I had no idea they added an Ivalice raid!


Iller than Radiation
Jan 15, 2007
Ellen Stone
FFXIV Server
When I started the quest Dramatis Personae in Kugane, I thought it was just a coincidence that the NPC's name was Alma. Then I heard FFT music and I was like hey-ohhh I am super duper okay with this - go on, I'm listening. But when I saw Ramza that's when I knew it was real, that it was about to go down and I was going to be doing some FFT related shit today.

It feels a little weird being that excited over it, but Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favorite games of all time; I can't help but get giddy about it. It's pretty fucking awesome that they are paying homage to such a great game by dedicating a part of their MMO to it. I assume that they are going to make more raids and gear that is relevant to FFT and Ivalice in general in uhhhh I guess... a "saga-esque"? collection of Zodiac Brave themed raids a la Crystal Tower/Void Ark since apparently Vaan's outfit from FFTA2 will be in the next raid (presumably) for melee DPS.

Along with Ramza's chapter 1 squire gear, we got the Samurai job's set from the game too (or at least something heavily inspired by it/closely resembles it) which is dope af. But looking at the healing/magic dps gear I was pretty disappointed since it just looked like a rehash/mockup of the caster gear from 2.1. With that being said, I never really liked Vaan's choice of clothing and I can't say I'd be excited about receiving a Marche or Luso set of gear so I hope they don't add them to the game, However I think Ritz's gear would make a lovely addition to the game.

What are you hoping to see in the following raid? I'd personally like to see more of the different ivalice based titles' more unique bosses such as Adrammalech as a raid encounter.
yea i am pretty frickin pumped for this... will probably stay subbed to stormblood just to get all the badass gear and FFT orchestrion rolls.

Here is some of the gear shown in the Live Letter. It looks like there is a Delita or Southern Sky inspired armor set, but it is black =/
It seems like a Final Fantasy tactics/XII raid in general. The next part in the trailer had references to Ashe, Rasler, Gabranth, Belias and a lot more stuff in FF XII. I'm really excited to play the new raid based on Pharos even though that place is hell in FF XII and really long to boot. Dying there was like the worst feeling when you were near the top without a save crystal.
It is, which is why I was hoping to see some of their better armor sets. It looks like Belias(?) will be a raid boss.

I don't remember much about FFXII lol I actually never beat it even though I was apparently very close.
I'm probably in the minority here, but as someone who has never played any previous FF game outside of XIV, all these references and raids that are based upon or linked to previous FF instalments are so painfully boring.

The Ivalice raids have been such a step down from the Shadow of Mhach series. Also the glams are hideous. It's almost like they went out of their way to design the ugliest gear imaginable.