1. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Resident Evil Zero!

    Here it is folks: my newest let's play series! I noticed that Beat The Beat was probably a bit too...weird to be mainstream, so I've gone for a recommendation this time around. I was gonna play it soon anyways...ANYWAY! Resident Evil Zero is the prequel to the original Resi game, but was made a...
  2. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Eternal Sonata!

    Hey guys, it's time for series 5! Eternal Sonata (PS3) was made by Bandai Namco and Tri-Crescendo and is a hugely relaxing JRPG. From the music, to the art style, to the pacing. It reminds me a lot of a fairy tale...but with the original meaning still in it. The morals and mature content...
  3. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Sonic!

    Hey guys, this is a new mini-series so that I can have a break from Resi Remake for a few days. Light, colourful and fun; those are the 3 words I would use to describe Sonic The Hedgehog for Master System, which for me is the best Sonic game to date. It's also my first ever game so I may be...
  4. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Resident Evil With Jill!

    Hey guys, so here's my 3rd series! Resident Evil/Biohazard is such a great game to play, even to this day, so I thought it would be perfect for my next series. This series is gonna be based on the classic version of RE1 and will be played through from Jill's...
  5. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Alundra!

    Hello everyone, here's the opening to my next let's play series! This one is immensely brilliant and I'm hoping that you guys and gals will enjoy my suffering as I try to solve the notoriously hard puzzles, defeat the hugely suspenseful bosses and take on one of...
  6. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Final Fantasy 9!

    Hey guys and gals, I thought I'd start chucking my Let's Play of FF9 (from Youtube) up here to try and boost my views and of course to boost the amount of enjoyment you each have in each of your days :) This is my first ever let's play, so there are some teething problems as I encounter new...