How Old Were You...

I was 8 or 9 it was a demo of ff8 and i fell in love with the series after that. I bought ff8 like a bit after and after i finished ff8 i bought 7 which was amazing for the first time. =]
My first was FF2/4j. I'm going to estimate I was between 10-12.

I played my first RPG (Dragon Warrior) when I was about 6 or 7.
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I was four when I first played my first FF game - FFIII (VIj)

Five or six, maybe seven. I'm wayyy to lazy to even calculate something so small as my age in 1998 lol
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I was around 7 and i played FF7 first. My dad had got it because some of his buddies said it was a good game. HE got half way through disc 2 or so then quit. Wasn't his type of game he said. Glad he still got it though. Been into RPG's since.
Seven while playing FFVII? :P Cool lol
I was one year younger than the actual real number for VI ;D
my innocence was lost when I was 7 or 8. I played Final Fantasy on NES.
To be honest, VII was my first. My mum's boyfriend got it the month it came out and (amusingly) couldn't work out how to get passed the Guardian Scorpion. xDD He ended up just getting frustrated and saying "here, you have it" and threw the case onto my bed. :P
I was ten when I convinced my mom to buy a copy of Final Fantasy VII. Loved the series ever since. The first Final Fantasy I beat, however, was Final Fantasy I. I've beaten them all in order :)
i think i was 7 laying 1X,
My sisters wer playing it, and they got stuck at the beggining, so i played it and gave up on second disc, every year i played that game from the beggining, and every year i got 1 disc closer, til cleyria broke, so i am still on the fourthdisc, without beating the boss :(
Wow, I was 14 when I first played a Final Fantasy game. Summer of 1999 lol, in Ireland. Those were a great 6 week holidays, just playing that game :)

However, my cousin first got Final Fantasy 7 in 1997 I think it was and I briefly played it and wasnt a huge fan lol. So I dont really count that!
I was ten or eleven when I played my first Final Fantasy game. It FFX-2 and I was so excited to finally be able to play a Final Fantasy game.:D
Oookay xD After reading all the comments I really feel like a grandma x,D It's great that many of you were introduced to FF so early! It was great to read about it. :D

I was 21 (and I am still 21 x,D) when I first started playing FF. (You see? Grandma!!! xD) My first game was FFI!:D I waited so long for start playing FF games, but people say it's never too late, right?;D
I was either 14 or 15. A friend of a friend introduced the series to me when I got bored of Zelda. I bought Final Fantasy VIII to begin with, got stuck, and then decided to buy a PS2 to play X and X-2, which Emily recommended.

I absolutely LOVED To Zanarkand when it played in the opening sequence. It drew me into the series. I enjoyed the story too, but I found the battle system in X incredibly confusing and got stuck a number of times. I was under levelled and didn't want to grind, so I gave up for months at a time. I remember trying to kill Evrae - I managed it on attempt 50 (I am NOT exaggerating), only to get killed by the third band of soldiers defending Seymour! I gave up for over a year after that.

I ended up buying IX and VII, and even bought XII. I had seen most of the FMVs, knew the stories, and loved discussing the games, but I didn't actually finish any of them for a few years. I was used to games such as Zelda, so the gameplay didn't make sense to me and I found it laborious.

Eventually, I understood the battle system in FFX, and it now stands as my firm favourite. It is incredibly well designed.

I finished XII first, then X, XIII and XIII-2. I am on the final disks in VIII and IX, but something always tears me away... I have decided to replay them on the PC instead now, as it's been over ten years since I started the games!
I was 7 when I played my first Final Fantasy game, it was Final Fantasy VII. My older brother borrowed Final Fantasy VII from one of his friends and he really couldn't get into it, the game was just sitting on the shelf for about a week so I decided to give it a go. At that point I remember asking my mum to buy it for my Birthday as it was coming up but she got told by the guy at the store that Final Fantasy IX was the latest installment of the series at the time so she bought me that.
I did end up buying Final Fantasy VII a year later (which was the First video game I ever saved up money to buy for myself).
Oddly for me it was about 15 when I first got the PS1 and yes FF7 was my first, though I've played them all now, but for me 7 is always my favourite.

I played VII as I completed that VIII was released, sadly my PS1 died and it was a while before I was able to get another, I got a new one and as I finished VIII then IX released, and my partner at the time had a decent head start and actually finished IX before I did, that has never happened to me before lol.

Then it was X and X-2, then XIII & XIII-2, havent played Lightening Returns or XI which I sort of half regret now (IX not XIII - 3). Then obviously XIV and came to join you guys on Lamia.

Somewhere between that I have played I through VI via emulation. Taken a while but at 33 I have played most of the main number entries again aside from XI.