FFX-2 FFX-2 Useful Notes to Help You Enjoy this Awesome game


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May 20, 2023
I would like to make some comments about FFX2. I love this amazing game, it has so much to offer, so much to learn and its just so fun. The battle system is so different to FFX.

At the start of the game, the Festivalist Dressphere is OP. For Yuna in particular, Elemental Sandals randomly do Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 spells. It is just crushing. Please note that Paine and Rikku's festivalist work differently to Yuna - Paine causes status effects and Rikku has a pitiful attack.
At the beginning of Chapter 3, you can purchase very good accessories from the Calm Lands Shop. The Power Wrist provides +20 Str, Tarot Card gives +20 Mag and the Titanium Bangle is HP +40%. These 3 accessories are handy at that stage of the game.

As everyone knows, the Dark Knight dressphere is the best dressphere in the game. It has such good attack, defence and abilities such as Stone Proof are very handy. If you spam Darkness, you will kill almost anything. Please don't fail to use the other dresspheres as you will be surprised at how powerful they can be when used effectively.
The White Mage dressphere is enormously useful. What I did not know is that unlike FFX, the spells protect and shell cover your whole party. Dispel and Esuna are very handy.
The Warrior Dressphere is critical as bosses are vulnerable to Power Break, Magic Break, Armour Break and Mental Break. What is amazing is that unlike FFX, you can stack the effects of these breaks. So you can turn a powerful boss into a puny wimp. Also, you can decrease their Defence and Magic Defence so much and hit them for huge damage.
A typical boss strategy that I use is to begin the fight with a White Mage and two Warriors. Then cast Protect, Shell and spam the breaks.

Further Notes regarding Particular Dresspheres:

-The Alchemist dressphere is alot of fun. Many people have played FFX and do not know how insanely overpowered mix is. In FFX-2, mix is once again very, very strong. I would advise that at the start of the game you steal lots of Budget Grenades. This item is very handy as when you mix it with elemental items (such as Lightning Marble) you do a multi elemental attack which does alot of damage. If you can find enemies weak to an element, then the damage increases sharply. Later on in the game, you can get elemental gems, which do even more damage when mixed with grenades. Mix also has many useful buffing purposes.
-The berserker dressphere is alot of fun. The damage caused by a berserked character is not that high, however the agility is high and so the damage racks up fast. A powerful strategy is to have characters attacking with magic while a 3rd character is attacking often.
-The Samurai dressphere is really useful. I was really surprised to learn that you can learn the Sparkler attack early. This attack is very strong as it ignores the enemie's defence. This is very handy in dealing with monsters who seem to be unkillable.
-The Gun Mage dressphere is really handy. In particular, at the end of Chapter 2 in the Bevelle underground you are forced to fight lots of mechs. The ability Mech Destroyer deals quadruple damage, and if you have two warriors using armour break, then you can dispatch these mechs really quickly.

FFX-2 has fantastic versatility in the variety of accessories, garment grids and dresspheres that are available. There are four garment grids that each give you the elemental eater ability. It's so satisfying to be fighting elementals and flans and to see them healing your party instead of hindering you. LOL.
It is really interesting that breaks stack in this game. This is the complete opposite to FFX, where the effect happens just once. If you go to use a remedy in battle, you can see all of the status effects for your party and the enemy. You can then see how many breaks have occured.

The Champion Belt is a fantastic accessory as it gives Str +40 and Def +40. It can be acquired in Chapter 4 by bribing the Gigas enemy which is found in the Thunder Plains cave. Bribe is an incredibly useful ability that is only found on the Lady Luck dressphere. The secret is that spherebreak in Chapter 3 has a set solution to guarantee victory. The youtuber "Forging Pro Gamer" made a fantastic video on how to crush Shinra. You can acquire many, many useful items and accessories using bribe. Unfortunately, as in every FF game, some item are very hard to acquire. In particular, you have to bribe oversouled enemies.
Nice notes! I will add that the Creature Creator/Fiend Arena is insanely fun, for those interested in the HD Remaster. The battle system is where X-2 really shines, and accessories/items/dresspheres/garment grids all work differently with creatures, which only adds more versatility. I'm focusing on these International features right now on NG+ and it's like playing a whole other game.