1. Dionysos

    Limericks of Lute

    The game is simple. Guess the character/location/item/concept/etc alluded to in the limerick poems I will be posting here. If you are unsure what a limerick is, see this Wikipedia definition: These might not always be consistently funny or rude, but you get the idea. An example limerick is...
  2. AuronX

    Continue the Birthweek Card! Poem Competition

    :cake: C O N T I N U E _ T H E _ B I R T H W E E K _ C A R D _ C O M P E T I T I O N ! :cake: It's that time of year again, when we all get together with hats and confetti to celebrate another year of Final Fantasy Forums! …What's that? You don't celebrate with hats and confetti? Shoot, me...
  3. O

    Poetry Not Looking Back

    Written By: Me I used to think you would always be there, By my side until the end. Now that you're gone, nothing seems to be fair, I've waited for the day our relationship will mend. When I gazed into those sparkling eyes, My world began to awaken. Was it too good to be true and a bunch of...