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    1. God-Moderating, also known as God-Moderating, or God-Modding is the term used when the RPer controls a non-NPC character that is not considered to be under their control, or assuming the reactions and/or suggesting the thoughts of an opposing non-NPC character, whether or not said character has responded to your input. God-Modding is frowned upon by the RPer community. Remember, your character interacts with other characters, but you can only control the characters you make. The rules for NPCs however may be dictated depending on the RP, whether the RP Master wishes to control the NPCs himself/herself or allows others to do so as well.

    2. Power-Playing, also known as Meta-playing, God Mode or God-Moding, is the term used for creating characters that are excessively powerful or has skills and/or abilities that would somehow give a character an unfair advantage. Examples include an inhuman tolerance to pain, invulnerability to physical and/or magical attack, and abilities that somehow strengthen the character when severely injured. Remember, this is not Dragon Ball Z, so try to be realistic in what you think your character can do.

    4. Plagiarism: Write your own work, with your own words. While we do not criticize for characters or quotes inspired by other works, originality is key.

    5. Post Length: Post Length is generally dependent on the RP Master in question, but for the most part. Try to post at least 4-5 sentences per IC entry. One Line entries shows that you did not put any effort into your entry, and is largely frowned upon by the RP Community.

    7. Character Approvals: The RP Leader has the final say on whether or not your bio is approved. If you wish to talk to the RP Leader who did not approve your bio, or have any questions, you may do so either on the thread where you created the character or via PM.

The Return

Dean Winchester

Keeping you alive by killing what's in the Dark...
Oct 7, 2006
The blazing paradise of the Caribbean
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Since this is the RP Section I guess everything should be made RP-styled XD. Here I go....

The doors of the tavern were opened wide, slammed against opposite sides by the bare hands of a mysterious traveler. The man -being about 20 to 25 years old- came wearing a mud-covered darkish brown trench coat, a simple brass breastplate with a white collar shirt underneath, brown leather belt, worn out leather pants, and black ring boots which had a sole reinforced with steel sheets.

His hair was soaked, splattered all over his forehead and his green eyes glimmering reflecting the flames from the fireplace. He took a deep breath, stepped forward and continued to walk towards the counter as the tavern doors closed slowly.

The man took a chair and left his body fall heavily on it, and then he placed his right elbow on the counter resting his face on the palm of his right hand.

The bartender -while cleaning one of the used glasses- approached the man and began to interrogate him....

"What are ye doing in a place like this so late?"
To which, the man replied....

"I am Julius Silverwing, and I came here to find a friend..."

So much for introductions huh? (I guess I am losing my "touch")

Anyways, this is just for a simple purpose: I want to RP. Next person to make an RP please invite moi XD

I miss RP THAT much :P

Ezio Auditore

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Mar 1, 2007
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Why don't you join one of the existing ones Juli? There are quite a few going on that you may get interested in :)
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