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    Are we just going to ignore the adorable hug Kinoc gave Auron?

    I mean, it's really prime. Seriously though, in their world, going up and just hugging Auron is like going up to a king in our world and hugging him. I thought it was pretty cool to see him in that situation. Especially the way he handled it lol
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    What pissed you off today?

    My brother talking throughout the entire movie, pointing out obvious shit. I love him though. Hey, Alex. Sup? I know you're reading this. You're right beside me heh
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    FFXII: What would you change?

    Right?! Come the fuck on, you have to buy the abilities for fuck sakes fuck fucking fuck fucker
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    [V4] What's Your Mood?

    Stressed, but good other than that I'm pretty calm. Super stressed about school though, but that's nothing new.
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    FFXII: What would you change?

    Oh, so all shallow reasons then. That's pretty fair though. I was just curious, because so many people seem to hate her. I do agree with the sighing though. Good lord, would I ever change that.
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    FFXII: What would you change?

    I would change the fact that over half, if not all, of the secret shit you score requires some kind of guide to get to. There is no way someone would be able to figure that crap out for themselves. Acquiring the Fomalhaut is a prime example; the weapon is only obtained from randomly spawning...
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    How often do you go out?

    Not that often. When I do, it's to go to school or hang out with my boyfriend at his place. It makes actually going out all the more enjoyable though. So I don't mind.
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    FFXII: What would you change?

    Penelo, I get. She's useless, along with Vaan - but Ashe? Come on. What would you change about her? She's a headstrong hero who is guided by her determination to achieve liberty. She has strong will, is selfless, very loyal and fiercely independent. She's a breath of fresh air in terms of female...
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    Things you're good AND bad at?

    lmao everyone but Puglet failed this thread
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    Things you're good AND bad at?

    What is something you're good and bad at - at the same time? As the OP, I'll start, naturally. Telling stories Good: I'm pretty confident in my writing. My spelling and grammar can be a little off at times, but for the most part I've got good ideas, can write for intriguing characters...
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    What annoys you?

    Spot on.
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    What cheered you up today?

    My little brother lending me his cellphone for a while. I lost mine, and I've been so lonely lol. I'm glad I can text my boyfriend again.
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    Any plans for tonight?

    Probably sleeping. I'm so lonely.
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    [V4] What's Your Mood?

    Motivated It's about fucking time. At last, I am so motivated to just do my homework. I am this close to graduating, and I know I'm going to do it.
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    [V5] What are you currently listening to?

    Ahhhh, yes. I love it. Definitely my favourite track in the entire game.