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  • How about...becoming a teacher? xD

    And yes, just had my finals last night. Ack, I could sleep for weeks. Been running on 3-4 hours of sleep this past week just preparing for Anatomy.

    Well, take it easy. Whatever's going on, hopefully you'll get past it. Listening to music when I'm stressed usually helps.
    Well, trying to get my science classes out of the way so that I can register for nursing. Anatomy's out of the way now. Tough class, but I survived.

    Congrats for finishing school! What did you study for?

    Life is life, I suppose. But the right attitude will make things somewhat easier. One day at a time. =]
    Oh I hear you there. x_x After tomorrow I'll be able to relax a bit more. Last day of finals and all.

    Well hope life is treating you well at least!
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