FFIX: Love it or Hate it?

Love it or hate it?

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    Votes: 364 81.6%
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    Votes: 37 8.3%
  • It's alright

    Votes: 26 5.8%
  • I hate it

    Votes: 10 2.2%
  • I've never even played it

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Meh... There is not a final fantasy game I have ever not enjoyed but this one is not at the top of my list. The story in ff 9 was awsome and the characters were good and was just as creative as all the others in terms of leveling and battle system and limit breaks and the rest but it just did not grab me. In terms of final fantasy we always gravitate to the world and characters we relate to more then the ones we don't. Me I gravitate to stand along stronf characters like squall and cloud a lot more then bouncy types like tidus and zidane. Which is weird why I love ff 10 so much. Anyway point is ff9 was good just not one of my faves.
I love FFIX. I think that it's a fantastic game. I love the art style, the story is amazing, the music is fantastic, and it has 2 of the most badass characters ever. Them being ViVi and General Beatrix. It's easily in my top 3 as far as favorite Final Fantasy games go.
The minute this game starts is a boy with a tail...

C'MON. It doesn't get better than that :griin:

I loved this game so very much... its my most replayed game and i'll probably play it again :wacky:

The characters were all different and unique

I loved the story.

The dialogue.

It was such a well done game. My personal favorite <3
I only started playing the game recently and yes, I am loving it. It's not often I find a game that becomes a favourite in just mere minutes. :D

I don't know why some people would hate it but I suppose it's just personal preference. Some hate the "cartoonish characters" with a passion and some don't mind them and find them okay.
Final Fantasy IX is my all time, ultimate choice mate. The character diversity, the progression of the story; it goes from light to heavy steadily and it's amazing in my opinion
I consider IX not only my favorite game in the series as a whole, but also my #3 all-time favorite game period across all genres. Save for the weak storytelling during a key segment later in the game, Final Fantasy IX does - in my own opinion - absolutely every everything right. I love it so much, and I played it during a very easy going and happy time in my life so it holds a very special place in my heart, and whenever I play it I remember late 2000/early 2001 fondly.
FFIX is without a doubt my favorite video game of all time. No contest. I'm an indecisive person who hates choosing favorites, too, so this is saying something!

Yes, the characters are a bit cartoonish, in design, but how is that a bad thing? I personally think the story was plenty mature, but done in such a way that adults and younger audiences alike can enjoy. The soundtrack is phantasmagoric, the characters possess quite a bit of depth (even Quina), and the minigames are loads of fun. The backgrounds are beautiful, and the comedic relief is handled very well. The concepts are also very deep and meaningful, and it's very interesting the way each character is tied to one another. Even my first time through I remember actually feeling anxious and emotional about Blank being petrified in the Evil Forest, despite how early in the game that is.

I loved the game when I first played it back in the day, but after replaying it as an adult, my appreciation for it has only grown. The characters are very well written. I love them all to bits.
Final Fantasy IX was the third game that I played from the series. What I like about this game is the way they chose to built this game. It revolves around the medieval time era, which I found it to be quite interesting do to the fact that it added a whole new experience to the players as you play the game. Also the environment that was implemented in the game are extremely outstanding. The climate changes when you reach a certain part of the game like fogs, snow, rain, etc. It made the game feel a bit more realistic.

It has a great story line, tons of side quest and mini games, great soundtrack, new play style, and so much more.
I love FFIX because it brought the killer formula of FFIV to that generation of fans who had been introduced to the series through VII. I love it because, unlike every installment other than I and IV, each character has a full unique set of abilities in battle. I love it because it has that muted color palette. I love it because the Summons aren't just tacked on; they're part of the story. I love it because Steiner is just such an incredible comic relief. I love it because it was the first game where the localization team really came into its own.
FFIX is my very first FF game of the series, it also made a very good impression on me as a teenager.

Since my first playthrough until now is 15 years already and I still find myself replay the game every time I feel like it and experience the whole story once again. So yeah, I completely love the game, love it love it love it :awesome:
Love it *-*

The main interest of this FF is the depth of story and characters. Medieval / Fantasy environment & battle / skills learning system are really cool.

I was 14-15 when played it first time I loved it, but a few years after you understand the full depth of the story and you dive in, love, hate, sadness, you get all. I felt a big void after doing my last FF9 game on steam version a few months ago. It's so intense, it's hard to quit the atmosphere of this game.
IX seems to be another FF game that people either love it or hate it like VIII or XII. With IX, most of the people who have played it that I run into either call it one of their favorite FF games or they absolutely despise it.

So did you love, like, or hate this game?

Why do you think many people like or hate it?

Really? I was under the impression that IX was considered one of the best games in the series if not the best.

Anyway I liked that it didn't take itself so seriously and had a fun story and characters, but the gameplay was so terribly slow (and not at all helped by the extremely high encounter rate) that it made the game a bit of a chore to play.
IX was the first FF I ever got. I loved it right away. And I just recently started a new game hoping I wouldn't screw up like I did back in the day
I replayed this game and completed again a few months ago with my Switch Lite.

I still love it , the atmosphere is Magical and the world is really well put together and realized !
i do not love ff9. its solalala okay. i dont liked the chracter design with kids, unlike ff8 before. the first ff i got was ff7.
second ff8. i never finished ff9 and ffx. i wasnt very motivated to finish them. the only ff i mastered was ff7.
I have fond memories playing FFIX as a little kid. I was so smitten with the main lead, the story was so interesting to me & it was humorous at lighthearted at times when it was appropriate. This was the game I really escaped to when my parents were splitting & going through a nasty divorce, and I have a few short yet vivid memories of my brother and I playing this game that really sends me back to a place that was safe and fun despite my situation in those times being so intense and stressful. Yeah, the main characters are children to me now, but I think because I was growing when I played this game it never really bothered me, I guess It just made me want to think of them if they were older characters now, at least as far as the main characters are concerned. Regardless, I love this game, and while I love a lot of the others in the series, FFIX was all I ever wanted to draw, write & think about growing up, which is probably why the majority of my submissions for our events around here is so heavily FFIX related :lew: Maybe it isn't the best game ever, but for me it was special, and still is.