1. GothicSyn

    Original Surviving the End of the World

    It was strange how every preconception of the apocalypse was completely wrong, the world was so worried about zombies, and nuclear war that somehow they missed the real threat. As it turns it was indeed a bioweapon that wiped out the world, but not one of human design, at least not directly...
  2. vetaia

    Final Fantasy VII: Wish Upon A Meteorite (Post-Game RP)

    It is ten years after the defeat of Sephiroth -- or that was the way it supposed to end. When Cloud Strife struck the final blow intended to destroy the man once and for all, his true agenda came to fruition: Sephiroth had intended from the very beginning to be killed and sent back into the...
  3. H

    (Sign-up/Discussion) Final Fantasy VII - Wish Upon a Meteorite

    I had this idea a while ago for a fanfiction but it was so open-ended that I never really got to it. Fortunately, it would be perfect here! Here's the idea in a nutshell: This is about two years or so after the original game, but with a twist - Sephiroth succeeded. The world is decaying as he...