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  • Ahh i think i understand alittle now. You didn't know how good the game actually was untill you saw gameplay/screenshots.....

    yeah it's not a game you'd peg for an awesome game untill you actually played it.
    Shouldn't it be already out where you are? Or do you have to save up pocket money or something?

    I'm liking how the whole game is like an acrylic paint style terrain <3
    It'll end up as an expansion or a quest, they wont mod that in the PC or any version for that matter.
    It's around 3-4 years old, atleast. It doesn't need that good of a computer at all, to be honest, do you play any games on it at all?
    Lol my laptops pretty weak and it plays Morrowind with no lag. Yep Bloodmoon is correct, equip Hercines Ring and you a raging Wolf =D

    Lol you probably will be able to turn into a werewolf, seeing as it's set in the Nord's homeland and thats where the diety's lore comes from lol
    Played Morrowind? There's a questline where you can turn into a werewolf :tehe:
    up. LP=Lets play. Most Lpers turn into Walkthoughers though.

    Oh yes. Chuggaconroy has 43 videos worth of Okami videos. Its really awesome. The diffrent weapons coupled with the fact that some people can Ride on your back and have abilties in battle. Also some of the scenes are Hilarious. Id check him out. But The videos would give spoilers. He also has Videos of Pokemon The mother eries Zelda.

    Another person Id recomend is NintendoCaprisun. He has Videos on Final Fantasy(An ongoing Lp of FFX :D) Zelda,Mother,Metroid,Mario.Mega Man and Chrono trigger.

    Lucahjin is another one with videos up on chrono cross. and hilarious perverted games like Leisure suit larry. and Games like oregon trail She also has a Lp up of "shadow of the cololuss" and a ongoing Lp on Quest for glory 4.

    Really All ofthem are worthy to check out.
    Its Very common In Canada. Were too polite >_>. But anyway. im do hope to ge Okami. But im gonna get it last in my list of Games I want.(Pokemon B/W and Dissdia 2/)

    Okami really looks great. Im watching a Youtube user(Chuggaconroy) Lp it at the moment.
    Sadly I dont. i had a good chance at a hockey game I went too. They give out Free PS3's to the best fan of the game. But I used my chance to give my Cheering finger to the Kid behind me. Cuz He really was Excited. So I lost my chance.

    If I ever get it though. illbe sure to buy Okami and FFX.
    Oh misunderstood sorry.

    Anyway. I could possibly get Okami because I have a wii. But FFX is a no-no since I dont have a PS2 anymore. Would love to play it though. Dissdia had to calm my thirst to play as a FFX character. Duodecim will help with Its Yuna. but I still wanna play FFX.
    :mokken: Your point? I cant fanboy over games I havent played?

    Heh. But anyway. I think the gameplay is koolio for FFX. The aeon system is awesome. and The aeons itself are koolio.
    You downloaded it? Thats koolio.

    I have actually never played Okami. But That dosent mean I cant Fanboy over it.(FYI I fanboy over FFX and I have never played it.) I think the gameplay looks pretty koolio. The celestial brush techiques and All the diffrent weapons. Its pretty awesome.

    The music was outstanding. No one should have to think long which their favourite is. In okami Its you hear. Love it. Remember it. Really awesome.
    What I like about Okami the most? Well. I love the music alot. Its so beautiful. The final boss music "The sun rises" is spectacular~
    That I can understand.

    I changed to the old skin, and I was confused when the new features were gone.

    But yeah, I'm loving the new forum, as plain as it may look.


    It's kinda weird, It feels as if I'm in a newly started up forum which a lot of old members :andry:
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