Help blitzball is terrible, pls help me.


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Aug 28, 2023
who cares
Final Fantasy X is the first final fantasy game I've ever played and it's a fantastic game, I love the art style and the cut scenes and the characters are all funny and good, I don't hate any of them but my god man when you face the goers in that tournament final????? it makes me not wanna play the game ever again because it's so hard to do, Can you even win that final???? I don't know if you can tbh, I'm playing on a PS2 and every time I press square to open the action menu it takes 3 seconds to do it (I timed it.) and it always allows the CPU to catch up and then I have to break but my players ain't good enough to break and score so I just keep getting killed over and over again. great game shit mechanic. i can't believe I made an account to rant about this but whatever. PLEASE HELP ME. sigh
You can beat that game I've managed it once. ONLY once though, i hasten to add. All you get is a key item for your troubles. I think winning that game is more luck than skill tbh. One way to exploit it though, once you're certain you're gunna win just get the ball and hide behind Keepa. The opposing team can't get to you there so you essentially just sit it out til the timer runs out
I absolutely loathe blitzball and always do anything i can to try to minimise the headache.
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Very late response to this as I have been on holiday - Sorry!

It's a tough bout as you're the underdogs in this encounter - Blitzball does get easier when you reasamble your team later! But for the Tournament I do the following:
- Switch the control Settings to Manual by Triangle (Menu Button)
- Avoid everyone and keep passing for the 1st half.
- Use Tidus, siwm up close to the Goal Keeper and use Jetch Shot.
- Spend the remaining time evading and passing again until times up.

I have done this multiple times and escaped with a 1-0 lead!
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It IS doable, it's hard, but doable. I think having to learn Jecht Shot on the boat is part of the requirements to win it though.
Basically, the first half of the game against the Goers you just have to pass the ball around to everyone, but namely between Datto, Jassu, and Letty.
Because Jecht Shot is pretty instrumental in scoring in that game in particular, where it matters the most.
Subsequent games you can rent out other players on the team, but IDK if you can do that BEFORE you play the first game.
Wedge between the locker rooms.
Zev Ronso who you'll see on the dock immediately to the right of the Save Sphere.
And Jumal, who is sitting on a bench to the left in the town square area of the market district.

When it tells you that you have to let someone go, let Keepa go.
Set the team up in the order top to bottom as:
Zev Ronso
That should make playing Blitzball a lot easier.
Make sure to reset the data on the main blitzball menu in order to make top scorer and first place a teleport sphere and a return sphere or whatever you need.
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