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    Stocking Magic

    but sadly when that system can be abused to hell and back and just become fucking broken -- that's where the game starts to fall apart because then random encounters are just distractions that you don't get anything out of
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    Why do you think GFs cause memory loss?

    Personally, I've been in the rather deadpan boat that thinks that factor was just in to explain the really shitty plot twist about them all growing up in the same orphanage. Also, I don't think they said it was necessarily the GF itself, just the magic you drew.
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    Do Swear Words Offend You?

    honestly, I've never seen the big deal and they're just words -- although i also have the belief that it's the very taboo we place on it that gives it power. After all, "I'm FUCKING pissed" or "I'm FREAKING pissed"?
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    Favorite Materia?

    double cut for obvious reasons, Cure/All because it made the entire game really easy for me, Time/All for the instant Haste, and I think W-Item for the glitch pretty much wraps up the list. Also Ultima/Contain/MP Absorb and all the Bahamuts, just because it's hardcore.
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    euphonium definitely has better concert parts yeah, but I really enjoy playing Trombone a lot more than Euphonium simply because the Trombone's awesome parts, even if they come up a lot less often than a Euphonium's, are infinitely more awesome than a Euphonium's. Trombone also takes a fuckton...
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    if you're talking about the same arrangement of thriller that I've played [and my old school], you'd want the bari sax part.
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    Which sax? Tenor/bari sax beats all. Also, I took like a year's break from Trombone and when I came back I wasn't too bad. I was playing Euphonium though so I didn't have many embouchure problems.
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    How Many Languages Do You Speak?

    I can speak some Urdu and a lot of English. I'm not as fluent as urdu as I'd like to be, but I also don't really like speaking Urdu at home because I like to spite my parents so...
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    I love playing my Trombone. I've been playing it since 5th grade and I've probably been through about a million different trombones since, but I've finally found a pro-model that I've been able to stick to (as opposed to the peashooters and small bores with F valves I've been playing) and get a...
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    Seifer and the dream sequences

    Or because Seifer was a massive prick and I think everyone else had their own little group that they hung around as kids in the orphanage.
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    Help [FFIV] Few quick questions

    Ya, my strategy is what I'd recommend given that you don't have any good augment setups. At all. The only thing worthwhile about mine was Counter on cecil.
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    Final Fantasy best villain

    Kefka. He was insane enough to cause that entire incident with the espers and leo, then when he took over the world he helped it slowly die off until he realized he couldn't make them suffer much more... then he threw the final battle because he basically became a nihilist and just doesn't...
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    FFVIII - Worth Getting?

    8's got good graphics and I think the Junction system's unique but... the game is pretty much piss easy, easy to abuse, and the plot really really blows. I was at level 12 on average until disc 3 just by carding enemies lol...
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    Favorite Summon?

    I've always been a bahamut man myself but that's pretty much because dragons are the coolest mythical creatures ever and I loved all the bahamut battles in ff4.
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    Sorceress Adel

    I thought the post was fine, but w/e. He/She/Both is referred to as a female on many occasions as well as a sorceress and Adel has manlike pecs and all that jazz, so it helps back up a theory that Adel could be a hermaphrodite. Of course, it's a pretty insignificant plot point especially...