Final Fantasy and Transmedia Storytelling


Chocobo Breeder
Mar 2, 2012
Hello, everyone!

I'm quite new to the forums so none of you are probably familiar with me yet. Regardless, I thought I'd jump right in and start a discussion.

"Transmedia storytelling," in short, is the technique of telling a story across multiple platforms or media. It adds on to a story rather than appropriating (reworking) a story into another format (much like an adaptation)

With that being said, let's consider 'Final Fantasy VII' and its compilations. We originally had 'Final Fantasy VII' alone but then we soon had 'Advent Children,' 'Before Crisis,' and 'On A Way To A Smile' which all added to the story of 'Final Fantasy VII'. Most importantly, however, is that these additions were all presented in different formats: a video game, two movies, and a novel.

Would you guys all agree that 'Final Fantasy VII' and its compilations were a form of transmedia storytelling? If so, did you think it was successful?

Also, would you say that transmedia storytelling can be found 'Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2' (DLCs, episode novellas, etc.)? Why or why not?

Any thoughts on the subject is appreciated. :D