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    Interest Check Gallery Mod

    I absolutely agree this would serve us and the site itself well. Control over galleries and things would be so much better, especially as people have mention for ingame screens and the likes. It would be amazing to see. Keeping everything in house and organised would be easier as well. I like...
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    While I do have n active sub and will dip on and off between sorting the things I need to, knowing I'm not quite as on my own as I thought eases some of the trepidation this week has brought. I suppose if I look harder my support circle isn't quite as small as I thought. Which honestly is a...
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    Trust me, knowing I have this place to fall back upon, is actually comforting. This has been the most surreal week of my life. So thank you, everyone.
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    Hey folks, Due to some very serious circumstances outside of my control, I may be absent for a while. While I'm not going to go into specifics let's just say my entire world has been turned upside down and me and my partner face an uphill climb to undo the damage done to our family. I'll try...
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    Free Company Info Free Company Meetings [Video Transcript Archive]

    This weeks meeting is now edited out and transferred.
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    FFVII Remake: Pre-ordering or waiting? Which Edition?!

    I'm going to spend forever kicking myself but FF7 was the first game I truly ever fell in love with and so I'll be getting the First Class Edition! I'm taking it as a once in a lifetime kind of deal, wife has agreed and is allowing me to so just this once, I'm going to go big. I'lljust be...
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    Online Usernames

    Mines kinda been a natural progress kane_demon was my very first online ID :O then it became gothic_kane I went by krystalsyn and krystal_suicide for a while but people kept thinking I was girl cos of the krystal bit so it evolved to gothicsyn. Only id thats different is my Xbox ID which is...
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    Screenshot Corner

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    Name of your retainers?

    I have 4 retainers Ascondia- Named for Aerians mother in my rp world. Dubrinkski - Was the surname of Aerians uncle Kanes first wife (Back in the days of MSN Chat) Rayla - Was Aerians girlfriend in the same world though murdered shortly before the Dragon Wars by a slave trader. Aishani is Kanes...
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    I Finally Did This

    Kinda been a while, hardware issues, timing, lots of other issues but finally we are back to doing these. Hopefully more to come in the future. Episode 3 is now live.
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    Your kind of date

    Funny thing me and my partner have been together for 13 years and never been on a "date". We've been out around town, drinking, to the cinema, or for dinner but nothing we'd ever consider a date. So I'm clueless. Though I suppose by definition we have, my ideal idea of a date is just me and my...
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    Daz3D Render Project

    Better graphics card, better renders? For the most part yes, but apparently I can clear 6gb with environmental stuff pretty easily! Stupid close knit particle effects! Didn't quite come out right! Grrr coming to get you
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    Screenshot Corner

    I don't pay for much in this game but this I just had to! I'm not even sure Aerian knows what she's doing half time! And soon they shall all fall beneath my feet. If I point it this way, things explode behind me. Hey wait I'm a Power Ranger!
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Seem to be enjoying these at the minute.