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    Konichiwa Amigos! I is back!

    Yes he did. Hope he's still around hah. Thanks I will be doing :)
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    Any plans for tonight?

    Planning to start my new Youtube channel called 'Benrir'. Basically my gaming channel as I take to the top and a journey that should lead me to success and renown. So it should be funny ;) Otherwise, I've got coursework, acting, rehearsals and club. So an eventful night that will have me...
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    (S/U Interest Check/Discussion) The Unknown: Mourn The Invaded

    So over the last year or so, my writing skills have improved and etcetera and it is good to be back. Anyway, I thought it'd be good to introduce a new RP and see what people make of it. It's going to be a post-apocalyptic setting, and will focus a lot on characters, fleshing them out and the...
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    Konichiwa Amigos! I is back!

    So it's been like a year, and that seems an age since I've spoken and been in contact with many of the great people of this forum. I must confess, I have lurked on other forums and apologise for my absence. I was formerly known as Taskmaster, before that was Dragon King. To all who remember me...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Yeah sorry that was on my draft there aint no bio 1. Sincerest apologies. Okay I will jusy forget the appearance but is it alright if I keep the mask? And fair enough I shall be rid of the weapon too. I did read it butbI got caught up too much in my bio. Sorry once again ;/
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Bio 2 This is the narcissistic nobleman' s bio. Hopefully this destrillian will gain some interest. Name: Alqurroiu (Alqu for short) Code: 21 Element: Wind Appearance: Clothing wise it is best to think of a similar style to the Spanish nobleman attire of the pirAte age thus the clothing is...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Sorry for Long reply. I will post my destrillian very soon and the beast one later on. Sorry if it seems slightly rushed but a lot of other projects are in the way. :)
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    I appreciate the criticism and understand our flaws. Whilst equipment is very hard to come by, we tried to see what just messing around could go by but of course it did not go well. Anyhow we are trying to get used to this whole recording lark and seeing what works well. Otherwise I am polishing...
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Alright then I shall try and think of something else. I'm thinking: a narcissistic nobleman.
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Suppose I am one of those beasts? Specialised of course. Or perhaps a Destrillian that went through the surgery that made him as he is.. Maybe a cross-combination of wolf and man?
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Alright I will stick with dark. I am currently writing the bio up so it will be a shame if I cant use the non human.
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    [Interest Check/Discussion] Project Destrillians

    Looks tough but I am interested. I would like to be number 21 thus reserve dark and wind. My bio will be posted very soon. My character will be called Warg, a humanoid Wolfson character who isn't going to be the nicest. I'm quite excited for this! Count me in! :D
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    Will do dude, thanks :)

    Will do dude, thanks :)
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    Original The Final Fantasies - FFF Star System series Discussion thread

    Is this the one I was invited to? If so Im gonna be some badass armoured werewolf. ;)