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  • That is probably one of the kindest things I've ever had someone say to me. Thank you. :tighthug:

    Thanks also for the friend request, I owe you one!!!! :boogie:
    Thanks a ton darling, much appreciated! :)
    Nice, that's awesome! I'm actually a little bit passed that on mine. I got that Indian looking dude that can learn the enemies skills or something like that? I saved there and haven't played it since. I'm debating on getting back on it here sometime soon though. :hmmm:
    Thanks! I'll be in touch if I need anything.

    I haven't started it yet. I want to get FFVII out the way first. I'm looking forward to playing it though, I'm not sure at all why I lost interest back when I first played it. I think I was a little overwhelmed when it came to gathering your party back together. Really looking forward to hearing some of the music again though... Shadow's Theme might be one of my all time favourites.
    Hey there Ballade! :) *waves*

    I've been kinda lousy here lately. I have a sinus infection this is getting quite annoying now :(
    And how have you been?
    Ahhh I am glad I am remembered! I used to talk to u a lot and was upset to see you go :(. Anyway I am doing fine thanks, been busy in life working a lot and just doing anything and everything i can. I am leading with a couple others the revival of the FF Clans again so keep an eye out for that :D. How have you been then? Life been treating you well :)
    Hey! Great chatting in the other thread!

    So where abouts are you in FFVI? That's the only one I haven't finished (not including spinoffs).
    hello there! I don't know if you remember me but we used to talk quite a bit a while back before you left and I just noticed your name and was like no way its you!!! haha Howa you been?
    I liked the ending, but I wish that there were a couple things different.
    1- I really wish Kain would had been there to give Cecil and Rosa his blessing. It just didn't seem right that he wasn't there. I do understand that he wanted to atone for his sins, which is awesome. He's by far one of my favorite characters in the FF franchise.
    2- Although he realistically couldn't have shown up because of all the shit he caused, I really wish that Golbez and Fusoya had been there as well.
    I DID IT!!!!!! Zeromus is GONE!!! I completely kicked his ass. I think my main problem was that I wasn't really that quick when I would do my attacks. I got a little pre fight strategy down and knew my moves ahead of time. Kain, Rosa, Cecil, and Edge only lost 500 health a piece when the fight ended. Sadly Rydia died fairly early which made me have a major sad face :((((
    Once he started using Meteor I knew I was in the clear and that the fight was almost over.
    God it feels good to beat his ass finally. This is probably my best gaming achievement at this moment in time. He gave me fits for the looooongest time. NOT ANYMORE!!
    Yeah I gave up after my last post lol. Wasn't really worth it.

    I'm STILL leveling up trying to kill him. :rage: Cecil, Edge, and Kain are level 76. Rose and Rydia are 72 and 73. Thats what's fucking me. Their HP is so damn low that they always get wiped out 1st. Even after using the apples to up Rydias' HP she still only has a little over 3200.
    I can't believe this dude is trying to say that I'm wrong when I say that combat is centered around Auto Battle.
    What the hell? :wtf:
    And that because I dont always input my commands in 98% of the fights that I don't have an "expert" understanding of what I'm doing. :ffs:
    O.O Nice! Thanks alot, I'm definitely going to steal the dark matter now before I use the crystal.
    His arse is mine!!
    Damn I'm playing the easier version and getting raped. I'd hate to play the DS version lmao.
    He's hard as hell and is probably the toughest last boss I've ever had to fight. Not even Lavos in Chrono Trigger gave me trouble and he was said to be tough and I thought I was severely under leveled being 56.
    What really sucks is Rydia has no life. Period. Level 59 with 2500? Thats just ridiculous. Well once I hit 70 I'm going to go at his ass again so wish me luck! I'll need it! :highfive:
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