FFX-2 How do you think Tidus and Shuyin are connected?


Nov 15, 2011
This thought came to me when I stumbled upon a years-old thread about this on another forum. I'd always thought that the reason Tidus looked like Shuyin came from the fact that the faith's memories of the people they knew in Zanarkand were what shaped their dreams. While the people they dreamed of lived and died and had children, what made the people look how they did still came back to the database of memories from the 1000 year old Zanarkand. So while Jecht might not look the same as Shuyin's father did, he probably strongly resembles someone from the original Zanarkand just like Tidus does, and the memory of them is what went into creating them. So I think Tidus is a dream created from a memory of Shuyin, and that's why they look alike.

But other people had some really different theories about it. So I was wondering if anyone else had a different idea about why Tidus and Shuyin look similar?

Old thread, but intriguing to many.

I view it as coincidence, mostly due to the fact there is nothing concrete connecting them. (I don't think Square Enix has said there's a connection, but I could be wrong.) It's entirely possible that SE wants us to guess/theorize ourselves, and I've seen quite a few theories regarding not only these two, but also Lenne and Yuna. (One regarding Yuna being a descendant, thus their "bond" via the Dancer dressphere.)

But hey, theorizing can be fun.