiers came and gave them a hand, “You are from the Marle family, right?” one of them asked. “Yes, sir,” a Midgar guy replied. “Thank for helping. Sorry for only a few able to get here since protests are erupting in the city. The matter becomes more serious when all the Androids in the museum become chaotic and attack the tourists. We need to save them too.”

Not good, sir. What about the protection system that Mr. Valentine left for us?

It has been hacked. We have no choice but need help from outside. Some HIA agents agreed to do that.

Oh, great. The hi-tech, my ass! I knew that the international treaty that bans and restricts the use of magic weapons would someday let to a threat, and now this is it.

Okay. One agent, P2, will try to access the system to regain control. Until he has completed it, we must search anyone down here first…

“What’s that?” the Midgar guy pointed at a tremor in the distance. While all people were looking, the tremor quickly turned into an explosion. After the dust from it had been wiped out, people looked at it again and saw that R was standing there with the pipe brightened by the Material. Sec used the Holy Material to cure the team. They slowly stood up and regrouped beside R.

Meanwhile, several explosions happened around the city. “The Avalanche Androids,” P6 told the team, “They are going mad. Hurry up, guys,” While people around were still astonished, P6 quickly ran to the guy from the Marle and said: Hey, man. How to get to the control room? We need to shut them down.”

“Cloud…” that man whispered while looking straight into P6’s eyes, “Is that you?”

“Ahh,” P6 sighed, “I don’t have time for this,”

Suddenly, a voice appeared in the walkie-talkie of a WRO guy. P6 quickly came to grab it and said: You guys are HIA agents?

Yes. Who are we talking to?

P6 here.

Oh, sir. We were looking for you after the car couldn’t come to the safe zone. Is P3 there with you? We have to go back here since our captain was killed in the church…

Yeah, I know, I know.

R ran to P6, took the walkie-talkie from him, and said: I am R. We need your help here. Are you willing for a big fight?


Though lack of information in this country, I do know that there are still some Weapons down here, waiting to be woken up if danger appears again. I understand you guys only take orders and instructions from your superior, but we are dealing with a team who defeated those Weapons and final bosses years ago. Now they are formed into robots and do not have anything like humans. So I need more men with veteran soldiers' skills to help us with this.

Okay, sir… But we are getting a problem with the number.

R: Okay. How many people are on your team now?

Since most of the HIA agents had been killed in this country in the past… we are the rest of them.

R looked at P6. “None of them are in our country now,” he told R, “they are brothers and sisters. They will live and die together,”

R: No way. General can't let a whole organization go for a mission.

P6 smiled: My father only wants to test their faithfulness since Mr. President Shinra and some other guys betrayed him. The HIA will keep operating as long as my family exists. We will recruit new men in the army.

P2: Okay boss. I’ve heard your plan. How can I help?

R: P2. You are staying with them? Still sitting on the computer?

P2: Yep. I have good news and bad news. Good news is that Vincent Valentine isn’t one of those Androids. Maybe he had trouble with Chaos before, so the Tuesti didn’t build his image in the museum. That means the Avalanche has lost a valuable character now.

P1: Roger! And the bad news?

P2: The bad news is that I am still trying to hack the system, but the time is limited. Boss, the Lifestream is still under the city, more than before, but Avalanche shouldn’t be allowed to smash the city to affect the Lifestream, or the Weapons will go to interfere. Now I need you guys to approach the control room to help me access it.

R: Understood. A team will become weak if more members are separated. Tell me, who is the lowest in Avalanche?

P4: Good question. I suppose it’s Yuffie since she always acted like a kid.

R: Okay. I will send some guys to approach the control room. Because the number of team HIA isn't complete, you guys will deal with her alone. Since then, my team will be equal with the rest of Avalanche if we fight them here. The WRO, you guys will clean any riots for my team member from here to the control room.

The WRO guy: Wait a minute! Why should we obey you, a tourist guy?

Suddenly, some Avalanche Androids soldiers appeared and attacked all people. Although they are outnumbered, R and his team, except Sec, who didn’t join the fight, still trounced all of them. The WRO guy said: Good, but that’s enough…

Some Midgar people from the riot were chasing a WRO policeman. Right after he ran to R’s team, R ran to the rioters and defeated them with his martial art without killing anyone. Then he said: See. Just do like this.

The WRO guy quickly left with all his men and said: I need all the WRO veteran soldiers to clean the riots on the way to the control room. Some tourists will go there. They are soldiers trying to help us, so you guys must protect them on the road. Do not stop them in any way. Is that clear?

P6 told the team members who chose to go to the control room: Optional mission. You guys may need to meet Doc first. He has some good tools.

Meanwhile, the rest of the HIA team equipped their weapons. Looking at their guns, P2 said: So classic! You guys can’t fight one of the main characters here with those weapons.

The HIA guy smiled: Yes, we know. We have a plan. It will be easy since we fear no death.

Then they left the truck and entered the city. Seeing that they were making a line, side by side, and shot to any of the Avalanche robots on their way. P2 told himself: So classic!

“Can you hear me, boss?” a woman's voice raised on the walkie-talkie.

R: Xu. Is that you?

Xu: I will send you guys gear and equipment for the battle. Hold on!

A big box from the sky dropped to the ground and then opened automatically.

P6: Wow! That’s a lot of Material.

R and his team quickly took everything inside the box to equip themselves.

Xu: Our country will join the Midgar civil war now. However, Mr. Tuesti didn’t want the whole army from outside to penetrate his country. So we can only send one man there.

R: One man?! Not enough for a war…

Suddenly, two leading members of the Avalanche, including Barret, Cid, and Red XIII, appeared and attacked the rest of R’s team with all their best. While both teams were fighting each other, a shadow quickly approached the battle.

P6: Wow. What’s that? A ghost?!

R: No. It’s just Tifa.

Tifa jumped and kicked P6. He could feel the wind coming to his face right before her kick arrived. Her boot was reflected inside his eyes. He had utterly no way to evade her rush but only pushed himself back to avoid her boot stamping on his human face forever. As a result, his body was fallen to the wall due to Tifa’s internal force. While he tried to get his mind back, she kept attacking him. Facing multiple fists and kicks, he only defended himself.

While fighting with the others of team Avalanche, R shouted to P6: What the hell are you doing, man? Fight back!

P6: No. I will not fight my son’s wife. Never.

R: Oh come on! Strop dreaming.

P1 (or P4) defeated Red XIII. He (she) said: Sorry. I really don’t want this.

Seeing that P6 was nearly beaten down, P1 (or P4) quickly stormed to Tifa and used R’s martial art to push her out of him. After getting the hit, Tifa was on the ground, lying on her back. Putting her elbows down, she raised her head. Her breath came more quickly while she smiled and said: Mmm, so great! Now I can move my body. For such a long time, I haven’t had an excellent fight like this.

Then she quickly stood up and stormed to R’s team member… Right after defeating Barret, R saw a big plane flying in the sky.

Xu: We are entering the city from the sky… Do not let any robots on the ground approach the plane.

R: Which one? I see many planes coming.

Xu: The big one in the middle.

P1 (or P4) was exhausted by getting many hits by Tifa and fell to the ground. P6 suddenly came to fight with all his best. Two R’s team members associated with each other to defeat a female Android. After that, P1 (or P4) told P6: You’re back.

P6: Yeah… It’s just a robot anyway.

Seeing that Tifa was defeated, R told P6: What’s taking so long? Wait. Who takes care of Cid?

The only one left on the Avalanche team was Cid. He jumped into the sky and winked his eyes. A fighting plane appeared. Right after landing in the cabin, Cid drove the plane to attack the big aircraft in the sky. Then many other fighting planes appeared, following Cid’s airplane storming into the air.

“Help us!” R heard the pilot's voice on the walkie-talkie, “We are under attack.”

Seeing that the jets around the big plane were no match for Cid’s team, R quickly ran to Barret, who was falling to the ground. “Sorry, man,” R told Barret while grabbing the minigun, “You don’t need this thing anymore.”

After finishing Barret and removing the minigun from his hand, R shot to the Cid’s team. The jets could then defeat all the Cid's fighting planes. However, Cid still plugged into the big aircraft. R quickly targeted Cid’s airplane and prepared to shoot. Suddenly, a piece of a blade from nowhere stuck to the minigun. A blast appeared. The minigun in R’s hand was completely destroyed. The explosion slammed him. Lying on the ground, he felt extremely hurt.

“Bait out! Bait out!” the pilot's voice raised on the walkie-talkie, “I can’t hold her! I can’t hold her!”

The big plane was burned and fell down. P6 and the another ran to R to check his wound. P3 suddenly appeared, “What are you doing here?” R asked him, “I told you to go to the control room with the others to help P2.”

P3: We’ve done it. Sec is there with Doc. Sorry, boss. But I can’t miss this exciting fight…

When the smoke was gone, P3 stopped talking when seeing that Aerith Android was standing there. Putting the stick on the ground, she said: Greetings, gentlemen.

P1 (or P4): She only said “hi”.

P6: I know! She didn't talk in the Cetra language.

R stepped to Aerith. P6: Don't come close to her. We don't still know if she can fight like the Queen or not.

R: We will soon find out.

Suddenly, Aerith used her stick to shoot the magic at R. Feeling tiny magic balls hit to the face, R laughed scornfully: Really?!

Then he shot her with his weapon. With the stick, she could defend it, but her svelte figure was pushed backward, then fell into a piece of the church. Her white skirt flared like a flower lying on the ground. R looked back to tell his team: See. She is not a Queen.

P3: Boss… I forget to tell you. We were chased by an Android on the way to the control room. I had to create a diversion so the others could finish your order. Now that thing is right here.

R: What’s that thing?

P3 pointed at something behind R. He said: That… is him.

R turned his head to see where P3 pointed. Above Aerith, a black shadow jumped down fast in front of her.

Put the hand on the ground right after landing with a kneel. Raising a giant blade aside. The Android slowly stood up and then waved the blade, slowly lifted his head, and opened eyes.

“Cloud Strife, huh?!” R said.

Eyes around, Cloud saw that his team was defeated. Aerith looked at him. She smiled. Suddenly, a piece of the blade stuck to Barret’s minigun turned back to the blade. R avoided it, but right before he could turn back to face Cloud, that robot had already moved right in front of him.

Watching R fighting Cloud, Xu shouted through the walkie-talkie: Boss, he is a hero there who had defeated Sephiroth twice. You can’t beat him hand to hand.

R: Don’t talk anymore. I’m scanning!

R tried to see any weak points in Cloud’s body but no use. “Impossible!” he whispered while defending himself, “He’s just a f*cking robot. A machine displays in a f*cking museum. Why can’t I find those points?”

Feeling completely exhausted, R drew his breath and then went down. Seeing that, his team members stormed to Cloud, but they were defeated one by one. After that, Cloud stepped to R, who was still dropped in fatigue. Raising the blade, Cloud said: You and your friends destroyed our church… So any last words?”

R lifted his head to see Cloud and said: Who the hell are you?!

Right before Cloud slashed the blade at R, P6 used his weapon and came to block Cloud’s blade. “Stop!” he said, “Cloud. Listen to me. I know this isn’t the right time to say. But… I am your father.”

Cloud’s eyes blinked rapidly to scan all the data in his memory. Then he said: Lie! I have no father.

P6 proved that by telling Cloud about all his memory in Nibelheim. When listening to P6 talk about Claudia, Cloud was surprised. He said: I can feel my mom’s heart giving to you. Perhaps you are my Dad.”

“Yeah. You're right,” P6 said, then hugged Cloud. Before bringing his hand up to embrace P6, Cloud saw Tifa lying on the ground. He pushed P6 away and then ran to her. While holding her, Cloud saw a cable in her pocket. “What’s this?” he said, then touched his hand to her. He saw all her memories…

He saw some tourists sneaky touch her breast despite a warning board beside them that: “Visitors are requested not to touch the objects on display". A drunk man puckered up in front of her and said: Such a pity that your Cloud had left you. Now he is busy introducing himself to us as a hero here. So… do you want to have some fun with me tonight? I really love you, honey. I have a lot of your pictures in my home…”. She couldn't answer him and only smiled because of being programmed. Making sure that no one was inside the bar, that guy climbed over the table and smelled her hair, “Hmmm… you are really delicious, even you are just a robot,” She couldn’t move her body and only kept smiling. Cloud could feel that she was scared.

Meanwhile, P6 slowly came close to Cloud. He said: Listen to me, son. I really don’t want this to happen. She tried to kill my friend so I had no choice. But I swear that we can all fix it. You need to be helped…

Suddenly, Cloud turned to grab P6’s neck and lifted up. He said: Really?! So we are just some puppets to make people some fun, huh?

“No,” P6 chocked, “Cloud, please…” Cloud pulled P6 near to look straight into his eyes. He started to scan all of P6’s memories, seeing that everything happened in the church, then the Cetra woman burned by the napalm bomb, and then Claudia was putting up with P6 when he pressed her down on the bed. “MONSTER!” he screamed, “I’ve never seen all of this. Disgust! You don’t deserve to be my father.”

“Son…” P6 tried to say, “I…really… love… your Mom. That… was… how we… loved… each other,”

Seeing that P6 was weakening, R tried his best to get up and then grab Cloud, making him let P6 off. After retaking the breath, P6 saw that R’s gunblade was knocked off again. “Come on,” he talked to himself, “I just want to have a happy reunion,” Then he took his gunblade back and stormed to Cloud.

Both R and P6 worked together to fight Cloud. The robot felt difficult but never gave up. After beating R down, Cloud grabbed P6’s neck, then lifted up and prepared to stab…

Suddenly, Xu raised her voice on the walkie-talkie: Everybody stands down. The Fenrir is coming!

A heavy thing from the sky dropped strongly to the ground. The smoke and dust were around, but Cloud still looked at that thing. There was a man wearing a black and wide hooded robe. While scanning that man with his eyes, Cloud saw that a long sword was hiding behind the robe “Sephiroth…” he said, “Is that you?”

A wind blew the smoke and dust away, making the hood get off that man's face. “Dad…” P6 choked.

G took off the robe and threw it away. He wore nano armor with the Masamune hung on his hip. “Sorry for being late, son,” he told P6, “I had to bait out first.”

Cloud: Who are you, old man?

Meanwhile, while Materia was praying in the room, Mr. Minister looked at the Masamune on G’s hip and said: Oh, come on! He has just taken it from the Emanation Android out there… The “Visitors are requested not to touch the objects on display" board really has no use, huh?

Mr. Ambassador smiled: Don’t bother. At least the ghost of Ancients is back.

Mr. Minister: I can't believe you have lied to us about the disappearance of the Lifestream in your country, Mr. Tuesti.

Mr. Tuesti: I only want to protect the energy from any dirty hands.

Mr. Minister: You often contact P2 to plan Mako smuggling, steering our attention away from its source in your city. Well done, Mayor. As soon as this is over, I will send some new HIA guys to deal with him.

After taking out the Masamune and waving it, G told Cloud: Mr. Strife, you must let my son go.

Cloud was surprised when seeing the way G waved his weapon like him. He smiled: Well, what if I'm not?

Looking at P6 was grabbed by Cloud tighter, G closed his eyes and remembered that day…

The weather was dark and heavy rain. Outside the house, G and Material were tied by dark magic. Kneeling on the ground, he saw Mr. Palazzo grab his son's neck and lift him. “Goddamit!” he shouted, “Stop playing him, you witch!”

Palazzo smiled: I told you. I will come to your family and enjoy their blood. Now, General, your House… will disappear.

Then he broke the neck of G’s son. “No!” Materia screamed out. Right after the thunder clapped, G was back to reality. He quickly shot to Cloud, making the robot let P6 off. Seeing that, P4 whispered: If you want to defeat a hero, you have to become his most villian.”

Seeing that G was raising Masamune, P3 smiled and said: I see.

R: I heard that Cloud Strife was obsessed with Sephiroth. This must be one of the answers.

“Mr. R,” G said, “My son was bleeding. Go help him to stay away from that Android.”

Then he quickly crossed P6 to stop Cloud from approaching his son. Not able to carry P6 a long way out of the battle, R took him to rest in a falling wall and checked all wounds. A voice from the HIA guys who dealt with Yuffie raised, “Sir, we are all down… but still locked her inside the building. She couldn’t escape… Goodbye, sir. Good luck with that fight.”

An explosion from a building far from the battle appeared while R was still fighting Cloud. Feeling extremely surprised to see that G moved and fought in the same way, Cloud tried to search all data inside him but couldn’t find anything. “Who is this guy?” He whispered.

“Sir,” a voice from G’s microphone raised, “All the Weapons are waking up one by one. We are flying in the sky, trying to pin them down. For them, Cloud Strife and his team are a threat. I repeat. Cloud Strife and his team are a threat. You must defeat them before all these giant creatures destroy this city.”

After hearing that, G stormed to Aerith, but Cloud came to stop him. Breathing heavily, Cloud still smiled and asked G: Nice try, old man! Now show me who you are.

Xu told G through the microphone that his nano armor was highly damaged. "You have to finish the fight right now, sir," she said.

G turned to look at P6. He then removed the microphone from the armor and said: You want to know. Right. I will show you,”

Taking a Fenrir badge out, G threw it to Cloud. Looking at it, the data inside Cloud loaded to Claudia's scene when she gave a big Fenrir pin to young Cloud. “It’s too big, Mom,” he said, “Keep it away,” she said, “Your father always used it with his clothes to go to work and meet all important people. Sorry, my baby, I don't have enough to buy another for your own... so you can use this when you grow up. Okay?”

After seeing that, Cloud felt shocked, “No, it can’t be…” he stammered, looking at P6, “You can’t be my father. No…”

G: Yes. And I am your grandpa.

Cloud raised his blade and said: Shut up. I know I have only one family. That’s Avalanche. We laughed. We fought. And we overcome everything. We… are more than a team. Live and die together…

Looking at all his team lying on the ground, Cloud shooked his head and kept saying: Then you came here, destroyed our home, our church, and beat all of us. If you want to be my grandpa, so be it. But I will not stop fighting until all of you are down.

Looking at P6 and R’s team fatigue, hearing the sound of jets fighting against the Weapons, G smiled and said, “All right,” then he raised the Masamune in front of his eyes, “I will fight you… for my people, my honor, and my country.”

Cloud also raised his blade and said, “And I will fight you… for my city, my friends…” He turned to look at Aerith, “… and my lover.”

Then he turned to see G and laughed: Let’s play, “Grandpa”.

After the fight, G felt exhausted, but he recognized Cloud was also fatigued.

Cloud: I have fought… and live to become him. Though I don’t know who I am, I have tried to prove so many things… to feel that I am a real man. I’ve done everything for my people. So why… why have they never told me about you? That I have a real family.

Aerith used the Holy Material to heal Cloud. “Graaaa…” Cloud felt that enormous energy was flowing inside his vein. Then he stormed to G. Right after two weapons touched each other. Both of them were facing faces. “Yeah…” Cloud breathed deeply. Under the hair, a smile appeared in his mouth: “Let play again…" he said, "...to prove yourself be my true… GRANDPA!

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The fighting between Cloud robot and G made the place around them dangerous. R and his team had to protect P6 and the other people from the impact of the battle. Meanwhile, G felt that he couldn't hold the fight any longer.

“Got it!” P2 suddenly contacted, “I've finally re-access the server. Hacking the Androids now.”

Right before getting the slash from Cloud, G saw the eyes of the robot start blinking. Its blade stopped completely. Realizing that Cloud had been hacked, he smiled and whispered to P2 through the radio, "Well done, soldier!" and then hit Cloud with all his strength. Cloud tried to retake his control and fought against G but no use. After getting hit by G again, Cloud sank to his knees. The robot’s health bar was nearly zero, so G prepared for the finishing stroke. Since not heal Cloud due to being hacked too, Aerith tried to save him by shooting magic at G, but G avoided her attack easily and shot against her. Cloud groaned in a low voice and hit G again, but he fell entirely to his knees.

G told Cloud: No more dancing with your weapons, huh?

Seeing Cloud was completely down, Materia talked to G through the radio: Now shut him down, please.

G still looked at Cloud. The Minister contacted him by radio: So, G. That man is a House of the Wolves member. I’m surprised. Please tell me it’s a joke.

Tuesti: Me too. I’ve never heard that before. Impossible…

“Oh, come on, people,” Mr. Ambassador said, “Don’t you see that he has tried to manipulate that robot's mind all the time? He knows Mr. Strife will not harm someone or something significant to him. The fight may become easier if G lies to the robot that he's its grandpa.”

Mr. Minister smiled tentatively: Okay. I think I’m gonna test him for now.

He contacted G through the radio: My friend, I hope you will not play games with us. We all trust you with a chance to control this whole timeline. And now I see you’ve left your seed in the past who changed everything in the future here… Tell me. What are your ambitions?

G kept silent and only looked at Cloud. Mr. Minister said: We have eyes and ears everywhere, enough to see your plan of making Gods with the Android... If that guy has something relevant to your family, we will reconsider your loyalty. Trust me. It won’t be easy…

Mr. Minister suddenly took a gun from Xu and shot Materia. “Don’t worry,” he raised his gun and said, “It’s a tranq gun. She will be okay, right?” He asked Xu, “Right?!”

Still looking at Materia lying on the ground and going into convulsions, Xu slowly said, “Sir… you’ve just shot to her neck. It's very dangerous.”

“Are you mad?” G told Mr. Minister through the radio, “I’m gonna cut you in half,”

Mr. Minister: You see. I am not good at fighting like you or other members of your House. But I really hate someone who is disingenuous. I know that the Shinra team had been killed one by one after the Midgar meteorite disaster. Meanwhile, your "grandson", Cloud Strife, kept proving himself to have the strength of an Ex-Soldier with some good power of the Cetra, verified by every fight. Now, while looking at the robot that portrayed him right here, I think… he can become an Android God with your family’s name.

G: Stop! You have gone too far! It's impossible if arranging a young man was set to survive and win all the fights to become the most important man in the Shinra timeline. No one is smart enough to do that. He, that man, is just a farmer who lived in this country, succeeded in the fight based on help and luck… I am also looking at him right here, and I don’t see anything of high rank and regal, like any members of my House.

Mr. Minister: Oh. I see because I had thought that Cid of the Lufaine who had worked with you could be smart enough to set up that young man's life, but maybe Mr. Ambassador is right about that you’re playing a mind game to weaken him. If you say you don’t find out anything from him to be one of your blood, please take him down and end that Midgar civil war right now for us.

“No,” Materia tried to talk, but she slipped unconscious.

G raised the Masamune and pointed it to Cloud, who was kneeling on the ground with the eyes blinking unstoppable. “Sorry, my dear,” he said, “I can’t keep my word,”

Before closing her eyes, Materia saw G storm to Cloud and slash at him. The robot raised its sword to block it. G used his strength to press the Masamune down to the robot’s shoulder. Cloud robot screamed due to pain but not leaving its weapon. G took a small knife out of his armor and stabbed him. Right when the knife closed by the robot’s stomach, G’s hand was stopped. Aerith robot was raising her hand to try to control his arm. Suddenly, the Avalanche team stormed to G and tried to hold him down. Feeling angry, G roared and pushed all of them out by using the armor’s energy. Seeing that the team was defeated, Cloud robot felt angry and stormed to G, but he only saw the light shooting into the air.

G had used the Masamune to cut Cloud’s arm off. Feeling extremely hurt, Cloud never gave up. He used his other arm to take his sword up. Seeing that, G smiled scornfully: Surrender now. You’ve been hacked and now lost your arm. No hope to keep fighting against me.

Cloud slowly looked up to see G. He smiled: Not interested!

From the room, Mr. Tuesti spoke quietly: Stop now. Please tell him just shut down that robot. No need to destroy him.

Mr. Minister: No. He needs to show his loyalty to the Council.

Mr. Tuesti: You can’t let him do that right before all of my people. It's a derogation to a man who saved the world.

Then he turned to see Mr. Ambassador to wait for concurrence, but that man only said: It’s just a robot. No need to be worried, sir.

Mr. Tuesti felt very disappointed. Mr. Minister shouted through the radio: Now or never, G!

From the stubborn, brave talk and how to use the sword, G suddenly felt Cloud look like him. The Masamune in his hand vibrated. G lowed his head for a while, then lifted it with sharp eyes. Getting into a fighting stance, G said, “You aren’t my grandson because…” He stormed to Cloud, kneeling on the ground, and shouted, “House Fenrir never has a bastard son like you!”

Although Cloud had been entirely hacked and no longer controlled his damaging body, he still tried to stand up as a soldier. He smiled when seeing the Masamune was directing to his heart. “Finally,” he smiled and whispered to himself, “it’s really over,”

Suddenly, someone came and stood right in the middle of the two. It was Aerith. She looked straight at Cloud’s eyes while the Masamune penetrated her back.

Although Aerith couldn’t cry due to being a robot, a stream still flew from her eyes. G ground his teeth, held the sword with both hands and continued to press it through Aerith’s back until its chop stabbed Cloud’s heart.

Cloud felt an icy piece of steel inside his heart, paralyzing him. G smiled and told him: That’s what I was called… The Queen Slayer.

Aerith put her warm hand on his cheek. Not to care about what G was saying, she whispered: My… hero…

Right when she touched his cheek, he saw all of the moments inside his head, from buying one of her flowers in the street, becoming her bodyguard, fighting side by side with her against Don Corneo’s army, rescuing her from the Shinra to their moment in the Forgotten Capital. All those memories made him stiffen. Her hand left his cheek. He dropped his sword on the ground and quickly held her hand so tight.

“I…” he told her, “…I… have come for you, my love…”

“Fine!” G laughed, “I will let both of you go to the other side together.”

Then he cruelly withdrew the Masamune from Aerith’s back and then kicked her, making her fall toward Cloud. Both of them were thrown back to the church by G’s kick.

After that, all the Androids in Midgar City stopped attacking people immediately. Marle’s descendants, who had covered and helped tourists escape from the robot’s attack, didn’t feel happy like the others because they knew who won the bloody fight. They and some people quickly moved to the church place.

Meanwhile, Mr. Minister held his hand to show his elation, “Yeah,” he said, “That's what I expect. Good job, my friend!”

Mr. Ambassador also congratulated him, but Mr. Tuesti felt disappointed. He said: Cloud was our hero, but now all of you have made him the villain. I haven’t kept the image of all the heroes in my country, so I am unworthy to be a member of the Tuesti and WRO… Tomorrow I will resign and leave the Council.

“As you wish,” a high voice appeared, “but then we will sentence you for your dishonesty all those years.”

All people looked at that place. A streaky image of someone showed up. “The Council’s leader, “Mr. Minister whispered.

“Cloud and all other robots have been eliminated, sir.” Mr. Ambassador said, “The Weapons withdrew, and I can say that… the world is saved again.”

“Good,” the image said, “The other of us still hide in safe houses in their countries. How stinkin cowards! I was afraid that Queen Aerith had returned, but now I could sigh with relief…Oh!” The image looked at the screen, “Those flowers… suddenly grow on the middle of the church remnant with the Lifestream around. Cloud-one-arm was sitting there. His lover was lying on his hand. Her hands were put together while her smile was still on her lips… Such a beautiful scene!

Mr. Minister: Sir, we must launch the project this year. The Queen of Cetra may have already known about controlling Time with the Crystal. So our timeline will be gone soon.

Mr. Tuesti: Controlling the Time with the Crystal! Oh, well. It means my family was set up to be a part of this timeline following your plan. Why didn't you let me know about that from the beginning?

Mr. Minister curled his lip with a disdainful smile: Excuse me, brah! You’ve lied to us about the disappearance of the Lifestream in your country. We could have shared our secret with you.

Mr. Tuesti: You’re excused! Lemme talk to you about one thing. Using the Crystal to control any timelines makes me sick. I can’t believe how many people have suffered due to changing Time. Now I don’t know if someone could go back in the past and change anything, like making Sephiroth alive… No. I can’t stand all of you doing such dirty work…

“You never lived in the concentration camp, so you can't know,” the image interrupted, “We can't forget everything that her men had done to us, to our families. So I had let Sephiroth kill her “next life” form in the Forgotten Capital because we all agreed that better killing incorrectly than missing out. We even accept that he might wipe out the whole planet with his madness, leaving all of us unable to survive in the present, but after all, we are still alive… Therefore, I won’t forget everything Cloud Strife has done for us. I never interfered with his life, though he couldn’t live normally was his choice.

Mr. Tuesti: Please don't excuse! You and your f*cking Council always hide a jiggery pokery to rule over this world.

The image: Mr. Tuesti, do you know what ruling the world is? I will tell you… about a story in our previous timeline. Aerith was obsessed of her kingdom would be under the hand of her enemy, the Humans. The women would be forced while the Lifestream would be appropriated. Her death under some Knights of House of the Wolves could ensure her nation would never stop fighting… After defeating the Humans, the Cetra compelled everyone on the planet not to exploit the Lifestream, or the Gaia Mother's blood, at any cost, Then, their leaders, who considered themselves Queen Aerith’s successors, blamed human emotion as the cause of violating their Gaia and opening all kinds of human sins. They decided to forbid any activity or object that strictly stimulated feeling. As a result, those in violation were labeled "Sense Offenders" and sentenced to death, while the population was forced to drink “Holy Water” every morning to suppress emotion. The “Cetra Fathers and Mothers” repeatedly communicated propaganda through giant magic towers throughout the planet. Since everything about the hi-techs was destroyed because they were considered the origin of all the sins, people had to live like in medieval times. At the pinnacle of law enforcement were Clerics trained in the gun kata materials arts of House Fenrir. Those hunting dogs frequently raided homes to search for and destroy illegal materials – art, literature, and music – executing violators on the spot. A resistance movement needed to emerge to topple Clerics and the whole Cetra army as well.

Mr. Tuesti looked at the Masamune and the gun from G to imagine something about “the gun taka”. He said: So, you were… one of the resistance’s leaders and now a member of this Council, huh?

Though the image was streaky worse and worse, he could still see a freaking smile on it. “Yeah…” the image said, “Before meeting G, the last good man of House Fenrir but was called the Queen Slayer according to the Cetra's mouth, my daughter had been executed as a Sense Offender by a Cleric. Since then, I swore I would help everyone get out of the domination of the Cetra. We often broke into concentration camps to free all prisoners who couldn’t be brainwashed by the “Holy Water” and had to suffer with… other educations from those Goddamn witches. G planned to use the Time from the Crystal. He told me one man had guided him to control it once in his previous timeline, the time before Queen Aerith had beheaded all of his team. We couldn't trust his story, but his name The Queen Slayer, and his return with the help of Sephiroth remnant made him become the Ghost of Ancients. The Cetra called it because they didn't know who the f*ck Sephiroth was but an Ancient crazy ghost trying to attack all of them. All of this was really good for our resistance army's propaganda, we believe him so we accepted his plan. Then we knew that he also compromised with the Sephiroth remnant to free its mother, who was detained on the moonbase.

Mr. Tuesti: That's insane. Sephiroth had been defeated by our hero here. How could it travel to a timeline to haunt G?

The image: Sephiroth is a part of the Lifestream, like Aerith in this timeline, so it would be possible. On a night when the Cetra executed all members of House Fenrir, it found the G's body and got into him to make the spirit of the Queen Slayer recurrence. The sad thing is that... during our timeline, he never knows his "mother" had used him all the time.

Mr. Tuesti: No. He and Jenova are always one, ruling over the world together.

The image: Do you think she wants to put an end to the Cetra long before the time Aerith the Tyrant Queen came? No. She only wants to make them better... She and Queen Aerith, not Sephiroth, are really one. From the story of G in his timeline, after the day Knight Denzel, his father, was defeated in the arena, Jenova had integrated with Aerith easily. They became… invincible. No one, even Gods and Goddess, could stop them from leading the Cetra to conquer the planet.

Mr. Ambassador: Well. After all, “only the women bring happiness to each other.” Hehe!

Mr. Tuesti: Enough! I don’t like your story. You guys consider our Avalanche while the Shinra looks like the Ancients. Even the part about Cleris, who is Cetra’s hunting dog, is so absurd…

He stopped talking immediately when the image quickly moved to him and said through gritted teeth: It’s Cleric, not Cleris! You are insulting my daughter’s memory, Mr. Tuesti.

Mr. Tuesti: Sorry, I don’t know your daughter, but all of you are insane. Since when you guys agreed to exploit the Lifestream again, I hid it until I could find you face-to-face to make you change your mind. Although my secret is finally compromised, my goal has been achieved, and now I already know what kind of person you really are.

The image kept smiling: Mr. Tuesti, you are so naïve! No wonder why your WRO ancestor man was never one who could lead the Shinra.

Then it turned its back and kept saying: The Lifestream… has multi of timelines right inside its single line. Each timeline has the same people but different destinies, so their nature won’t be the same. By transferring memories and knowledge from one timeline to another through the Lifestream, some may get the most incredible power, enough to destroy this whole planet if they are insane or suffer from their worst memory. In our timeline, Aerith had got her worst memory. She lost her mind since her lover, family, and friends were all gone, and she had to kill many people alone to protect her kingdom at any cost. As a result, the whole planet had been under the hand of her Cetra, but the blood never stopped flowing. G killed her to become the Queen Slayer, a bad name, and then he linked to Sephiroth to defeat the Clerics to become the ghost of Ancients, another worse one… We, especially him, have sacrificed much to come to this timeline, but now it could be endangered by the return of the Queen. She might hang around in the past, trying to hide inside another of her and waiting for the rebirth. Trust me, Mr. Tuesti, she won’t hesitate to kill her form after that. Even if Sephiroth can appear on time or not, one of her should be dead.

Mr. Minister giggled. The image said: What’s so funny?

No, sir. I just imagine that if Queen Aerith killed her form in the Forgotten Capital after being rebirthed, then she will become Cloud’s enemy, and… he may reconsider Sephiroth’s invitation since they can’t bear to see the planet suffer.

Mr. Tuesti: And Zack, if he had been alive, he would also team up with them because he loved that Aerith too… Sound like "three against one, crippled or hurt". Huh?!

Mr. Minister: I think she will say “Greetings, gentlemen!” again before getting into a fight. But I’m afraid that three men… is not enough, Mr. Tuesti.

Mr. Tuesti: Okay, so how G could kill her when he got back to the arena… Ah, never mind. I’ve seen it.

The image: No matter how good she is, she doesn't have eyes on the back of her head… The Cetra never accepted the fight result because the G had cheated by ambushing her from the back. It isn’t a way of a Knight or a gentleman. So he and his family had to pay for their life…

Mr. Tuesti quickly moved to the door. “What are you going?” Mr. Minister asked him.

I can’t put up with all of this. I will leave here right now to stop him from harming the robots in my city. No need to wait for my report because I will never do it. Goodbye!

“He put his hand to her mouth and continued to stab her stomach many times right after she had fallen on the ground…” the image kept saying from Mr. Tuesti’s back. “… I never blame him. He isn’t a murderer. He’s a man. And that’s the most frightening thing about him.”

Sticking the Masamune to the ground due to the damage to the suit arm part, G then walked slowly to the church remnant. He faced the Cloud robot sitting on the flowers.

“His soul I portray is so sad,” the robot suddenly talked, making G surprised, “I don’t like it.”

“Why has he shut down yet?” G told P2 through the radio, “How many times do I have to beat him?”

P2: Sir, he has already broken, but his spirit is too strong to maintain the battery. Only 1%”

“This man doesn’t have a true family, from before to after…” Cloud said, “He earned it from his honor and missions. I’ve seen all people talk about his lovers like fun… So tell me, Grandpa…tell me one thing only a few of them talk about…”

G saw blood flowing from the robot’s mouth when it pointed at P6, “That man… over there… who I grabbed his neck… is my dad… or not?

G looked at the robot for a while, then said: No. But you can take that idea to the other side if you like it.

“Oh, thank you…” Cloud smiled, holding the Aerith robot’s hand tighter, “This is a family I have. I don't like anything else… Feel hurt… I can feel she’s hurt… One last question, Grandpa… Can I beg you for death?

“As you wish…” G raised his gun, pointing to Cloud. He couldn’t put the trigger because he felt that robot. Perhaps he only wanted to shut it down without killing.

The robot looked at G by zooming in. It said, “Daddy…”

A shot rang out. A hole appeared on Cloud robot's forehead, completely shutting it down. Its blood, along with Aerith robot’s blood, ran down to the Lifestream, changing the water’s color to red.

Suddenly, the Tifa robot took the Masamune and stormed to G. He quickly turned around, grabbed the handle, and lifted her up. He moved his arm. The Tifa robot’s head dropped to the ground. He picked it up and threw it to Cloud and Aerith robot place. “You can join them too, “he said.

The Tifa’s eyes went brighter when directed straight into Cloud, waiting for his look. But Cloud still looked down at Aerith. The brightness from Tifa’s eyes turned down slowly until gone.

Midgar people, led by the Marle, slowly arrived at the Church remnant. Looking at Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa robot’s bodies on the Lifestream, one woman of them cried. Her family member respectfully picked up the Tifa robot’s head and returned it to its body. He then held the Tifa robot’s body in his arms and put it near Cloud and Aerith. Tifa’s hand was on the two robots’ hands. When he returned the woman, she said: We will never forget all of you…

Then she kneeled to show her respect, as did all the Midgar people. G supercilious smiled: After what they have just done, you guys still love them, huh?

Looking at Cloud robot, she told G: He’s right. The tourists always come and show their disrespect to our heroes’ image. He and his friends only want to fight back.

Pointing at Tifa robot, G told her: That crazy thing has killed some people, leading to a series of bad things in this long night. It’s undoubtedly a terrorist action.

Looking at the blood on the Masamune, she said: Our robots aren’t terrorists. Instead of helping them from the hack, you destroyed them all. I don’t see you have saved us because… I only know that monster who tried to kill all of us before from you.

G kept smiling and left the church remnant. He slowly moved along the lines of Midgar people who were kneeling.

R’s team was sitting in the back of an ambulance. G came and told R: Thank you for supporting me and my army to solve the problem in this city. Mr. R, I thank you for always caring for my son. My helicopter is far over there to wait for all of us. Of course, there's no hurry, so you guys can sit here to relax. Now... I need to take a rest too.

Feeling hurt by several wounds, G saw that the ambulance had already filled. He didn’t want to sit on the ground before all the soldiers. He looked around and found a chair, but P6 came and sat on it.

“Hey,” G told P6, “That’s my chair,”

P6: No, I haven’t seen it first. So it’s mine.

G shouted to P6: You son of the b*ch! Just give me my f*cking chair!

P6 slowly lifted his head and looked straight into his father’s eyes. He said: What did you say?

P6 stood dumbfounded for a while, then waved his hand: Nah! That’s okay. I can find another one myself.

He ran to a place near the people and then picked up some tools to make a chair. While doing that, he told P6:… don’t tell Mom about what I’ve just shouted at you, okay?!

Seeing that, P1 whispered to R: What’s wrong with this family?

R asked G: Your men captured P2 after he had finished his duty for you. What do you plan on doing with him?

G: A report shows me that P2 didn't entirely retake complete control of Androids though he has successfully re-hacked them from the terrorists. I need to capture him for interrogation.

Some questions appeared inside R’s head. He decided to ask G: I know you have betrayed your promise with Materia about not destroying the Cloud robot. Or did you kill him to delete all the real Cloud's memories inside it?

G: Mr. R, I shot it on its head only to make it completely down. That's all. Now, if you don’t mind, please take your team to my helicopter to get out of here.

R looked at his team one by one. When his eyes went to P6, that man said: Wait me a minute, boss. I need to retake a breath. That robot has just grabbed my neck so tight.

G finished his chair and then told P6: Everyone can leave, not my son.

P6 still looked at R and said: Please take me with you. I don’t want to stay with that psycho.

G told P6 with anger voice: I have done everything to make this city not be destroyed, but you dare to talk to me like that…

“Look at our journey and remember: not to take vengeance on anyone who harms you,” P6 suddenly said.

G: What…Oh, I thought you have forgot that word of our ancestors.

P6: No, you are the one in our family who has forgotten it. From everything you have cause to that nation and now my grandson, even though he’s just a robot.

G: I don't know how many times I have to tell you about this?! It’s not about vengeance. It’s about saving the world.

P6 laughed: Saving the world. Sorry, but I haven’t seen the day you told me that the planet comes to an end by the Cetra yet.

G: People in this timeline only know the Cetra is not dangerous due to Aerith Gainsborough. They may not need to wait any longer. Aerith the Queen could have accessed her here in the past. She is even gonna kill Aerith Gainsborough right after the possession has been completed unless both can cooperate. Then she will surely bring her dead nation back to the planet with the help of Jenova. Then, you will see that end day come. From the terrorists we are facing, I can smell it.

P6: That's insane. Do you think Aerith will turn herself into another... Ghost of Ancients, can both of them cooperate, just like you with Sephiroth remnant before?

G: Why not? But I've seen better. The Queen was possessed and then fully collaborated with a Jenova entity to lead The Army of the Death in the center of Cetra Kingdom land. They became one who was strong... and hot damn too...

P6: Hot damn too, huh? I can’t imagine how Zack can deal with her after she has touched her who was his lover.

G: The matter isn’t about him. Aerith the Queen will never take him down. Even Zack here isn't like Zack in her timeline. Actually, she will make him love her more and again.

P6: Stop! I don’t want to listen to any of the stories you tell since your story about my grandpa fighting Aerith the Queen to win is a lie…Even I don’t care if Aerith the Queen loses her virgin for the second time while Aerith Gainsborough has to witness someone use her body to do such a thing.

G tried to not feel angry: Can you… lower your voice, son? Do not talk about something like Aerith’s virgin losing here…

“Well! Since Soldier Zack never wants to hurt his lover, I guess Aerith the Queen will be the only one who feels comfortable if she has to use Aerith Gainsborough's body to love again,” Doc suddenly appeared and said, making G and P6 jump.

Doc performed and said, “The Queen looks like: Look! I’m helping you. See what he really loved me in my timeline. Now you feel it the first time, but I’m gonna feel it again. Hahaha!

G interrupted: What the hell are you doing here? I thought you had left with the other.

P6 also said: Hey! Don't do that, man. It's sick.

Doc: Why not? There's a thin line between love and lunacy, as well as between angel and devil.

G: No. We’re gossiping. You haven’t answered my question yet, Doctor.

Doc: Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop on you. I intend to leave, but since I’ve seen several wounds in your body… General, I really can say you don’t look so good, especially an old man like you who has just overcome a bloody fight.

G turned his head around to hide the coughing-up blood. Then he turned to see P6. His son didn’t still look at him, “Still hate me, huh?” he asked.

“Oh, nice to see you guys still there,” the image of Mr. Minister suddenly appeared, “Thank you, now WRO can control the situation. But I’m afraid that they will take time finding another leader tomorrow…

G: You bastard! Where’s my wife? If she isn’t okay, I will…

Mr. Minister: …cut me in half, huh? You really don’t know some other words better than this, do you? Well, don’t worry. She’s fine. Almost wakes up. My man is helping her out of here.

G: Good. Perhaps she will hate me since I couldn't shut the Android down without destroying it.

Mr. Minister: Don't worry. You've done right. Although some important memories of the Avalanche team, like Cloud and Tifa, have been lost due to your finishing for them, and there's no way to restore them since the building where HIA team fought against Yuffie robot was destroyed, people now go back in safety is the most vital. Congratulation, P6. You had a terrific fight against that hot damn robot to help your father...

G saw behind Mr. Minister that a soldier was carrying Materia to move to the door. Looking at him, she raised a middle finger, mumbling: You two sons of the b*tch!

Seeing that both G and P6 lowered their heads while Doc looked around, Mr. Minister said: I just heard something… Did she tell me, right?

“I don’t know,” G said, “But I don’t think so,”

Mr. Minister: Okay. I just thought she had just cursed me from my back. I can't say I like it since she has cursed Mr. Izunia before. Where was I? Ah, the Council will send troopers to take over Midgar after Mr. Tuesti has quitted. I have to tell you… the city will be back to an industrial and military place. No more tourists and museums. It means we have full authority to exploit the beautiful Lifestream resource again. Hahaha!… Sorry, I'm feeling excited. Now I have to go. Once again, thank you, guys, for solving this long night.

After the Minister’s image was turned off, Doc told G: Okay, I will leave too. Are you sure you want to stay here, sir? Remember what I told you; I feel people will not welcome you and P6.

G: I’m fine, thank you. Now go. My son and I can still take care of ourselves.

Doc understood and turned to tell P6: I can see R has accepted you. Good job, my young boy. Now the whole team’s in the game, not the storm coming in…Hell yeah!

P6 intended to say something, but G suddenly said: Hey! I know that old song.

Doc winked at him: Really?! I never thought a stiff leader like you would enjoy such music.

G: Why not? I ain't a cold-blood man.

Doc: Glad to hear that. Okay. I will leave now. Please be careful. I want to see you two again.

After Doc had left, G saw that P6 quickly looked away.

“Now you finally go back in looking at me, huh?” he smiled, “I know you want to fight me, son, but you are still so green. Hope that guy R knows what he's doing,”

“How did you know him?” P6 interrupted.


“Stop pretending!”

“Ah… You mean Sephiroth. That’s a long story. Now I don’t have time with you.”

“You have made Mom almost killed. I think I can’t wait anymore.”

“Okay. If you want to know…”

He used the arm part in his armor to show an image to P6. A woman sat between him and Sephiroth on a bus. She sang: My team’s in the game. Yeah! Not the storm coming in… Now we’re gonna win your game. See! No, not the storm coming in!

“She's cute, huh?” he told P6, “That’s Pythia, the strangest priestess I ever know. No one, except her, could see Sephiroth since he was a ghost. We were on a mission to escort her to the place of Cid of the Lufaine. They had been engaged since their birth. But our trip was long and full of dangers, enough for… both she and Sephiroth to fall in love with each other.

P6 gaped at G in astonishment. “No way,” he said, “Sephiroth is such a cold-blooded person. He can’t love anyone, and no one can love him,”

G laughed scornfully: Yea, I know. But that’s true. Since we were one, he often borrowed my body to date her some nights during the journey. Cid of the Lufaine told us not to let anyone touch her but not to say that we shouldn't do that. He believed that because I always thought about your Mom, while Sephiroth was a ghost who couldn't touch lived people but his long Masamune… Then the day came. After we said goodbye to her, Sephiroth did a stupid thing: trying to capture her while she and Cid were giving their hands to each other in the church. By the way, we, two dead men, felt so cool since robbing a bride together in a church full of knights and wizards.

Then he raised his fist to the air, smiled, and said: We will win your game. See! Not the storm coming in!

P6: Okay…

G: We took her to run away with us using a Chocobo, but then she begged him to stop and wanted to back to her husband. I could feel he was so angry that getting out of my body to face her. He left me near re-death. If I die, his soul will disappear completely. But he didn’t care about that while that woman didn't still change her mind. He told her he could have everything. If not, he couldn’t let it exist. I saw he cut her throat… but his sword only touched a string on her wedding apron dress, letting it go with the wind of the cherry blossom. Before that time, Cid had claimed to people in the church that he would himself remove it from her body on the nuptial night.

Looking at the remnant church, G sighed: He, with his men, finally caught up with us and took her back. He didn’t punish us, but he was so angry that not inform us about Cetra's plan on the moonbase for a long time. I knew Sephiroth had screwed up, even put himself and me in danger. The first time he didn’t complete his mission, but I can't believe it was all because of a woman…

He turned to look at P6 and said: …but you know what the most tragedy for him was? He finally met his Mom in space, but she never considered him her son. She never wants to rule over the world with him, either. The only one she wants to is Aerith the Queen.

P6 smiled: Okay, but it’s still ridiculous. Too bad. If Aerith the Queen had a good character like her in this timeline, just a tiny part, everything would have finished right after my son defeated Sephiroth.

Seeing that the Marle and others hadn’t left the church remnant yet, G laughed: Human nature is good… Aerith the Queen could be good if she didn’t suffer from the family’s duty. She should have been born in an ordinary house, only become a flower girl, never learning about leading and killing.

P6: Al least her form in this timeline was full of o'the milk of human kindness though your men had killed her true family, not like you. You didn’t hesitate to kill that robot man who portrays your grandson… I will do everything to save my son from a lousy grandpa like you.

G: Oh! Even you will stop calling me father.

P6: Yes, I will.

G: Then you should see this… It will prove…

Suddenly, G coughed up blood again. He quickly used a bandage to hide the blood. P6 didn’t still look at him, “Doc’s right,” he said, “You should leave here now,”

G: How… about… you?

P6: Leave me alone. I said I don’t want to have a father like you…

G: You can’t say that. I and Mon have saved you many times. At least you should show your respect…

P6: I can take care of myself. I won’t let you beat me once more… Hey, are you okay, old man?

G completely fell down. He was out of breath: My body… this body in this timeline is so weak… F*ck!.

P6 quickly stood up and came to his father. Seeing the blood bandage, he said, “It’s not from the wound of the fight. How? When? Why haven’t you told me before?”

G: I can feel it coming… The past… It’s changing…

P6 felt scary. He touched his face to make sure it was still intact. Then he said: Impossible! This timeline can't be changed… I didn't do anything. I swear!

“Oh, son…” G smiled. He slowly fell unconscious.

“Help! Somebody!” P6 shouted, but no one came. He carried his father. They together moved along every street of Midgar, trying to find someone who could help him. “Who in the hell!?” A WRO soldier said when seeing those two. “Please, help!” P6 told him.

Some WRO soldiers appeared. After a few minutes of hesitating, they got G from P6 and cared about him. “Don’t be a hero,” G whispered to P6 while he was moved to soldiers’ hands, “It is ungrateful work.”

A paper dropped from G’s pocket. G picked it up after all soldiers had carried G away. Trying to clean the blood, P6 opened his eyes widely when seeing the line: DNA test report. Conclusion. P6 is not the biological father of Cloud Strife.

Dropping the paper, P6 fell down on the ground. He remembered the day he was participating in a cake contest with Claudia. They sang together after winning, “We have won your game. See! Not the storm coming in!” They together raised their fists in the air while lifting their feet, “Hell yeah!” They closed their eyes and laughed.

“I’m sorry, my dear,” P6 closed his eyes. He cried, “I never want to hurt you,”

Meanwhile, the Masamune was still put on the ground near the church, with the blade and other weapons, due to the Lifestream flowing around, looking like all of them had returned to their origin.

In the helicopter, P3 told R: Boss… I've done the mission you give me. They all think that they can hide the truth easily by replacing the whole villagers and changing the memories of someone... but I finally got it before the building where Yuffie robot fought the HIA team was destroyed... So, do you want to know what exactly happened in Nibelheim that night?
All the team except R looked at P3. He was looking at the Lifestream around the remnant church. P3 smiled and said: P6 met Sephiroth in that village. They got into a fight. Cloud's mother tried to stop them. P6... killed her accidentally.
Seeing that the team was silent heavily, he kept saying: Only General and Materia know that. I believe they are trying to protect him... by stopping him from traveling back to the past again.

/The first scene is when Aerith the Queen defeats Knight Denzel (with his blade, not a chair) in the arena. The whole middle scenes are battle between the Cetra and their enemy (Eikons and summoning creatures vs. tanks and fighters etc...). The last scene is when Soldier Kadaj looks at the sky and sees Valvados (he thought it was an eclipse). Everything like this but it's.../

Scene: Become my Knight

“You did well, my Queen,” Zack praised Aerith when she showed him her crafting blueprint.

Aerith: I never believed a tiny rock with some branch of a tree could be used to craft into a sharp weapon.

Zack: Why not? I didn't mean to pry, but... you have already been proper in magic. Why do you still want to know about the combat skill?

Aerith: As a leader, I need to know everything.

After creating a knife by using a rock and a branch, Aerith waved the knife and then gazing it with amusement. Zack told her: Ready for the hunt, Your Majesty?

She nodded…

Both of them kneeled beside a dying deer. Zack: As usual, I will do it for you, Your Majesty.

Right before he put the knife to the deer’s stomach, Aerith put her hand on his arm and said: Stop…

Zack: You’re still scared?

Aerith: No. Let me do it by myself.

Zack hesitated for a while, then gave the knife to Aerith. He said: You made it. Now you earn it. Do it.

Right when putting the knife chop to the deer’s stomach, Aerith was terrified of seeing the heer struggling convulsively. Zack picked up the knife and put it back in her hand. “Let me help you,” he told her.

Zack held her hand to guide her to cut the deer’s stomach. The deer didn’t struggle anymore. Looking at its clear and shining eyes, Aerith told Zack: I remember our night in the lake… My first time… but you made me comfortable… Thank you.

Zack dropped his hand from her hand and put it on the deer’s mouth. He said: Remember, Your Majesty. Once you are able to kill mentally, the physical part will be easy, the difficult part is learning how to turn it off.

The deer's pupil expanded almost to fill the eye. It expired before Aerith had finished the cut.

After removing all viscera from the deer, Zack was excited: Well, I’m pretty sure we will have a good dinner for this day…

Aerith: Not quite… what I expected.

Zack: Really? I think it’s fine. It’s all about the dinner, anyway.

Aerith: I want a nicer one.

Zack: Stop being so picky! Deer is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. We should thank them for serving us as meat. So one is enough.

Aerith: No, you don’t understand. I mean… I want to hunt a real animal that is stronger and better than this.

Zack: Oh…Okay! But we need to wait until tomorrow.

Aerith agreed with him.

At night, both took shelter in a cave, giving each other sweet kisses. When Zack's hand reached to Aerith's thing, “Wait…” she suddenly stopped him, “I want to ask you a serious question.”

Zack: Really? Now?

Aerith: Yep. Don’t be silly!

Zack: Okay. How can I serve you, my Queen?

Aerith: How many women on the planet you’ve known before coming to me?

Zack pulled his hand away. Seeing that he was hesitating, she smiled: Come on! A tiny little wish, that’s all. And don’t worry. I won’t penetrate your mind to get your answer.

Zack lied on his back. Two of his hands crossed over his head. Aerith rested her head against his chest. He told her: Just one, but I would have got more than that if people in House of the Wolves hadn’t taken all for them.

Aerith giggled: No. I think you’re lying.

Zack: Okay. Just going to my mind.

Aerith: No. I told you I wouldn’t do it.

Zack: That’s all right. Love is for sharing. So don’t be shy.

Aerith hesitated for a while, then penetrated Zack’s mind. She observed him taking part in a wedding where numerous soldiers and warriors were singing and honoring a muscular man. A black and long hair lady, that man's bride, was sitting in Seiza pose around a group of fairies. “To make all men here happy, honey,” the man told her, “Play your popular folk song.”

All the fairies stopped playing their instruments. The lady opened a box and took out a string instrument. Aerith saw that Zack, though was sitting beside some women, still drank beer and focused on the lady playing the song. She turned her head back to Zack in the present and raised her eyebrows in a sulk. He only shrugged his shoulders.

The muscular man suddenly appeared behind Zack’s chair and whispered, “Are you listening to her playing or just looking at her body?”

“Commander Cloud,” Zack stood up and turned around, “Congratulations to you. You have got one of the most beautiful women on the planet for yourself.”

“Nah,” Cloud waved his hand, “If the Human Council didn’t decide to stop the war with Cetran, perhaps I will keep forcing the Kingdom and earn a good Cetra woman for me. However…”

Watched his lady covertly, Cloud cleared his throat with a cough and said loudly, “…Stopping the war is still our best lucid decision. We had been afraid that the Cetra would monopolize the Lifestream and then rule over the planet, so the battle is considered a warning for them. What a terrible tragedy! If House of the Angels had agreed to negotiate with us sooner, many people wouldn't lie down out there. We should show respect to our sisters and brothers.

After a minute of silence, Cloud said: But hey! This is my wedding time, so feeling downhearted is unnecessary. Now I have a beautiful woman who can be compared with those green eyes. More importantly, since fighting my wife in wrestling to prove myself, I have felt my heart has already been for her. But on second thought, that fight would be bloodless if I hadn't let her know about the romantic history of my family too soon.

All people laughed. Cloud rubbed his shoulder and acted as if he was getting hurt. Winking at his lady, he smiled: Still painful here!

She bowed her head, feeling flushed.

“You bastard!” a bearded man raised his voice. He was sitting near some cats moving around. “You let me fight her first so you could understand her movement. You had used me.”

“You can’t say that, Cait Sith,” a black and tall man appeared. He stepped to Zack and Cloud while talking to the bearded man, “Don’t forget you had accepted the fight right before Cloud asked you for the decision. You should blame your aggressive instead of him.”

“Nah, forget it,” Sith waved his hand, then continued to drink beer with his cats.

“Commander Barret,” Cloud smiled, “I know you will never forget my wedding.”

Both of them embraced happily. Then Barret told Cloud: I know you will be excited about your good time, but don’t enjoy it too much. The Council needs to meet you tomorrow. My friend, you have been promoted to become a General. I’m very glad when hearing that.

Cloud directed his hand to his lady and said: Thank you, but… not interested. You see. I’m planning to build a new life in this peacetime with my wife. We will have many children, so I'm afraid I won’t spend enough time with them. But, Commander Barret, I am sure that title will fit you well.

Barret: No, Cloud…

Cloud: I know the vote was tied that day, but finally, they chose me because of your origin. But don't worry. I will go to the Council tomorrow and convince them to let you replace me.

Barret: Thank you, but unfortunately, they’re right about my origin. In the country where I was born, I was just a kid when being captured to be a soldier… to kill innocent people. Living outside the rule and then fighting the Cetra made me not have time to learn anything else. Now my country is still impoverished and conflicted. So I’ve agreed with them to look straight at the truth that I am not a gentleman… like you. Cloud, you don’t need to help me. I will return to my country to help the people. And… with all my respect, you should accept the promotion because people here still need you.

Cloud tried not to cry. He put his arm to his chest and said: I will fight you because you dare to leave me after all those years. But I have to respect your decision. My friend, please take care of yourself. And promise me. You will become a gentleman before going back here to see my family. We all have our origins as mercenaries, but I believe you can do that just like me.

Barret put his arm to his chest and said: I will, Commander. I can’t wait to see you and your children in the future.

Cloud: Sh*t! I never forget you used to order me something like “Then do your job!”, though you were under my command…

Watching the scene, Aerith smiled: Oh! Those guys are really gentlemen. I can believe them.

Zack nodded to confirm. Meanwhile, his image in the weeding kept laughing and talking with people: A gentleman, huh? Commander Cloud, I don’t think so since you have flirted with most of the pretty women from me before getting married.

Cloud: Come on, I was the one they could fall in love, not you. Anyway, you got one woman who thought about you.

Zack in the present told Aerith: See. I won’t lie to you. Shall you leave my mind?

Aerith grabbed his hand and smiled: Not yet. I’m gonna watch this scene till the end.

Zack felt frightened: No. It’s not necessary…

Aerith put her finger on her mouth and said: Silent! I want to know how a Human gentleman is.

Barret told Cloud: I heard that Vorman would like to invite someone in our army to train his men. This is a part of the peace pact that both sides should share technologies to show friendship. The Council considered his invitation and then decided to send only one man.

Cloud: Only one, huh? Not enough to "train" his army but his Queen. Hehe!

Barret looked around while saying: Though Vorman is the highest leader in the Kingdom, the Queen is still the face of his nation. She doesn’t like many men from outside to see her at once, while the Council doesn’t want to send a whole team to show... "some basic tutorials." So only sending a man will be a reasonable choice. Easy come, easy go. Our man should be smart enough to meet the Queen but should not show all our abilities to her.

Cloud: I see. So our man, Zack here is a reasonable choice to meet her. He hasn’t got enough experience on the battlefield to train anyone but is smart enough to talk to a beautiful but particular woman like Queen Aerith. Ha!

Cloud clapped two hands on Zack’s shoulder and said: Congratulation, Zack. You will have a chance to see all the pretty Cetra women bathing in the Lifestream with their Queen, who is the best of them. I used to dream about going there with my sword, or my… gun to "earn" one of them for me. But now I've been married so it's just a dream.

Cait Sith: He’s right. Hey Zack, I also hear that Queen Aerith infatuate with boys. Can you confirm it and let me know after returning here?

Cloud: Yes, and don’t forget to maintain our good image when talking to her because she always thinks we only fight to earn money and women. I hope you will make her change her mind. But that’s okay if you can’t.

Zack: I will. And how can I train her army with our technologies? I am a Sergeant, not a Warfare Tactics Instructor.

Cloud smiled. While adjusting the cravat on Zack’s neck, he said: Believe me, Sergeant. Just smile and butter her up. Remember that women always fall in love through their ears, not their eyes. But I don’t need you to make her fall in love with you. Only don’t get her mad so that both sides go to the war again, then you’ll be promoted right after returning here in one piece.

Zack: I see. So they choose me because I don’t have enough experience in the army to tell her all, only make her happy to… maintain the friendship between the two sides, huh?

Cloud: Come on! At least you will travel there for free and have a chance to be a friend of the Queen of Cetra. A great honor. Moreover, they have returned to their nature as a kind and gentle nation in this peacetime time, so your mission is so easy to complete. It's a kind of once in life for you, buddy.

Zack hesitated and then said: Okay. Although I prefer to prove myself more about our greatest to her, I won’t let all of you down.

Cloud blinked his eyes and said: That’s spirit! Now forgive me, I have to return to my wife.

Right after Cloud turned away, Zack told him: I will take a picture of Queen Aerith and show it to you to know about her true beauty.

Cloud waved his hand: Not interested! I can buy it myself in a souvenir shop. And I don’t care about her true image since I’ve had a beautiful woman for me.

Zack: I will make her love me.

Cloud didn’t still turn back: Yeah… But children make her love too. Ah! Remember to tell her that you have grown up so she can give you a suitable gift. Okay.

All people laughed when hearing that. Zack flushed with anger. Lowing his head. His hands were clenched into hard fists. He said: No, Commander. I mean…

He quickly lifted his head when screaming: I WILL SLEEP WITH HER!

Cloud stopped moving while his lady lifted her head to see Zack. Cait Sith spit out beer. All people stopped singing and talking. “Oh, sh*t!” some whispered while the others were numbed.

“Quick!” Barret ordered his soldiers, “Close the door. Blow out all candles. Vorman has eyes and ears everywhere.”

Zack: Loving a Cetra woman is not my interest. I will make Queen Aerith the best of them, enjoy me to show you…

Cloud looked at Zack with extreme anger. He said: Sergeant! It ain’t fun. I ask you only to show her and the whole Cetra nation how we’re strong and kind, NOT FU*CK HER. Do you understand?!

Cait Sith looked around and saw: Okay, everybody! Now is the time for… betting game!

Most of the people immediately voted for Zack. “Hey, man,” one said, “I have just put all my assets on you. Don’t worry. If you die after having fun with the Queen Cetra, I will split the money with your family. I promise.

Zack in the present smiled tentatively. “They’re so nice, aren’t they?” Though he did not look at Aerith, he could feel that she was looking at him with her bright and angry eyes without saying anything.

“Insane!” another man said, “That guy will die before he can touch that witch. I’m with you, Commander,”

While Cait Sith was busy taking money from everyone, Cloud told Zack: You think you can overcome me, huh? You have no bloody idea who you're dealing with!

Zack still kept silent. Suddenly, Cloud pointed at where Aerith was standing, making her jump. “Don’t worry, my Queen,” Zack in the present relieved her mind, “It’s just coincident. He can’t see us,”

Cloud: The Cetra has a tradition of inbreeding, passing from generation to generation. It makes "theirs" look like chili. Do you understand? So, I’m sure she will feel comfortable if you touch her in one night. But, with all my respect, I really don't want you to do that. Why? Because we have just stopped the war with them though not forever. Significantly, all people can go home in peace. Everyone feels happy and nobody wants to f*ck with House of Angels, not now, at least. Don’t be stupid. Your decision will make all of us dangerous. Please, think about my family and children in our country.

Zack: Talking about the secret, I hear that Queen Aerith doesn't want to be the highest leader of the Cetra. She wants to live like a civilian. I am not the kind of man, so I will never abandon her. I want to share her desire. Even if she doesn’t accept me and wants me to die, I will enjoy it.

Cloud laughed: Look at this! A romantic young man with his fancy dream.

Barret: Even if you succeed in living with her as a typical family, it's impossible. The inbreeding makes Cetra Kingdom nearly impossible to increase its population. Aerith and her brothers and sister are the products created by Humans scientists and them. They have been arranged to marry each other to propagate the bloodline, making a hope of repopulation. I bet Vorman will never let her leave the throne unless she can give one of her brother/husband a son to be the next King.

Zack shook his head: Poor girl! Sitting in the corner of a palace, knitting and singing every day, trying to keep the virgin until having a son with a man in the bloodline. That… makes me sick. You’re right, Commander. I shouldn’t make her hurt, but since no one dares to help her, I will come out to do it. I will marry her a create a bigger wedding than yours. You will see.

Cloud: If you still insist, so…

“Listen to me, guys!” He shouted after shooting his gun to the ceiling, making people pay attention to him, “Sith, writing down this to the commitment: I, Cloud Fenrir, the highest member of House of the Wolves, will reject the General position and then give it to Zack if he can touch Aerith the Queen in one night…”

All people kept silent. Barret told Cloud: Are you sure? This guy still lacks experience and is stupid too. This night has proved it. For the good of Humans army, you can’t bet with him.

Cloud: I’m very serious. And I’m not drunk. Keep writing this: Sergeant Zack will continue leading me and everyone in this room in this life, the next life, and the next life. During that time, I will be the under the first class only and under his command.

Barret shook his head while more people decided to bet on Cloud. “See that?” Cloud told Zack, “Perhaps they’re so drunk on this night, but never lose their mind if they have to do something with their life. Since I’ve led these young men through many battles, they only trust me, not you. Do you think you can beat me by sleeping with that little Lifestream, huh?! So naïve!

Zack: She isn’t your little Lifestream. She’s more than that. A warrior. I can read it from her eyes.

After listening, everyone in the wedding hall looked at each other, then laughed hard. Cloud laughed and said: Sorry, but I don’t believe that cute face can know how to fight. All she can do is sit in the corner of a palace, knitting, singing, and waiting until being... exploited,” Cloud performed to take off someone's clothes, “See! She better makes man happy, not kills him. Hahaha!”

Aerith couldn’t bear any more. She got out of Zack’s memory, then angrily uttered a spate of Cetra words. “Wow, slow down, my Queen,” He told her, “I can’t understand what you’re saying,”

After a moment, Aerith breathed hard and talked in Zack’s language: This…guy…are…sick!

Zack understood that Aerith would have a slight slip-of-the-tongue moment if she were under strong emotion. “My Queen… No, I mean, Your Majesty,” he tried to convince her, “Please forgive me,”

Aerith quickly wrapped the blanket around her, then pointed her knife at Zack. “You f*cking bullsh*t!” She told her, “You dare to make fun of me, huh?!”

Zack raised his hands when her knife was near his face: No, I… I just tried to prove to people at that wedding how I love you. For the life of me, I never consider you a game.

Aerith ground her teeth while her eyes were bright. She put the knife to his neck. Zack: Okay. I've told them. If you want me to die, I'll enjoy it. You heard that. So do it, if you feel better.

“On your knees!” She said,

Zack hesitated. “I said,” she repeated, “Get down on your knees now!”

Zack kneeled and closed his eyes to wait for death to come. Putting the knife on his neck, Aerith slowly moved it to his shoulder. Zack felt strange because he didn’t feel the knife cutting his neck. He opened his eyes, seeing Aerith looking at him with an angel smile. “If you insist on living with me forever, just do what I say… by my language. Okay?”

Zack: Okay, but… won't you turn me into a pet? Sorry, the children in my hometown always talk about that story.

Aerith laughed: Good idea, but we don't do that here. Don’t worry, Zack. I will not turn you into a pet.

Zack: Okay. What do you like me to spell?

Aerith directed her eyes to the sky to think. Then she said: “Yes”. That’s all.

Zack: Sorry?

Aerith: You only spell “Yes” in the Cetra language.

Zack: Oh, that's the first and easiest word I've learned in your country. Are you sure?

Aerith nodded her head happily. Zack smiled: Oh wait! Don’t tell me you want to do a wedding right here, right now.

She shook her head: No. I will not marry you, but I’m gonna do a better thing for you, for our love.

Zack thought for a while; then he said: I’ll accept your ask, Your Majesty,

Still putting the knife on his shoulder, Aerith talked the Cetra words quickly, then stopped and looked straight at Zack’s eyes. “Yes,” he said.

“Great!” she withdrew the knife, “Now you can stand up, Zack the Mercenary,”

After standing up, Zack felt his stamina increase. “What have you done, my Queen?” he asked her.

While putting on the clothes, she told him, “I’ve just turned you become my Knight,”

“What?” he was surprised, “Why did you do that, my Queen?”

“You don’t like it, huh?! I thought you loved me.”

“No, I mean… among all of Cetra strong men, you’ve chosen an outsider like me to be your Knight,”

Aerith felt sad. She said: But I can trust you, my love. No one, including all members of the Queensglaives, let me access their memories of a long time like you. They even tried to turn me out, but you are the first who I got out myself.

Zack: I see. But you have them to protect you all the time. You don’t need me to do that.

She smiled: Actually, they rarely stay with me, always spend time outside the Capital, then the Kingdom. Since I read some stories about Knights standing beside their ladies to protect them from demons, I really want to be like that.

Zack: Forgive me for saying this, but Courtier Vorman and everyone in the Kingdom will not accept me. Never had a Knight of the King or Queen who isn’t a Cetra before.

Aerith lowed her head. She said: I… never want to be a Queen. I want to have a Knight in my life. Even I’m only a civilian on the planet.

Zack: Your Majesty…

Aerith stayed back: No. You can’t make me reverse the spell. But if you still don’t like it, please leave me and return to your home. I heard some magic tools may help you iron it out if you can prove yourself a man of honor and love your country more than me.

She turned away. Listening to her cry, Zack slowly stepped to her, put his hands on her shoulders then moved to her hip gently. “I will not leave you,” he whispered, “I agree to become your Knight in this life, the next life, and the next life.”

Aerith smiled. She turned back to him, putting her hand to his nape, and said: I love you, Zack, love the man inside you. Sorry for shouting at you a while ago. I tried to cuss but couldn’t do it with my language. There are no kind of cussing words in our dictionary. I really feel free and comfortable while cursing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. And sorry… for accessing your memory to know who your other half is besides me. It’s impolite. I haven’t trusted the love you give me for a while.

He smiled and put his hand to her nape to pull her forehead to touch his.

The following day, Zack and Aerith continued deep into the forest. “With all my respect, my Queen,” he told her, “The next place is the borderland. For your safety, we should go back now,”

“No. Not yet,” she said, “You promised to help me hunt down a nicer one. Remember?”

“But…” he said, “Courtier Vorman ordered me to support you with deer hunting. I must take you to go home before sunset this day. If I don't complete it, he will suspect…”

“I am a Queen,” she said with a high voice, “I can do whatever I want. He can’t make me fear,”

“Stop!” He suddenly said,

Aerith stopped moving, “What,” she told him with a scared voice, “I have landed on a mine, right? I know this weapon is strong enough to break the magic shield, so… don’t tell me I’ve landed on it,”

“No, you haven't landed on a mine yet,” He told her, “But I can see one thing that is more terrifying than a mine,”

He pointed at that thing. Aerith saw a giant animal drinking the water in a river, “Oh!” she said, “That’s a dog, huh?”

“No, it isn't a dog,” he said, “It’s a wolf,”

“Sorry, that wolf is so nice. I've wrong it with a dog,”

“You mean beautiful… Please step back to me, my Queen. Nice and slow.

“Yep. It’s beautiful and dangerous too. I like it,” she smiled, “Are you sure that animal is kin to Commander Cloud?”

“I heard some idle rumor that House Fenrir’s ancestors were in the form of wolves, so maybe… but, in my opinion, that thing isn’t kin to him. You know, everything can happen in this magical world. Now please do what I say, my Que…”

“Finally, a worthy enemy,” Aerith suddenly screamed, making Zack jump, “A legendary battle I always dream about has come true. Some guys tell me I should be a woman who needs to sit in the corner, knitting and singing every day, trying to keep my virginity until a man comes to f*ck.”

“No. Don’t do that,” Zack was terrified when seeing that Aerith raised her fist into the air. “Now I will prove that they’re all wrong. I should be like a man, a warrior fighting for freedom and justice. No. Wait. With my Knight here, I will not become a warrior only. I must be better than this. I will become… a BOSS.”

The giant wolf stopped drinking and stormed to Zack and Aerith. Lowing the fist beside her face, she quickly took her fighting attitude and chanted with a smile: LONG LIVE THE CETRA!

The giant wolf immediately hit Aerith, making her wound while her knife was dropped in the mud. “Use your magic,” he told her, “I’ll cover you,”

She quickly used all kinds of magic weapons to attack the wolf, but no use. “Sh*t!” Zack said, “It isn't a normal wolf. It’s a cyborg wolf,”

The wolf ran to Zack so fast that he didn't raise his sword. Using his gun, but the armor skin of the wolf could block it. He felt its pointy teeth bite into his shoulder. Suddenly, he heard a song while trying to punch its head to slow the bite. Aerith tried to sing to attract the wolf. It quickly turned back to attack her, jumped, and pressed her down. Seeing that the wolf was biting Aerith violently, Zack rubbed his blood all over his body. "Hey," he screamed out, "Over here. You like good ruddy skin, huh? Come to me."

The wolf turned to attack him again. “Find your knife,” he told her, “Then run!”

Trying to stop the bite from the wolf, he felt its mouth water and an evil smell on his face. “That’s it,” he told himself, “I will die in a legendary fight, then lie under my love's hand like a hero. My dream has come true. People on the planet will remember me as an adventure merc who ends his life after sleeping with a most beautiful and royal woman and then fighting with a monster. A good story, though my mother can not recognize me after this fight. No problem. Perhaps they will create a statue displaying me with a nicer face...”

Suddenly, the wolf’s pupil popped out because Aerith stabbed her knife to its head from the back. Both Zack and the wolf immediately stopped moving. He kept silent while the wolf still put its tongue out during the time Aerith slowly pulled the knife back. Zack witnessed the eye pupil sticking to the chop of the knife return to the initial position on the wolf’s face after Aerith had wholly pulled the knife back. “Oh my God!” he whispered, “Why is it so smooth?”

After pushing the wolf away, Zack tried to stand up. Aerith still held her knife tightly. Her clothes were full of mud and blood. Putting his hands on his hip, sticking out his chest, Zack smiled at her: That’s a kill. Thank you!

She raised her knife and smiled at him: You forgot to say “my Queen”.

Zack: Ah, yes. Thank you, my Queen… Your Majesty!

Seeing the sun was near setting, Zack quickly carried Aerith, “Are you okay?” he asked her, “Can you walk?”

She tried to overcome the exhaustion when talking to him: Yes. Oh! For the good of Gaia. I can’t believe you are the first one I saved. I thought only Knights could save their ladies due to their job.

Zack: That’s okay. I'm still proud that you haven't finally run away. I owe you my life… Hey, don’t fall now. We need to get out of here.

Aerith: I will. My love, do you still remember what I taught you about hiding your memory from accessing?

Zack: Yes, yes… don’t worry. Your uncle will never know about our love as usual. My Queen… I love what you talked about becoming a boss. It’s cool… like a rap song.

Aerith: Really?! I thought I had done a stupid thing. I can’t wait the time Vorman feels surprised when I can speak well and fluently in front of all my people.

Zack: I’m pretty sure you will be an inspirational leader.

Aerith nodded Zack touched her cheeks and kissed her for a long minute. Then Aerith lowed her head while closing her eyes. She laughed and cried while Zack still touched her cheek: I don’t know… You and I just overcame a freaking monster. I think that perhaps we won’t be survived if two more guys join the fight.

Zack laughed too: Well if that’s so, and since you and I are bosses, I would rap, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the battle of the five bosses,”

Aerith laughed so hard that she coughed up blood, “Sorry,” he quickly grabbed her. She shook her head: Never… mind. I only hope if that day comes, you still love me whatever happens…

The two tried to walk back to the Capital. The sun slowly sank behind them. Some of the Queensglaives appeared on their way. One of them went to check Aerith. When putting her hand on Aerith’s lower abdomen, she froze and looked at Zack. Aerith immediately put her hand on that woman's shoulder, “Don’t scream,” she accessed the woman's mind, saying, “He did nothing. I’ve allowed him to do that… Do not tell anyone. That’s order,”

The woman hesitated, “Your uncle,” she contacted Aerith’s mind, “will not be happy,”

Aerith: I’ll take care of it. You must keep it a secret. Remember that.

The woman stood up and carried Aerith out of Zack. While being held, Aerith looked back to see Zack. “Please keep loving me whatever happens, my Zack,” she whispered.

/The battle of the five bosses/

Scene: Edge of tomorrow

R quickly entered a room alone and locked the door. After ensuring that no one was inside the room, he took out a tape that P3 had given him with a note: “Be careful, boss. I took it after the explosion in the MIS building. It’s nearly damaged.” He played it. A 3D hologram showed a scene where P6 was crying while holding Claudia’s body. Sephiroth, from his back, stepped in front of him. A smile appeared on that man’s face.

Sephiroth: How many times you travel back here, Fenrir boy?

P6 didn’t answer him. Sephiroth kept smiling: Don’t be rude. Your father owes me this timeline.

P6: And you owe him your life.

Sephiroth laughed: Fair enough… You can’t save your woman as long as Aerith doesn’t die. If I have a chance, I won’t hesitate to kill her, beginning with people in this town… over and over just like you who consistently fail to save that lover, but...

He took out a photo and showed it to P6. “The witch’s fate shall be changed because of this woman. Our fates, this timeline… all are also changed.” Pointing at the photo, Sephiroth told P6: “I know I killed her… but it seems not right…So tell me, Fenrir boy. Who is she?”

R’s eyes opened widely. He moved closer to Sephiroth to see the photo clearly. However, the image became jamming. Tried to focus on the photo, but R couldn't see the face of the woman, except for a sniper rifle on her hand. “Oh, come on!” He said, but the image was completely shut down before he could do anything.

R felt angry. He quickly went to meet P6 who was in the hospital with Materia. “Oh, boss! P6 said when seeing R coming, “Thank God my father is okay. I thought I had done a wrong thing. Hey, what’re you…”

R grabbed P6 so fast that even Materia couldn't do any acts. He also took a chair. After kicking P6 to a room, he used it to block the door knob. Mataria only saw everything through the glass window. “Stop,” she said, “Don’t do that,”

P6 was lying on the floor. Seeing R, he said: Come on, boss. We’ve just overcome a bloody fight. Why don’t we wait until after healing…

R kicked P6’s stomach. Seeing that her son’s heal bar was decreased, Materia put her hands down on the glass windowsill and told R: Captain, you must stand back right now.”

R: Your father has built a whole timeline by killing some good people with a monster, and now you have fu*cked it up. Congratulation! Now tell me. Who’s she?

P6: What?

R: Stop lying to me. I know you have met Sep before.

P6 tried to remember, and then he said: Ah… I see. My father beat me like hell due to that, but sorry, I can’t tell you anything because… my mind was erased right after I was sent back here.

R kept kicking P6. Holding his stomach, P6 said: No. Stop. I swear. I don’t remember anything. The system was broken when I was brought back here, letting me forget anything. My family didn’t know what I had done, and I will never let a rabbit girl on me if I know I have a son with one of the women I love…

“Love?!” R laughed, “Now you still consider forcing someone is a kind of love, huh?! I feel tired of your stupid and really don’t have time for this. Okay, if you don’t remember, tell me, who was a female soldier working as a sniper with you? Don’t tell me you don’t remember 'cause I know your memory was erased in the part of Nibelheim, not after or before that.

P6: Okay. There’re some of them. Scarlet, a Turk girl… Uh…I dunno about here…

R: What about Sec?

P6 laughed: She? No. I know she is a pro at using guns, but not with a sniper rifle.

R: Why? Because that gun is too heavy for her to carry?

P6: Why did you say that? No, carrying a heavy weapon isn't a problem with her. I suppose she had carried a heavy thing once before, like a body...

R: Okay. So why?

P6: Because she has a scar on her body, it makes her unable to hold the gun whenever shooting. I saw it on a night with her.

Seeing that R is still looking without saying, P6 kept talking: I’m pretty sure since I’ve tested her once in a sniping exam. She failed. Only use a handgun with a low recoil.

R: So you really don’t remember, do you?

“I know,” Materia suddenly said, making R turning his head back to see her. After ordering her soldier to leave, she locked the main door and told R: See. You don’t need to make everything so loud. I will tell you everything I know, but first…” Rolling her eyes to the chair, she said: “Please open that door. I want to look after my son.”

Hesitating for a while, R stepped to the door and removed the chair. Materia stepped to her son to help him sit up. She told R: I understand why you did this to my son. You think he knew the woman who killed your family before, right? But I’m gonna tell you. He knows nothing…

This is for record:

First, there was a Cetra group led by a young sorceress who tried to search about controlling Time by using the Crystal. Since the sorceress saw a lousy future for their nation, she, with her Knight, took the group to the Rift to process their Time Compression. They never returned, so the experiment was considered a failure, but their work inspired the combination of science and magic.

The House of the Angels became the powerful monarchy of the Cetra many years later. They defended the Lifestream against anybody who attempted to defile it or use it for immoral ends. To combat the most incredible magic of the Cetra, however, every nation outside the Kingdom, which called themselves the Humans, deployed its most advanced technology to get the Lifestream. Wars went on over and over.

The Humans Council, and the King of Cetra, who stood in for the House of the Angel, then formed a peace agreement for both sides. After the wars, The Cetra people met the problem of childbearing, while the Humans population also decreased by lacking the Lifestream for their life. A new agreement was created, meaning that if the Lifestream was made available to all nations, the scientists from the Human race pledged to help the Cetra solve their problem. The King of Cetra signed the agreement after both parties had established the guidelines and rules. After a long period of time, Cetra society could observe intelligent and robust youngsters. One of them was Aerith, the princess of the House of the Angel.

Despite being a woman, Aerith was able to establish herself as the most qualified heir. After her father was assassinated and her mother, who didn’t love her since she wanted a boy, died not long after that, she was taken to the throne while still young, so Courtier Vorman became a regent. It's said that she couldn’t hold the scepter by herself on the coronation day.

A few years later, she met and loved a sergeant from the Human named Zack. People in the Kingdom called him Zack the Mercenary due to his origin. Zack helped her build a strong army… Well, I am pretty sure that is harder than building carts for selling flowers. They were together long enough for love and… having a child. Aerith would put her child’s name Sora.

Courtier Vorman warned Aerith that her child would someday become a threat, leading the Cetra to the end. He required her for an abortion, but she refused. Feeling no way, Vorman punished Zack and then let Captain Manuel, Aerith’s brother and also the Queensglaive leader, free him and expelled him from the Kingdom. Meanwhile, he made a plan to betray her to the Humans. Before that, Manuel reported to Vorman about an entity considered not appearing on the planet so far. That entity was also a magic resource such as the Lifestream. Still, instead of support for the planet's life, it provided unlimited energy to make all mechanisms more intelligent and robust.

Aerith the Queen was betrayed on the battlefield. She would have slipped into the clutches of the Humans if her Chocobo weren't swift. Cloud Fenrir got an order to capture or kill her on site, but he preferred to catch her to please the Humans authorities. Meanwhile, Zack went to the battlefield and join House of the Wolves, led by Cloud Fenrir. He was aware of where Aerith was hiding. He came to her and pretended that he was trying to find her. Aerith still trusted him until he consigned her to Cloud. Truly a love hurt.

Then the Queensglaive army came and tried to rescue Aerith. Cloud put his knife on Aerith’s stomach. He threatened to kill her and her child if they didn't withdraw. Manual felt shocked when knowing who was the father of his sister's child, while Zack begged Cloud not to harm his lover. But then, the entity inside an Android suddenly attacked Cloud to free Aerith. The situation became chaotic when the entity absorbed all the warriors of both sides, including Captain Manuel, to fight and kill each other. Then it came, looked straight into Aerith’s eyes, and felt a strong emotion it had never had before. It turned to absorb Zack to feel that kind of emotion. From the Kingdom, it turned out that Vorman had used his magic to control the entity on the battlefield. After killing Manuel, he forced it to kill Aerith, but it never let it happen. It used the love emotion with Aerith inside Zack to make him commit suicide so he couldn't take Aerith down. Cloud realized the true enemy was it, the entity, so he helped Aerith escape the battle.

Chocobo carried Aerith run to the Cetra outpost. There, Vorman used a weapon from the Humans, the cruise missile, to take them down. Chocobo sacrificed itself to save Aerith, but her Sora was then gone.

After the Humans had stopped attacking the outpost due to avoiding the Eikons and then withdrawn, Vorman was arrested. Still, Aerith wanted him alive for the investigation, but he told her nothing, so she had to execute him in front of the Cetra army. Since then, she had grown and controlled the Kingdom with an iron fist, making her country more powerful but also more hostile. Meanwhile, the Humans never stopped their ambition of taking the Lifestream since they had developed the Entity into a whole Android army, enough to defeat all kinds of enemies. However, some Humans countries feared that this army would destroy the planet some days, so they refused to make another war with the Cetra. The Council convinced them there was no need to war if Aerith the Queen had been killed.

Right after Aerith returned to her throne, they sent members of House Fenrir, along with an Android named Emanation, to assassinate her in a church. It was said that Zack’s father, who once visited the Cetra Kingdom as an ambassador, made this plan for vengeance for his son.

However, the mission failed after Denzel Fenrir was defeated by Aerith while his son, a man who I only know as General, was tied to the ground. Perhaps he was cast by a magic named Gleipnir from the Queen. So a Goddess named Cosmos, who was also an Android, freed him to escape the arena. Aerith the Queen could win because the Entity had helped her, then it showed its love to her. A dark love because it didn’t wait for Aerith to answer and absorbed her. They became… one, and the Entity turned out to be a female.

Since then, the Cetra has ruled the world thanks to the two women's love, but the planet also came to the dark. General came back with his new team. Their purpose was to find and use a Crystal to travel back to the past. They did it, but Aerith and the Entity also came to the Crystal place and killed them one by one. The last men were Genesis and General, and Genesis had just given the Crystal to General before he was the next victim of the Queen.

Because of pressing time, General could only travel back to the day his father was defeated. He did something that Emanation couldn’t finish: stabbing the Queen from her back and then multiple times to her stomach because of not controlling his fear (it’s funny that he had reviewed Emanation as a butcher before, but now he really looked like that one). That made him become the Queen Slayer. After Aerith died, the planet avoided war, but some men of the Queen didn’t think so.

General had to destroy all the Crystal not to let anyone use the time again, except one which Genesis had given to him. Then in a night, the Queen’s men slain him and his family. They stole the Crystal and then the Entity from the Humans with Cid’s help. The Entity was placed on the moonbase to transform it into a Goddess who would harness the energy from the Crystal to aid the Cetra in maintaining control over all timelines. She was called Jenova.

Though being a Goddess like Cosmos and Chaos, Jenova was unknown by all people. She felt she was just a slave of the Cetra, and she hated it. Because General had deleted all aspects leading to the timeline when Aerith the Queen and Entity/Jenova together conquered the planet, Jenova tried to search for another timeline, but all showed that she would be defeated and be forgotten. She never gave up; she finally found a timeline after connecting to Emanation’s body. There she saw Sephiroth falling to the Lifestream after being defeated by a man, but his spirit could still travel every timeline from that place. She even noticed that Aerith was also in that timeline with a different fate. Once again, the strong emotion inside Jenova rose. She caught Sephiroth’s spirit with her power of a Goddess and sent it to the day General’s family was slain. There Sephiroth found General’s body and soul and helped him out of the bad nickname the Queen Slayer. From now on, people called both of them Ghost of Ancients.

After many fights and missions, they finally came to the moonbase to free Jenova. There Sephiroth showed his love for her that he had done in this timeline, but Jenova betrayed him. Then she transferred a note into General’s memory that he must create a military company to stop the Cetra forever. Everything was in Jenova’s plan: if she failed to change the Cetra for her own in the past, he would be a key to create Sephiroth, the only one who could travel every timeline in the Lifestream (I heard that he even traveled to a timeline where a plumber always ate mushrooms to save a princess), to get back to the moonbase and freed her again. This kind of circle won't be long because some days Sephiroth will find a way to break out, so I heard that since he had changed a little bit during the event of this timeline's changing, she would no longer have many chances to start again. (About the event of this timeline's changing, I feel P6 is the only man who caused it since he can’t forget his Claudia and was obsessed with the detail that Cloud may be his son, but his action can’t make a whole Cetra group able to be appeared here, so I need to examine more).

But more importantly, right before the previous timeline was erased by Jenova, Cid had transformed some people’s memories into theirs in this timeline. So, General could find his wife here and continued to lead the whole army. Even my father kept finding the unknown sniper who killed my mother when she was controlling her Phoenix. His purpose transferred to me.

About that unknown sniper, who is undoubtedly a woman from the question Sephiroth asked P6. I only knew that Jenova had enticed her to kill my family. It told her one day, in this timeline, that woman would be cured of a disease she was getting, but the whole timeline was then erased, and a group tried to save it but won't succeed without her. By harming my family, she would make the Dissidia project come to be launched by Cid and my father on this timeline. He and Warrior of Light were the first members. My father will be stuck in a timeline while trying to find her, but actually, she was here, became a member of the project, who recruited by me.

And now I nearly found out the answer. That sniper serving inside General’s army and the word of Cid telling me: Do not trust anyone in your team. Honestly, my father and I have trained and led numerous teams with female members before my most recent squad. One of them could be the sniper we are looking for. But so far, I can see three possible: Scarlet, P1, and Sec.

The day I hit P6 in the hospital to find the answer, Materia told me one thing: The sniper, who is now an HIA agent, was sent to Nibeiheim to assassinate Zack. She met Sephiroth in the library and warned him about his origin and the truth about Jenova. However, the villagers were full of agents, so he didn’t believe anyone and considered them his enemy. Sadly, P6 was also there. He wanted to defeat Sephiroth but was too naïve. Sephiroth used magic to make him kill Claudia, a local and an ex-agent of President Shinra. After seeing that the magic was useful, he made P6 reveal the HIA agent/sniper in the library.

Now I don’t know if P6 revealed it or not. But Materia had to do something not to let her son implicate a whole timeline because of that local woman. She pretended to hug him and then used poison to make him forget anything that happened in the Nibelheim that day. She didn’t use too much of the poison, or P6’s memory will be damaged and couldn’t be back to normal, so she only kept a memory of P6, which shows all the days and nights he stayed with Claudia. While P6 felt pain from the poison, she set his mind at rest by telling him: “You will get all good women on this planet as long as you're a Fenrir, so you don't need to mourn... for just one of them”. After P6 fell asleep, she put the DNA result again in his pocket. Then she told me since no one can moles can escape from the system, the sniper will be revealed and will be punished right after the project is relaunched next winter. She thanked me if I don’t tell this conversation with anyone. On the contrary, she will repay my identity to my memory, and my family can return to me usually, but only for a while because General still trusts me to become the protector of the project. I will have to go back to their plan next year. After all, Materia thanked me for doing everything to save this timeline, this world... a beautiful and fantasy world where her son shows his attitude is unsuitable.

Well, at least my daughter will again call me my real name. She is really a good girl and a good soldier in the future.


Should I keep finding the sniper for my father?

After seeing all that happened, I think about one thing: If people try to get something at all costs, everything will only mess up. After all, I know the sniper is a victim of a game that never ends. She tried to meet Sephiroth to find a way to get out of this game, which Jenova had brought her in. So how will everything be completed if someone or something has a right to do an exceeding thing: controlling the time? All people will be stuck in a circle with no way out. Perhaps Sephiroth killed Aerith once to stop Jenova from coming to her as they did in the arena. Perhaps P6 tried to save Cloud’s mother repeatedly, but he only made this timeline get more holes than a Cetra group from nowhere could be here and harm people. Perhaps someone will travel back to save Aerith… So many things can be possible, but apparently, someone or something will travel back not to let everything happen as long as the Crystal is still there.

Therefore, I decide not to let myself sink into this game and become one more victim of an influence I can't understand at all. hope P1 or Sec will reveal them as the sniper one day. But on the inside, I hope it’ll be neither one of them. They are all the best on my team. But most importantly, they prove themselves truthful and talented people. They will become other heroic ladies if they don't have to serve an organization with many untruthful things.

After reading a note from my wife that she has written a divorce agreement and will leave me with our little baby without my approval, I need to care about my family more than before. Another reason to forget anything bothers me. However, I still had some strange dreams, such as P6 sleeping with a Cetra woman, but then she revealed herself as a man. Well, I really can’t say about his feeling in that dream. Next days, I met P1 and Sec. Both told me P2 had been freed to go. That’s good news. P3 kept missing but now with the Masamune. P4 continued to learn about the Dissidia project. Most of them have overcome the examination of the space. The last will be me next year.

After writing this report, R intended to sign his name beside the word: “The End,” but he didn’t understand why he felt unable to do that. He even threw his report into the Recycle Bin, but then he rethought it and just looked at it on the monitor. After a long moment, he decided to finish the report in 3 sentences. Then he put the report into a folder, encrypted it, and left his house to buy concert tickets for his family.

“But first”

That first sentence from the end part of the report kept reminding R’s memory until he met P6 with some hot girls on the way to the concert. They were checking out the first song, which hadn't been shown in the concert yet, since they were VIPs.

P6 told R: Oh, hi!

“I need to take a break.”

The following sentence appeared in R’s mind when he replied P6: Hi…

P6: I'm sorry, do we know each other?

“To not see only the edge of tomorrow.”

R smiled then told P6: No. I don’t think so.

P6 smiled back: Okay then, goodbye, and good luck!

Leaving Seventh Heaven bar, Cloud returned to his motorbike. “With all my respect,” a voice raised from behind him, “After having fun, it isn’t a good day to back to work, sir,”

Cloud turned back. He saw the HIA guy was sitting. “You don’t look so good,” Cloud said while looking at some scars on that man’s face, “So I can understand.”

The HIA guy removed the sunglasses and said, “Don’t worry about my eyes. I just did a wrong practice training with your fellow citizens. They made me feel doubt… so I came here.”

Cloud: Sorry. Did we know each other?

The HIA guy: No, sir. But I wish I have done that sooner.

“A fan again,” Cloud whispered, then returned to his motorbike. He said, “Then I will take time with you if you like, but now I need to return to the office for my delivery.”

The HIA guy: No wonder you're a national hero. Always focus on duties in all situations. A soldier's character. We were taught to be like that.

Cloud: Huh, just another Shinra veteran.

The HIA guy laughed: I'll have no idea, even you said so. By the way, I heard you are preparing to marry one of the other girls from your team. So I would like to give you a gift.

Cloud didn't still turn against. He said while arranging his equipment on his motorbike: Sorry. What do you mean by "the other girls"?

Putting the sunglasses in his pocket, the HIA guy said: In my time, people only knew that there were two women you had really given your heart. Since all of Shinra's remnants had been cleared, the planet never became better like this. Unfortunately, Mrs. Gainsborough couldn't attend the establishment of your Cetra language school. Forgive me, but she was afraid that even that school would no longer exist if you just keep suffering from the death of her daughter.

Cloud: Excuse me, sir. I thought you intended to give me a gift.

The HIA guy: You have promised your fiancée that you will forget your mistake in the past due to the happiness of both of you, and you did it. However, my boss doesn't think so.

Cloud interrupted: Do you have something for me to deliver?

The HIA guy: No. Because I don’t let anything in here…

Cloud: I see the gift you'll give me is just hollow talking. Even I am feeling that you might be another remnant of the Deepground since you said, "my boss doesn't think so." Don't think about it if you intend to threaten me, or your fate will be like theirs. Have a good day.

Then, Cloud got on his motorbike. Under the noise of the powerful engine, the HIA guy said: “I know your father, Mr. Strife.”

The sound of the engine was slower until it stopped. Cloud was still there. He slowly turned to see the HIA guy. His light green eyes went bright when he said: What did you say?

(Love me whatever happens) For the Queen/Sora's mother:

Scene: End of the line.
(G)eneral was behind a wall. He saw every person defeated by someone. Then, the wall collapsed. He had to fall back. Standing in a heavy atmosphere, he saw a shadow slowly approaching him. That was Aerith Gainsborough. Their eyes met, and then Aerith smiled and said: It’s good to see you here… She suddenly changed to Cetra language when saying: …Sergant.
G: I’m General now.
Looking at his beard, she said: Oh, right. Last time I saw. You were a boy.
G: I was a kid that day. No longer anymore.
Aerith: So you come here to destroy me again, huh?
G: Your men destroyed my family. I never forget…
Aerith: You took your revenge for your father. Now, I will take my revenge for my people.
G looked at her hand holding the scepter. It was trembling. He said: Let her go. You don’t have to do that.
Aerith smiled again: Your partner killed her like the way you did to me. No, I don’t think so.
Using the magic to take a broken part of Masamune and look at it. She said: Admittedly, he's very persistent, never gives up… If this timeline weren't remade, then I would not be reborn. I should have thanked him.
G slowly grabbed his weapon on his hip. She suddenly said while still looking at Masamune: Don’t lie to me, Fenrir boy. By reading your mind, I know your grandson here. My men have killed your son. Now, I will destroy both of you.
Aerith used the magic to grab Cloud, who was sleeping. “Don’t hurt him,” G said
“Why?” Aerith said, “Don't you usually hate him?”
G: I… Maybe you’re right. But… I have changed since I experienced a new memory in the Cetra world. That day, on the truck, I looked at my son’s eyes when he took my hand. He couldn’t save me from your men, but I could see all his friends behind him… R and his team… They helped my son a lot. My son is truly a hero, just like the way he wants.
Suddenly, Aerith raised her hand to hit Cloud’s head with the scepter. “No,” G shouted.
The scepter stopped right up Cloud’s head. Aerith’s hand trembled more. Tears rained down on her cheeks while she was smiling. “Holy sh*t! They’re right,” she said, “Me in this timeline really loves the son of my greatest enemy.”
G quickly attacked her with his weapon. She blocked it. A fight appeared.

G’s strength ebbed. Aerith said: Even after more timelines were set, you still fight like a child.
Suddenly, P6 appeared and stopped Aerith. “How... Where have you been all that time?” G was surprised. “Where are the others?”
P6: No time to explain, Dad. I will stop her. You grab him and go.
Then he used a magic tool to pull Cloud to him and created a circle with the Crystal. Grabbing Cloud on his shoulder, G talked to P6: Come with me, son.
P6 smiled. He pushed G to the circle and closed it. “You know the stone only let two characters to the new story,” he told G, “Now I’m a hero. Please take care of my son”.
G put his hand on the circle's invisible block and looked straight at his son’s eyes. Suddenly, the scepter stabbed P6 from the back. “No,” G banged on the block.

The circle completely closed. Aerith grabbed her trembling hand. It stopped. “Are you happy now…” she told herself, “…the flower girl?”
She laughed, her smile widening impossibly…
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The Chocobo tried to use its feather to stop the missile, but the explosion made Aerith fall to the ground. She saw her Chocobo was burning. Their eyes were on each other. She heard Chocobo say: Sorry, Aerith. We can’t explore the world together…”
The Chocobo tried to use its feather to stop the missile, but the explosion made Aerith fall to the ground. She saw her Chocobo was burning. Their eyes were on each other. She heard Chocobo say: Sorry, Aerith. We can’t explore the world together…”
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