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    FFXIV News

    This thread is for posting official FFXIV news released by Square Enix on the Lodestone website. We have used an app for it on our Discord server for a while, but here is a thread for the benefit of those who do not use Discord. This is essentially for posting links which could serve as an...

    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    [Right, so I'm probably late coming into this, as I'm guessing some or a lot of you have already heard of this. :unsure: Still, figured since I can't find anything other than people's random theories or 'want lists' on a lot of other sites it'd be worth it to post this on a site I know I can get...
  3. S

    Beckham Appears Likely to Stay With Galaxy

    view more here : Beckham Appears Likely to Stay With Galaxy David Beckham’s days in Major League Soccer are apparently not over after all. The president of the French club Paris-St. Germain, which had been trying to lure the 36-year-old Beckham back to Europe with a deal paying a reported $1...
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    Square-Enix News Section Reopen for Thread Creating

    This really will only to apply to a limited amount of people but anyway, the Square-Enix News section has now been reopened for member thread creating. However, instead of posting directly into the news section a sub-forum has been created HERE in which all submitted news will be verified and...