nobuo uematsu

  1. Dionysos

    FF Music Distant Worlds

    Have you ever been to a Distant Worlds concert? If so, where and when? Did you enjoy it? If no, would you like to? Basically, feel free to discuss Distant Worlds in this thread. This thread is of course prompted by the fact that I attended my first Distant Worlds concert at the Royal...
  2. Dionysos

    Boss Fight Books #28: Final Fantasy VI by Sebastian Deken - A Review

    Boss Fight Books #28: Final Fantasy VI by Sebastian Deken A Review If you like Final Fantasy VI and have even a passing appreciation for its music, this book should beckon to you like a Siren. But there is no risk of being led astray here, for a competent writer instead offers to guide you...
  3. M

    FF Music Final Fantasy Battle Theme in Orchestral / Film Music Style

    Hi fellow Final Fantasy fans! Wondering what Final Fantasy's early soundtrack would have sounded like in modern orchestral/cinematic style? As I really like Nobuo's music for the Final Fantasy series I decided to cover the very first battle theme he composed in this style. I would love it if...
  4. VoiceofaSoul

    My version of To Zanarkand - homenage to Nobuo Uematsu

    Hey all, I found this website just recently and decided to register since I really enjoy the FF series and especially its music. A while back... I was planning to compose an album full of FF covers, and so I recorded one demo of "To Zanarkand". Now I am playing around with the idea once more...