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  1. Rakghoul Serum

    Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records

    Final Fantasy X: The Lost Records You have uncovered a chest worn by time. Upon opening the wooden box, eighteen dusty vinyl records reveal themselves. You place the first record closest to you on your player, and set the needle near the center. You turn on your record player and begin to listen...
  2. rowe

    Fan Fiction Final Fantasy X: Consequence of Revelation

    Setting 143 years post-Final Fantasy X-2. Commerce and blitzball thriving worldwide. Many new cities and towns constructed. Bevelle remains Spira's seat of power, yet changed from 143 years prior. Al Bhed accepted into society, for the most part. Story's Focal Points The full excavation of...
  3. F

    FFX copy has Square Enix logo instead of Squaresoft

    Hi there I recently got a brand new PAL copy of FFX for the PS2, and I’m noticing something strange – the case, manual and disc have the Square Enix logo instead of Squaresoft: Do I happen to have a rare copy of the game?
  4. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy X role play/story #2.

    (Be sure to check out the thread for the first FFX rp/story idea, too.) This is the second FFX rp/story idea, which takes place during an undisclosed time well after FFX/FFX-2. The story will begin just before some massive issues, primarily involving a "cataclysmic" event and a global war...
  5. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy X role play/story #1.

    (Be sure to check out the thread for the second FFX rp/story idea, too.) Personally, I think it's easy to expand upon FFX, Spira, its history, etc. Thus, I'm actually thinking of two role play/story ideas. This is the first, and it revolves around the era in which the Machina War takes place...
  6. VoiceofaSoul

    My version of To Zanarkand - homenage to Nobuo Uematsu

    Hey all, I found this website just recently and decided to register since I really enjoy the FF series and especially its music. A while back... I was planning to compose an album full of FF covers, and so I recorded one demo of "To Zanarkand". Now I am playing around with the idea once more...
  7. envy-turns-to-anger

    A Final Fantasy X FMV I made this video on my new channel and I'm looking for feedback! BTW what do you guys think about the whole Google+ and YouTube merge thing? I had to make a new channel on account of the "merge" making my channel title my name. Not cool YouTube, not...
  8. theoptimst

    Music of FFX!

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum (as you can see :P) and I'm a musician hoping to make it, as many others are on youtube. That said, I've a rendition of Suteki Da Ne, the infamous (and beautiful <3) main theme. Let me know what you think, and don't hesitate to ask for any song you guys'd want a...
  9. K

    Final Fantasy X roleplay!

    Hi there, folks! I'm kinda new on this site so I'm not so very sure if it's here i'll post my RP, but this was the closest to RP. hehhee. Enjoy! I was thinking about making an RP about Final Fantasy X with made up caracters, not them in the game. So we RolePlay our way through in our own way. I...
  10. OmniWrench 8000

    Who would like to see Dark Aeons in FF X HD?

    I was curious how many of you are hoping that Final Fantasy X's remastered version will have Dark Aeons in it? I have the U.S. version rather than the International version, so I didn't know about the Dark Aeons until after I completed FF X. Now that a rerelease is coming out sometime in the...
  11. P

    The story within FFX!

    In Honor of Final Fantasy X's 10th anniversary we have uncovered all its story references. This is what really inspired the FFX story!
  12. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [19/01] More Screenshots Of Yuna And Other Final Fantasy X Characters In Dissidia 012

    Yuna the steadfast summoner from Final Fantasy X is a playable character in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. She uses Aeons in battle. These screenshots show her summoning Bahamut to hit Jecht with Mega Flare. The other screen shows Yuna calling Shiva and Ixion at the same time. This...