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  • I ride my cousin's boat a lot, he bought it this spring and we've used it a lot ^^ And there's other relatives that have boats too, we've been on trips with my uncle's boat.. And well, I gotta admit I don't usually think that boats and varied, strong seasons makes my life wonderful, but.. I guess that's kinda true. It's a great place to live in and I appreciate it :3

    Also, the snow-driving lessons are a -must- here xD I can't imagine what would happen if we didn't have them... It'd be like, anarchy on the roads during winter xD Other than the winter-driving, I don't think there's more that we have to practice/study, then you :eek:

    Do you go to uni, btw? It's interesting knowing what other "90's" choose to do with their lives..
    Where in the UK do you live? That's bizarre weather indeed xD And well, about me freezing others out, it's a long story..

    You sound like you'd love the winters here, yepp! :D I got stuck with my car 5 times last winter. Winter here is so cold and dark, but it's also much more quiet. Much less traffic and summer-stress, it's really peaceful :P "Santa Claus Land", almost. Although that's Lappland.

    And well, Åland has so many tourists in the summer because of what it becomes, it doesn't become what it is because the tourists come.. If that makes any sense >_< I'd still recommend coming here in the summer, a boat trip or car trip into the countryside and you can enjoy nature without swarms of tourists :P Åland is perfect for biking, the distances are like made for biking vacation trips :P And in the winter, you can walk on the ice out on the sea and between islands, and it's really pretty here too with all the ice and snow :P Just so dark, and cooooold. But I like the winter too :)
    I'm not sure how I feel about there being a lot of people! I bet I'd prefer visiting the country during the winter, when it's cold and quiet. I'm not a fan of crowds. ;) I like to see a place as it is rather than what it becomes when it's swarming with tourists.

    Do you ride on a boat frequently? That sounds incredible! :) During the summer, I managed to go on a trip from one small village to another in the Lake District. Your life sounds wonderful! :)

    As for driving tests in Finland, I have been given the impression that there's a lot more you have to do there! You have to know about driving in the snow - that's an option over here - and how to drive on gravel etc. The test is really really hard here, but we don't have to demonstrate an ability to handle ice and skids!
    I wasn't bored at all! :)

    Is there a reason you freeze others out?

    I like the sound of well-defined winters. The weather over here is just bizarre. Since the beginning of October, we've had three days of summer, with temperatures at 28 degrees celcius, followed by autumn days, and one day which was extremely bitter. We've had snow in April, too... Usually, we don't get any snow at all, but last year we had it for a while. It was difficult to get anywhere! But I loved it. I was visiting my boyfriend at University and everyone was walking around the town. There were very few cars. People actually spoke to one another! The country seemed less closed off from one another. It felt like we were all part of a community. There was a sense of solidarity, especially when Chris' friends, Chris and I had to help one man push his car out of the drive because it was stuck! Snowball fights were fun too. Such a novelty!
    That's alright. Why would you have been a loner?

    What's it like living in Finland? Where's your favourite place?

    Oh, I also hear driving tests are rather tricky!
    How could you relate to the protagonist? I haven't read many good fantasy novels lately, either. They all feel too similar. However, my tastes seem to be drifting more towards classics like 'The Handmaid's Tale' and 'Of Mice and Men,' very much English literature-based! So it's possible my tastes have simply changed.

    I'd like to visit Finland because of Tove Jannson and The Moomins... The Moomins have always had a special place in my heart and I want to see the landscape near to where the author lived. The imagery in all of her books is beautiful.

    Porridge is incredible! I usually have it with a banana and a little bit of honey! :)
    Hello new-member! :) Hope you're well.

    I'm a book fiend, so I'm going to ask, what's The Left Hand of God about? (I know I could look it up, but I like hearing what people have to say! :D)

    Also, you've reminded me that I really need to watch Lord of the Rings again soon! :) You've listed them as your favourite movie. Consequently, you shall be crowned a wise one!
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