I've come up with a new Christmas recipe! (2019)


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FFF’s recipe contests have been very popular as a recurring Birthweek event.

You can see the former entries in this gallery:

The event has now returned with a festive twist!

What do you do?
Simply cook a meal, prepare a light snack, a cold meal, or a dessert, and arrange it in a way which turns it into a Final Fantasy themed dish. You must then take a photograph and give a name to your dish which fits into the Final Fantasy universe. You can then eat your entry if you like.

But please make it Christmas-themed in some way! A loose connection is fine.

Use this basic template for submitting your dish:
Name of dish:
Recipe: (list of ingredients and particular details of preparation if you wish to add them)

Be creative! You can use any edible ingredients that you wish in order to make and arrange your meal. It might mean merely tweaking your standard lunch and giving it a strange name, or you could go crazy and create something truly unique. Think outside the box!

Submit all entries via Private Message to Dionysos.

After submissions have been received people will vote on their favourite dishes.

  • Try to avoid identifying yourselves in any images.
  • You can pretend that some ingredients are a Final Fantasy item if you wish (i.e swap chicken/turkey for chocobo).
  • Be safe! Don't choke on your food or poison yourself.

Deadline = December 31st.

All participants will be rewarded with forum currency for entry, but the winner/s will gain extra rewards.

Post any queries below.


Good luck, and be prepared to interrupt me to say- "That's it! I've come up with a new Christmas recipeh!!!"
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There's still some time to enter this!

If you think you'd like to enter and haven't already told me so, feel free to let me know in a PM or in this thread.
I intend to enter, I’ve just been very busy. So if you don’t see anything from me it’ll probably be because it’ll be last minute. I do my best work in a deadline-induced panic!
Since the writing contest has been extended I'm also going to extend the deadline for this event to December 31st.

It should give people more time to enter during this busy period.

That said, there might be more 'festive' food about, so an extension could be good on that side of things too.
Another reminder!

We have one entry in already. A few people have said they're into it but needed more time.

I myself will also enter when I get a chance.