The American Army

Right you be enter but i can only give you 2 zones because the entire west is under control by either the Hol,SeeDs and the million strong army but you can start taking over right away.
Aw that sounds awesome! RPG war against the British?!
FFGuy is correct. The British Empire has not entered the RPG wars, but when they are over, we shall devote all our attention to pwning those Brits. World domination will soon be ours. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I wanna join. You always need a missile technician!
V3S AND NUKES! :wacky:
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Welcome guys. Now this club is getting some strength. I suggest we start our war, with the Brits, next week. :dry:
Sweeet! I'm fucking General. ;D Let's go kick some ass! *loads up gun*
I have started the official club of Americans. The only requirement for membership is that you were either born in America or you live here now.
We will own all. (Just like in real life.)

We will pwn all English!

dimmufan-Owner and President
Jeremiah-Soldier 1st Class
Kibbies-Seed level A
Koloth-Soldier 1st Class
eisprinz-SeeD Level 30
F. F. Fan-Sergeant
Dragon Mage-Bombardier
Rhea-Machine Gunner

Wow, as a soldier in the US Army I can't help but to say that the chain of command looks kinda screwed up.. it just buggs the crap outta me allow me to fix it.

President - Commander in Cheif
Cheif of Staff
General of the Army
Secretary of the Army
Post Commander - Lieutenant General or Major General
Division- Lieutenant General or Major General ( I think)
Corps- Lieutenant General or Major General
Bragade Commander- Colonel or higher
Battlion Commader - Lieutenant Colonel or Major
Company commander - Lieutenant or Captain
NCOIC- First Sergeant or in a few cases a Master Sergeant
Sergeant First Class - Platoon Sergeant
Sergeant- Squad leader
Specialist- Expert
Private- Soldier

I think that how it goes...I can't really think that high in ranks...though it IS a requirement. :P Not sure if I should join your club I get enough of this in real life...
Welcome aboard Lord Kaos and Dark Tidus. Glad to have a fellow Texan in our ranks.

Yes, Koloth, I believe our conquest of the Brits should start soon.