The American Army

It's pretty cool that England will be hosting an NFL game at Wembley Stadium. Maybe now those Limey's can see how rough football really is. It's just too bad that they don't realize that the American National Team is ranked 14th in the world of soccer.
Maybe if the American team actually won the friggin' World Cup this wouldn't be so bad. >:(
They could've gone in too and won much more than they did from what I remember.
Everyone hates Americans and that means the referees do too. It's kinda hard to win anything when the calls don't go your way.

At least we made it to the round of 16 when we beat Mexico in World Cup 2002. That was a awesome match. But then again, U.S.A. vs. Mexico is always an awesome match.
Those damn Limeys' spent a whole page making fun of our sports. Just because we do not play our football in our underwear.

Tea sipping bastards! Pfft we'll show them with our awesome nuclear bombs, our navy ships and military! We'll run them over with our Chevrolet Hummers and Ford pickup trucks!!!!

AND WHO HAS THE LARGEST ECONOMY!? America! Yeahhhh! UK is 4th! Hahaha!
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You took the time to research all that or did you know that by heart? o_O

I would like some crumpets and good ole English ale please.
Hell no, I already no US, Japan and Germany are the top world economies. I looked up were UK was in place, 4 place.

I know my cars brands well. XD After doing some research on them a while back.

They better not use the: 'Americans are fat!' Insult because the UK is getting just as fat.

Bucket of wings sounds good...
Sour potato, right? xD
I have no clue 'cause I haven't been out and about or whatever else...
Hey we have NY and Chicago Pizza, Texas steaks, Boston cream pie, and....lots of awesome food.

We also got Disney world!!!!! Oh, and who gets video games first from Japan!? ;D
I meant, when Japan releases Final Fantasy whatever or any other game that is Japanese after they translate it goes to North America first. Not until a few months later UK and Aus gets released there.

Example - FFXII, was released in Japan on March 16 06. Released in the US October 31 06. UK February 23 07.
GTFO THIS THREAD!!! There is absolutely no room for you overclassed British in this thread. When you start calling "Football" by it's true name: Soccer, then I could reconsider. But until then, GTFO!!!

Youve been in our British thread ... So tit for tat.

Would you like to be on our side SephirothAlpha? If so, then I think that there is plenty of room. Come on whaddya say? I let you drop the bombs on the British base.

Hes from the UK, duh as if he would. He rather drop the bombs on the US!
Not that we want to, why drop the bombs on a country that gave us MCR :monster:
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