Sphere Grid vs. Level Up

What do you prefer

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I really do admire the sphere grid, it was definately different fomr everytihng else and a change fomr normal rpg leveling, but I will have to go with the average normal classic rpg level system.
I liked the leveling system more. When I opened the menu and saw no sphere grid, I practically squealed with joy. XD

The sphere grid was okay, but it took me a while to learn how to use it. T_T

The traditional level up I just like more. You don't have to do anything. It just does it for you.
The basic level up way was simple, and I liked it. But since I prefer challenges, I preferred the Sphere Grid. Its 'complexness' [I found it easy to use] was much more interesting.

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O come on you people who like levels more because "it's easier" or "the sphere grid is confusing" don't deserve to be called gamers lol... Didn't people make games so they would be challenging and preoccupy you... How much would you like a game that you could beat in your sleep???
That was a tough question. I really liked the Sphere Grid and I'd play through it again, but I can't say I want EVERY game I play to have a Sphere Grid in it, you know? Then it would just become tacky and boring. For that reason, I voted for the level system.

I like the Sphere Grid because it's only in one game. It's special that way.
The Sphere Grid was definitely different and I didn't mind it, but I am going to have to go with the old classic leveling up system. Timeless, lol.
Oh, no more sphere grid in FFX-2? :bawl: that sucks. I like the sphere grid better than the level up system. That one was SOOO boring. Thsi gave you something to do & look at, espically if you're where I'm at in FFX, which is the airship.
Man it's hard to choose between them both I like the Sphere Grid for the freedom that it gave you but i also like Level Up i don't know what one to chose
The timelss classic level up system especially the FF9 one with the whole different items have different abilities, i have nothing against the sphere grid nice touch to mix the rpg up a bit but it did get alittle boring after a while