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    USA did NOT invade Iraq for oil

    Fist: The expense of war, comes from US people's tax. But the oil income doesn't get back to US people but mega companies like The Military Industrial Complex. So as long as it's peoples' tax, they don't care. Second: Do you expect Iraqi peasants have access to reporting access point to report...
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    I'm my first.

    I'm my first.
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    The Penis Game

    Desperate penis wives I kissed a penis and I liked it!! Modern penis fare Alice in Penis land * necromancerized the thread *
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    The Penis Game

    ◙ The Iron Penis ◙ Alice in the penis land ◙ Ice penis ◙ penis tall (walking tall)
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    The Penis Game

    Kamui the lone penis [movie] pepsi Penis [drink] Role Penis Game [RPG] Enrique Eglecias' Penis [Hero | Song]
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    AOTW 49 Voting

    All the three are made well done. All are almost in same level of skills. But my vote goes to no# 2, since it represents BUILDING more to me even though it's used simpler stuff to design. Yet it was so close.
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    SOTW 99 Voting

    My vote goes to Number 4. Also five and one are so good to me and the rest are nice. I like the way the artist has blended the vectors with volume light and well blended the light with buildings, like it's a real sunset due to darkness in front of the buildings. It's a peace of master work.
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    Michael Jackson Dead Yahoo news about him.
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    The Penis Game

    final penis 3 AKA Penis destination
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    RPG Inferno Image Suggestions Thread.

    Daggers ^ ________________ Having a weapon level updated is a nice idea, but right now we can do almost the same with enhancements! I suggest that these extra points be added as Modifiers! not the weapon itself! Like if we add LV str (+50) and the base str is 50. it remains 50 and add 50...
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    RPG Inferno Image Suggestions Thread.

    Nice job. You've made a great sword. By great I mean so good. It also will be a good choice for Great sword. Something real strong with a magical power!
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    Next area of the RPG opened!

    Even though it's in my benefit, but I disagree with it! With unlocking Stats, everyone can beat everyone and the game will be no more fun! it's like Game shark and cheat codes! Also it would be too much unreal! in real once you experience something you can not lose it! Someone who masters...
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    SOTW 89 Voting Thread!

    1-2-5-7 for me. All are nice, but these stand out better to me. Number two,I like the use of brushes in it and the color-light blending of character and background together even though there's a part that does not match the whole sig-brushes in the middle-right of the back ground but in total...
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    Next area of the RPG opened!

    Thanks a lot! Here's something. I'm not whining over this! Just asking. This Iron dude says that has no spell! but when I fought one yesterday! it took me ages, cause he used loads of cure on it! like I put 120 demage spell and it healed like 100 hp! and if one spell would!.. Also had a reaper...
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    Next area of the RPG opened!

    Yeah. Harder but with no one hit kill! It's fair! or another idea! like in FF2-3 when the bombs do that one hit attack, it cause their death! even if it misses!