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    Favourite or Most Used Materias?

    One of Vincent's guns has 255 accuracy, equip Deathblow materia on him with that weapon and he will inflict a critical hit every turn. Enemy Skill is extremely versatile because you can have a whole plethora of spells without the HP and Strength deduction that you get from magic materia. Long...
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    Final Fantasy III prequel?

    Imagine that: an FF game where you play as the Dark Warriors, not Light Warriors...hmm
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    I just beat FFI! Here is my review.

    The PSP version is great, looks awesome and seems like it has been made slightly more challenging than the GBA version. I'll get around to completing it at some point.
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    Anime Looking for specific types of anime

    I've seen Black Cat - loved it :)
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    When The Magic Happens

    What? --- I agree with the Seto scene. I still get a bit teary when I watch it. My favourite part of the game concerning inspiring character relationships is Tifa's dedication to Cloud. I can't fathom how people can still try pair him with Aerith after the Mideel incident and the Highwind...
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    Sealed Temple - Worth it?

    I just finished FFV and I actually beat Shinryu at Level 40 (never beaten him before so I was pretty proud of myself). I'm putting it aside for now as I was getting over the game a bit, but I'll tackle the Sealed Temple when I feel like loading up my save again.
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    Farewell to once so great series of games!

    I agree with the sentiment that the good FFs ended with X - meaning that when Square merged with Enix the feel and quality of the games took on a different dimension that was just not made of the same stuff as the older titles. Nevertheless I still enjoyed XII and XIII in their own way, they too...
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    Anime Looking for specific types of anime

    I have seen both. Attack on Titan impressed me, took me a while to get into Soul Eater, again because of the high school-ish protagonists.
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    Anime Looking for specific types of anime

    I am looking for new anime to watch, but I am a bit particular nowadays about what kind of anime I choose to watch. I'm looking for something along the lines of Death Note, Elfin Lied and Hellsing - dark, gothic or psychological. Please no high school rubbish. I tried watching Mirai Nikki and a...
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    Need Help Defeating Jecht

    Jecht is probably the most difficult final boss in the series imo. Unless you have the Magus Sisters, then I kicked his ass.
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    Does Lulu have feet?

    It is a rare occurrence in FF for a character to wash, let alone change their clothes :-p
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    Did anybody else......

    Those Zemus heads in the final dungeon annoyed the bejeezus out of me!
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    Favorite Level up and Battle system.

    I really loved FFV's job system, as well as III and VII. I will probably be crucified for this but my favourite battle system is actually X-2's >_
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    Your first Final Fantasy

    What was your first Final Fantasy? VII What console did you play it on? PS1 Did you enjoy it? It changed my life. Was it the first one you finished? Yes and I felt like my little 12 year old life had ended. Who was your favorite character? Tifa. Forever. What was your favorite scene...
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    Did anybody else......

    I never had a problem with Zeromus or any of the other bosses.It was ridiculously overpowered ordinary enemies in the final dungeon that got to me!