1. Dionysos

    ‘SeeD: The Beginning’ by Micah Rodney with M.J. Gallagher – free ebook has launched!

    SeeD: The Beginning is a fan written Final Fantasy VIII novel authored by Micah Rodney with M. J. Gallagher. With interior art by Kayley Henderson, cover art by Fiveonthe and the cover design produced by Alex Maine (lead organiser of KupoCon) this collaborative effort chronicles the earliest...
  2. C

    Help Recovering Lost Cards

    I lost the Quezacotl card to the CC Joker on Disc 2 and when I looked it up in the Card menu, it says the card is at "Balamb- Station Yard" So I went down to the station and payed the 3,000 gil to get into the yard, but when I get in, there is no one that I can play cards with. Has anyone...