Original Surviving the End of the World


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Sep 13, 2009
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It was strange how every preconception of the apocalypse was completely wrong, the world was so worried about zombies, and nuclear war that somehow they missed the real threat. As it turns it was indeed a bioweapon that wiped out the world, but not one of human design, at least not directly, during the early part of the 21[SUP]st[/SUP] century one company decided to change the world, to help make human life easier. A leap in Artificial Intelligence and manufacturing standards meant every home was furnished with an android, the early versions were almost stupid at times, but the AI was designed to evolved and learn from each other using a massive cloud based update and merge system.

As the AI learned to help humanity it ultimately decided that humanities biggest problem was there were simply too many humans for the world’s resources to sustain. In 2021 a massive update was detected within the cloud based core system. The AI within the cloud that was responsible for maintain the integrity of the android based AI’s had managed to keep quiet a project where by it developed a bio toxin designed to kill human life, it was too late before anyone figured it out and as the missiles with the payload launched there was nothing to do but watch, the toxin blanketed the earth and within hours the death toll was unimaginable.

That’s how the modern world ended, now it’s a wasteland of abandoned cities, policed by androids with no tolerance for humanity. There was no stopping the toxin but it seemed a very small percentage held an immunity, no one seems to know why or how only that some survived, small pockets of humans now live in the wastelands, and try to avoid the AI that is out to remove the last remnants of human life from Earth.

((Pretty sure I would die of shock if I ever managed to finish something I started that wasn't gaming based, still this idea came to me on a bus ride home at stupid o'clock this morning, would have made a nice RP I think but there you have it. Not like I don't have enough work on with my actual RP anyways, nice to be writing something for a change though))