Pseudoscientific allusions at the Pyramid of Moore?


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Jun 26, 2008
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So I was looking into the Egyptian-themed Pyramid of Moore from FFV for reasons which might become apparent in the near-future. As a side point, I began examining the hieroglyphics on the walls on the pyramid’s interior.


Old version.


Updated graphics.​

Alongside some regulars which you’d expect (such as the Eye of Horus), I couldn’t help but notice a few curious things.

One hieroglyph (on the updated version only, as far as I can make out, on the bottom right of the repeated pattern) almost looks a little bit like that famously misconstrued image of a ‘helicopter’ from the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. The illusion is actually due to it being plastered over and recarved at a later date only to crumble and making the symbols overlaps. A failed tippex job on a monumental scale.
Our hieroglyph in FFV could just be something simple like a fish, but it wouldn’t be the first time Square Enix has left Easter eggs to do with the conspiracies of our planet. There is a thin line immediately above the 'fish' regardless, resembling helicopter blades. Lines like that are pretty standard in hieroglyphics, so I'm really only talking about possible intended associations considering the appearance of their placement.


There also appears to be a theropod dinosaur of sorts depicted in another hieroglyph (on the top right of the repeated pattern, old and new version). It could be something else entirely, but if I’m right then it would fit the trope I discussed in my dinosaur article in issue 2 of the Timber Maniacs (page 23). This could be a sort of precursor to the dinosaur relief we find in FFVII’s Temple of the Ancients, used to signal ‘great antiquity’ by implying that the ancient ruins are so old that dinosaurs even shared the planet with the mysterious civilisations which built them.


For the record I don’t really believe that these are important for the plot of FFV at all, but they may be allusions to Ancient Astronauts and Young Earth theories. Similar to the confirmed Easter eggs of the Moai statues.

I find it fascinating, also, that the Pyramid of Moore shares its name with a mountain in Antarctica... Yet another place where there are unorthodox theories of ancient ruins (human or alien) now buried beneath the ice...


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Like you, I don't think these are integral to the plot but it's interesting nonetheless. I like that the artists include real world easter eggs like these. I wasn't even aware of the moai statues being featured easter eggs. I only remember the one from FFVIII.