[V7] What are you currently listening to?

Not a fan of country music, but this guy's rendition of a classic Blink 182 song is amazing. 👌
A man ordered, “The Cetra was gone. Now it’s time for some redevelopment”. People were crying about losing their homes. “Mercy, please!” one of them begged to him, “My wife… She has just lost her face, and disappeared. I am in terrible headache. It makes me lose my job. Now you cannot do that to me. “Well, someone gotta learn how to get back into the real world,” the man laughed at the poor guy.
In another reality, a woman whispered, “I miss it. The steel sky.”
Blind Belief by Evanescence

I believe in us
I can't remember why I believe in us
These seeds of the past, they keep springing up
Love begins with trust
But we can't be trusted

Ah, the future starts with us

Blind belief, are you afraid to see
That our fathers were wrong?
We hold the key to redemption
Let icons fall

One of the best albums to be released this year ♥

the part at 1:30 always gets me...... when it played during the ending of the questline...... TEARS...

What better way to mentally prepare for Endwalker than to listen to awesome, relaxing Synthwave remixes for Endwalker tracks (and previous expansion music, to help us reflect)?
not really a big fan of EDM but the remix of Leviathan's theme from the official Pulse album is growing on me :wacky: (esp the part at 1:14)

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And this is.... how it STARTS! 💃

finally remembered what that song in the endwalker launch trailer reminded me of................. and yes I watched winx club as a kid and played all of its video games JUDGE ME ALL I WANT

also I totally cried when that song played during it's
episode lol

What a shame we all became such fragile broken things,
A memory remains,
Just a tiny spark.

Give it all my oxygen,
To let the flames begin,
Oh glory...

This is how we'll dance when they try to take us down,
This is what will be (oh glory)...

I believe that there's hope,
Buried beneath it all...
And hiding beneath it all and,
Growing beneath it all...

What a tuneeeee.
My Eyes by The Anix

They'll break through the walls to keep you away from me
They'll cut through the glass, contagious insanity

Do you feel what's coming down? Let me know
Take the longest way back down that you know
Standing on the outside with you now
Never know what knocks you down, stand your ground

Living for that Jan Hammer-esque drum beat and powerful vocal performance ♥
Free clue about my upcoming mythology article.

You know, this is quite a weird song when you think about it.

What a great rendition. ❤️

‘cause I only lose my mind when I ain’t got you,
And how can I win when I’m always bound to lose?

Gotta live and let lie,
And if it eats me alive,
Just know I'm sorry for everything.