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Have you ever been to a Distant Worlds concert?
If so, where and when? Did you enjoy it?

If no, would you like to?

Basically, feel free to discuss Distant Worlds in this thread.

This thread is of course prompted by the fact that I attended my first Distant Worlds concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London two weeks ago (my first unless you count the FFVII Remake concert of last year). So a few weeks ago I saw a variety of tracks performed from across the whole franchise (celebrating FF's 35th birthday). It included seeing Rikki perform Suteki Da Ne, which was quite a special moment.

I couldn't afford to do it regularly, but I'm glad I went to this one. The Royal Albert Hall also has great vibes, and I did manage to bump into a few familiar faces from KupoCon. I guess I'll now know people at most FF-related events now because of that.
I've seen Distant Worlds twice, once in 2011 when I got tickets for my birthday & once in 2014 for someone else's birthday. Both times were at the Symphony Center in Chicago where Susan Calloway guest performed for both events and where Nobuo Uematsu was present & participated as well, which was really cool! They played a lot of my favorites, but the one in 2014 was a special 20th anniversary salute to FFVI, which I hadn't played yet at that point, which I really regret now. It's funny because even having not played some of the earlier games at that point (I've since played, no worries) I still greatly appreciated each and every piece performed.
It's a really great experience that I hope any fan gets to enjoy at least once, it's just a great experience among gaming kin. :lew: I always wondered how non-gaming performers felt the first time they saw a bunch of cosplaying nerds coming into their otherwise sophisticated establishments.

I've since been to other symphony concerts as well, such as the Zelda Symphony Concert in Milwaukee, WI & the NieR: Orchestra Concert in Rosemont, IL. I used one of the washrooms once in one of those theaters and felt so out of place since even that was very fancy. I will say that the drinks served were decently priced & boozed up, so hands down would rather go there for a concert than practically anywhere else. That said looks like I missed my next opportunity as they performed in my area last month, but I have expressed interest in going again in the future. Definitely not something I'd do every time they come around, as I hate going into Chicago & 💸, but it's something I definitely enjoy indulging in when I have a chance to.