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Jun 9, 2011
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I had this idea a while ago for a fanfiction but it was so open-ended that I never really got to it. Fortunately, it would be perfect here!

Here's the idea in a nutshell:

This is about two years or so after the original game, but with a twist - Sephiroth succeeded. The world is decaying as he corrupts the Lifestream, sucking all life in himself for power and halting the cycle. The group has split up, trying to keep the world running against all odds.
-Cloud, Tifa and Barrett took Denzel and Marlene to the outskirts of Kalm, into the woods. Barrett and Tifa do most of the work, as Cloud is stricken with guilt and grief over what's happened, and Denzel tries to take Cloud's place.
-Rufus and the Turks have started Shinra Underground. They regulate Edge and other cities, keeping things relatively in order and cleaning up society's messes. Tifa works with them, but Barrett still holds grudges and refuses.
-Vincent went back to Nibelheim and Yuffie followed. They keep the place safe as best as they can, but it's been targeted many times.
-Sephiroth is nothing but consciousness in the Lifestream, controlling the flow of life and death. In many instances, he reverses it - therefore, older characters are back: Aerith, Lucrecia, Zack, and any others he sees fit. He can appear, however: sometimes he is a semi-tangible being, or people see him in a dream-like state/in their minds. He has a special interest for Cloud, as always, and an odd interest in Aerith. He controls those who he raises from the dead, so all the good guys, despite how they don't want to, have to do evil things for him.

If you guys want more/better information, check out the fanfiction here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6146901/1/Wish_Upon_a_Meteorite.

Well, if anyone is interested, feel free to sign up! Here's the list of characters, and keep in mind that original characters are always welcome!

Cloud -
Tifa -
Barrett -
Denzel -
Marlene -
Rufus -
Reno -
Rude -
Tseng -
Elena -
Vincent -
Yuffie -
Sephiroth -
Aerith -
Lucrecia - Hikari Devonair
Zack -

Original characters:
Hikari Devonair

For original characters, go ahead and post bios here.
Bio Template
Hair color:
Eye color:
Any additional information (ie: hobbies, sayings, etc.):

Thank you! Super excited for this!
Jun 9, 2011
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Here's my bio for Hikari Devonair!

Name: Hikari Devonair
Age: 23
Hair Color: blonde, long and layered
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117lbs
Personality: light-hearted and positive, naive, but very stubborn and determined.
Bio: Born in Kalm, moved to Midgar for work as a newspaper photographer, then evacuated when Sephiroth began destroying the world. Now lives in Nibelheim and serves as a gopher for Yuffie.
Additional Info: bad combat fighter, but can use guns well and has mastered Cure materia, mastered Heal materia, and Holy materia (the type like in FF8, not Aerith's materia).

Sir Fratley

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Dec 24, 2010
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I would like to play a semi-original character ( I use the word semi because he's only original to FF7, but taken almost straight from FF: Unlimited)

Name: Robert Kaze
Race: Human/Guardian Beast
Age: 18 (Human body), unknown (Guardian Beast soul)

Height: 6 ft
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Brown and long, into a thin ponytail in back
Eyes: Blue
Build: Leanly muscled


Spell Blaster

Depending on which materia cartridge is loaded, it will fire off energy shots of that element. Only one materia cartridge can be loaded at any one time

Limit Breaks:


The magun goes from dormant to active. By loading three Materia cartridges, Robert uses the gun to summon a more powerful than normal guardian beast. The damage the summon does is three times more powerful than if that same guardian beast was summoned by normal means. Can only use once in a battle.

True Form: Bahamut UNLIMITED

Only available once Robert collects the following materia cartridges from the remaining Huge Materias: Tears of the Rainbow, Soul Gunmetal and Endless White. Robert's body turns into pure energy and re-emerges as Bahamut UNLIMITED. Robert remains in this form for the rest of the fight or unless defeated.

Bio: When Sephiroth won the battle and began draining the planet of all spiritual life, Bahamut's body was on the verge of death. As his soul was being ripped out, the spirit found an almost empty shell of a human: a young teenage boy who suffered from severe mako poisoning. In an effort to save himself, the soul of Bahamut merged with the fading consciousness of the boy. The merger united their souls as one and healed the boy's body. However this union came at a cost. The memories of the boy were destroyed, leaving him with only a name, and Bahamut was now mortal. What remained of Bahamut's dying body had turned into energy and affixed itself to Robert's right arm, completely covering from below the elbow down as a golden arm casing.

Found by a rare moogle named Mog, Robert learned of what was happening around him. Although he couldn't understand much, he did understand that many people's lives, as well as the life of the planet, was in grave danger. For Robert, if he could help solve the crisis, he felt he might learn the truth about himself along the way.

While Robert could not use materia because of the merger, he could extract mako-rich soil from any materia and turn it into a materia cartridge. The more he experimented, the more he learned how to use these cartridges, especially during times of dire need when his arm casing came alive and became a living gun, with which he could summon guardian beasts with the right combination of materia cartridges.

Robert seeks to find out the truth about himself and his past, as well as finding the source of the devastation afflicting the world and attempt to purge it.

*Have ^Yet to find !Extract from Huge Materia
*Forest Green
*Maiden White
*Ice Blue

^Mother Black
^Fire Red
^Burning Gold
^Sky Blue
^Grand Brown
^Magic Violet
^Steel Gray
^Deep Crimson
^Lightning Yellow
^Shark Gray
^Water Blue
^Crusher White
^Midnight Black
^Photon Silver
^Marvelous Orange
^Maniac Purple
^Charcoal Pink
^Demolition Black
^Storm Blue
^Ash Gray
^Silent Black
^Gaia Brown
^Deep Vermillion
^Horizon Gold
^Aero Black
^Auto Silver

!^Tears of the Rainbow
!^Soul Gunmetal
!^Endless White

Theme Song:

Limit Break:
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