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Seen on Zavvi, they have the Final Fantasy III - Four Souls Vinyl on 50% sale - £14.48 with postage.
Side A is fully orchestrated and sounds really nice!
Then the B-Side is the NES Original:
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I guess it would be the Pixel remaster for ps4 seeing as the pre order came out of my account the other day. God knows when its actually being released though, end of may i think? Guess I'll be updating here in a couple of months when it actually arrives lol. An unexpected expected expense lol


I got my FF Pixel Remaster today, thought it was going to included the Slipcase i've seen the CE have but I'm glad to own it regardless. While my copy is deemed valuable I am hoping S-E decide to print more and make these games more accessible! Still it's a starting point - S-E often place their digital titles on sale too!
What with Mother's Day coming up, and the fact that I had recently upgraded to a Nintendo Switch OLED, I had decided to do a reverse hand-me-down for my mom who had mentioned wanting a Switch a couple months back.

Needless to say I decided to ensure that my original Switch got an upgrade in data storage (I plugged in a 1TB MicroSD card) and yesterday I checked to see what games she would like to enjoy. I then remembered that she was a Final Fantasy Fanatic back in the day so I figured I would get her every FF game on the Switch. I already have Collection of SaGa: FF Legends, FFVII, the new FFVII Crisis Core, and FF Crystal Chronicles Remastered.

Imagine my surprise (and I called this about a year ago) when I discovered that all 6 of the FF Pixel Remasters were available on the Switch!!?

So. I indulged and spent probably around $300 on Square Enix games and added the following to the family library -
  • FF Pixel Remaster
  • FFV PR
  • FFIX
  • FFX/X-2 HD
  • FFXV Pocket Edition
  • Octopath Traveller
  • Octopath Traveller II
  • Romancing SaGa 3
Add in the Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee I redeemed with a voucher and now I have a problem...
... how am I going to top Mother's Day next year?
Ive not properly unboxed it yet but ive got the collectors editon of 16, ive been stuck in work all weekend so only really had thursday night to play it, which is why its still mostly in the box. No time to unbox only play 🤣


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The graphics look absolutely stunning, and from what I've seen so far, the story seems captivating. I'm a collector of Final Fantasy merchandise as well. It's always a joy to add new figures, art books, or soundtracks to my collection. I'll be glad to exchange some merchandise with other collectors.
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May have been a sub for

Yeah, I think it was. I always end up not playing it that much though.
I finally unboxed my collectors editon for 16 and ive put the wall banners in a frame, although they do need to be mounted on something, kinda looks a bit unfinished in their current state


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