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Sphere Theater & Subforums
Rules & Guidelines

Sphere Theater a multimedia section for the Youtube, Twitch & other online video streaming communities.
The following rules & guidelines apply for all of Sphere Theater and it's subforums: Let's Play & Game Screenshots.​

General Forum Rules
General Forum rules apply. You can read them here.

Illegal Software & Content
Illegal content is not allowed, including discussions on emulators, torrents, warez, music, film downloading and posting links to places which can illegally obtain software, music, videos etc.

Twitch Streaming:
Anyone interested in our Twitch Streaming feature can find additional information here in the Mogshop. If you have any questions, please post in the Discussion & Inquiries thread or contact a member of staff.

Sphere Theater Subforums
Only threads containing topics that don't belong in other subforums may go here in Sphere Theater. The following is quick descriptions for acceptable threads for all of Sphere Theater's subforums:

Let's Play
Let's Play is a subforum where you may post your Let's Play content and series playthroughs, both ongoing and finished. Make a thread and post yours today!

Game Screenshots
A great place to share your screenshots from games you've been playing! Make sure to stop in at the Game Screenshots to post yours! Check out the Final Fantasy XIV specific Screenshot Corner thread when you've got some time as well!

If you have any more questions, feel free to PM a Gaia Moderator or any other member of staff. We're friendly and are here for you!

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