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  • aH sorry I completed it a long time ago. About July 2010-ish. But I started again and just got Edgar in the party so pretty damn much at the start lol.

    If you need any help !?
    FINALLY KICKED HIS ASS!!!! God damn he's hard. That was very satisfying to finally kick his teeth in :)
    XIII-2 is alot better than XIII imo, although alot of ppl will disagree with that. This game seems to have me alot more interested. Maybe because I really like Noel and Serah and really hated everybody in XIII outside of Sazh :hmmm:
    Nice! I actually haven't played my FF VII in awhile. I'm just leveling the Corral Valley still. I may play it here soon. :hmmm:

    I'm alternating between IV and XIII-2 atm. I'm leveling up in IV because Zeromus is kicking my ass still. :/
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