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    Article: FFVII Remake Confirmed (Coming first to PS4, more to come in winter)

    After that demo 10 years ago. At last, it's finally here. The remake that a lot of gamers are waiting for.
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    Aeons - Useful or Useless?

    They are pretty useful and seriously a way better summons than the Espers in FF12, I barely use them.
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    Espers? Does it matter?

    Not really, you can beat the entire game without relying on them. And in my opinion, they are more of a liability than an aid in battle.
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    [FF XII] Best Guest

    Larsa is most balanced Guest. He's not just offensive but supportive as well. His free X-potions and Phoenix Downs are really useful.
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    Your favorite hunt

    I love all the hunts, this sidequest is truly the real challenge of FF12, and my favorite was the Yiazmat Hunt, it's the hunt that gives the player the right to say that he truly beat the game.
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    Does anybody else HATE the Great Crystal?

    I hate it for the fact that it's a very tricky place.
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    [FF IX] Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    As much as it is one of the greatest game that I'd played, I think a spin-off or a remake is no longer necessary. The FF9 in PS was great just the way it is.
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    I just beat FFX! Here is my review.

    I beat FF10 about a month ago and here's my review. Great game, good graphics, and a nice storyline. However, there are some parts of the game that could have been modified a little further, one of that is the Compulsory Quest. It's too straightforward, it's like walking into a straight path...
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    XII Ruined Summoning

    In my opinion, the Espers are more of a liability during battle than an aid. First reason, they're slow, second, if the summoner died, the Esper died as well, and third, it takes some time before the Esper will unleash its Ultimate attack. How I miss the Arrive-Attack-Depart type of summons that...
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    Gambit Preference and Playstyle?

    This is not my regular gambit but the gambit that I used when I fought Hell Wyrm, Fafnir, and King Behemoth, and when the time comes, my battle against Yiazmat. Using this gambit I manage to defeat Hell Wyrm in 1 hour and Fafnir and King Behemoth in 10 and 15 minutes.
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    FFXII: What would you change?

    Give Vaan more role on the game's storyline. I mean why did Square Enix made him the main protagonist when he was just acting as an onlooker on the events that are happening around him. Though Vaan was the main protagonist, it was Ashe that was considered by the fans as the main character and...
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    Seymour as the best FF villain

    Nah, I didn't find Seymour to be that of a badass Villain, maybe one reason is that because he's not the Final Boss though you'll fight him a couple of times throughout the game. Another is that he'd been overshadowed by Sin. In the game we'd seen Sin destroyed Kilika and the Crusader/Al Bhed...
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    Aeons - Useful or Useless?

    They're very useful at the beginning of the game until at the 70th percent completion of the main quests, they can be a good tanker and attacker whenever the fiends gets too hard for the main party. However, when you finally obtained the Celestial Weapons and upgraded your characters near to Max...
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    FFXII: Love It or Hate It?

    In terms of Gameplay, Graphics, Attacks, Spells, and everything, FF12 is great topnotch. My only complain about the game is on the supposedly main character. Vaan doesn't play a major role on the storyline but a viewpoint and foil, an observer of the actions of the other characters as thing...
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    Favorite Non-Playable Character?

    I like Maechen and O'aka. Though they are sort of lame looking characters, their contributions to the main characters are no less than spectacular. Maechen might be boring but he brings the true history of Spira to the people. O'aka might look greedy but deep inside he pursue Yuna in order to...