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    Final Fantasy XV General Discussion Thread

    I would actually put this game in my top 5 for FF games. The story was not as Fleshed out as I had hoped and the areas I could travel to I felt a little limited, but overall I loved the game. The way the bros interacted with another and how it was such an open adventure. It was really fun and I...
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    Does Lulu have feet?

    It does seem very weird that Lulu never actually shows her feet! There were a few cutscenes where she was either carried or not shown jumping when everyone else did. I wonder they didn't make her a little more athletic.
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    Another newbie :B

    Hey there. Hope you have fun here! Stay active, enjoy some cookies and don't step on any toes. =p
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    Final Fantasy XII Voice Acting Rating

    My favorite voice in XII would be Balthier, Fran, and Basch. I think their voices fit perfectly with their roles and designs. Balthier's heavy posh accent was the best for me. I mean afterall he is the leading man.
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    Favorite Summons in the Series

    i am going to go with Shiva of course. She is amazing and her design in FFX was the best, IMO. Has anyone noticed that we have not seen Ifrit since FFX? Why do they keep replacing him with other fire type Aeons? He could have easily been in XIII as a transformer of some sort.
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    Disney Worlds?

    Why can we not get a Pocahontas world? Snow White? Cinderella? I mean they mention some of these princesses all the time. Maybe we'll have one from the Princess and the Frog. That would be cool. I would maybe suggest a Lilo and Stitch world or Mulan would be cool actually.
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    Which FFVIII Guardian Force you wish to be featured again?

    To be honest and I know she is not in the Poll but Siren would be cool to see a redesign of. Her harp and water powers seemed a bit weak compared to the other GF's. From this poll I would say I would love to see Cerberus again. Just a little something more than a triple effect though because he...
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    FFX HD Trophies

    The fact that I have already beaten the game and gotten all the Ultimate Weapons and all that jazz makes me annoyed I have to do it again for trophies. lol. I would think they would have trophies for how long you ride a chocobo, maybe one for acquiring all of the optional Aeons. I think we...
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    Official Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Player Group

    If you guys wanna find me this weekend I'll be on Exodus and the name is Leon Fierce. =p.
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    Your First REALLY Big Struggle

    The first big struggle I had was with Evrae the first time on the Airship. I died constantly trying to battle him. Leveling up was something I had to continue to do until I got to or close to Lulu's 3rd level magic's. It was such a struggle. =(.
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    Should I give it a second chance?

    On my first play through I disliked this game and actually did not even finish it. I had to give it a complete start over and second chance. I defintly recommend you do so. It might be a straight forward linear game but the story itself is enjoyable. Plus the side missions are what really make...
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    Character Usage

    As have I. I started playing XII again as well and currently sit at level 30 with Basch, Balthier and Fran. The other 3 (Penelo, Ashe, and Vaan) are just not useful at all to me. =/. They just look like they suck. lol. I will not play with a character if they have looks I tend not to like...
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    [20/06] Motomu Toriyama hints at a possible new Final Fantasy XIII game

    I guess I am the only one who loved XIII-2!? =/. Granted I do not think they need to make a trilogy out of it but I really believe they will continue to story through DLC content. A 3rd game would be just to much for XIII-2. I mean, how much more story could you make up?
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    Character Usage

    Yes, you could. Obviously some started off with better stats in certain areas than others but you could switch it up and train others to learn different abilities.
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    License Board

    That would be a pretty cool way to upgrade the License board BUT they would definatly have to up the LP drop of monters because otherwise that would literally take CENTURIES.