What's Your Favorite Save Point?


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May 17, 2019
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Most games are autosave these days! Are Save Points a thing of the past? Regardless, out of all the FF games we've come to love and play, which save point was your favorite?

For me, maybe it's just because FFIX was my favorite, but I'll always love the Moogles & the save book! Super cute. I also find the various save crystals satisfying to save at, but maybe that's because I want to lick them
ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᵉᶦʳᵈˀ

Anyway, what's your favorite game save point?
The Moogles in FFIX are probably the most creative and well-designed use of save points, and unlike most, they actually have a presence in the narrative outside of just a game mechanic. The save crystals and other save points are all functional, but the Moogles in FFIX were just such a pleasant aesthetic polish that I've yet to see them topped.
Yep, I've got to go all ditto with the FF9 moogles! There's so much more to them than with other save points. :moogle:

Although I do have a lot of nostalgic love for the FF10 savepoints too. Automatic full restore for the win! :sir:
The moogles from 9 for sure, I love that you can interact with them for mail, annoy mene on the world map, if I’m remembering his name correctly, I think the mognet side quest is amazing and artemicion is my favourite noodle, have a tattoo of him on my wrist, the moonless in 9 made me make a point of interacting with every save point I came across to see if they had mail for me lol

ahaha ffs at the auto correct 😂😭
What a cute thread. :lew:

Since it was my first FF, VII has a special place in my heart. I remember coming into the training area and being taught what the save point was.

I also really loved the crystals in FFXIV (XII is similar so that counts too, I guess).

I like the idea of the Moogles in IX, but I'm not too keen on those. So I think it's safe to say that VII & XIV are my favourites.

Like, look how ugly but nostalgic this is:

i only played FFVII so, i really do like all save point. only save point that cheated me was the one with Yuffie that is a fake one. damn i hate that save point :tearjoy: :tearjoy:
This is a brilliant topic.

I don't really have anything to say about the earliest save points. They were basic flashing lights or rings of energy, etc.

Things started to get more interesting with FFVII's characteristic save point (pictured above). Until a few years ago I thought it was a giant question mark, and it blew my mind when I learned that it wasn't.

After that, for the most part in the franchise many save points became crystal-based or crystals augmented with technology, etc, and that is a fairly interesting concept and fits well with the wider importance of crystals in Final Fantasy (especially pertaining to memory). That, rather than the fact that I want to lick them, is what interests me in them.

FFVIII's save point is also fairly interesting, and for the variety I also like the pokedex-like save point of FFXIII which was just tech.

But my favourite?
Like so many others I do adore FFIX's creativity for connecting moogles to the save feature in that game. They were save points you could actually interact with, and they had individual characters. I particularly enjoyed annoying Moguo (the world map save moogle) and making him threaten to sharpen his knife... :mogscot:

I love that you can interact with them for mail, annoy mene on the world map, if I’m remembering his name correctly,
I believe Mene was the Chocobo Hot and Cold moogle, whereas Moguo was the world map moogle.

artemicion is my favourite noodle
"I've come up with a new recipe!" etc. :thehead: