1. Miko

    Christmas Photo Contest [VOTING]

    [VOTING] Christmas Photography Contest This Year's Theme: Final Fantasy Christmas Mistletoe the Christmas Moogle is ready for us to send out our Christmas cards! Vote for which entry you think should be on the front of this year's Christmas card! Entrants were allowed to enter up to two...
  2. Miko

    White Elephant 2020

    :gizmodeer: Hi guys! Gizmodeer is so happy you all signed up! Plus, Mistletoe the Christmas Moogle just dropped off this year's gifts for everyone! Most of the gifts are full of wondrous goodies But if you’ve been naughty this year Santa will know! And he'll most certainly use some of his...
  3. Dionysos

    Halloween 2020

    H A L L O W E E N 🕷️2020 🕷️ Just when you thought 2020 was scary enough, it's time to make things spookier! Perhaps an encounter with ghastly ghouls, demonic devils and harrowing harpies might even seem like a welcome break to us right now. The wolves have already howled at the moon...
  4. Dionysos

    Welcome to Birthweek 2020!

    As everybody has noticed, 2020 has thus far turned out to be an insane year for the world. With a lot of uncertainty about how our daily lives might look going forward, many people have understandably withdrawn into their own bubbles. We hope everyone is okay. The Final Fantasy VII Remake...
  5. Dionysos

    The end of another decade...

    Somehow the 2010s are coming to an end. I suspect I have travelled through time or something because that's the only way I can explain how I've somehow almost reached 2020. :argor: What has the last decade been like for you? Kind? Horrible? Mixed? Are you looking forward to the next decade...
  6. Miko

    Sonic the Hedgehog (2020 Film)

    Sonic finally got an upgrade after fan outcry. What do you think about his new updated look? Plus your thoughts on the movie? Personally I'm still prepared to be disappointed.. but happy with the new look at least. Let me know your guys' thoughts!