1. Dionysos

    Characters from other FF games you would love to see in FFXIV.

    For a number of different reasons (okay, always fan service but painted over with different coloured coats) FFXIV includes characters which originate from other Final Fantasy games. We've been given Ultros (FFVI), Gilgamesh (FFV - if he counts... Maybe we could classify him as a recurring...
  2. Dionysos

    Information Mythology Manual Noticeboard

    Welcome to the Final Fantasy Forums’ Mythology Manual Noticeboard! This shall serve as a hub for the Mythology Manual article series (2015-present). Any news relating to the Final Fantasy Forums Mythology Manual (FFFMM) shall be posted here so that it is easier to keep up to date. What is the...
  3. Dionysos

    FFF Mythology Manual: Ultros

    FFF Mythology Manual - Ultros: An unorthodox adaptation! Anyone who has played Final Fantasy VI will be aware of a certain talkative, loveable, and yet terribly perverted purple octopus. The creature’s goofy teeth and mischievously sinister eyes make him one of the funniest, most iconic and...