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    Final Fantasy XIV Online To Include Cross-Platform Interactivity

    Square Enix’s Global Online Producer Sage Sundi recently confirmed to OneLastContinue that Final Fantasy XIV Online will support cross-platform interactivity for players. This means that both PlayStation 3 and PC users will be able to interact with each other across the different platforms. The...
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    FFXIII story to last around 50 hours, new characters announced!

    Final Fantasy XIII’s story will last over 50 hours, not including side-quests, producer Yoshinori Kitase said at GamesCom today. There was also two new characters announced during a presentation of the game earlier. The first one doesn’t have a name for now, just that she wears a sort of...
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    Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope heading to PS3?

    Star Ocean: The Last Hope was released earlier this year exclusively on the Xbox 360. It looks like the RPG title may just only be a timed-exclusive, however. GameFly is listing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for the Playstation 3. Although it isn’t the most reliable of sources, the online video...
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    Signs Point To Final Fantasy XIII Simultaneous Release

    Towards the tail end of last week, Square Enix announced that Dissidia: Final Fantasy would be released in Europe on the 4th of September, 2009. While this doesn't sound overly significant in itself, the date is only a week after the North American release. For those who have been following...
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    Last Remnant PS3 Prospects Not Looking Good

    Square Enix said that Last Remnant would be multi platform. And it certainly was, having been released on both the Xbox 360 and PC. But the other target platform for the game may not see the light of day. During an investors meeting today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada made some comments that...
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    What's Changing In The Retail Version Of FFXIII?

    The dust has settled, and the magnificence of the Final Fantasy XIII playable demo has finally sunk in. Right about now, fans around the globe are probably wondering: What will be improved in the final? What's slated to be changed or altered? Thanks to an anonymous fan on 2ch, we have a...
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    FFXIII: 100 percent of power of the Playtation 3?

    Some points has been unveiled in the recent inteview allowed by Square Enix to newspaper guys. You can learn interesting things as that the demo is only exploiting 0% of the PS3 and is supposed to use 100% when it will be completly achieved. Furthermore, some points has been unveiled in the...
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    Final Fantasy XIII Nearing Completion? + New ATB Screenshots

    Looks like this year really is the year of Final Fantasy XIII! Japan's Dengeki Magazine has uncovered some new information on how the game is coming along, including release windows! The developers of the game let Dengeki know how the game has been coming along. The entire story and scenario...