1. luigipunk

    JENOVA Eurobeat / Initial D style mix (Final Fantasy VII)

    Hello Hello! ^_^ I have been improving my skills and was finally ready to make a Final Fantasy mix that i was going to be proud of! BUT I really would like to hear the opinion of other great Final Fantasy fans on how does my Eurobeat Mix of "Jenova" sound like? I do understand that Euobeat is a...
  2. V

    I'm remaking the Final Fantasy (1) soundtrack

    Hey all! Since 2013 I've been working, on and off, on some music projects. One of them is remaking the soundtrack from Final Fantasy 1. It has very simple, though extremely recognizable and fun tunes. I'm now putting them on Youtube, to share it with other fans :) Have a listen! Cornelia...
  3. J

    Your Favorite FF OST track

    Hi All, Today's my second day in the forum. Pleased to meet all of you FF fans. Question: Which one is your favorite tune from all of FF series? Please name a single song/track. I'm asking with curiosity about you, and also with a more specific purpose. I'm interested in making music...
  4. X

    Final Fantasy OST Collection

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so I don't really know where I am meant to be with this. As the title suggest's I have a massive Final Fantasy OST collection of nigh on every song created for Final Fantasy and have started to upload them all conveniently onto YouTube channel. I will be updating...
  5. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [27/07] Final Fantasy Type-0 Soundtrack Site Opens

    Square Enix is readying a soundtrack for Final Fantasy Type-0. The soundtrack's official site went live today. Two versions of the soundtrack will be released on October 12. A first print run limited edition includes a special package and a DVD with trailer movies. This version is priced...
  6. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [13/07] Final Fantasy Type-0 Gets its First Soundtrack

    Final Fantasy Type-0 doesn't have a release date yet. But it does have its first soundtrack! This five track soundtrack is being released at the Square Enix Odaiba Expo 2011 event. Set to take place from July 16 through August 31 at Fuji TV in Odaiba, the event will mark Type-0's playable...