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Blue Mage
Jun 12, 2006
This thread is for posting official FFXIV news released by Square Enix on the Lodestone website.

We have used an app for it on our Discord server for a while, but here is a thread for the benefit of those who do not use Discord.

This is essentially for posting links which could serve as an addition to more in-depth news reports (should anything major be announced which our editors feel requires a response article of our own).

For now, the three most recent items:
02/07/2020: Changes to Sale Price of Fieldcraft Demimateria

02/10/2020: Callback campaign deadline set

Developer's Blog (02/10/2020): Framed to Perfection
13/02/2020: Patch 5.2─Echoes of a Fallen Star Site Update

Developer's Blog (13/02/2020): ABCD, Easy as 1-2-3-4

13/02/2020: FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Released!
02/14/2020: Watch the Latest Installment of Duty Commenced

02/14/2020: Companion App Maintenance (Feb. 17)

02/14/2020: All Worlds Maintenance (Feb. 17)

02/14/2020: The Lodestone Maintenance (Feb. 17)

02/14/2020: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part LVII Digest Released

02/14/2020: Patch 5.2 Notes (Preliminary)

02/14/2020: Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Yellow
02/18/2020: Patch 5.2 Notes

02/18/2020: The Feast Season Fourteen Results Are In!

02/17/2020: Companion App Updated

02/18/2020: The Lodestone Updated
02/25/2020 [Follow-up]Mog Station Maintenance (Feb. 24): Completed Early

02/25/2020 FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Feb. 25)

02/25/2020 New Optional Items Available!

02/25/2020 FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Kit Updated

02/25/2020 Little Ladies’ Day Festivities Begin March 2

02/25/2020 Join Us for the Artwork of FFXIV Livestream on Saturday, February 29
03/06/2020 [Maintenance]The Lodestone Maintenance (Mar. 9)

03/06/2020 [Maintenance]All Worlds Maintenance (Mar. 9)

03/06/2020 [Maintenance]Companion App Maintenance (Mar. 9)
03/10/2020 Patch 5.21 Notes

03/10/2020 [Follow-up]Companion App Maintenance (Mar. 9): Completed Early

03/10/2020 FINAL FANTASY XIV Updated (Mar. 9)

03/10/2020 The Lodestone Updated (Mar. 10)
03/16/2020 FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS – EP Available for Download!

03/16/2020 The Unending Journey x The Wolves’ Den – Live Stream Adventures with the Community Team