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    Hey guys!!! Sorry to be a pain n all but could you check out this vid and tell me what you think ethier here or on Youtube please!! Worked hard on it you see ^_^ Thanks! Mod edit: Fixed your youtube tag :) Edit: Thankyou Kind mod!!!
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    Rate the song above you

    8/10 I love disturbed but this isn't one of their finest!
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    Hello.. uhm..

    *waves* Helloo!
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    I'm a smoker. And it's too much already -_- I don't have very much will power on a good day, so quitting is pretty hard. People start because they think it's cool but I was thinking of all the money I could have saved since I was 13 and woooooowwwww. It's very detrimental to your health of...
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    Achievement of the day

    Watching someone trip over and then singing the victory theme. They didn't get it but it was 100 GS for me ^_^
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    O.o I wanna know now!! I know that bit with Vannile but that can't be what you mean... Scareed!!! Because I love Sahz! He is wins!!
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    Resident Evil Series

    I love resi! Played them since back in the days of psx! In fact I remember my first ever copy of Resident evil. It was damaged or something and it would infinitly run up the stairs in the mansion. Funny stuffs! But I had a working copy the day after ^_^ I loved 4! It was a lot less horror but i...
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    Last TV Show You Watched

    Jeremy Kyle -_-' how depressing is that haha MOD EDIT: Please expand on your post, as this is a post count section. How is the show depressing?
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    Christmas adverts in the UK!

    Yeah the coca-cola advert was on during x-factor or something. I'm assuming it was because my facebook was going crazy with people saying it was on and I doubt very much that many of those people have much in common. I love the coca-cola ad but I haven't seen it yet :(.
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    Happy Birthday, Channy!!

    Happy Birthday Channy! Hope you have a good day!
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    Christmas adverts in the UK!

    Ahh right. They start the Christmas stuff here in October! I forgot you guys have Thanksgiving first!! Well I say I forgot, I had no idea when thanksgiving was! Of course we get the stupid "christmas sales" ads, but the ones like the coca-col ad and the John Lewis one are really christmasy!!
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    Achievement of the day

    Being alive!!!! I know that sounds really odd but somethings happened and I shouldn't really be here now! So glad to be though ^_^
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    General FF Favourites & Worsts List

    Favourite Hero: Lightning! Favourite Villain: Sephiroth Favourite FF title: XIII Favourite FF character: Lightning Favourite FF male character: Tidus Favourite FF female character: Lightning Favourite Non-human FF character: Stiltzkin Favourite Non-human male FF character: Stiltzkin Favourite...
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    Christmas adverts in the UK!

    So guys. Christmas is, once again upon us. The coca-cola advert says so! :) What adverts make you feel christmasy? The first time I felt christmasy was earlier with the John Lewis advert with This in! Fine cover, I think you'll agree! Major apologies if I've put this in the wrong place! :)
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    X Factor 2010

    It was such poop that Aiden went!!! It's a fix I tells ya! :D But no, Katie needs to go and so does Wagner!