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    Time flew by , hope youre doing well Shu cant remember the old username i had from when i was...

    Time flew by , hope youre doing well Shu cant remember the old username i had from when i was active but ill prolly be lurking in the shadows
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    PC The Elder Scrolls Online

    :dave: i signed up for the closed beta and at first the submit button stayed grey, so i refilled the info after refreshing the page and was able to submit it hopefully im accepted :ryan:
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    PC Guild Wars 2

    :gonk: gw2 is already sucking my life away! lol so my official toon is a warrior which is pretty neat i choose jade quarry as my home server annnnd i hit lvl 30 so cheers good luck with your adventures and hopefully ill see you guys around or w/e feel free to add me msg and such (info is in...
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    Multiple Platforms Dragons Dogma

    Im loving dragons dogma :ohoho: 3rd playthrough this time as a sorcerer (was a magick hunter for 1st and ranger for 2nd play) and lemme tell ya Ur dragon is very brutal even at lvl 72 its a challenge to survive :sad3: pawns dont yet have the brains to dodge fire well and use magic hes weak...
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    :dave: howdy and welcome to FFF!
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    PC Guild Wars 2

    :sad3: im stuck on Darkhaven with so much lag that i can hardly play however i can say that throwing hatchets as a ranger at foes is pretty fun i might try out a warrior class next if i can get back into the game lulz :hmmm: how are you liking the elementalist in gw2 Tech
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    What Summon are you?

    :hmmm: well i got for just my first name Bahamut with first and last name i recieved Carbuncle :wacky:
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    PC Guild Wars 2

    Ill be participating in the beta weekend as well :hmmm: might be a human ranger :griin: my ingame name will most likely be Ledah and ill be doin pve content on Darkhaven server as well
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    Happy birthday, Starfruit!

    :dave: happy B-day !!
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    New =]

    :dave: welcome to FFF
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    Hey Everyone!

    :dave: howdy and welcome to FFF enjoy your time here etc etc...
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    What game did you buy last?

    :hmmm: the last game i purchased was skyrim for 360 and so far im missing 13 of 50 achievements :griin: dragon slaying is so much fun!
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    What's Long, Ribbed, and has a smiley face?

    :lew: "its as long as entire leg" :wacky:
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    XBox [360] FFF Achievement Leaderboard

    :hmmm: i hope this is acceptable for joining the leaderboards Mr.Pockets :griin: